Making Pork Halaal again – Orion Meat Scandal

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In a matter of weeks, this is the second incident we  witnessing regarding  pork and halaal signs.

Under cover footage showing how a company in Cape Town making haraam meat halaal.
Orion Cold Storage Co. Cape Town has been importing Pork & Kangaroo products among others & re-labeling them as ‘Halal’ sheep & beef products. SANHA together with other groups are applying for an URGENT interdict in the Cape High Court in Keerom St,

Once this was aired on 3rd degree, The muslim community are outraged regarding this saga and want answers and calling for transparency and accountability. I can’t but just wonder what learned scholars would do if they were in this situation. I was lucky to find this letter to the MJC by late Moulana Yunus Patel who had similar gripes with MJC 10 years ago. Why are  sames issue keep on surfacing. Forget about deborah and the people who were not available to comment due to illness etc. these things are all smoke screens to the real issues at hand. How is it that this could have happened. Where was the halaal supervision? Where are all the financial statements and why is there no transparency and accountability. People are looking for excuses, scapegoats and dodging pertinent questions that need to be answered. We all can say why is Orion getting away from our anger. Orion is not accountable to us and is not offering us this services to ensure we trust and know what we are eating is halaal.

This was clearly a PR nightmare for the MJC that could have been easily avoided. Instead of ducking and diving all they had to do is refer them to the MJC website. Why send a man that doesn’t know anything about the situation to all the interviews especially the radio ones. I also why say I went to the muslim media and explained myself and I don’t owe the mainstream media and explanation. Baffled by this.   People are becoming over emotional, insulting, ulama bashing and making stupid jokes. These things are not helping the situation and totally unproductive and immature.

As an ummah we need to focus on the core issue here and forget about the witch hunt and blaming and making excuses. the core issue is that we may have eaten PORK or haraam meat. Pork is forbidden for us to eat. You may say ok, i didn’t know so it is not a sin upon you and Allah is the most merciful, true. Why can’t we eat Pork? Pork is harmful to the body. I said the same thing about I didn’t know so it is not my sin. If we can use this analogy it is like drinking poison unknowingly and saying I didn’t know so I won’t die. The deed has been done, the harm to your body has been done.

Now please let us forget about these interviews and drama and let us focus and get back to the core issue at hand. How can we make sure that something like this never happens again. I would have taken the excuse that we didn’t know about this and could have saw this as a blindspot but when I read moulana Yunus Patel’s letter from 10 years ago and realised that things may have not changed this is when I was shaken about this.

The issue at hand is what now must be done to ensure the best interests of the muslims are placed. Two watchdog organisations have started, will this help. why not have 1 organisation why create 100 organisations all doing the same thing.  I have always thought who is the gatekeeper of the gatekeepers. who is the auditor of the auditors and clearly South Africa needs a Muslim Consumer Watch organisation that can deal with all the organisations especially Haj, Umrah and Halaal stuff. They obviously need some sort of standards that need to be adhered to according to quran and sunnah.

So come on everybody let us FOCUS..


@MandyWienerHere is a much better link for the #HalaalMeat #EWNExclusive video featuring undercover footage

Cape Town based Orion Cold Storage has been busted for fake food labels.

Tel: +27 (0) 21 709 8200
Fax: +27 (0) 21 709 8201Orion Building, Capricorn Boulevard,
Capricorn Park, Muizenberg,
Cape Town, South Africa, 7945

Orions response –

Since yesterday my company  has been  subjected to an unwarranted attack which
includes court applications and subsequent  national media coverage  about alleged
unlawful practices.  I strongly deny any wrongdoing and papers are being prepared
by my legal representatives to oppose any relief sought and for me to give my side of
the story which  to now I have not been able to do. The action was only served on
my company yesterday, and we had to prepare our oppostion by this morning. The
allegations are  unfounded, untrue, and defamatory and my legal representatives
shall be seeking appropriate relief. I confirm that reports of an Interdict having been
granted are untrue. It has been opposed. I attach a preliminary answering affidavit
given to the Court this morning but comprehensive affidavits will be filed urgently.
To the extent that the allegations reflect on practices affecting the Muslim
community, who constitute the majority of Orion’s market, I deny that I have marked
any foodstuff as halaal which was not imported as being certified halaal.  In addition
my company works closely with the Muslim Judicial Council who inspect and certify
all our halaal meat.  I have spoken to the leaders of the Muslim Judicial Council and
we will be meeting this afternoon.
I am available to answer any questions.

