Gilli Danda

Written by on November 14, 2012 in Parenting

I vaguely remember this game during our childhood.  Watched a few videos looks like it is a common game between the Indian subcontinent.

How is Gilli Danda played?

“Gilli Danda” is played with 2 pieces of equipment- gilli meaning a small oval-shaped wooden structure. This is believed to have evolved into the cork, seasoned ball or softball for cricket and baseball. In this game a player balances the gilli on a stone in an inclined manner (somewhat like a see-saw) with one end of the gilli rested or touching the ground while the other end is in the air. Player uses the second part of the equipment called “Danda” which in English is the stick- this is believed to have been evolved in to the Cricket or Baseball Bat. With the Danda, the player hits the gilli at the end which is in the air- to flip it in the air and then strike the gilli as far as possible. The player is made to stand in a small circle with the Danda and the gilli. The objective is to strike the gilli while in mid air as far as possible. The player is required to run and touch a particular section as decided until the gilli is retrieved back.- This part is similar to runs in cricket or home-runs in baseball.


Video showing how the Gilli danda game is played

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