Phillips Air Fryer Taste Test

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Nanima  Air Fryer Special

Other than this, A&S Wholesalers ( have it the cheapest: R1597 + R100 shipping or no shipping cost if picking up (Pretoria). T&cs apply. Tell them Nanima sent you..


Ok, so I always wanted to get me one of these convection oven thingies especially for Ramadaan. A few years ago found out about something like this but it was way over my budget.  Last week I walked through the shop and saw about 20 of these air fryers, today I went and there were about 4 on display. I thought eish, i better get me one of these or else I am going to hunt for them, they are obviously selling like hot cakes. I brought it home. Unpacked it and experimented with a few things. I tried samoosas as the inaugural food in the air fryer. Told bachoo I won’t be making samoosas for her until I get the air fryer. So she was waiting anxiously for the samoosas.  Then I tried Cutlets and chips. Very easy to use and clean. Last year this time we were moving house and I remember clearly sukkeling to clean the deep fryer, not a very nice job to clean a greasy oily deep fryer.


The outcome:

As I am one that doesn’t like oily fried food I think this is perfect for me, I am not sure if Madala will agree. The chips are crispier then oven baked chips. The cutlets were perfect. The samoosas were crispy and tasted normal to me without that oily taste. Obviously if you are use to ghee vari roti’s and all of a sudden you eating something air droog, it is an acquired taste.. We are use to having oven baked chips.

The only thing I think I needed to maybe brush some oil on the samoosas so they got a more  even air fryer tan.. but even with it being half tanned it tasted normal and crispy.  Great product if you looking for oil less cooking. Just need to experiment a little more to get the right settings etc for each thing.  I am very glad I managed to get mine before Ramadaan..eish,  Now I  can relax, I am almost prepared for the holy month.

PS. Bachoo also enjoyed the samoosa..


Next to test fish fingers, pies, spring rolls, kebabs..


I tried the Pies and spring rolls.. they also tasted fine. The pies were great the best so far in the air fryer. I also tried some pataria was nice.. think some oil brusing and it will be normal..

I finally tried samoosa’s brushed with little oil and it taste normal and looked normal..

Only thing is with chips i think u must eat it immediately.. stale chips are never nice anyway..

Anyone else have an air fryer? what do you think compared normal fryer?


All contestants will participate in a cook off at the end of the year.


A&S Wholesalers have kindly sponsored the Phillips Airfryer as the main prize for the Lunch Date Cook Sister 2012.


A&S Wholesalers based in Pretoria is a a wholesaler and retailer of all branded consumer electronics. Audio/Visual, Appliances, Car Audio, Photography, Gaming, Cellular , appliances and IT – visit their online shop or like them on facebook – A&S wholesalers


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  1. aisha jassat says:

    Slmz.. I bought the philips airfyer about 2months ago.. I will never regret the purchase ! I use frozen chips and it tastes almost the same as fried chips.. Makes the best garlic rolls ever.. Springrolls really come out nice as well.. I even airfried viennas and the taste was the same as oil fried ! Today made pies for my daughter in the airfryer and came out the same as oven baked..I have yet to master home made fresh chips in the airfryer .. Would recommend it to any1

  2. Safiyya says:

    I also got it last week and have been experimenting.Samoosas have to be brushed with oil.Spring rolls also taste better if brushed with oil

  3. mariam says:

    I’m considering getting one as well, however I’ve heard people say that anything fried in there goes off or tastes funny if not consumed immediately…

  4. Zeenat says:

    Got it, love it, use it everyday. Uses very little electricity! Made just about everything in there, including pies and tarts. They baked perfectly.

  5. fazila says:

    salams the fryer sounds interesting wat is the price

  6. fazila says:

    salams the fryer sound interesting wat is the price.

  7. Nanima says:

    ws the price goes between R1699-R2200 depending where u buy it

  8. Michelle says:

    Who stocks them at the moment? Any idea?

  9. Ruksana Soomra says:

    salaams i heard about the actified fryer ,is there a difference in the Philips air Fryer and the actified fryer. I was looking to buy the Philips one but it is over my budget.How big is the air fryer and how many pies can we bake. Also looking at convection ovens, due to price.Really confused ,Where will i buy a airfryer 4 R1699.00.

