Hajj and Umrah Checklist

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HAJ ESSENTIALS by Ebrahim-Khalil, Sumaya, Muhammed & Ismaail Laher

This is list is comprehensive for Hajj but has some info that can be used for Umrah as well.

If you have anything to add please feel free to add in comments section



3 x Cloaks

1 x Ihraam Cloak

3 x Cotton Pants

1 x Ihraam Pants

2 x Scarves

2 x Burkhas (one size fits all)

1 x Ihraam Burkha

1 x Takkie/ Shoe

2 x Sandals (Champals)

2 x Nikaab

3 x Socks

2 x Vests / spencers

1 x Shawl / lightweight jersey


3 x Kurtas

3 x Cotton Pants

3 Ihraam Towels / Sheets

1 x Ihraam Belt

1 x Ihraam Sandal

2 x Topees

3 x Socks

2 x Vests

1 x Lightweight Jacket

1 x Track pants

1 x Sandal (Champels)

1 x Shoe/Takkie

1 x Scarf

Leather socks




Travelling kettle

2 x Plastic Mugs

2 x Plastic Plates

6 x Plastic Spoons


Dry fruit




Juice ???

Water ???




To order food:

FOOD Contact Numbers in Makkah & Madeena – please note these numbers maybe outdated – if you have the latest numbers let us know nanima@nanima.co.za

( Numbers not starting with zero. are landline numbers )

Makkah code: +966

Bilal 576 1687 / 053 502 915

Dawood 574 8059 / 542 1020

Maimuna 542 9710

Yunus Patel 574 6041

Rabia 554 1749

Mustaq Moosa 574 9076

Choohan 542 9710 / 052 773 283

Medina +966

Shamima and Omar 
826 4995 / 054 355 325

Tasty Eats 4 Food 
Shaukat Ismail 0547861786 Nacema Ismail 0547867786.

Ayesha Desai 839 2740

Miriam Nakooda 
821 2315 / 823 2772

Ahmed Nakooda 824 0358

Akhalwaya steakhouse (steaks)

Tarik Hizam Road, next to KUDU, Al Madina, Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia +966 4 849 2786

facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/SteaksakhalwayasMadina
Dawood akhalwaya
054 254 7117. (Local is lekker)
Local chicken and meat 

Need a vehicle for transfers between Madeena & Makkah 
Or Madeena and Jeddah. 

Call M.PATEL (Abu Ahmed)
Cell + 9665 5351 5001
Cell + 9665 6715 4637
BB 26257358 

Food Outlets

In Hilton – Tariq Ashoor Burgers,

Al-Baik (Medina, Mecca, Azizia, Mina)

Al-Tezaj (Mecca, Medina, Azizia)

Steak Express in Hilton(Mecca)

Pizzas of Eight (Mecca)


Pizza Hut (Medina, Azizia, Zam Zam towers P3 – they deliver)

Burger King

Impala in Zam Zam towers

Al Abraar Restaurant (Mecca – Pakistani cuisine)

Faisalabad Restaurant (Mecca – Pakistani Cuisine)

P3 food court in Zam Zam towers has a variety of food

Try strawberry juice and meatrolls,

Make your own meals – croissants, olives, feta, fruit, yoghurt, long rolls, white cheese – can buy from Bin Dawood Supermarket, Al Noori Supermarket or Al Raya Supermarket



Kitaabs, etc.

2 x Small Quraans

Afzal Kitaab – Mufti Ilyas


2 x Tasbihs

2 x Haj Wazifas

2 x Haj Cards

2 x Musallas (preferably thickish ones 4 last few days b4 haj)


Can pick up haj pack from Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals in Industria – u will need to go with your haj ticket or other proof of your impending trip. Medication in the pack consists of the generic variety, so we suggest you take your own as well

At least 2 x courses of antibiotics (1 penicillin-based and 1 not)

Running stomach tablets (Immodium / lomotil/ etc)

Fever tablets (Panado)

Flu tablets

Nausea / Vomiting tablets

Cough syrup

Deep Heat / voltaren

Throat Lozenges (andolax c / cepacol / medikeel)




Citro Soda


Personal Items

Nail Clipper





Soap (Azizia)

2 x cheap towels (Azizia)

Hand cream

Heel balm


Alarm clock – small travelling clock

Neck purse

Locks for bags

Rope for bags

Duck tape for Zam-Zam / can also just plastic wrap zam zam @ airport

Marker pen

8 x bank packets – Pebbles for pelting

Tawaaf counter

Shoe bags

Luggage scale

Tissues, toilet paper (Azizia)

Five Days

2 x backpacks / knapsacks

2 x lightweight blankets

2 x Hajji Mats

2 x wet ones

2 x tissues/ toilet paper

Elastics for arms & legs (ladies)



2 x face cloths

2 x small soaps – unscented (Green sunlight soap)

2 x Miswaaks


Paper – remember to note down your own duas for Arafaat



Disinfectant ???


Small torch ???

Quraan, kitaabs, reading material, tasbihs, etc.


Small dishwashing liquid

Sta Soft – 750 ml

Omo or Surf Micro (500 grams)

12 x Hangers

International plug



Best to take cellphone & get sim card there – with construction, hardly any phone cabins available

Extra passport photos – for Muassasa cards

Some notes

Do not forget to organise your normal Qurbani in S.A. This is different from the sacrifice as part of Hajj.

Do not forget to get maps on that side. Very helpful during the five days. Can get them from almost any information desk.

Reconfirm booking with Saudia office in Hilton – if you are going with Saudia. Other airlines have offices near the Haram in Mecca.

Do not forget to take your Immunisation cards

Make photocopies of passport, marriage certificate,

Make notes of traveller’s cheque numbers. Remember to keep slip, as you will not have your passport.

Get hotel cards on arrival – in case you get lost

Use blue Quraan (called the Pakistani Quraan in the Haram)

Buy extra Kajoor at Al-Nuri Supermarket – Cheaper than the places in the Hilton, and the quality is often better. Al nuri & Al Raya in Azizia – the ones near the Haram broken in construction

Buy other Kajoor – especially fancy Kajoor – at date factory or market in Medina

To get to Mina from Mecca, the quickest way is to take a taxi to Azizia. Tell driver to drop you at Khalik Malik Kubry in Azizia and walk along side street pass Flywell Apartments and King’s Palace through the tunnel into Mina. SA special services camp on approximately third offramp on the left.

IMMUNISATION INFORMATION – can get immunisation done at community clinic in Hillbrow for a fraction of the price

If u have any questions please feel free 2 give us a shout 🙂

Last but not least, please remember us in your duas. Haj Maqbool!

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  1. zahira says:

    Wot an extensive list.thnx.haj travel demystified!

  2. zhar says:

    Non of d below numbers work

    To order food:


    Bilal – 576-1687 / 053 502 915

    Dawoodbhai – 574-8059 / 542 1020

    Maimuna – 542-9710

    Yunus Patel – 574-6041

    Rabia –  554 1749

    Mustaq Moosa – 574 9076

    Choohan –  542 9710 / 052 773 283



    Shamima and Omar –  826-4995 / 054 355 325

    Ayesha Desai – 839 2740

    Miriam Nakooda – 821 2315 / 823 2772

    Ahmed Nakooda –  824 0358

  3. Nanima says:

    When in makkah add the code 02 to all the numbers n madinah I think its 04 o else ul neva get thru

  4. Ahmd says:

    Good list!… There is no extra Qurbani. If you are doing Hajj that is enough.