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Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought the Ask Nanima website would end up like this. The idea was simple to promote breadwinner home industries and help working people find help they required. The Ask Nanima expos in Emmarentia earlier this year and the Ask Nanima expo in Lenasia is taking us to the next level. A chance for home industries to promote their products directly to the public. It was almost a 3 month process of preparations. We started with an application process. Thereafter we narrowed it down and started a registration process.

The Ask Nanima Home Industry Expo Lenasia on 16 October 2011 at Greyville Primary school was a resounding success. About 100 home industry stalls exhibited and sold their products to the public.Some of the stuff showcased  were the nominated nanima’s, a bachoopreneur kiddies market, paintball, jumping castle, lekker food (biryani, chicken tikka, fast food, mini donughts), dstv to show both rugby and cricket, SA rangers security and much much more.  1000’s of people attended the function. Weather was great Alhamdulillah

Duchaaz Decluttering Campaign

Recycle, Reuse, Reward

All duchaaz Donated to Helping Hands Al Badr Orphanage in Lenasia and At Tauheed Grasmere Masjid in Fine Town.



Bachoopreneurs  kiddies Market
They were so oulik- cute. A few of them actually emailed their own bachoopreneur applications. 8 years old emailing. We still keep in touch.

Mohammed Riaan Gaibee lava, slime, bubble solutions
Daiyaan Rajah home made chocolates
NazeerAhmed Jinnah and Maleehah Jinnah Kiddies sand Art or squeashies
Nadia Gathoo claydough
Maryam Pochee helium balloons, toffee apples
Zainab & Qasim Lorgat kiddie reading/story books
Muhammad Hoosen  I make key rings with scooby doos.
Zainub and Zaakhir  Bhaijee fridge magnets
Aaminah Gangat handmade beaded trolleys
Yusuf Tabastso Tsoka and Bachoo Balls and soft toy

 Stalls 1-12


table Surname Name Business Category Description Contact
1 Jada Raeesa Raz Best Buys Appliances Tupperware, small kitchen appliances, cellphone pouches 0721226362
2 Vaid Khadija Snug bugz pjs Clothing Snug bugz pjs 4 girls& boys, Magenta daywear 4 girls, Ladies gowns + pjs, scarfs + scarf pins & accessories 0721779782
3 Dindar Haseena Soaps Scrubs and Rubs Beauty Body Products, soaps, shampoos, body butters, lotions, gift sets 0835457543
4 Rayman Roshan Z&R Creations Other – Toys Toys 0836754439
5 Jogi Munira Creative Corner Crafts arts and crafts, gifts and cosmetics 0828412171
6 Pochee Zainab The Polka Dot Baking We will be selling baked goods, including a selection of tried and tested gluten free products(all home made). selling cute wall hangins, servietes and few random cute things 0842000776
7 Dangor Zubeda Nisaa Institute for Women\’s Development Beauty – Jewellery Beaded jewellery and prayer beads 0832899818
8 Bhamjee Naazia Bakers Boutique Appliances Annique Skincare Range, as well as baking tools, accesories – cookie cutters, plunger cutters, deco rolling pins, silicone molds etc 0826888280
9 Mia Naazmia Lingerlicious Clothing exclusive lingerie for every occassion 0832002209
10 Mia Khadija Little Furberries Clothing Branded babywear clothes, shoes, pyjamas 0842296786
11 Motala Haseena Piece a cake Baking cupcakes in an assortment of fun and delicious flavours from fruity centres to choc delights. wedding cakes will be displayed too 0835736632
12 Ebrahim / Devchand Waseela/  Smeeta Dr Dazzling Gloss Beauty – Cosmetics Lakme Cosmetic products and cosmetics made to suit the indian skin type and tones 0736862727

