Sasol Birds of Southern Africa

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We love going to national parks and mostly we are looking for the cats and the dogs and we rarely use to worry about birds. But since we received the kiddies version of my first book sasol birds my children became more interested in birds. I told them a huge cat we can see on the road and not miss it but a bird is hard to spot. This book really helped us during the hard lockdown when many visitors came to the bird bath which use to be the highlight of the covid days. With the struik nature birds app, was interesting to hear how they sound. There is the piet my vrou bird that was living amongst us for months, I spotted it a few times. Never saw it but heard it all day. The found it was red chested cuckoo and could try and pinpoint it where the sound was coming from. Highlight was seing ring nosed parakeet enjoying the pomegranates on my tree. We saw red crested barbet, regular visitor is grey go away bird, starlings. Rare sighting of fiscal fly catcher. . We have also seen black collard barbets. For nature lovers this book is a must. Recently we saw a Knysna Turaco fly over head while we were standing near the George dam. Such a beautiful sighting seeing it in full flight with it’s blue and red wings all out stretched. A simple investment in a bird bath and some wild bird seed and such a variety of birds have visited at home.
Most interesting was pin tailed Whydah has decided it owns my garden. We started calling him charcharig charlie. I had loads of birds visiting of different colours. Now he just terrorises and nags at anyone that puts wing on the lawn. He goes on like this the entire day. It is exhausting to watch him chase everyone away with his flying in their face and nagging. We have birdwatchers section on my facebook ask nanima questions group and I have added some on my ask nanima instagram.
I never thought I would be that person in Kruger Park that stops for birds and have to tell people it is a bird and watch them speed off.

About the book:  Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar as Sasol Voëls van Suider Afrika (5de uitgawe) Now in its fifth edition, Sasol Birds of Southern Africa  has been brought fully up to date by its expert author panel, with additional contributions from two new birding experts. Greatly enhanced, this comprehensive, best-selling guide is sure to maintain its place as one of Africa’s most trusted field guides. Key features of the 5th revised edition:

  • More than 800 new illustrations
  • Scan and play bird calls using free downloadable app
  • Fully revised text (with latest species records), maps and plate annotations
  • Fresh input from new contributing authors
  • Comprehensive coverage of the region’s birds

Sasol Birdwatching app

Accessible and easy-to-use, the new and improved Sasol eBirds Southern Africa app will enhance your birdwatching experience without adding extra weight to your pack. All you need is your phone!

The new version offers:

• 989 bird species in line with latest taxonomical changes

• Updated information with fresh input from new contributing authors

• All species text in English and Afrikaans

• Over 1000 bird calls

• Over 2700 photos. No in-app purchase necessary

• New illustrations with finer attention to detail than ever before

• All maps updated with latest known ranges

• Expanded life-list functionality:

  • search within your life list
  • create separate life lists for your various trips
  • Sort your life list by date or alphabetically
  • Add to your life list from the life list page

• Quick Play call from the slide-out menus


Ian Sinclair is one of Africa’s foremost field birders and has authored or co-authored over 20 bird books. Phil Hockey (1956–2013), former Director of the Fitz Institute at UCT, was a recognised authority on the biology of southern African birds. Warwick Tarboton is a well-known bird expert and writer who has produced a number of well-received books. Peter Ryan is Director of the Fitz Institute at UCT and has authored several books on the region’s birds. Niall Perrins is a dedicated birder, photographer and bird guide. Dominic Rollinson holds a PhD in seabird conservation and works as a bird guide.


New artwork has been supplied by long-standing contributor Norman Arlott, an accomplished British bird artist. New contributions from two other highly skilled artists too; Alan Harris, based in the UK, (all new raptor illustrations), and Faansie Peacock, recognised in the region for his birding and artistic expertise (all new seabirds and nightjar illustrations).

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Big year for birders

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