Pangolin plays a prank – Avril Van de Merwe

Written by on August 27, 2021 in Book Club, Children's Books

Pangolin was so polite. Accidentally she bumps into a lion who wants to eat her but she worries about his feelings not to offend him as he was not smelling to lekker. Pangolin plays a trick on lion as she doesn’t want to use her scales for her self defense. She then tries to distract him and changes her shape and lion is illusive of what happened to pangolin who basically right in front of his eyes. The feel good of this story that even though pangolin is usually a loner the other jungle animals had his back and tried to protect her from the lion. She didn’t even realise she had so many friends.

About the book: Pangolin accidentally runs into Lion after a night of feasting on termites and ants. Since she is not a fast runner, she has to think quickly to avoid being eaten by Lion. Her deception proves successful, aided unexpectedly by Dung Beetle. In the process, Pangolin discovers she has more friends than she realized.

ABOUT THE AUTHORAvril van der Merwe is the author of How Cheetah Got His Tears (Puffin Books, 2017), Once Upon a Rhinoceros (Puffin Books, 2018), and I Don’t Want to be a Hyena (Puffin Books, 2019), Don’t Be Shy, Bushbaby (Puffin Books, 2021), as well as several prize-winning children’s stories set in Africa. She developed a love of illustrated children’s fiction during a decade working as a Montessori pre-primary teacher in Cape Town, and high school English teacher in Johannesburg. Avril grew up in South Africa, but now lives in Seattle, USA, where she works as an inspirational writer and speaker, while continuing to write children’s stories and adult fiction. 

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