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What is Nabi Booti?

Always remember that life comes from Allah and everything only  happens with  Allah’s will. Please never loose hope in the mercy of Allah.  I have been very interested to find out more about this leave. Here is some research I have done regarding it.

Leaves from Medina also called nabi booti, used usually to strengthen womb and for conception if Allah will’s inshaAllah.

It is a herb and I am not sure what the background about it, what it’s significance etc. All I know is that leaves can be found in Medina usually in the market near mount Uhud. Looks like dried curry leaves. Many have used it who were struggling to conceive, I also used it. From the research I  have done as I have been really trying to find out more about this but can’t find anything. It took me years to get a name for it, it is said that the Prophet(SAW) gave these leaves to a lady who was finding difficult to conceive. I don’t have any authentic to corroborate this, all i have read from the internet.  Allah knows best.

There are a few ways I heard that this can be boiled but this is the way I know, recipe from my mum who got it from Late Moulana Begg when she was in Medina.


take handful of leaves boil it in 2 litres of water. Boil until nice strong. Cool it, strain it, put in bottle, squeeze all juice from leaves and dispose of leaves by burying it in a clean place as it comes from a mubarak place.


Every morning the first thing u do as soon as u wake up

1.  make powerful intention for children and ask Allah from the bottom of your heart..

2. drink half a glass

PS. it is very bitter..

If water starts getting pale boil another hand ful and refill

PSS. there are other ways this can be made, some say with milk etc but this above recipe is what I know.

Please note you can only become pregnant with Allah’s will

please have trust and faith in Allah that he knows best.


Things you can do

1. Wake up for tahajud and beg Allah for children

Narrated Abu Huraira:Allah’s Apostle (p.b.u.h) said, “Our Lord, the Blessed, the Superior, comes every night down on the nearest Heaven to us when the last third of the night remains, saying: “Is there anyone to invoke Me, so that I may respond to invocation? Is there anyone to ask Me, so that I may grant him his request? Is there anyone seeking My forgiveness, so that I may forgive him?” Bukhari –

2. Fast – fasting always good and duas of fasting person get’s accepted inshaAllah. fasting very good for balancing the body, mind and soul.

3.  Read these  dua often

Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wathurriyyatina qurrata aAAyunin waijAAalna lilmuttaqeena imaman

“Our Lord! Grant unto us spouse and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous.” (25:74)


As far as specific du’as for conceiving, there is no “magic bullet” du’a, of course, but here are some beneficial supplications from the Holy Qur’an:

“Rabbi la tadharni faradan wa anta khayru al-warithin.”

(My Lord! Leave me not solitary (childless though) You are the best of inheritors.)” (Al-Anbiya 89)

“Rabbi hab li min ladunka dhurriyyatan tayyibah innaka sami`ud du`a’ (My Lord! Grant me from You upright offspring, for You hear all prayers)” (Al `Imran 38)

Recite these du’as frequently, and also make a habit of remembering Allah throughout your day with “subhanAllah” “alhamdulillah”, and “Allahu akbar” and other authentic du’as.

As for the du’as, it is sunnah to recite the following du’a before engaging in marital intercourse:

Bismi Llah(i), Allahumma jannibna sh-shaytana wa jannibi sh-shaytana ma razaqtana.

In the name of Allāh. O Allah, protect us from Satan and keep Satan away from the children You grant us.(Bukhari)

4. You and your spouse go for check ups to the gynae to see everything is working correctly

5. Cupping – hijama 

Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: that he paid Al-Muqanna a visit during his illness and said, “I will not leave till he gets cupped, for I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “There is healing in CUPPING.” (Book #71,Hadith #600) –

5. Take these leaves from medina

6. Go for chinese alternative theraphy- I think there is a chinese medicine called chinese bitters that help with endometriosis, diabetes, etc.

Please do not mistaken them for Maryam Booti the flower root like plant used for labour



What is Maryam Booti ?

This is a herbal plant used to speed and aid labour pain during delivery sold in Medina, Pakistan /Iran.