Stalls 13-24


table Surname Name Business Category Description Contact
13 Mia Zeenat Everything Exquisite Crafts handbags, bling dishes, bling flasks, biltong 0837866660
14 Makra Bilqees Mozaiq Muffins Baking Frozen muffin Batter 0718842121
15 Fakir Fatima Mum2Mum Bibs & Lillian Terry Oils Clothing Bibs 0845034019
16 Latib Zaahed Fashion Jewellery Beauty – Jewellery Fashion Jewellery – (necklaces, bracelets, earings, bangles, watches, scarfs, sunglasses) 0713677866
17 Saith Khadija Mr Price Home stuff Other Mr Price Home Stuff – table clothes, runners, platters, duvet covers, scatter cushions 0827865827
18 Moosa Nasreen Homestyle Creations Baking Fresh Homestyle chevro, baklava, burfee, cakes, own crafts bookmarks, bracelets and crochet baby items 0796017083
19 Daya Hajira Sew Awesome Crafts hand sewn goodies like bags, aprons, trousseau bag sets and also handmade scarf pins 0725455133
20 Mia Khadija Style Trendz Clothing leading branded kiddies and adult clothing, accessories(bags and jewellery), ladies couture clothing 0828574446
21 Goondiwala Zarina WAT-A-LOT-I-GOT Appliances Solar lights and other home and baby products 0824899936
22 Carrim Zaheeda Zaheeda Baking – Snacks Choria, Achaars, Swimwear 0716069870
23 Vanker Shakera Baby clothing and Kids safety products Clothing baby clothing and 4 a kid products – kids safety products and accessories 0726415498
24 Choonara Jinnah Momin Simply Style Costume Jewellery Beauty – Jewellery Exclusive costume jewellery, scarf pins handmade, stickers, JS herbal products 0822953218

Stall 25-36

table Surname Name Business Category Description Contact
25 Amod Zaheera Exquisite Creations Clothing  Scarfs, scarfpins 0721578647
26 Mayet Shamima Bakeware and kitchenware Appliances Bakeware, kitchenware, cake decorations 0720121268
27 Cassim Fatima Fatima’s Home Industries 0 Pastries, Pies, Samoosa, tupperware 0729546100
28 Cassim Ayesha Ayesha\’s Gifts and Novelties Appliances Kitchen items, computer accessories and mostly as seen on tv products, gifts and novelties 0833811384
29 McAllister Fatima Amber Fashions Clothing Children clothing – ages 9m-8 years imported from UK, brands GAP, Monsoon, H&Mm other UK Brands. To ensure exclusivity on small number of items in each style supplied. range is large and extensive 0723797459
30 Hoosen Tasneem Essence de Juvenesse Beauty – Cosmetics beauty products 0713537011
31 Khan Rookshana Rookshana\’s Delights Baking home made bisciuits, savouries and sauces 0845327090
32 Khan Khadija Young Muslimah Beauty Kurti Tops, Exclusive Scarf pins, Bangle sets, necklaces, all items are unique and new to SA 0712734458
33 Jordaan Fehmida and Khalid Honey Cup Food – Snacks Wedgewood Nougat, Islamic books and charts, shopping bags and possibly honey – not confirmed 0827003233
34 Moolla Fatima Cupcake Couture Appliances cupcake decorating set and baking utensils as well as educational toys 0824341240
35 Dhoda Farzana Full Dolls Other – Toys Full Islamic Dolls 0829043195
36 Mayet Soraya Laser Hair removal Beauty – Health laser hair removal 0794849733

Stalls 37-48

table Surname Name Business Category Description Contact
37 Hoosen Bibi Ayesha Fazzy Kids Pyjama Clothing funky pjs to keep your little one all snug at bed time, ladies pj\’s also available 0826978666
38 Wadee Aamena Sweet Temptations Baking rusks and fruit delights 0825906156
39 Seedat Aayesha Desire  – Exquisite Lingerie Clothing variety of designer lingerie 0765469859
40 Bhamjee Raeesa MAC Makeup Beauty – Cosmetics Mac Make,handbags and ladies clothing 0727441079
41 Bhamjee Sadia Exclusive Braidings Clothing braidings used for abayas and clothing 0846544435
42 Bhayat Aysha Mouth watering chutneys Baking – Snacks mouth watering chutneys, variation – sweet sour, tangy, red garlic aamlee, mayonaise, dark green, jalepino, meerbos 0720678633
43 Cassim, Loonat, Khan Ismail, Hajira, Azra Herbal life Beauty – Health Independent Herbal life distributors 0814659424
44 Omar Faatima Parda Prada Clothing Designer Apparel 0725703930
45 Issa Mizna B.I.S Beauty in & out Beauty – Bath Home made aromatheraphy soap, bubble bath, bath pearls, bath salts, gift sets 0822969777
46 Fulat Zakiyya Forrest Fairies Baking – Snacks fores fairies hand made nougat and sweets 0828115522
47 Mayet Yahya Yahyaa Sportswear Specialist Other sport accessories balls, keyrings, premier league memorabilia etc 0824302497
48 Essat Zakiyyah Al Atfaal Babywear Clothing Baby wear: vests, growers, 2 piece sets 0728409949