    Salaams Ruksana

  10. Loshni Chetty says:

    Where can I buy this in South Africa please.It sounds amazing.

  11. Aadila says:

    Slms Nanima, how long does it take on average to prepare samoosas (for example) in the air fryer? Jazaaks!

  12. Nanima says:

    about 10 to 15 minutes you have to just brush some oil before u put in if you want the golden brown normal samoosa look

  13. healthfreak says:

    can anyone tell me which appliance is better to buy, the tefal actifry or phillips airfryer.

  14. Nanima says:

    Ask Nanima?
    Has anyone managed to fry cheese samoosa and spring rolls in the air fryer. Everything else seems to work fine but these two apparently. The springrolls were fine just burst open a little?
    20 hours ago · Like ·
    3 people like this.

    Ayesha Lambat My pies bake perfectly in the air fryer, and in minimum time too. Just don’t leave the cheese samoosas in for too long I think. Wat other savouries do u make in there?
    20 hours ago · Like
    Ask Nanima? i made normal samoosa and they were perfect if left about 15 minutes i think, golden brown and brushed with little oil.
    the pies come out perfectly always
    pataria was nice
    cutlets as well..
    20 hours ago · Like

    Zaakirah Kajee Which air fryer are you ladies using?
    20 hours ago · Like

    Raeesa Vawda The cheese samoosas were fine, but if u dont want the cheese 2drip down just put down a layer of foil 1st… I made sausages n patties in it also, alot of fat drips down but it gets dun leka! Chicken nuggets, chips, my cuz said her steak got done leka in there also
    20 hours ago · Like

    Ayesha Lambat Oh ok, Ya so don’t leave ur cheese samoosas as long as u would leave mince ones,, and it might not be as golden brown, but it won’t burst
    20 hours ago · Like

    Asmaa Kajee My cheese samoosas oozed a little from the sides, but they didn’t burst. Wasn’t too bad …
    20 hours ago · Like
    Ask Nanima?​11/07/phillips-air-fryer-r​eview-taste-test/

    Phillips Air Fryer Taste Test
    Ok, so I always wanted to get me one of these convection oven thingies especiall…
    See more
    20 hours ago · Like ·

    Rabia Badat i made both mince n cheese samoosas in the airfryer bt left it for about 12min,brushed it with little oil n was perfect…
    20 hours ago · Like

    Ayesha Lambat I’m using the phillips one. I love that everything gets done so quickly
    20 hours ago · Like

    Raeesa Vawda The Phillips air fryer
    20 hours ago · Like

    Shabana Shivani Wat temp did u fry it on
    20 hours ago · Like

    Rabia Badat im using the tefal airfryer 🙂
    20 hours ago · Like

    Shabana Shivani I fried it on 200 and only one oozed. Also did u try moons in it?
    20 hours ago · Like
    Ask Nanima? i think the cheese samoosa and the springrolls need to be on a lower temp
    20 hours ago · Like

    Shabana Shivani Oh and I turned it over once. When I checked bottom was slightly soggy thought since heat is on top will seal it up. Did help!
    20 hours ago · Like
    Ask Nanima? wonder for drippage can u use silicone baking mats on the base and i saw a recipe for cakes, how do you bake cakes in there..
    20 hours ago · Like
    Ask Nanima? if i could modify it i would make the basket like u open draws and place two levels of savouries.. i think there is a bit of wasted space.. can samoosa and all the savouries be stacked on top of each other..
    19 hours ago · Like

    Shabana Shivani There is an international model that comes with baking tray. Wonder if it can be ordered as accessory. But if u see quiche recipe u can use an ovenproof dish. Very akward size though.
    19 hours ago · Like

    Nooreen Omar I have the tefal – and also have that problem with samoosas and springrolls- have tried heating it up first then throwing in the savouries – same result. (I have removed the rotator thing – so it aint that ) … Oh well .. Atleast I know its not my springrolls ;p
    19 hours ago · Like