To view Orion’s press release click here

To view the applicants affidavit to the court click here

Follow the story on VOC

Outrage over meat shocker

 Orion Talks underway

MJC 3rd Degree Saga

Public sentiments and outrage

What the public had to say about this as the story was being aired and till 2am that morning. About 200 comments in the first link

Jamaaludeen Khan

Like you, the 3rd Degree show last night concerned me greatly. I spent a long time assessing the situation and sentiments of everyone, and this morning I made contact with the MJC. I was afforded the opportunity to sit in 2 separate meetings with the key members of the MJC. After hours of discussion and looking at evidence, I can assure you that the 3rd Degree show was a huge misrepresentation of the facts. The MJC has failed only in their communication and proactive dialogue with the Muslim community, and they have felt the brunt of this, and are determined to address this. I’m not speaking on the behalf of the MJC. I am a Muslim residing in Cape Town, and what I eat is important to my spirituality so the Halaal topic is high on my agenda. I would encourage us all, in this matter and beyond, to reserve our comments and accusations until we have personally investigated and physically seen evidence. Gracias!


MJC social media campaign has started &

15 December 2011
The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) hereby reaffirms to the community that we have
condemned the scandalous, malicious and criminal relabeling of pork as Halaal and other
violations at the Orion Cold Storage which has impacted upon the integrity of the general
status of Halaal meat and is thus a matter for the South African Justice system.
Further to this we take strong exception to those individuals and organizations who seized
upon the opportunity to bolster their image by discrediting the integrity and reputation of the
Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) without any justification whatsoever.
The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) however, reassures the community that the despicable
crime committed at the Orion Cold Storage has not in any way affected the sealed Halaal
chicken containers cleared by the MJCHT. The only involvement of the MJCHT with the
Orion Cold Storage is on a Consignment Basis. Therefore, the unfounded accusations and
insinuations expressed that sought to implicate and discredit the integrity of the MJCHT is
malicious, deceitful and opportunistic.
In principle, as Ulema (Religious Scholars) we take our guidance from the Holy Quran and
the Sunnah, (The Prophetic Divine teachings) and thus place the highest value on first
ascertaining the truth, prior to levelling accusations that intend destroying the reputation of
others and those who have served this community ever-since the birth of Islam in South
Africa.The certification of Halaal is not merely a judicial procedure but rather a sacred Amanah
(Trust) and the responsibility of the MJCHT for which we are accountable to Almighty Allah
(God) in fulfilling this duty.
Those who have spread the seeds of doubt and created suspicion, division and dissention in
the community, contradict the basic principles of Islam which guides us toward harmonious
interaction and good, honest and truthful relations amongst humanity.
The MJCHT consistently exerts itself in serving our community by exploring all possible
avenues to ensure that imported food complies with strict Halaal standards. The community
has thus benefited from the Halaal services rendered by the MJCHT that provides our Muslim
community with contentment in the knowledge that their food complies with the highest
Halaal standards.
Since imported unregulated Halaal foods started flowing into South Africa, the MJCHT
pioneered Halaal Regulation for imported Halaal meat and poultry in order to ensure that all
imported foods that are approved as Halaal are indeed Halaal. We have thus engaged with
accredited International Halaal Authorities and established formal relations with these
International Authorities.
In conclusion we reassure our beloved community that all imported meat and chicken cleared
by the MJCHT, are indeed Halaal.
For any further question please feel free to contact the 1st Deputy President, Shaykh Achmat
Sedick at or Ms N. Malick at
Thanking youMoulana Abdul Khaliq E Allie
Secretary General
15 December 2011

source: MJC 

He said/She Said

Channel Islam interview

Cii Interview with Moulana Ighsan Hendricks and Debrah

Listen to the  full interview  click here   

Radio Islam

Below are the links for the pod casts of this mornings interviews with Debora Patta and Ml AK Ali of the MJC. If you struggle with the links,go to the pod casts section on our

