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Written by on February 8, 2013 in News

stop rape

The rape statistics are out of hand. A man is raping a someone every 4 minutes in South Africa. What can we as a society do to Stop Rape. my first thought comes with what influences are around them.  Ban and stop porn Free TV

In mourning of what happened to #anene, 5 year old in Saudi and the girl gang raped in India and all victims of this brutal crime let us wear Black on Monday  – #blackMonday


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Here are some other self-defense tips:

Trust Your Instincts

  • Don’t be fooled by appearance—rapists don’t always look dangerous.
  • If you feel like you’re being pressured, coerced, dismissed or ignored, act on that feeling and remove yourself from the situation.
  • Don’t be afraid to make waves.
  • Realize that men misinterpret women, so send clear verbal and non-verbal messages.

Fighting Back
It’s important to have a plan in the event of an attack. Build your confidence by taking a self-defense class – it’ll empower you with the skills to defend yourself.

  • Yell forcefully, “No! Go away! I don’t want trouble! No! No!
  • Go for the nose with the heel of your hand.
  • Go for the groin with your elbows and knees.

source: Oprah


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