In arabic it is called huurbar and iam pregnant at the moment and have been told to use it, women drink it after soaking it in water i found it to have a nasty taste did not like it at all, and it comes out of your pour’s and smell’s pretty bad i no many women who say it helps with delivery in labour, Allah yalam. source: zawaj 

Other sources:






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  1. Zakia says:

    Slms.Like nanima says theres many ways told of how to drink the Nabi Booti.
    When we went for hajj 2 yrs back the lady that we bought it from told us that the herbs are picked from Mount Uhud itself.It should be finely ground and drank in a cup of warm milk before bed every night.All happens only with Allahs will and you should have faith and make intention also before drinking.

    The Mariam booti we were told should not be drank but put in a bowl of water when the lady goes into labour.The flower opens as contractions increase and closes after birth and can be reused.A friend of mine used it and this is exactly what happened.
    The significance is not known.

  2. R says:

    Salaams Nani Ma is there anything the hubby can take for low sperm count? What would help, Please advise – Shukran

  3. Yasmeen says:

    Salaams, looking for a recipe for katlo.. It is for the back after child birth..

  4. ijaz says:

    asslamoalykum please can you send me Nabi Booti i do need to help some one in England please please help us god will help you thanks my neme is muhammad ijaz

  5. mrs saad says:

    i can send it to you if you like ….

  6. fatima says:

    mrs saad where do u live? i also want Nabi Booti
    if u can tell me
    jazakAllah khair

  7. amra says:

    Assalamu alaikom
    I live in the US, so is there anyone that knows how to get the nabi booti in the US?JazzakAllah kheir

  8. nina says:

    can anybody tell me where I will find nabi boti in Abu dhabi?

  9. Princess says:


    Where can I purchase these leaves? can someone please advise…Shukran

  10. amal khan says:

    pcod women can use nabi booti?

  11. Suhaif says:


    The husband should take/sit in a cold water bath daily for 15-20 mins, this helps a great deal over a period of time.

    Get Spermaid (Sperm Aid Tablets) from the pharmacy.

    Check the thyroid, if under active, treat to normalise.



  12. sanober says:

    i sty in vancouver ,cn sm1 tell me whr cn i get nabi ki booti…..or is thr any 1 who cn send me ….

  13. fasiya says:

    please help me to buy nabi booty

  14. shah says:


    is this nabi boti i used as male for fertility for me
    thanks shah

  15. Nanima says:

    no for female only as far as I know

  16. Noor says:

    Aoa i need nabi ki booti for conceiving.
    can any body have it i’ll give money for that?

  17. Noor says:

    yes i need nabi booti but i live in south korea you can send me nabi booti? i am waiting for ur response. jazakAllah

  18. Nanima says:

    this comes from Medina. you have to see if someone is going for Umrah they can bring back for you. found in the market near mount uhud.. thanx for your patience..

  19. Sharif Ahmed says:

    I have azoospermia (no sperm in the semen). I had a testicular biopsy done and the Dr. did not find any sperm. My Dr. said no sperm is produced in my testicles. Is there any dua or herb I can try to get a biological child?


  20. sumi says:

    from where i’ll buy nabi booti.. i live in riyadh saudia arabia..

  21. Nanima says:

    usually found in the market they by mount uhud..

  22. saba says:

    I have used nabi booti for my self and Masha Allah, iam pregnant. you should have all the faith in Allah the almighty and think that only he can grant u with a child.
    this nabi booti is available in mecca and madina, specially near mount uhud, if someone goes to umraah or haj, give them money and ask them to pick it up for you.
    you should grind this booti to fine powder including the small hard sticks, then every day morning in a cup of warm milk add half a tea spoon of this powder, stir it, it does not mix well, even then drink this on empty stomach after 15mins you can have breakfast. and any female can take this with lot of faith in Allah that he will grant a child. even with PCOD it works.

  23. saba says:

    this booti should be taken for 3 months continuously, except for those 7days(do not take during 7days) and later continue….. you should not miss it even a single day. u should stop after 3 months, but INSHA ALLAH much before 3 months u can have the good news from ALLAH

  24. reshma mrt says:

    I dnt have any child bcoz dr.told me that ur fellopion tubes r blocked.they operate by doing laproscopy but after sometime they agin blocked and cyst were also present. Plz help me by giving me d best knowledge regarding my problem.