Summarised article from CII website

The MJC was slammed on the social networks for their role in the saga as the organisation had previously certified Orion poultry as Halaal; and according to the programme last night, meat as well.

Orion Meat Storage Company had been accused of relabeling pork, kangaroo and other meats as Halaal.

Muslim consumers are only allowed to eat Halaal products. This status is determined by the Islamic manner of slaughtering and the exclusion of certain foods such as swine from the Muslim diet.

In the programme, MJC officials were portrayed as trying to avoid an interview and refusing to answer questions posed by presenter, Deborah Patta, with regards to the saga surrounding the alleged relabeling of non-permissible food products as Halaal by Orion Cold Storage.

The on air depiction has unleashed a plethora of criticism towards the organisation on social networking sites.

Moulana Hendricks said it was dejecting to see that Muslims could take 3rd Degree as a reference.

“It is sad that our community can actually take 3rd Degree as a daleel (evidence) for reference and then embarking on a lambasting programme to further insult the dignity of the Ulema (Muslim scholars),” he said on the Cii morning drive show, Sabahul Khair.

He said the programme producers did not request for an interview in an appropriate manner and therefore they refused to answer questions.

3rd Degree and in particular the programme of Deborah Patta, should learn once-and-for-all, to adopt the decency and the principle to request the MJC in a decent manner for an interview.”

Patta camped outside the offices of the MJC in Cape Town seeking clarity on the Halaal certifying issue for four hours prior to the airing of the programme.

She said they did speak to officials of the MJC requesting an interview.

“We met Sheikh Sedick (MJC Deputy President) outside the court when the application was first brought against Orion Cold Storage and he agreed to give us an interview. We just had to formalise a time.”

Patta said that this was then followed by an exchange of emails and phone calls with the MJC in which they had agreed to an interview without settling on a specific day.

In the programme aired on television, Patta said that when the MJC became aware of the nature of the questions dealing with the Halaal/Haraam issue, all communication from the MJC stopped.

“We phoned and phoned. I flew down to Cape Town – no avail. We came down again and sent another email and in fact the secretary general, (Moulana) Abdul Khalick Alli confirms on tape, which I have a copy of, that they did receive those emails. In fact he apologised for not getting back to us,” she said.

According to Patta, this then prompted them to visit the MJC offices unannounced to try and get an interview.

MJC officials refused to conduct the interview and have taken a decision not to participate in any interviews with the television channel.

“The MJC does not abdicate its responsibility. There are many other avenues, other then Deborah Patta, other then 3rd Degree, to engage the Muslim community and to explain to the Muslim community the absolute truth,” said Moulana Hendricks.

Since the airing of the programme a number of people have called for the MJC to disband.

VOCFM Interview with Moulana Ighsaan Hendricks

The broadcast of an investigative documentary on the Orion halal scandal on etv’s Third Degree on Tuesday evening had immediate impact when the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) was flooded with feedback from an irate public who blamed the ulema body over relabelled imported products. While the MJC had certifying 18 imported chicken consignments for the company in 2011, Orion Cold Storage was exposed in November after whistle blowers showed footage of staff deliberately relabelling imported products – including pork – as halal.

Responding on VOC’s Breakfast Beat on Wednesday morning, MJC president, Maulana Igsaan Hendricks, stated that program host Debra Patta’s handling of the matter had been “unethical” and “insulting”, creating the impression that the MJC had never explained itself on this matter when there were numerous public statements made since November, most notable on VOC.

