Puzzled by the Woodmead flying ford

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before I start this post let us remember this was tragic, someone’s loved one has passed away in a tragic and bizarre way so please let us be sensitive when commenting about this incident. I am blogging about this because I am stunned at how this happened and like most who have stopped today , we are trying to make sense of what could have happened and how could this have happened. Let us pray God make it easy for the loved one’s of the person who passed away.

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This incident was jawdropping. The incident attracted spectator value the whole of Saturday 24 August as people lined up against the barrier with one question on their minds. How did this car land almost 30 metres away from the barrier without touching most of the trees in it’s path. What is boggling is there are many robots(traffic lights) enroute this accident scene.  there is no way you can really drive so fast on this section of the  road.  At this very busy  woodmead offramp till the point of impact there are about 2 robots  you have to pass before you get to this point. I was amazed at how high the barrier was from the ground.

The incident happened at 4h30 in the morning. Ok, we all would have skipped robots at this hour of the morning but when you skip robots you slow down check if no cars are coming from any direction and carry on, you don’t travel at full speed. my only conclusion is this person most probably was unconscious when this happened and his feet hit the paddle at full steam ahead causing the car to come down the road at such a speed, hit the barrier and fly over high trees and land 30m away.  We spoke to the security guard who explained to us what he knew about the situation.

 Scenario of Woodmead Flying Ford

Security said at around 4h30 in the morning he heard a big bang. He started running towards the sound. He could not see anything as it was pitch dark. All he saw that the barrier was broken. He said the witnesses, the tow truck vultures and 2 people walking to work at that hour of the morning saw what happened. A speeding ford car came from no where at a very high speed. He told us where it landed and we went to investigate further. Here is what we found in pictures. For us seeing the lunch boxes made this situation hit home. The loved ones left behind are in our thoughts and prayers. This incident made me reflect on how sudden things can happen and also to hear people are walking to work at that hour that witnessed this,  should really make us realise what  painstaking efforts some people go through to get to work on time and we should really be empathetic and understand what some go through to get to work daily.


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