There is Hope, story of two mothers

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I was busy on twitter and saw this pictures of Lioness and her lion cub and had to share it with you.  In contrast to the little baby Caleb Hope  that was thrown in the rubbish bin for ants to eat. According to Sowetan A newborn baby boy found wrapped in a blanket at a rubbish dump near an informal settlement in Bloemfontein is doing well in hospital. Bloemfontein Medi-Clinic spokeswoman Amanda Appelgryn said the child, named Caleb Hope, was in good condition and breathing on his own. “He was on antibiotics due to the environment he was found in.”    Workers at an informal rubbish dump near the JB Mafora settlement discovered the baby on Saturday afternoon and phoned emergency services.ER24 paramedics found the baby boy with the umbilical cord still attached to the placenta. He was hypothermic and struggled to breathe. Appelgryn said the baby had bite marks on his skin from ants while he was lying at the dump.

as of 30 September – The latest is Baby Caleb is still alive confirmed from the medi clinic

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There is still HOPE – Motherly Love


There is  HOPE after all..

source:  Daily mail

Help Caleb Hope

Spokeswoman for the Shiloh Zoe Hope Trust in Bloemfontein Madelaine Cornelissen said it was expected Caleb would remain in hospital for the next seven days for observation.

“In the meantime we, in collaboration with the department of social services, would be looking for a place of safety for the boy.”

The Shiloh Zoe Hope Trust is a non-profit organisation giving free help to unwanted babies and their mothers in Bloemfontein.

Cornelissen said they preferred to place the baby directly at a place of safety, with a family.

The number for the trust from their website – +27 (0)51 451 1014

source: Sowetan

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15 Reader Comments

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  1. skittle8511 says:

    this is what we need to be informed on.. not politics, money, global warnings, All the charities ask for our money but really this is what we need to be paying for education, contraception n sometimes in horrid circumstances like this sterilization!!! i know some ppl cant help their situation but there is always 1 single person you can turn to thats what the police, doctors, ambulance officers, fire brigade, scouts, churches, nuns, priests, even a shop owner could handle it! we teach our children 2 love babies n treat them with care n you have grown adults leaving them in bins 4 ants 2 feast on!!surely some 1 in that mothers life couldve help!!!!

  2. what is wrong with his mom…well she shouldn’t even be called a mom!!!I pray he makes it through this,how could anyone hurt a baby,hope he gets a great family who will love him,and take great care of him.

  3. MARJORIE says:

    I had a baby a month ago…I cant even imagine doing this to my son, this story made me cry..

  4. Chrissy says:

    You know, I just had a beautiful and healthy baby girl 6 months ago…and yes, this is sad but it’s not the story that made me cry, it’s what I wrote on a facebook post that made me cry…DAMN hormones.
    What I wrote goes as follows…
    Christina Dawn Osbon
    You know, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in life, it’s that to wish and hope horrible and insufferable things on other people ISN’T the way to do things…yes, what happened to this poor helpless baby is a tragedy…but, think about it…wishing and hoping for bad things to come to the mother WILL NOT change that it happened (unfortunately)…I learned a lot from my time in prison. Even though that is a place for “bad” people, there are a lot of “Lifers” in there that are very wise from their time. I hate seeing bad things happen to innocent people but the sad truth of it all is that this is LIFE, you win some and you lose some. It’s what you choose to do with it that makes you the person you should grow to be. I’m NOT a Christian person by any means and am probably the last person to be giving advice about God…but, if GOD wants that baby, He will take him…at least the baby won’t be suffering anymore. Why keep a innocent little newborn alive when there’s no hope? (not saying that it’s the case with this baby) Just saying in general…and if I’ve offended or pissed anyone off, I apologize in advance…but looking at it truthfully and realistically really hurts sometimes. I’ve just recently admitted that I’m NOT the mother I wanna be…NOT a very good mother at all…and that hurt me to admit it. Just be glad that there’s no place for innocent babies or children in Hell.

  5. Mami says:

    What was the mother thinking?? If she’s so desperate to get rid of this poor baby why not just leave him at someone’s door?of course if she’s beyond desperate that should be the last resort but why in an ant infested bin?
    Or was it really the mother who did this?
    whoever did it is truly not a human….Really!What person in their right mind would do such inhumane thing?
    I only pray that God be with this baby and find a good home.And get the love he truly deserves.

  6. Jeddar says:

    Honestly, I’m so filled with tears, how can! how can!! how can!!! (to the mother) are you so demonised that you can not think of the labour pains, the discomfort all through the nine months!!!! how on earth could you have done this??? I am so ashamed for you and sincerely i pray that the Almighty God in His infinite mercy will forgive you….What has become of the world… I pray that you would realize this and ask this great child (because he will be) in future to forgive you and also you need to turn a new leave and live responsibly

  7. Jeddar says:

    Honestly, I’m so filled with tears, how can! how can!! how can!!! (to the mother) are you so demonised that you can not think of the labour pains, the discomfort all through the nine months!!!! how on earth could you have done this??? I am so ashamed for you and sincerely i pray that the Almighty God in His infinite mercy will forgive you….What has become of the world…my friends the end is come please accept Jesus so that you can reign with the King of Glory in eternity.. I pray that you would realize this and ask this great child (because he will be) in future to forgive you and also you need to turn a new leave and live responsibly

  8. Crystal Turner says:

    As a mother of four sons I am heart-broken..We ALL have times in our lives where we struggle and wonder how we will make it from one day to the next but to abandon a baby in a dumpster? I would find MYSELF laying in a dumpster before a child of mine..Don’t they realize they can take a child to any hospital if they do not want them? Of course they know this, she is NOT a mother but a monster..even an animal will fight for its young…not just drop them and move on….sad.