“We had placed on record on VOC and in many public statements that Orion’s actions are criminal. There is no debate on that. Etv and 3rd Degree had a good party last night that left the MJC as the guilty party in the face of the SA community.” He confirmed that the MJC had refused the interview with Patta, adding that the journalist “needed to learn the decency of making an appointment”.

“On the day that she came here, we had no trace of emails or even smses to confirm the interview for that day and time. We were all surprised when she and her crew virtually stormed the building of the MJC and kept it under siege for four hours. It is not normal practise when there is a set appointment, to duck and dive. However, according to last night’s program, it clearly appears that the MJC ‘abdicated’ its responsibility,” the alim said.

Under siege

According to Hendricks, during the tv crew’s “siege” of the MJC offices, he had sent a message that he would accede to the request for the interview the next morning. This did not materialise. He added that MJC deputy president, Sheik Achmat Sedick had indicated that he had received a call from the show’s producer for an interview and had “showed willingness”, but this too had not been confirmed. By the time the film crew arrived, Sedick had already been off on sick leave for two days.

Hendricks also explained that since his illness last year, he had not enjoyed “a normal presence” at the MJC offices. On the day in question, despite ill health, he had been at the MJC to attend an urgent meeting on another matter not related to the halal crisis. “It is indeed a sad day when the community cannot believe that alims can also take ill, despite our dedicated service to this community,” he lamented.

Hendricks said the ulema body has been bombarded with emails and other forms of public feedback after the program aired which indicates that the community believed the program’s assertion that “the MJC was guilty of lying”. “Yet the truth is that for the last month and a half, Sheik Achmat has been in and out of doctor’s offices in order to recover. I myself…2011 had not been kind to my health and as such, I had not enjoyed a normal presence at the MJC. Therefore I had not given many interviews over the last few months.”An irate Hendricks said Patta “speculated laughably” in the documentary, including about whose cars were parked outside the MJC offices.

He said it was only two days after 3rd Degree‘s visit to the MJC that they received an email request for an interview two days later with a list of 25 questions. “However, by virtue of the manner in which they kept us under siege in our own offices, the unethical manner Patta approached us and her insulting attitude toward our secretary general, Maulana Abdul Khaliq Alie who is a person of splendid character and integrity, I as president of the MJC, took the decision not to give any interview to 3rd Degree in the future.”

According to Hendricks, the Orion scandal had been one of the most “insulting” incidents in the MJC’s 65 year history, which “despite our committed service to the community”, had made the ulema body a laughing stock. Asked to respond to the claim that its halal certification was only a “money making business”, the alim explained that the MJC made this service available to companies who wanted to be assured of halal consumption.


However, the question and the claim that the MJC was not fully “transparent and accountable” was a common refrain. “But the community never asks questions when we use the revenue generated from the halal certification to pour a quarter of a million rand into the International Peace Varsity South Africa (IPSA where our children go to gain knowledge; or when we use it to support imams who work in underprivileged communities, or when we subsidise educational institutions like the Al Azhar School. Regardless, we are ready to share such information with the community, as we have done in the past.”

He said the MJC was approached by people on a daily basis, “but no one can expect us to simply respond to anyone who has a request, when such a person could have an alternative agenda against the MJC. The sad part in all this is that we still have to deal with these matters, even when people become personal and attack individual personalities, or when people do not understand ethics of engagement.”

Hendricks reiterated that the MJC had severed all ties with Orion. “We have made it clear in all our previous statements on this matter, that Orion never enjoyed (full) halal certification from the MJC. Unlike any other outlet certified by the MJC as halal, they only enjoyed a facility where consignments (with certain imported products) were cleared by us.

“But when this story unfolded, we immediately suspended whatever limited relationship we had with Orion. When we further gaged that Orion did not take the responsibility or initiative to restore the damage done to the MJC, we instructed our legal team to sever all ties with them. We also informed the public and instructed them not to buy any products from them. I hope this has provided some clarity on the matter and in the days to come, we will continue to engage with the community in ongoing programs,” he concluded.

source: VOCF 

MJC Email response

This email was forwarded to me someone sent MJC a letter and here is the response..

