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Edris Khamissa

Edris Khamissa – Power Speaking

Edris Khamissa is an International Consultant in Education and Human Development. He was raised in Port Shepstone.  He began his career as a teacher of English. His passion and expertise for the subject culminated in his nomination as the Chairman of the English Society of South Africa. He has been a head teacher of three schools.

He has conducted numerous workshops in Australia, United States, Canada, England, Middle East, Nigeria, Lusaka, Mozambique, Botswana, Bangladesh and throughout South Africa. His topics range from Leadership, Youth Development, Moving from Efficiency to Effectiveness to Excellence, From Information to Transformation, Moving from Good to Great, Inspiring Teachers, Creativity in Schools, Dynamics of Marriage, Parenting in the 21st Century, Family Dynamics in the 21st Century and Project Management .He promotes excellence wherever he goes. He was one of the founding members of the AMS (Association of Muslim Schools) in South Africa. He is an advisory member of IBERR – International Board of Educational Research and Resources. He is the co-author of the IBERR manual for Schools.

His expertise is in self-development and curriculum design. His creativity made him a dynamic lecturer in Didactic and Methodology at IPSA (International Peace University of South Africa). He also conducts in-service training for business corporations. As a Parenting Expert and a Marriage Counsellor, he conducts workshops on these topics.

He conducts motivation and training for Business Corporations .His particular focus is in soft-schools.

Youth Leadership is another area of his focus. He is a regular guest on National and Community Radio Stations. His attendees find his programmes life changing. He believes that we should take ownership of our lives. This is clearly evident in his Personal Empowerment seminars/workshops.

One of his other specialities is motivating and training nursing- staff. This has in many ways resulted in improved patient perceptions-in some instances from mediocrity to excellence.

He is also part of a public speaking academy. He believes that the benefits that accrue from proficiency in public speaking skills cannot be quantified.

One of his unique features is his ability to respond to the diverse needs of the community. He not only identifies the challenges but he is able to provide solutions.

All in all he is a dynamic individual with diverse talents.




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Yusuf Dindar

 Yusuf Dindar – Abundance through Business

As a dream architect, Yusuf Dindar has started up and nurtured numerous businesses. Using the same strategies for success that transformed many a dream into successful reality with an action oriented philosophy, Yusuf set up DreamZ2Reality to help people from all walks of life unleash their potential and realise their biggest dreams.

As a qualified trainer, entrepreneur and inspirational leader, Yusuf has been personally mentored and coached over the last 4 years with the likes of Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Bob Proctor , Les Brown and Tony Robbins to name a few. Yusuf has successfully completed numerous programs including the Train the Trainer program of Jack Canfield.

Eager to inspire and ignite the passion within you and your organisation Yusuf uses universal love consciousness and abundance manifestation to solidify and maximize the performance of even the most diverse teams. Using unique tried and tested tools and techniques Yusuf uncovers the hidden saboteurs of success and gets the ‘fire in the belly’ ignited in the self resulting in people excelling and thriving both on a personal and professional level.

Whether driving an organisation forward or fueling an individual’s growth, Yusuf seeks to rediscover the God given purpose within us all and provide measurable, long-lasting results.

Dynamic, energetic and passionate, Yusuf’s commitment to inspirational teaching and empowering people to achieve their highest potential is paramount. He brings a variety of educational experiences, a natural ability to understand people and a global perspective that audiences appreciate.

Yusuf’s mission is to inspire and empower people to achieve their dreams and in so doing create economic emancipation and abundance on earth.

“If you can dream, YOU CAN DO IT” says Walt Disney.

Now lets continue to make your dreams or that of your organisation a successful reality..


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Isaac Lakhi

 Isaac Lakhi – Author “You the Man”

A Banking Lawyer by profession; Isaac Lakhi’s 2 near death experiences inspired his change in trajectory to a motivational speaker, and authoring the acclaimed “You the Man !”. This cathartic rendition tells of his journey in finding himself, finding his purpose, and leveraging himself to unleash his purpose. It also speaks of how he found light and happiness amidst darkness and despondency. It is filled with pragmatic fables, brought to life by real life experiences.

In his shiny almost brand-new Daytona Violet 3series BMW, on that hot African summer afternoon of 1998, cruising along the N3 freeway from Durban to Johannesburg, Isaac Lakhi felt invincible. After all, why shouldn’t he ? His life was in 6th gear. At 22, he was an Entrepreneur running a multi-million Dollar manufacturing outfit, employing 25 people. He had just married a beauty queen 5 weeks earlier, and bought a swish townhouse on the leafy Houghton Drive in the posh suburb of Houghton. As rapidly as his empire was mushrooming, even faster was his ego flourishing ! From zero to hero overnight; his future looked destined for greatness !

