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Plant based diets are the new buzzword. My daughter is on a mission to eat healthier so any recipe book that promotes healthier recipes I try and get. Seems like there is a new revolution to make every day veggies taste like meat so any meat lovers that are trying to have a plant based diet still most probably feel fulfilled after eating the greens. In the shopping freezers we see these fry’s vegan alternatives. This is the same Tammy Fry who started this company to make vegan stuff.

The book has some convincing arguments why to go plant based diet. It has examples of a meal plan. Tries to answer common questions on how to you get your protein with an very graphic answer to all the calorie counters. Like other buzzwords conscious eating is advocated here. Great tip to start day with lemon water to alkalise the body.

For me though although we all want to eat more consciously and more healthily all these alternatives that are suggested to normal food we use to comes at a higher price and can’t be very affordable for the masses. There is a section called healthy plant based on a budget.

Every morning we make a smoothie similar to the one in the book .. who knew we were unconsciously making the hip wiggler or a very simpliefied version of it. Ours is basically banana, almond, dates and milk.

The rainbow unicorn: I wonder if we will ever get it like that picture.
There are many different types of recipes like dal makhani, thai curries, kamboucha and cashew fried rice.
Clearly Tammy Fry is on a mission to change the world and trying to make plant based cooking more appetising. We as a family are used to eating a few vegetable dishes a week and not meat heavy. So we try to have our plant based diet mugh and roti at least once every week.

About the book: As a director of Meat-free Mondays in Australia and South Africa, it’s Tammy Fry’s mission to enable others to live a happier and more energetic lifestyle through plant-based eating. Through her blog ( and lifestyle workshops she has become a key influencer and thought leader in the plant-based, health and wellness world of holistic nutrition.  Made With Love & Plants  will not only present more than 75 wholefood, plant-based recipes, all beautifully photographed and styled, but also provide detailed yet easy-to-follow guidance on living the plant-based lifestyle. Tammy particularly understands how challenging the change to such a diet can be, and is there with helpful support and tips to make the journey easier. The recipes will encompass a full range of meals from breakfast through to treats, and for family and entertaining. Contents: My story; Part 1: Why a plant-based diet?, Common questions and challenges (and their answers, How to transition to a plant-based diet, Healthy eating on a plant-based diet, Good health made simple, The Blue Zones and longevity, Conscious eating, Navigating the supermarket and decoding labels, Vegan parenting 101, Must-have kitchen equipment, Healthy and plant based on a budget, The pantry; Part 2 (recipes): Breakfasts, Light Meals, Family Dinners, Plants on Fire, Batch Cooks 101, Treats

About Author
Tammy Fry Kelly; Marketing Director at Fry’s Family Foods, vegetarian, mother of two, and a 5th Dan black belt for karate. Tammy was born a vegetarian. Her father, Wally Fry is a born and bred South African where Zulu was (almost) his first language and meat was very much part of his life.



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