Confessions of an Addict by Mumtaz Moosa Saley

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Humble Beginning

Chapter 2- Hooked

Chapter 3 – Things fall apart

Chapter 4 – Small steps 

Chapter 5 – Lies

Chapter 6 – Guilt

Chapter 7 – Sins

Chapter 8 – Hangover

Chapter 9 – Caught

Chapter 10 – Betrayal

Chapter 11 – Anger

Chapter 12 – Deception

Chapter 13 – Disappointment

Chapter 14 – Confused 

Chapter 15 – Trapped 

Chapter 16 – Acceptance

Chapter 17 – Rock Bottom

Chapter 18 – Lost 

Chapter 19 – Confrontation

Chapter 20 – Denial

Chapter 21 – Numb

Chapter 22 – Bruised

Chapter 23 – Remorse

Chapter 24 – Lonely 

Chapter 25 – Isolated

Chapter 26 – Agony

Chapter 27- Healing

As hard is it is to believe unfortunately these stories are real stories. Names  and places have been changed. Although some masala was added to thicken the plot, the essence of the story happened to someone.


We live under the false pretense that we will never encounter the haunting presence of addiction.
School teaches kids drug awareness but very little or nothing is taught about how to deal with woman or child abuse or even how to cope with bullying or peer pressure.

As you venture into my life you will learn that the ‘preparation‘ you received just isn’t enough for you to survive in this cruel place we’ve been captured in. We call this place “society”.

No matter your background or social standing, once intoxicated you become sucked in and drained out from every ounce of emotion you have.

Kempvill,a small, unknown, Indian suburb in South Africa, is how and where it all started. From the spiral of my dreams and my hopes to being abused and alone.

As you read my journal you will meet the people who made me realize that our Indian society is in desperate need of change. That aapara wara (our people) need a huge wake up call and have to remove their blinkers and realise we are not immune to social ills as we think we are. 
My name is Fatima and this is my battle with addiction.

Nanima and Mumtaz Moosa Saley interview on Radio Islam Interview with Sister Ammarah

starts around 17 m


Meet Mumtaz Moosa Saley

Meet Mumtaz at the Nizamiye Nanima Home Industry Expo from after 11pm on Sunday 8 March on Le Roux Avenue Midrand.





 Note from Nanima

The main reason I embarked on this Confessions of an addict journey was to highlight drugs and abuse in our society. When I read Mumtaz blog, I contacted her and found out more about the story. What intrigued me was that most of the story happened to someone. This was someones reality. I wanted to help Mumtaz promote her blog and I wanted to tell this story. I went into this project blindly and unfortunately for us Mumtaz’s hard drive crashed and she lost the entire story. It was a bit late to cancel the blog as many people were hooked to the story and needed their daily fix at 10am daily or we were getting death threats (joking). It was extremely challenging to get the blog posts to meet the deadline as both Mumtaz and I had also families to see to. Also as my grammar is not the best it was a daunting task to fix up this blog upto standard.

Mumtaz had a great story to tell. Confessions of an Addict needed a huge makeover. Mumtaz sent me the story, apparently typing most of it on her mobile phone what I now call the whatsapp, very raw, unpolished version of the blog. It took some painstakingly long hours to fix up the blog to what it is at the moment. It is not perfect but it is the best we could do under the circumstances and resources we had to meet the deadlines. At a stage I was so overwhelmed I asked Taahira Rubidge from RDLB digital design house to also assist. She helped where she could. I was given a skeleton that needed some meat on it. I tried my best to retell the story not losing the essence of what Mumtaz was trying to achieve. Some masala was added to the story just to keep it a bit more interesting to read. I am very happy especially with the last few chapters of the story. Hopefully it can put things in perspective and give courage to someone that is addicted or in abusive relationship to find help. We also assisted in putting the story in a better blog format that would be appealing to the audience and easy to read and follow. We managed to get 300 000 views which is amazing. The blog reached far and wide and hopefully an eye opener for many of us who are sitting with our blinkers on, not really understanding that our youngsters are getting involved in all these vices. I ask Allah to protect us and our offspring from drugs, abuse and alcohol and all social ills and vices.

I was not interested whose stories these were and did not even enquire who these people are or where they are from.  Who the people are is not important. The message behind their stories and experience is priceless and lessons must be learnt from the paths they took. It is time we remove our blinkers and deal with these issues. It is time we focus on solving the problems and focusing less on blaming and making excuses.

Amazingly the real Fatima in the story did overcome addiction. With family support and ultimately help from Allah, addiction can be cured inshaAllah



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