    Adilah Karodia Tried it once it was a mess!!!! I’m just sticking to old confessional oil in a pot and frying
    19 hours ago · Like

    Zakiya Hassim ‎@nooreen, i also hav th tfal. Springrolls fry fine,try 2 let it get half way done witout the rotater then put it back in 4 th remaindr of th time.that way th pur is firm and wont crack wit th arm.
    19 hours ago · Like

    Fazila Dhooma slm @ Rabia Badat, r u formerly frm PMB, daughter of Dr Badat,?
    18 hours ago · Like

    Raeesa Vawda ‎@Nanima theres a recipe book that comes with a brownie recipe in it with the phillips air fryer, i duno about normal cakes tho, when sum1 tries it please tell me! + the recipe
    18 hours ago · Like

    Zarina Goondiwala Slmz. Who has the number for the guy who comes home to do demos for unon the airfryer?
    17 hours ago · Like

    Raeesa Vawda ‎@Aadila: everybody messes up cheese samoosas its not just u 🙂
    Oh 2 everybody else, u get a nice square baking pan dat fits proply in the fryer… Not sure where 2get it fum tho, take ur basket shoppin with u 4 sizes 😉
    17 hours ago · Like

    Amina Hajat Slmz.. I gt the phillips 1 n jus dnt seem to get the homemade chips and samoosas right.. They cum out very darkish. Wat heat n time should I use
    17 hours ago · Like

    Mariam Zakhura Moleli My springrolls come out just fine in the phillips air fryer, they were very dry the first time I tried but now they fine
    17 hours ago · Like

    Safiyya Cajee-Patel I put the moons in the phillips airfryer and it came out fine it needs at least 20 mins on 200,springrolls were fine and I only fry my mince samoosas in there.cheese samoosas I fry the conventional way.
    17 hours ago · Like

    Raeesa Vawda Amina i tried home made chips 1ce, just didnt cum out ryt! Plus itsa hassle… Cutting drying coating with oil… I just buy chipz nw n p0p it in n its dun 🙂
    16 hours ago · Like

    Nasreen Patel ‎@Rabia Badat- whr did u get the tefal fryer from?
    11 hours ago · Like

    Ridwana Sirkhot if you have a normal fan oven you can brush and bake your savouries in there been doing that for years and they come out great. even moons can be done it the oven no problem. takes 20 mins so its the same timming.
    4 hours ago · Like

    Soomaiyah Saloojee Olla I use the airfryer for all my savouries with excellent results: samoosas, sprongrolls, moons, pillows, rockets etc. The
    2 hours ago · Like

    Soomaiyah Saloojee Olla The fried chicken comes out perfect. No going back to conventional frying! Cheese samoosas are a but tricky if not sealed properly but you’ll have the same problem with conventional frying also.
    2 hours ago · Like

    Jameela Mahomed I did cheese samoosas as a first, dey we’re fine, but dry n healthy. I miss deep fried ;( on 200, for 9mins
    42 minutes ago · Like

  15. eee says:

    The acti-fryer is funny with pies and staff like that

  16. Good for slimming especially since our indian’s have very oily foods.
    Makro has got it on special this week for R1599.00

  17. Marlies says:

    Makro had them on special with the new opening of Montague Park branch at R1499. Should have some stock at all Makro branches at normal (?) prices.

  18. Philtec Service says:

    Philtec Service, The Main Philips Agent in KZN, at 162 Old Main Road Pinetown has a special for all Nanima guests. R1599.00 and a baking tray for R125.00 with every purchase of an airfryer. 2 years guarantee national guarantee. Telephone: 031 7012511, email:

  19. Shama says:

    Everyone is talking about savouries and chips….what about everyday kind of food? Chicken, steak, etc?
    Also, wich is better? the tefal or Phillips? Do you have to preheat the fryer?
    Time-wise compared to normal pot cooking….is it quicker or the same?

  20. Nanima says:

    PRO Air fryer
    Rayhana Akoodie
    Slms, so I’ve read all the reviews on the Phillips airfryer n it seems to be a good product. but has any1 tried the Tefal actifry? Just want to know what’s the better option between the 2. JIA!
    Like · · Share · 25 June at 15:28 ·
    Tasneem Bhamjee likes this.

