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My kids love nature. We are almost yearly at Kruger National Park and this series of Birds and mammals especially is a tag along with us on our holiday. Gives them great insight on mammals. I love that this book was translated in Afrikaans,Zulu and Xhosa.

My first book of Southern African Birds– a very first guide to birding – volume 2 introduces a further 58 fascinating birds found at the seashore, rivers and lakes, in grasslands and forests, and also in suburban gardens. A brief introduction explains how the book works and provides simple guidelines for watching birds, then each page introduces a new bird. Most of the information is visual, in the form of full-colour bird illustrations and line drawings of food eaten, typical nest and the bird’s track. A visual guide to the bird’s size is given at the base of the page.

Frogs are appealing and colourful creatures and live just about anywhere, even in deserts. My first book of Southern African Frogs introduces 55 different types of frog and their calls – made instantly accessible in this new edition by scanning a QR code.

A short introduction outlines the main features of frogs and includes an illustration detailing their life cycle. For each species, there is:

  • a short description in four languages, describing the frog’s main characteristics
  • a full-colour illustration of the frog, and visual clues to its size and eggs
  • a distribution map
  • an illustrated habitat bar with an arrow to indicate where each frog is likely to be found

This charming introduction to frogs and their calls will keep children happily absorbed for hours.The parallel translations make this book suitable for mother-tongue learners in four official languages and those children wanting to improve their knowledge of a second or third language.

My First Book of Southern African Creepy-crawlies is the newest title in this very successful children’s series, and a companion to its sister edition on Southern African Insects. The book covers 58 spiders, snails, millipedes and other creatures (excluding insects) that are likely to be seen around the home and garden.

An illustrated introduction gives context to the subject, and then each page features:
* a vivid, full-colour illustration
* clear, informative text and visual clues for both pre- and beginner readers
* simple graphics conveying the creature’s size, what it eats and when it is active

This inspiring and beautifully illustrated book will introduce everyday creatures to both pre-readers and those beginning to read in their mother tongue.

Mammals come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, from tiny bats and mice to massive elephants and whales. My First Book of Southern African Mammals introduces a cross-section of southern African mammals – 58 animals illustrated in full colour, along with simple text and visual clues as to the animals’ size, their tracks and what they eat. Written by a mammal specialist, My first book of Southern African Mammals will appeal to young readers, as well as to learners of all ages who wish to improve their knowledge of other languages.

All text appears in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu

Sasol Young Explorers App

A delightful new app that introduces children to the wonders of nature, storytelling and reading. This app engages and educates kids about nature in an interactive and fun way. Sasol Young Explorer – Mammals will be available for iPad and Android tablets.

There are lots of opportunities to tap, toggle, touch and swipe, listen, watch, and learn. Perfect for pre-readers and young learners, the app will keep kids engaged and help them learn about the fascinating creatures that we share our world with. For more information visit our website


  • Multilingual app in four languages (English, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu and Afrikaans)
  • Packed with accurate info written by a frog specialist
  • Tap and listen to text in all four languages
  • Ideal learning tool, especially for children learning to read, or learning a second language
  • Expands kids’ vocabulary in a way that is engaging and relevant to them
  • Record and listen to yourself reading
  • Tap to play calls or watch videos
  • Play interactive educational games (with multiple levels of difficulty)
  • Fosters a love of nature
  • No collection of personal/location data, in-app purchases, advertising or external website links 



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