Nanima Foundation Bartering Advertising Agreement – Donor of the day

Nanima foundation has a few charity projects 

Bread Pledge

= R500


= R100 a tree



If you would like to advertise with us, we are bartering advertising for bread or trees or waterwells
We will be placing for now 1 advert a day of each donor and revise this going forward

Steps to bartering

please read this carefully before asking any questions.

  1. Email or whatsapp the advert promo picture of video
    Contact details: Email or whatsapp on 0817880353
  2. Get Nanima stamp of APPROVAL
  3. Make payment and send proof of payment – for banking details –
  4. Receive queue number and be the Donor of the day
  5. Jump the queue rates available for urgent advertising

Please note we can’t guarantee the reach of the advert and should you require reach advertising this can be arranged as facebook and other platforms offer this at rates applicable to these platforms plus an additional bread or tree charge.

Advertising of products that are Islam compliant – no alcohol, gambling etc will be advertised.

You will get all of this advertising for R500

1. 1 Ask Nanima Facebook page story (24 hours)
2. 1 Ask Nanima instagram story (24 hours)
3. 1 Nanima whatsapp status (24 hours)
4. 1 ask nanima questions group post (will be there forever)

5. one twitter post