Don’t be shy Bushbaby – Avril van de Merwe

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Beautifully illustrated by Heidi Kate Greeff. The dedication in the start of the book is cute. Book’s dedication ” to the little ones, the quiet ones, the watchful and the hidden ones. I see you.

Many of the animals from the jungle were trying to get bushbaby out of his hole, interrupting poor owl’s sleep. They thought he was shy but bushbaby was a deep sleeper. Nothing in the entire world could wake him up. But when the lights went off and it was all dark bushy baby and owl who are nocturnal were at their peak of being awake while the other animals went to sleep. Bushybaby is not shy as the wise owl say, at the “right time and the right company”. Aren’t we all like that, guarded with some and ourselves with the right people.

About the book: 

The other animals don’t understand why they never see Bushbaby, so they assume he is shy. One by one, they try to coax him out of his hole in the tree, but Bushbaby never appears. As night falls, the animals head off to sleep. All, that is, except Owl, who has been silently observing the day’s events. As Owl prepares for the night, he calls to Bushbaby, who bounds out of his hole, awake and alert. Throughout the hours of darkness, Owl, Bushbaby and the other nocturnal animals go about their everyday activities before returning to their beds as daybreak dawns.

ABOUT THE AUTHORAvril van der Merwe is the author of How Cheetah Got His Tears (Puffin Books, 2017), Once Upon a Rhinoceros (Puffin Books, 2018), and I Don’t Want to be a Hyena (Puffin Books, 2019), Don’t Be Shy, Bushbaby (Puffin Books, 2021), as well as several prize-winning children’s stories set in Africa. She developed a love of illustrated children’s fiction during a decade working as a Montessori pre-primary teacher in Cape Town, and high school English teacher in Johannesburg. Avril grew up in South Africa, but now lives in Seattle, USA, where she works as an inspirational writer and speaker, while continuing to write children’s stories and adult fiction. 

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