Baking Tannie 2013 – What a macaron is NOT? and Lila’s Baking Exam

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Finally a good quality wholesome absolutely delicious place to hang out in Jozi. Lila as I mentioned gives her heart to…

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Lila bultel

Lila Bultel went to 4 places that sell Macarons in Johannesburg North. She did a taste test for us and gave us her macaron tips.

Lila will be a judge in our Baking Tannie 2013 Competition. To see all the contestants and vote for your favourite baking tannie – Baking Tannie Competition

What a Macaron is NOT?

Give you a taste of how Lila judges.

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Lila’s Baking exam – EXAM IS CLOSED

Many have asked for Lila to choose finalist. Lila has sent us a few questions, she would like contestants to answer, so she can choose better.  Please note we are trying to test your baking general knowledge not your google skills. Try and answer the best you can without searching for the answer. Exam closing date 28 Feb 2013.

About Lila Bultel




Lila Bultel  manages her own highly efficacious French culinary business focused on providing corporate and private training classes. She has studied under some of France’s foremost experts in French pâtisserie, with her Parisian macarons undoubtedly hailed as ‘the best in Joburg.’

Lila’s French Cooking is a Johannesburg based French baking venue for good food lovers in general and French Pâtisserie in particular

Lila prides herself for using only the freshest, healthiest and best ingredients to ensure the most authentic taste. Nothing non- mandatory  is added to her products. Never any additives or preservatives.

Lila’s French cooking specializes in French classic pâtisseries.

She gives baking classes to the passionate food lovers as well as professional trainings to people working or wishing to work in the food industry starting from basic techniques to more specialized trends like Her Majesty the French Macaron.

Lila’s French Cooking bakes on order the most exquisite Parisian Macaron to your requirement and for special  occasions like birthdays and weddings, with beautiful Macarons Towers.

Lila’s French Cooking’s Macarons are held as the best in Joburg by her discerning clientele..

More info about Lila’s french cooking visit her website – 

lila bultel macaron 2

What a macaron is?

want to learn how to make the perfect macaron contact Lila – 





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