Stall 49-60

table Surname Name Business Category Description Contact
49 Mangel Zakkiyya Bead and Crafts Crafts Handmade bead products, decoupage trays, recipe files and dua packs 0820638164
50 Mangel Tasneem AMC Appliances AMC Cookware 0845997022
51 Abdulla Sajida Glitter Clothing Glitter range: sameera gowns, crystal sandals and sequin scarves 0834125820
52 Seedat Fatima Decoration for Cakes Baking Decorations for cakes, nuts including sliced coloured almonds, pur chevro and jalebi 0824437846
53 Bham Sabera  BYS Makeup and accessories and genuine tupperware Beauty – Cosmetics  BYS Makeup and accessories and genuine tupperware 0832848806
54 Baig Aneesa Cashmere Delights Food – Snacks Home made achaar, sauces and marinades, bath towel sets, bath sheets 0738660000
55 Patel-Weldon Fatima Glamour Aprons Clothing Custom designed apron which include Glamour, fun, flirty range that enhance your outfit, ideal for the perfect hostess 0741228462
56 Abdulla Sadia Sasserize Crafts Hand made tasbeehs, Quraan Makers, bracelets, key rings, scarf pins, earing, cellphone charms, chains 0829226850
57 Suliman Khatija Baby Pumpkin Other baby linen, novelty soaps and gifts 082 407 6164
58 Adam Zakiyya Skates Other heel skates for children and earth love herbal oils, portable geysers 0827663837
59 Adam Faeeza Justine and Cloud Nine Beauty – Cosmetics Justine skin care, cosmetics, bags, jewellery, etc, cloud nine hair irons, hair products 0829261723
60 Dhaler Shameera Muffin mixes Baking Divine Muffin mixes, Slimming belts 0823307718

Stalls 61 -72

table Surname Name Business Category Description Contact
61 Hassam Zaakirah Helping Hands 0  Donations and sponsorship for the needy 0842881194
62 Mangera Fatima The Lucky Packet Crafts Handmade items i.e arts, crafts, design accessories, Aromatheraphy oils, handcrafted scarves with hijaab pins 0724947739
63 Mahomed Yakoob Perfume House Beauty – Cosmetics Ajmal perfumes and some other oil based perfumes and bakhoor 0832908417
64 Dawood Imraan Dawosteamer Appliances Pot sealer (exclusive scarves) 0836489777
65 Kolia Fahmeeh Kiducate Other Islamic educational resources – books, puzzles, games 0828000071
66 Mirza Ruhi-Sabah Fasionista Clothing International home clothing boutique, specialising in international design labels eastern and western 0836166048
67 Ashraf Sharifa Sharifa Creations Beauty – Jewellery quality and affordable handcrafted jeweller 0726986587
68 Mayet Muhamed Alli Ideaz Toyz Other – Toys toy stall – bubble guns, bubbles, remote control cars, toys guns, soccer balls, toys for firls, prams, dolls, cap lights 0832984786
69 Jogie/Amod Zaheera/Reshma Fold up tables Other Fold up tables and benches, foldable vases, placemats and serviettes 0829553400
70 Ebrahim Fatima Mini Delights Baking mini delights 0722638038
71 Ebrahim Khadija Cooking and Baking class Baking We will be having a display table displaying our cooking and baking class stuff 0737865843
72 Vardalia Khadija Xpressions Appliances nifty innovative kitchen gadgets and homeware stuff 0844444563

