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So I tried out Lunch Date Cook Sister Humaira Meer’s Khowse Recipe yesterday. I just added my own twist to it.

You can find the Khowse recipe click  here

Humaira’s Khowse Recipe


I used the basic Humaira Meer recipe minus the ink Squid. I used chicken fillet instead of normal chicken. I also used crushed pre fried onions that was gifted to me by Aunty Farida’s kitchen from Durban. I added some oat meal and sesame seeds.

I tried to make the kachoomar (onion symbal) as well. Apart from making me cry, (what is the old wive’s tale about this), it was a bit bitter during supper but was much better the next day.


It was a wholesome meal.I felt full till the next day lunch. Budget wise, thought the coconut milk was a bit over the budget side but well worth the spend. There was an option to buy R22.00 pur from the spa but I opted to buy potato crisp and doritos instead to experiment. The main reason was the laziness factor to fry pur.(wonder how air fried pur tastes). I wanted to explore Khowse with different crunchiness factors. See below my Khowse concoctions.

Madala enjoyed it but said the flavour did not go in the meat, (maybe i should marinate for a night) and said it was a very lovely chicken soup. eish, maybe my cooking skills are not as good as I thought. Bachoo said it was delicious (i am not sure if she is practising for the lunch date this weekend in Radiokop). Once  it got colder  she said it was ok. When I asked her between the leftover rice and the left over Khowse for lunch she opted for the rice. Poiroo was stuffed from the plain pasta that I gave him before supper but when I gave it to him the next day, I asked him, is it LEKKER? Poiroo said “JA!”

Here are my Khowse Conctions. I felt the kachoomar onion thing was not so lekker for supper but the next day was better.

Khowse with Potato Crisps

It was nice with plain potato crisps

Khowse with hard toasted Roti

I really enjoyed it with the hard toasted roti

Khowse with Doritos

not so lekker with doritos


Humaira Meers Pur Khowse 

very lekker

My Family judging scores

Flavour 8
Portions – was it filling 10
Masala Factor – heat 8
Health and Nutrition 8
ChilDish Factor – kid friendly 7
Unique 10
Budget 7
Easy to Prepare 8
Quick to prepare 8



Be an audience Judge and stand a chance to  win a choria lucky packet worth R200

 Judge for yourself

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  • To enter you have to complete the score judging sheet below  and email us a photo of your attempt.
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  • The picture with most likes by  Monday 30 April 2012   for either the starter, main or dessert will win.
  •   You could win this lekker choria lucky packet from   Nanima Bizaar worth R200.  Judging forms for audience who particpate will be in each episode  under each recipe


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