Assalaamu Alaikum Wharah Matullah

Salaam everyone.


Let me add the following statement to my statements, below to your emails of last night. Remember Debra herself said on TV that she does not have an appointment with the MJC and just rocked up at the MJC. She also said that I gave her an appointment, which is untrue. When I met Barbara some time before that 3rd Degree day, I indicated to her that MJC has no problem in speaking with eTV, but I haven’t confirmed any appointment.  In fact, I had an interview with eTV and they played less than one second of it as a news item, which did not reflect what I have said in the 10 minute interview in Maulana Igsaan’s office I had with eTV. Now, allow me to re-state what I wrote to one of emails last night:


Salaam Nabeela. In the final analysis Almighty Allah is the JUDGE, and not you. If I request an appointment with you and you don’t grant it or refuse to confirm it, do I have a right to come to your house/work and demand  that I want to speak with you because I am fed up now fed up with you because I tried for two weeks to confirm the appointment with you? Where are the ethics?


On the other hand, the MJC has clarified its position on the Orion matter on radio VOC, Channel Islam and in print to all Masajid in the Western Cape. We also explained how Halal import/export works in South Africa, unlike how Ml Navlaki and others postulated it on 3rd Degree, as if the MJC certified pork. It is clear that ORION are the culprits in this instance and they have deceived the Muslim for financial gain and internal dispute. Why is the MJC held responsible for their deceit? Shaykh Achmat Sedick


Now, allow me to add: most of you [besides the abusive and disrespectful language-use] accuse the MJC of being hypocrites, liars, negligence and having cast doubt in your hearts and minds. Then the ultimate threat of boycotting all products certified by the MJCHT.


Firstly, be my guest of boycotting all MJC certified products, it would honestly not affect me. Just make sure that you fully know and understand what is Halal and what is not Halal before you buy and consume anything or whatever you get involved in, otherwise you will be in big trouble and in a mess, not with the MJC, but with Almighty Allah. Remember, marriage is an issue of Halal / Haram, your work is an issue of Halal / Haram. Your entire lifestyle is an issue of Halal / Haram. Halal/Haram also entails how we speak and language-use, if you truly understand the depths of what Halal/Haram entail. The ultimate judge is Almighty Allah.


Secondly, falsely accusing someone else, the Shari’ah has its way of dealing with it. Just a kind reminder to you. There is an authentic Hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), which teaches us that if you accuse someone else of something unfounded (i.e. his/her innocence is proven afterwards), then whatever you accused him/her of falls upon you.


Thirdly, the issue of lying and you accusing the MJC as liars, see my statement, below. In  addition, when MJC (Ml Abdul Khaliq Allie) offered Debra an appointment for the next morning, she actually refused to meet with the MJC because she had to attend a graduation ceremony of her child. [Thus, if this interview was so important to her, how come her personal matters took a priority over her work, during working hours?] We then subsequently said that we don’t want to meet with her.

Fourthly, casting doubt in people’s minds and hearts or creating such scenarios, is a serious offense, according to the Shari’ah. The MJC has explained and clarified itself as to what extent it was involved with the ORION – ON A CONSIGNMENT BASIS. But allow me to contextualize it once more: The MJCHT is not the Halal certifier of the entire ORION Cold Storage because it is essentially a non-Halal facility. The principle is similar to certifying supermarkets, for example. The Halal certifier does not certify the entire supermarket, as Halal, because the facility deals and trades with other non-Halal products, as well. So, the Halal certifier is responsible for the products and sections it is certifying that it is as Halal, ensuring that the Halal classified places in the supermarket remains Halal and not contaminated with non-Halal products, etc.

In the case of the ORION, if I may repeat myself, the MJCHT identified specific sealed consignments as Halal, checked it out and cleared it (i.e. confirmed its Halal status), resealed it and approved it to be relayed to its buyer as Halal in a sealed condition.