Stalls 73- 95

table Surname Name Business Category Description Contact
73 Wadee Zaheer Wadees Braai Catering Baking – Snacks promoting wadees braai and selling biltong and everlasting firelighters 723706786
73 Hoosen Fehmida Femz Unique Deco Crafts selling hand painted and personalised name boards, keyholders, pencil boxes, nappy dispensers, jewellery hangers and boxes etc 728778689
75 Surtee Ebrahim Net tech Other – Toys quran pen, digital tasbeeh, travel mussalh, radio control toys and gaming accessories 837864454
76 Bhaijee Asiya Flavoured Fingers Baking stockists of famous brands biscuits, sweet treats bakers, pyots also designer peg bafs and kiddies aprons 835677866
77 Chavoos Tasneem Aspire Design Clothing Kiddies designer ball gowns 813388305
78 Moosa Saley Mumtaz Fairy Inc Other baking goodies as well as party packs for kiddies 838902676
79 Bhamjee Razina XO Lifestule Appliances cushions, trays, cake domes, mugs, dinnersets, bathroom sets 726920202
80 Mangera Sabera Eleganze Clothing Jammies, blush pyjamas, bridal lingerie, scarves, abayas, scarf organisers and gift bags 790426324
81 Laher Faatimah Squirrel Nuts Baking – Snacks Squirrel bavarian nuts, hand roasted nuts in vanilla, sugar & cinnamon, cashew, macadamia, peacans, almonds 823060222
82 Koor Nasreen Acorn Kids Beauty children bath crayons 845482224
83 Bhamjee Yumna le Petit Bon Bon Baking ): French macaroons,cakes and cupcakes 828981716
84 Sayed Taahirah RDLB Digital Design House Crafts Web & Graphic Design, Islamic branding Products, Islamic Art, Vinyl wall art 844882919
85 Khan Asmaa Lambkins Clothing Gorgeious lilk girls outfits, stunning ladies tops, funky undies and PJ\’s, non branded bags 728929330
93 Varachia Raeesa Creative Kids Crafts Design a cup cake or paint a letter, handcrafted name frames/Funky  Frame, stationary for kids, teens 718931394
94 Suliman Mohammed Humaira La Rouge Organic Wax and face painting Beauty – Cosmetics organic hair removal wax, comes with ten wax strips and spatula. Face painting at cost of R5 for kiddies 783773323
95 Fazel Baba Humaira Love 4 Art Crafts Art and crafts for kids (painting, colouring, etc), selling art and craft embellishments, paint, as well as ready made painted items 827664012

Food stalls, charity and other 

86 Lorgat Zuleikha Julie’s Alipor Biryani Den Food Stand Chicken Biryani and sour milk with Salad 733148355
87 Humaira Meer Moes Food Stand Wors rolls, burgers and chips, cooldrinks 832778667
88 Mohamed Mahmood Mini Doughnuts Food Stand mini doughnuts 837862839
89 Mahomed Irfaan Professional Halaal Catering Food Stand Wraps, Burgers, Rice Dishes 793990898
90 Khan Zakiyya Bright Sparks Learning Academy Food Stand Tuckshop and snacks 739385328
91 Seedat Zakiyya Red Chilli Food Stand Original tikka chicken and tikka burgers 791696904
92 Moosa Ismail Chip & Sip Food Stand Freshly fried chips and drinks 832146940
96 AskNanima Methi Masala, choria, babygros, candyfloss, cooldrinks, jumping castle
97 Greyville   011 852 2343
98 Crescent of Hope  011-854-1809
99 Caged Paintball  0721204206
100 Multichoice Lenasia  011 852 0210
101 SA Rangers  072 426 4400
072 205 5340
082 703 4608

Security for Ask Nanima Expo Lenasia provided by SA rangers

S A Ranger’s Security Cc – 2577 Gemsbok St, Lenasia — 011 852 8300


Thank you  and appreciation

Thank you to all that assisted us to make this day a huge success, Saaberie Ambulance, Abdullah Vaid and many others.  Thank you to the stall holders for being part of the day.
Special thanx to bachoo’s and poiroo’s dada and dadi, nana bagie and nanima, uncles and aunts for assisting us through the preparations of the Expo. Also like to thank Greyville Primary school, their staff, SA rangers for the providing security. Multichoice Lenasia for providing the DSTV for the rugby and Cricket. RDLB for helping with designing all the posters.


Greyville Primary School

Special thanx to Greyville Primary School and their staff  for the venue and assisting us on the day.


Ask Madala

Biggest thank you goes to Ask Madala for all his efforts and help from the start till the end. Without his support Ask  Nanima is niks.


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