  9. We are beggining to see scenes like this more and more, another example was the baby found at the airport wrapped in tissue and bllod. Surely this is a clear sign of the downturn of society and a cry for help from the people. This could easyly be constrewed as an indication of young mothers who simply cannot afford to keep their children and feel they would be judged for givign up the child. I am not saying it is an excuse for the mother, but am saying that if more help was in place for these people and the process of letting the child protection services take care of a child for you were simpler, would people not choose that option instead?

  10. cassie says:

    will you ignorant fools stop jumping to the conclusion that it was the mother?
    First off, how many of you are westerners? How many of you have been raped and abused? How many of you have family’s that might literally murder you or torture you if you have a baby out of wedlock, even if you were raped? How many of you have been raped at such a young age that you were hardly hitting puberty?
    How do you know it wasn’t a boyfriend that was married and took the baby to get rid of the evidence? How do you know it wasn’t a husband who thought the baby was from another man? That country is beyond racism… what if it was a white woman and her husband saw it was black and did that in rage? How do you know it wasn’t a father who “disposed” of his daughter’s illegitimate child? How do you know the mother was even physically able to stop this? How do you know the woman wasn’t a child who didn’t know to go to a firehouse, or was too scared to, who was raped and did this in a desperation that 99% of you would never understand?

    How do you know it wasn’t a woman that was raped and her family may punish her to an extreme (or kill her) for having a child out of wedlock? How do you know the mother isn’t lying somewhere dying/dead and the child was taken by an angry spouse/boyfriend/father or anything like that?

    My heart goes out to this poor little angel… I’ve been attacked by a nest of fire ants and I can still remember the pain… but I can only begin to imagine the extreme agony this newborn went through non stop and of course it makes me so angry. But I won’t direct my anger at anyone but society until I know who did this and why. And I say that because it’s the society around the parents that has contributed to these “easy out” behaviors of whoever left this baby for dead. If the punishment for rape were far more extreme, and victims were treated with more compassion and understanding… if domestic abuse was taken more seriously in places like South AFrica and the punishment were more severe… when we can one day say “why would any woman be afraid for her life just because she got pregnant” or “why would any man leave his partner’s child for dead” then we can pass such a harsh judgment on this without knowing the situation.

  11. Debra sirmans says:

    That’s bullshit, this is not what “life” is to say you win some and you lose some is crap. There is SOMEONE SOMEWHERE who want’s that child! I had a baby TWO weeks ago and was put threw hell for even being pregnant. I never thought about doing something like that. The problem with my generation is you either care or you don’t and that is a BIG problem. It seems like now days people try to get away with things because it’s “hard” or their life was fucked so they think it gives them a reason to fuck up someone else’s life. Even mothers now days don’t care about their kid and their reason is they are depressed or their parents did it to them, If you ask me that should make you more of a person who says i’m putting a stop to this and I’m going to be a better parent. There is no win some lose some. what seperates us from animals? WE are suppose to have souls, a Conscience, the abilty to know right from wrong!!!! WHERE does that play? yes you are right in saying in todays Society there is NO reason for hoping bad things will happen, and that’s because the person will make up some bullshit excuse and get away with it. I don’t give a damn if she was a teen who was raped! She should have at least given the baby to a orphenage. And what’s more sad is she’ll be aloud to have kids later after doing this bullshit. No one is a perfect mother but just loving the child enough to not throw it in the dumpster and take it to the orphanage instead, that is just not human what she did. And I think she deserves the same fate she left her baby to. She deserves to be eaten by ants and starved till almost dead. AND IF we punished more like an eye for an eye people would at least be more considerate of what they do because they don’t want it done to them if nothing else!

  12. Jocelyn says:

    How do you go about contacting the hospital in order to find out about adoption?

  13. A guest not saying my name says:

    It might not of been his mom that thrown her in there, it could of been the father or a kidnapper.

  14. a mother says:

    i dont know what its like to be raped abused or any of the above but i honestly know from the bottom of my heart regardless of ANYTHING else there is no way on on this earth my new born baby would be laying on the floor of a dump being eaten alive, if you can excuse this sort of behaviour then i truley believe you are what is wrong with the world today! im sure all mothers would agree

  15. crystal says:

    I agree with EVERY word of this! People are sickening! And like you said, the justice system needs to stop putting them in jail and do to them what they did to the child..eye for an eye!