You saw on 3rd Degree  what ORION did insofar as re-labeling; absolute deceit and criminality. Actually, the MJC never knew about this criminality, except a few hours before the matter was brought to court. Remember, the MJCHT’s responsibility and accountability is only the Halal Consignments that come into ORION. Let me demonstrate the onus of criminality further. You are in a trading relationship with a clothing manufacturing company. You order genuine leather, levi’s – all original manufactured products – and instructs the manufacturer to send the consignment, which you have paid for to your third person (your buyer). The manufacturer imports all Chinese products of what you ordered him to do and re-label the Chinese products with his labels and send the re-labeled (without your knowledge, of course) to your prospective buyer. The onus of criminality falls on whom??

I hope you understand now what the MJC has been explaining and clarifying the “CERTIFICATION ON A CONSIGNMENT-BASIS”.

I now rest my case, and am not going to further engage any of you. And like I said, HALAL / HARAM is a religious matter. Allah, Most High will be the JUDGE, not you.


Shaykh Achmat Sedick

 Moulana Yunus Patel’s letter to the MJC

This was Late Moulana Yunus Patels response to a similar situation 10 years ago. 10 years have passed and we still asking the same questions..


Dear Shaikh As-Salaamu alaikum wa-Rahmatullah

Hoping you are well.

I feel compelled to bring to your notice that having heard the representatives of SANHA and MJC at the meeting o­n Saturday (24th of August 2002) in Cape Town, I come to the following conclusions:

1.) Although, as mentioned by your chairman, the evidence was not tested, it was clear as daylight sun that gross discrepancies had been discovered by SANHA at some of the plants and companies certified by the MJC.

2.) When these serious grievances were brought to the attention of your Halaal Trust, much of it was totally ignored. SANHA provided documentary evidence, in a very comprehensive report, tabled at the meeting. The response to other letters was either, a threat of action against SANHA or some justification for the error.

3.) To any person studying the report or listening with an open, unbiased, unprejudiced mind, to the representatives of SANHA and MJC at the Hearing, the following would emerge:

(a.) The o­nly complaint of MJC Halaal Trust seems to have been the unethical, un-Islamic practice of SANHA’s “interference” in its certification.

(b.) SANHA considering “Shaafi” Mazhab as inferior.

(c.) SANHA considering MJC’s standards as inferior.

I have had an excellent working relationship with MJC for decades. We have always co-operated o­n many projects and respected each others views and differences o­n matters, as long as they were based o­n the Qur’aan and Sunnah. The Jamiat always considered MJC as a Halaal Certifying body and accepted its certified products. Nay, even consumed some of them over the years.

So it is not a question of “prejudice” that I state the following:

Almost everyone that was present there, including some MJC members, whom I contacted later, agreed that there were serious flaws and major discrepancies that had to be addressed; as a matter of urgency. .

That the myth that it was a “Hanafi / Shaafi ” issuewas not true.

That SANHA was not witch-hunting but merely informing the public of their findings, when MJC fails to respond to their queries and complaints.

Wallah, my stomach churned and heart seemed to skip a beat when I read the comprehensive report submitted by SANHA. I honestly believe and share the tears of Shaikh Omar Khabir at the meeting, that a great injustice has been done to the Ummah. Amongst many other discrepancies, the following were recorded:

Well documented evidence was presented of severing just o­ne vein (rendering chicken totally Haraam according to all Mazhabs). .

Products containing pork fat, blood plasma, white wine flavour, bacon flavour, blood powder, etc. were marketed with the MJC label. .

Confirmed slaughtering by non-Muslim slaughterers.

Non-Muslim inspector and staff. .

Contamination in fridges of Halaal and Haraam items. .

Non-Muslim wholesaler with no Muslim staff, supplying MJC certified Halaal meat. .

Haraam or absolutely doubtful imports from Brazil, China, etc., certified Halaal and the list goes o­n.