But suddenly, it all came to an abrupt stop, His twitter handle is @isaaclakhiYou can get in touch with Lakhi through his website at

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Abdul Manack

 Abdul  “Jack” Manack – Action to Intention

The traits of a great coach, speaker and mentor dictates that you have a positive outlook on life, a dedicated spirit, sheer determination and commitment to achieving your goals and realizing your vision. These strong characteristics are embedded in Abdul Jack Manack.

Abdul Manack is a highly respected, well known international sportsman, radio personality and inspirational speaker. He has a keen sense of belief, ‘that you only live once and if you do it right, once is enough’. He is passionate about cricket.

Abdul has dedicated his life to self improvement and attended over 50 seminars by top trainers locally and internationally. He has worked with the likes of John Kehoe, (mind power guru), Dr John Dimartini, Blair Singer (train the trainer), Andy Harrington (Public Speaking) Sadatullah (discover your life). Through his life experiences he will demonstrate how efficiently to use all these tools to unlock the undiscovered genius within individuals, teams, corporates.

Abdul’s personal mission statement is to consistently add value and make a unique difference at every encounter, to never leave his seminars, workshops and one to one coaching without making a decision and taking immediate action. As a leading figure at Leaders of Today and Grow champions. Abdul drives programs for activating leadership and helps people take control of their life by finding practical solutions, he is part of a phenomenal team called “Inspiratewho appear on DSTV focused on unleashing the viewer’s potential with his mentor Edris Khamissa

Abdul also has vast cricketing background and experience. As a cricketer, he has represented the Highveld Lions and played represented cricket for Transvaal during pre-unity and was also captain for the South African Cricket Board, Abdul played professional cricketer in the UK and has worked in the cricket field for over 21 years. He qualified as coach in UK and is a certified CSA coach , He currently works on the mind-set of a champion with Easterns, Boland and has also done work with the Proteas team management He holds Level 1, 2 and 3 Coaching Certificates from Cricket South Africa and a NCA Certificate from the UK .

On business Abdul was an event coordinator for Big concerts and coordinated sales and merchandise countrywide for events like Simply Red, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mike Jagger and Julio Iglesis, working with the biggest event company in South Africa. In the corporate world Calibra Motor Corporation earmarked Abdul to be there key accounts manager for the RT57 contract and he was instrumental in winning national treasury tender for 4 consecutive years, Abdul clients were SAPS,SANDF and all the government departments heads

Failure is not the end but the beginning of a new opportunity’. It’s time to embrace change. Become the author of your life and write a new chapter today, let’s walk a path that fills you with exuberant confidence, face your fears willfully, and be the master of your mind. Once your mind set changes everything in your world will change. Abdul’s greatest strength lies in the second key note principle; He affirms that by taking ACTION with SPEED of implementation it will accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Abdul aims to personally connect with his clientele ensuring that each new step embarked with him brings only a positive impact. His message as a speaker is to propel you forward, to take your life to the next level, not tomorrow, but NOW


twitter: @leadersof2day

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Spiritual Chords

spiritual chords
Spiritual Chords is an identity to provide a platform for women or youth who want to assist other non-profit organisations or projects with backup and support.
Assist destitute families and supporting establishments that provide essential services to the poor by providing financial and material aid. To facilitate assistance to eliminate poverty and hazards by long term empowerment after short term support.

O you who have attained to faith! Spend on others out of the good things you have acquired, and out of that which We bring forth for you from the earth; and choose not for your spending the bad things which you yourselves would not accept without averting your eyes in disdain. And know that God is self-sufficient, ever to be praised.
-Surah 2, Al-Baqarah (267)




To popularise, mobilise, create, develop, invest, and manage waqf and charitable endowment funds and assetsTo initiate and/or support worthwhile sustainable humanitarian, community development, and poverty alleviation projects and programmes

To mobilise, train, & engage human resources and waqf ambassadors/cadres for voluntary community service


Awqaf SA™ was pioneered in 2000 as an independent community-based and owned trust, dedicated to the establishment of the institution of Waqf and the empowerment of communities. Step into a new world of philanthropy…a way of giving steeped in history and benevolence.Awqaf SA is a charitable endowment (waqf) receiving organization. It invests endowment funds and spends only the income generated from investments to fund a variety of community development projects and programmes promoting Integrated Community Development and Self-Reliance.

Awqaf SA is not affiliated to any organization but participates and contributes wherever possible. Awqaf SA enters into Cooperation and Friendship agreements with relevant stakeholders.

Our Vision
To be the leading civil society waqf / endowment institution in Southern Africa having the best financial and human capital asset base providing cutting-edge value-adding initiatives and services to empower people and communities and excelling in all that we do with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Our Mission
– Development & popularization of the waqf system and mobilization of waqf funds as means of providing sustainable funding solutions
– Mobilisation, training, & engagement of volunteer human resources for community service
– Initiation and/or contribution to worthwhile sustainable community development and poverty alleviation projects and programmes



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