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We are now working with Tembisa west secondary to get their maths marks up and have maths challenge. Top maths champs will get free career guidance. We are working with the Maths HOD Musa Letageng and with Career Practioner Mercyful Mathebula who are assisting us with this project. We aim for 2021 to get 10 top maths students from Tembisa West Secondary grade 11-12 and Top 10 rural students from Hazyview. We will be having a Maths champs competition in Tembisa West Secondary. We plan to start maths mentors in 2021 and take maths champs to the next level.

February 2021

Here are the top 10 Maths Champs of 2020. They have had their first step to the rest of their lives. We are did the Career Interest Profile and plan to now hold their hand every step of the way. We will be assisting them with improving their mathematics marks, choosing a career that suits them, get mentorship in their careers, assist with application at institutes and application for scholarships and funding. We intend to walk with them till they graduate inshaAllah.

Tembisa West Maths Champs 2021

Top 10 maths champs – We are at Tembisa West Secondary school with out Maths Champs from grade 11 and 12 with our Career…

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February 2020

We started the maths champs programme. The maths champs is a programme where we encourage the kids to do well in maths. We recognise them by giving them badges, make announcements of their achievements and give them smarties for the top students. We also have the worker bee category of students who may have not achieved top marks but we can see they are trying and have improved. 





Maths Champs

We have found our school for Find you passion career development. Tembisa West secondary under leadership of Mr Seleho….

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This weeks grade 10 maths champs at Tembisa West

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Amazed to see how motivated our maths champs and worker bees are at Tembisa West School. The game is on. Top 3 grade 11…

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November 2019

Last year I felt I needed to fill my time with a career as my children were busy at school. I wondered if I should go back into my old career or start something else. I looked for career tests and was directed to Prof Maree’s career matrix and career interest. I met with a career life coach and now I am pursuing my passion in learning Arabic and Islamic studies and growing and focussing on  my Nanima work.

One of the biggest issues South Africa is facing is unemployment and most of the youth don’t know their purpose, they don’t know their passion and mostly they don’t know their skill that they good at. They are idle and bored. Get involved in crime, drugs and promiscuity. Unemployment levels are high. Teen pregnancy stats are high and so are the crime rates in the country.  A career test can give the lost youth some direction and career counselling can help the youth find their passion and purpose.

I met with Mercyful Mathebula who is one of the first officially qualified career development practitioner in South Africa from  Hazyview. I was there at the conference we she received her registration and discussed this project. We are planning a pilot project to see how we can offer career counselling to 100 township children free of charge, Mahala..  Our target are 50 students in an urban area and 50 students in a rural area. We are excited to see the results of these two diverse group of students. Our target audience is 2020 – Gr9 Students. These students would need to chose subjects next year and this would be the ideal group to start with. All these students will have access to take career development tests based on career interest profile. They will receive a career feedback report.  Career counselling from our career development practitioner will be offered via whatsapp or email to all students that we go through in this pilot. Students will also be assisted in gr11 with bursary applications and university applications and career guidance they require.

Our Career development practitioner who came all the way from Hazyview excitedly to proactively discuss this project will be volunteering her time mostly on weekends to assist us with this project. Most of the funds will be going towards the tests, stationary and anything extra will go towards the career development practitioner for her time.

These tests are worth thousands of rands and unaffordable to grass root level.  With the right direction we can help the youth find their purpose and passion.

We target 500 students for 2020 after we go through our pilot project in the first term of school in 2020.


To make productive active citizens of South Africa.

Benefit of a career test

Direct a youth into a career

Become a breadwinner of the family

Reduce unemployment

Lower risk of drug addiction due to boredom.

Reduce crime rate

Sponsor R500/student for a career test

Career Tests are now online and automated. Also after our first tests we worked out all additional admin, accomodation costs etc and works out to about R500 per student per test. 

Nanima Foundation

Account Number: 62672869660
Bank: FNB
Branch code: 250655
Reference: CD+ Name and Surname
AMOUNT: (Amount + any bank charges if ATM of cash bank deposits)


Section 18 Certificate
If you require a section 18 certificate email OR
whatsapp 0817880353
AND complete donations register

Need career testing in your township school: Midrand or Mpumalanga – Hazyview area

If you would like a career development testing in your area. We can organise at R500/student
Leave your details. More info whatsapp 0817880353 or email
For now we are targeting Gauteng and Mpumalanga and areas surrounding Midrand and Hazyview

Calling Career Counsellors or Career development Practitioners

If you are a career counsellor or career development practitioner and would like to volunteer please complete form.



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