Kaleji ne Tukra

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Kaleji is livers. Usually someone maybe a nanima would tell a grandchild and use these words of affection,  you my kaleji ne tukra. literally it means my Kaleji in pieces or that is my very non existent gujrathi translates it. it means piece of my liver  and apparently it means something deeper, you something close to my heart. so you as close to me as my kaleji 🙂 Here bachoo’s dadi’s kaleji recipe. Everyone will tell you Bachoo is her dadi’s kaleji ne tukra..


Kaleji Recipe


1 onion

1 tomatoe

1 tsp chillies

1 tsp salt

1 tablespoon garlic

whole jeeru, pepper corn, cloves

1/4 tsp arad

1 tsp dhana jeeru

little black pepper

little red masala if you have



Clean Kaleji and cut in small pieces

wash Kaleji

Braise onion with pepper corn and whole jeeru and cloves

put Kaleji in pot

Add all spices


add tomatoe

add very little water

cook until done depending hard kaleji or soft Kaleji

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Farzanaa Gattoo Parag asked posted toAsk Nanima?

Nanima evryone is speaking about kaleji. How do you make the fresh kaleji

Farzanah Ayob Allana rub salt n pepper, and toss it in a pan. That’s the way we like it.

Umm Khatija Kaleji being the liver?

Mohamed Irshaad Vally U wash it en cut it up. Drain it. Tke 1tbsp of crashed garlic,2tbsp crushed blacko pepper salt 2 taste 4tbsp lemon juice en cut in 1 onion. Fry 4 10 to 15mins dnt over fry.


Fahima Essack Aziz Melt butter or ghee on stove,add sliced onions, whole green chillies n lotsa crushed garlic ,saute till its light pink,then add kaleji, salt coarse blk pepper,crushed red chillies,dhana jeero,arad n fry till kaleji done!Its absolutely delicious
**from Culinary Queens group

Fatima Rajah B4 washing it always soak it in milk it prevents da kaleji from turnin black while cookin

Zayd Bham Salt pepper and wouster sauce. The best

Rashida Haffejee Slms all. U must eat it on da same night. Don’t freeze. Its da tastiest wen fresh.

Sadia Minty Always add vineger 2 da kaleji,all da blood will drain out,n aLl da sticky stuff will come of easily

Rhania Cassim Rub salt, red chillies, paprika, garlic and fry in hot oil till crispy. Remove from pan and add nando’s cook in sauce (the long jar) of ur choice and heat it up. Taste just like nando’s chicken livers.

Talha Bin Ya’qoob Our eid tradition : make a wood fire, put the tawo on the fire,grease with butter (I think) lol and season with salt and pepper. Or if we feeling lazy we do the same on the gas stove

Aziza Hathurani Rinse kaleji n slice thinly n leave in a collander to drain heat ghee in pan add 1 tsp garlic add da kaleji n add salt,pepper,lil crushed green chillies n lemon juice n fry for bout 10-15 min dnt over fry as it wil get hard must b soft n tender bt done its tooo yummy n yes its best to eat fresh on da day of Eidul Adha

Amina Kara ‎@rhania does it work well with sheep liver?

Humaira Hansa Fry chopped onions in a little oil, add cut kaleji, salt, pepper, ginger garllic and ground green chillies! Yum can’t wait for tmrw 😀

Fahim N Farzanah Dawood this type of kaleji is best stir fried very quickly, if you cook it for too long then it gets tough and dry.

Rhania Cassim ‎@amina iv only ever tried it with chicken livers.

Rhania Cassim And make sure you fry it nice and crispy.



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