  25. jayzay says:

    did you get pregnant by taking this?

  26. Nanima says:

    before i fell pregnant with both my children I drank this as well and I think it helped. before i had my first child, i went for a operation to remove a cyst as well and I drank this as well. when i went to the gynae when i fell pregnant she was so surprised i fell pregnant so quickly.. Allah knows best..

  27. jayzay says:

    thanks and can you tell me what is its name?

  28. fatima says:

    salam oalikom thank you very much for your help JAZAKALLAH I just came back back from Saudi Arabia this week I been to hajj MASHALLAH. just one question please I been to mount uhud and I bought the herbs( nabi booti) and I ask a women how and when shall I take this and she said take it withen 7 days of your period with warm milk and Mariam booti before your period boil like tea and drink … so when I read many comments on this site people said different thins about how to take it and when !!!! can u help me pls shall I take nabi booti in 7 days of my period or after? JAZAKALLAH KHAYRAN.

  29. fatima says:

    salam oalikom what is the best time to take nabi booti and how? thanks for your help

  30. fatima says:

    can u reply me pls

  31. jayzay says:

    ohh. sorry but even i dont know about when to take it.but i just assume that it should be taken right affter ur period is over and ur pure. morning before taking ur break fast or any food u have to drink. dont put it in milk .the milk goes bad if u put those leaves. just drink it with water. im also trying for thiss. in sha allah we’l c what happens

  32. fatima says:

    thank very much jayzay JAZAKALLAH for your reply , I was so confused about when and how to take it but inshaallah I will start it after my p and I think you right best time to take it is in the morning . are u taking now ? are you taking both nabi booti and Maryam booti ? any update about this let me know pls. one more thing did u tried the pigeon wheat ?

  33. jayzay says:

    umm no i didnt try the pigeon thing. i dont even know about it. im just using nabi booti hoping that in sha allah it will work. and maryam booti is for labor i think not pregnancy,

  34. fatima says:

    thank you jayzay. I hope it work on both of us INSHAALLAH .
    I hope I hear good news from you soon.good luck.

  35. jamila34 says:

    hi every one .did anybody use the nabi booti and they have a baby? please reply me if you can? and where I can find it and how can I use it?

  36. jamila34 says:

    can you tell me aswell how many times a day you take nabi booti?

  37. Nanima says:

    ws, i used it and alhamdulillah i have 2 children. before my first daughter i had an operation for endometriosis and removed a cyst and even with my second child I had a small cyst before that but managed to remove that via cupping and some medication.. I also used the nabi booti both times..

  38. Nanima says:

    as far as I know you drink a cup once a day when you wake up before you do anything else on an empty stomach..

  39. sbt says:

    i have endometriosis ..did one surgery also but cyst reoccur ..i will start using nabi booti soon ..pls advice me i have to take for how many days/months ..please pray for me ..JazakAllah

  40. jayzay says:

    thanks 🙂

  41. marium says:

    aoa i m also pcod but i will try nabi booti…. i used itbefore but didnt get any result becouse i took the boti before going to bed .. but now i shall take it after 7 day of periods and with ampty stomch and in powdery form and with the cup of milk……. inshaAllh ALLAH bless me with babay…… inshaAllah ameeeen;

  42. Saly says:

    Assalam Aleykum, I would like to know if Nabi Booti is good for the women in 50s

  43. Farha says:

    Asalam O Alaikum Nanima and Saba sisters,

    Jazak Allah Khairun…this is very encouraging and useful personal experiences yo both shares with us here..I am on the same boat and more or less same fertility issues you had..I have been trying to conceive since last 8+ years..had tried almost everything cupping, surgeries ivf medicinces..whatever I came across..and recently had surgery for cyst and Endometriosis and no luck doctors are hopeless but I am only hopeful Inshah Allah Allah SWT will make it happen for me Ameen..I just performed Umrah with the blessing of Allah SWT Alhumdolillah and brought Nabi Booti from I want to use it…I just want to confirm if this is to be used starting first day of periods or just after periods end?
    I also want to double check this has to be used for how many days and at what time early morning as first thing in the morning or in the evening before going to bed?
    or should I take it with goat milk or boil in water..please please clarify and confirm method…looking forward for your reply..