I repent, that although the evidence was not tested, I, for o­ne, am certain that if it had been an arbitration, more shocking disclosures would have surfaced.

I am always o­ne for conciliation and settlement of disputes. However having read the report and listened carefully to both sides I am of the opinion that if the discrepancies had not been brought to the attention of the MJC, it would have been “un-Islamic and unethical “.

My concern now, is that just concluding with a working committee is not enough. When the report was read by members of the Jamiat Natal, they were shocked beyond belief that for monetary gain, the MJC Halaal Trust could have allowed so much of Haraam to be consumed by innocent Muslims. It makes us shudder o­n how we will answer Allah Ta’ala, when all those who consumed Haraam o­n our guarantee that it was Halaal, will catch our garments o­n the Day of Qiyaamah. May Allah Ta’ala protect us from His Azaab.

My suggestion is that the MJC should immediately look at all its certified plants and companies:

Implement the most stringent standards.

That it should allow the take over of operations outside the Cape Province by SANHA or Regional bodies. The MJC cannot do justice to National and International certification. .

The MJC should work in co-operation with SANHA towards a national certifying body. Monetary gain or commercial interests should never be the criteria of Ulama bodies. .

A senior member of MJC stated openly at a meeting: “We need the money. We run our projects with it. .”

If the MJC is unable to maintain and control standards at certain plants, then it must withdraw its Halaal certificate and announce this in the Press. It should never, never, allow, at any cost, Haraam and doubtful products to be consumed.

The comprehensive report should not be shelved away. It should be studied by all MJC Halaal Trust members. Thousands of Rands and valuable man hours must have gone in its preparation.

I do agree that there could be aspects of it which could be “rebutted” as Shaikh Yaaseen mentioned. However, even if just 20% of it is true, it is cause for major concern.

I, for o­ne, who used to openly declare all products certified by MJC as Halaal for many years and even consume some at times, am truly and deeply disturbed.

How can I guarantee them anymore?

Please forgive me for this letter. My conscience weighed heavily o­n me.

Do read the letter with an open mind and in its right context. We are all human. No o­ne or no organisation is perfect. We must have the humility to acknowledge and accept our mistakes, and rectify.

The MJC has kept Islam alive in the Cape through its Imaams and projects. May Allah Ta’ala strengthen it and may it continue to serve the community at large, with sincerity.


Yunus Patel (Maulana)

(President of Jamiatul Ulama, KwaZulu, Natal)

source: Halaal talk 


Way Forward
Join the Halaal watch group 

Watching the Halal Bodies, ensuring they deserve the trust of the muslim community.
This is a community effort to create a auditing body to monitor the halal certification businesses in South Africa. Its clear that in they need to earn our trust. while they are supposed to be representative of muslim society, they are actually not. Can any Muslim community member be elected to the board? Can anyone audit their books?

Muslim Consumer Council

After that very hard to swallow expose on 3rd Degree, we all realise that we’ve been exploited because our “leaders” are more concerned with their pockets than the Muslim Ummaht. What is the way forward. I believe we have to build the Muslim Consumer Council into a powerful and representitive voice that can hold all these corrupt service providers to account and get the answers that we want. We have as a community been complacent for too long, We have to finf our own voice and can no longer be led by our noses by leaders who only have their own interest at heart. Through a strong Muslim Consumer Council these cowards cannot hide behind their long frocks and their long beards any longer, because we will have a collective voice to whom they will have to account to. We need to build a membership driven transparent and inclusive organisation that can represent the interest of ordinary Muslims and ensure that Brand Islam is not sold as a franchise to the highest bidder, We must ensure that Muslims are not offered as an exploitable monopoly manipulated by a Capitalist Clergy Class, We must ensure that the Quran and the sharia are not to be copyrighted for the sake of profit and that no one can claim ownership of the sacred Deen for the sake of making a quick buck. We have to act decisively and force them to come to the table and listen to those they claim to lead. Islam teaches us the concept of SHURA and this is the only way forward. We cant wish away the MJC and SAHUC and all the other Elitist Clergy Class, We have to transform them either peacefully through the process of SHURA or through the Revolutionary way like our brothers in the Muslim Lands are showing us to do. This decision will also be determined through SHURA, the choice is simple Engage or be Engaged but you cant hide or run away or deny or remain silent any longer, the time is NOW and the Ummah is ready. We need strong and committed leadership who fears ALLAH(SWT) and understand the concepts of Hisaab(accountability) and Amanah(responsibility) and Shurah(inclusivity) and Ahlaak(conduct) and Adaab(respectibility). Wher are these qualities in the present Muslim leadership, How could we as an Ummah have allowed things to get so bad that our leaders dont even Fear ALLAH and the final day of FINAL ACCOUNTABILITY. But there is hope and these events are necesarry inorder for us to grow and show that we still have the the answers and solutions to overcome any adversity if we remain true to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of our Beloved Prophet (SAW)


