The Flexatarian Foodie – Jax Moorcroft

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The book is for those who what to be more conscious and mindful of what they eating. In the introduction of the book she lays out the problems we are facing in the world. What is nice she gives us a suggested solution on how she feels we can make the world better. She explains to us the 5Rs of Less waste: reuse, reduce, refuse, recycle and rot. Being a flexitarian means having a diet from both the animal and plant worlds but focused on a veggie densed diet. This is more reachable to most of us. Jax had an urge to write this book as she felt she needed to write a book for all of to try and make small changes in our life to change the world in our own way, by starting with baby steps and by living more consciously. The book is big into trying to combat food waste with tips on how to accomplish this. Simple tips like buying what you need and not overbuying, eating the skins, i for one usually never peel a potatoes and just add it to the food. Here I thought it was the lazy way but it seems to be the eco friendly warrior way. As my daughter was in healthy eating phase she loves books like these with all the different recipes. We have tried Green Eggs recipe. Healthy way of adding greens to breakfast. There seems to be main use of coconut oil then any other oil. I am wondering for some recipes where will I find halaal venison and kudu to try these out. The tabbouleh recipe also. I think we tasted that in Morocco. We have on occassion made chicken carbonara. Usually we have hummus with chickpea interesting to see a cauliflower hummus recipe. A great recipe book for those who want to be more mindful when they cooking for their families. Seems like being mindful does come with a high price tag as well as usually most of organic, all these healthy alternative substitute, specialised diet ingredients items come at premium price compared to mass bought items. Being mindful about your ingridients is not very affordable I feel for the masses who rely on mass production of not so eco friendly ways to have their daily bread.

About the book: The Flexitarian Foodie  is a collection of proudly South African, budget-approved, family-friendly recipes that show how achievable it is to eat delicious real food and live consciously and mindfully, no matter the situation. With just a few tweaks, even the most carnivorous amongst us can be convinced that eating more veggies and less meat is attainable and enjoyable. Eating and living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to be a complicated, expensive, big-life change – in fact, with just a few simple changes it can be accessible to everyone wanting to improve their health and the health of our planet. This book is the physical environment of her mantra to eat real food and live more consciously.

Contents: Foreword; Preface; Introduction; Homemade pantry staples; Turn meal prep staples into marvellous meals; What to do with red meat; What to do with chicken; What to do with fi sh; Veggie-dense light meals; Breakfast and other ways to conquer the world; Side hustles; Dessert; Index

About Author
Jax Moorcroft is a busy mom of two who moonlights as a blogger on, recipe developer and all round foodie enthusiast. She is trying to find a balance between sustainable , yet attainable lifestyle while still living in the the real world. She prides herself being an aspiring eco warrior- recycling, repurposing and upcycling like a ninja. Her mission is create awareness by sharing simple ways to make a difference.


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