    May Allah SWT bring health happiness and rigtheous children in our way especially for bros & sis who are trying really hard to conceive for long time and many years.
    May Allah SWT bless us with success in this endeavour and grant us obedient righteous kids (girls and boys)..and make them best source of good deeds for us in this world and hereafter Ameen sum Ameen

    Please remember us in your prayers…

    Fi Aman Allah


  44. Hh says:

    Asalam Aliakum, plz can any one tell me when to use the nabi boti..after periods for how many days and till how many months..I will be really greatfull .I have the nabi boti but dont know how and when to use..Please pray for me to bless me with a baby as its month of Ramazan May Allah bless all of us Ameen

  45. shahid says:

    Asalam Aliakum, plz can any one tell me when to use the nabi boti..after periods for how many days and till how many months..I will be really greatfull .I have the nabi boti but dont know how and when to use..Please pray for me to bless me with a baby as its month of Ramazan May Allah bless all of us Ameen – See more at:

  46. Dear can you send me Nabi booti i based in Dammam saudi Arabia, i will be very thank full if you can, if you give green signal i will send my address & contact details.

  47. Nanima says:

    you are closer to this herb then I am. If you know anyone going to medina ask them to get it for you at the market at Mount Uhud..


    I just visited Madinah last Friday till Saturday, i also bought Nabi Booti in Jabal Uhud. The lady selling this Nabi Booti instructed us that AFTER MENSTRUATION you need to drink this Nabi Booti. Boil the milk and put the Nabi Booti leaves on it same as you are preparing tea but instead of water use milk. And also with your duaa, prayers and sabr (patience), have faith in ALLAH (aza wa jal).

  49. Summaira says:

    AOA: i will appreciate if anyone can please help out. I want to use the Naabi booti, but do not know the process. Please inform me about the process. Thank you.

  50. maryam says:

    assaleikum l had an ectopic and l wish to hv a bby bought nabii booti bt l dnt knw for hw many days should l use. shukran

  51. ttc says:

    Slms nanima I just receaved nabi booti I was wondering can I drink it on my period?

  52. Nanima says:

    I am not sure buy maybe start afterward..

  53. Qaisar says:

    Salam! Mujy Nabi Booti chaya mujay kis tarha milay gi plzz ap logo ki bohat merhabani ho gi thanks

  54. Khadija says:

    Mere paas nabi ki booti hai agar aap ko chaiyeh to desakhti hoon agar aap karachi me rehti hai to. Ok

  55. Irem says:

    Can anyone please help me on how I can get Nabi Booti?
    I live in California, I have a daughter but haven’t been able to conceive for 5 years now.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. May allah swt give you reward for any help iA.

  56. Mrs. kashif says:

    Yes both male n females can use nabi booti.

  57. Mrs.Farooqi says:

    How can i huy nabi boti any some one send me nabi boti please

  58. lubna says:

    nabi booti ko kaies use krna hai kin dino mai use krna hai or kb tk use krna hai plz reply fast

  59. maryam says:

    asalaam aleyekum l hv started using the leaves from 2day morning half a teaspoon insha Allah all will be well plz dua for me l post back if l hv concive amin insha allah.

  60. lubna says:

    AP ne jawb nai dia plse rply

  61. Rubi says:

    Asalam o alaikum…
    Nabi booti use krnay ka tareeqa yeh hai pehlay usay schay sy saaf kr lain…. black and white hair hotay hain..unko nikal lain aur achi trah wash kr k 2 litre paani main boil kr lain achi trah… bottle main daal kr fridge main rakh lain… aur periods k baad 7 din tak subah nihar mun half glass 7 times surah e fatiha parh kr dua maang kr pee lain… plz pray for me also 🙂

  62. Rubi says:

    Maryam u will conceive..
    In sha Allah … plz pray for me also 🙂

  63. MONA says:

    muje nabi booti chahiye.lekin m India me rehti hun agar aap courier kr den to

  64. sabrina says:

    Asalam aliakum, please tell me where I can get this for my sister. I live in the California, US. I have been searching everywhere and can’t find any. OR can someone please send me some of this, I will pay you for it. Please Help. Thank you!