The way forward is to mobilise Muslim Consumers to occupy The MJC HEADQUATERS AT Cashel Avenue, and demand that President Maulana Ighsaan, Sheigh Achmat Sedick, and Maulana Allie resign with immediate effect. If they refuse to resign we start a Consumer Boycott of all products with MJC Halaal Stamps and put pressure on producers to cancel their certification agreements and ask their money back. We need to take this stand to ensure that those who impose themselves upon will not be tolerated to use Brand Islam as their ticket to the gravy train. We want ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, INCLUSIVITY, AND CREDIBILTY, We’ve had enough of Corruption and Exploitation.

For more information contact Imraahn Ismail-Mukaddam (Western Cape Coordinator) on 0218378692 or 0847817122 email

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About Halaal Meat

Muslims do not eat any pork or meat from pig, it is forbidden i.e Haraam.

The terms halal and haraam are applied to many facets of life; and one of the most common uses of these terms is in reference to meat products, food contact materials, and pharmaceuticals. In Islam there are many things that are clearly halal or haraam. There are also items which are not as clear, and for which further information is needed. Items that are not clear are called mashbooh, which means “questionable”. ‘Halal’ means permissible. ‘Haraam’ means forbidden.

In Islam, other forbidden items include pork and all its products; animals improperly slaughtered; alcoholic drinks, including all forms of intoxicants; carnivorous animals; birds of prey; and any food contaminated with any of these products.

Ḏabīḥah (ذَبِيْحَة) is the prescribed method of slaughtering all animals excluding fish and most sea-life per Islamic law. This method of slaughtering animals consists of using a well sharpened knife to make a swift, deep incision that cuts the front of the throat, the carotid artery, wind pipe and jugular veins but leaves the spinal cord intact. The head of an animal that is slaughtered using halal methods is aligned with the Qiblah and prayer is recited before slaughtering. All blood is drained out.  Muslims are prohibited from consuming animal blood.


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  1. Ali says:

    I smell a rat, this is like one of those Halaal hoax emails, but on a bigger scale. It seems “too good to be true”, and deliberately calculated to make Muslims get excited.

    Although it is very likely that this is real, it is also possible that this was done as an act of sabotage. Let’s not get carried away, and engage the typical Muslim mob mentality till all the facts come out.

  2. Rania says:

    I totally agree and if this company is working with the muslim judicial council. why not wait until their verdict is out? why incite people

  3. dhaamin says:

    salaamu alaikum tamaaf f0r asking but how can we as the muslim umma of South Africa trust our Halaal Authorities again i ask our muslim communities to stand up against this filth because if we sell our Deen for maal then what’s next Allowed prostitution, homosexuality ,gambling and zina I ask u all what is your view of Islam to follow Quraan and Sunnah but we try at least but those who are suppose to be our leaders they are blinded by the bling/maal i make dua and ask Alaah ta Allah 2 guide us and 2 keep us on deen and make the ummah strong and those people who can’t lead let Allah remove them from their positions ameen