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My beloved friend Nasreen Koor had the most beautiful loving heart. She lived her life to the fullest. Whatever she did in life, she always gave 200% commitment to it.She travelled, she bunjee jumped, she sky dived. She worked and played.   When it was time to settle down, this city girl relocated to a plaas town and dedicated her life to be a loving wife and mother. I was surprised that she adapted to this role to easily.  I remember the first day I met her, it was my first day at varsity. Friendly, warm person. Making you feel welcome in this strange concrete jungle of  Jozi.
In 2010 her nephew and niece required stem cell operations. Yet again, she went full steam ahead and tried her best to ensure everyone she knew would be involved to assist with helping raise funds for these operations. During this campaign, we discussed starting an organisation where we could assist others in similar situations to get the much needed exposure and call it Operation Shifa. Unfortunately, Nasreen’s life has ended suddenly in January 2012 but her intention to start this organisation still lives on. I have decided to start this initiative in her memory so we can always remember her and make dua for her. Operation Shifa is started for the esale thawaab of Nasreen Koor and her son Mohamed Zareef Dawood. We loved Nasreen, miss her dearly especially commenting on our Ask Nanima facebook page. We ask Allah to grant her the highest forms of Jannah and peace in the grave inshaAllah.



Operation Shifa is a fundraising platform for life saving operations .
This page is dedicated to anyone that requires life saving operations and require funds. We will help promote the cause.
Please note we will not be collecting any funds but only marketing the cause.If you want your cause to be featured here. whatsapp 0817880353  or email us nanima@nanima.co.za
1. copy of doctors letters
2. affadavit from police station
3. contact information
4. picture of patient
5. Explanation about the situation.Occassionally, we will  feature some causes on the Ask Nanima website – https://www.nanima.co.za/ in the charity section.Inspiration
Email received from Nasreen Koor 25 November 2010.
While working on the Ilhaam and luqmaan initiative , I was approach by some ppl to help in their needs.I was wondering if you would be interested in setting up that shifa organisation. lets think abt this carefully as I myself was a bit overwhelmed by all support and request.
Let me know ure thoughts. Also with your nanima supporters and reach i have a feeling it could work out….even if we do small amounts.
Operation Shifa is set up  for the reward and esale thawaab of Nasreen Koor and Mohamed Zareef Dawood, both passed away tragically on 16 January 2012.
Join the facebook page  – http://www.facebook.com/OperationShifa



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