    Uzayr Jhetam We Use the Phillips Airfryer at home and its amazing….
    25 June at 15:31 · Edited · Like

    Yashin Mohan Bagwandeen Philips
    25 June at 15:31 · Like

    Farzana Bismilla Bhamjee I jus received the phillips actifryer as a gift!n tried it for the 1st time today n made samoosa’s n to b totally honest!it tastes way better than fried samoosa’s n my hubi said it tasted guilt fee lol…..fnb account holders can get the phillips actifryer via fnb @ 1500 rands or if u not an fnb account holder go to games n get them to match or beat the fnb price!my mum bought mine via fnb 🙂
    25 June at 15:36 via Mobile · Like

    Salma Ebrahim Ismail I’ve also been lookin @ gettin an airfryer. I’ve heard the tfal is better. A bit bigger as well.
    25 June at 15:36 · Like

    Lubayna Laher I have the Tefal actifry n so has everyone else in my family. It is bigger n all your food can get done at once n not in batches. I got mine at angamias in the plaza. I’m very happy with the tefal actifry
    25 June at 15:48 · Like

    Fathima Peer-Mehtar How do u go about buying it thru FNB?
    25 June at 15:57 · Like · 2

    Summayya Moolla I got an actifry n its way better than the philips in size n its much easier to clean
    25 June at 15:59 via Mobile · Like

    Bilqees Makra ppl seem to be complaining about the size but I can do a dozen samoosas, spring rolls or moons @ a time in the philips. Chips or wedges are 750g but that’s enuff for a family of 4! I’m very happy with my air fryer.
    25 June at 16:11 · Like

    Ayesha Hoosain Kanjee Love my airfryer too, we tried someone’s actifryer, but diff in price last year about this time wasn’t worth it for a very similar result, I fill my air fryer to the top and everything gets done evenly so nice not an issue for me
    25 June at 16:16 · Like

    Bilqees Makra Its in the ebucks shop. Its a 25% discount on Makro or takealot’s price!
    25 June at 16:22 · Like

    Waheeda Sadik please tell me how to buy it via fnb.
    25 June at 16:22 · Like

    Nabeela Cassoojee Hőw much is тђε tefal?
    25 June at 16:24 via Mobile · Like

    Zarina Chichwadia Phillips Airfryer is TOPS! .. Guilt fat-oil free chips and samoosas.. box fish .. Even leftover take out chips become ‘freshly fried’.
    25 June at 16:46 · Like

    Shenaaz Hansa I have the t-fal and its amazing..I’m goin to buy the phillips 1 dis weekn at the house and garden show..diff in size and as my family only eat savouries in ramadaan I’m opting to have both for healthy eating
    25 June at 17:19 · Like

    Laa’iqah Gani I have the phillips and its good. My friend has the actifry and its also good. I like both 🙂
    25 June at 17:37 · Like

    Fehmida Daya Babamia Phillips airfryer is good. Have it since last Ramadaan & I tried making almost everything in it from samoosas to aloo fry.
    25 June at 17:58 via Mobile · Like

    Rookshana Katkodia Tefal acti fry came out with new model a double decker google it an see on website . They say it’s excellent . U can get frm treasure box they on face book
    25 June at 17:58 via Mobile · Like

    Salma Bhayat I have the Rouelle. Its brilliant!!
    25 June at 18:24 · Like

    Jabeen Alli Would like to know how long does it take to fry samoosas in the Phillips airfryer, how much oil do u use. Tia.
    25 June at 18:42 · Like

    Shireen NoorMahomed It takes 10min for samoosas n I jus brush oil on samoosas or use an olive oil spray
    25 June at 19:55 · Like

    Rayhana Hassiem Sujee ‎@Farzaana n Bilqees. For how many minutes do u set your airfryer 4 samoosas n springrolls? And on wot temp?
    25 June at 20:36 via Mobile · Like

    Zeenat Omar Mahomed Fr the airfryer cover the outide of basket with foil n use,makes cleaning it soo easy
    25 June at 21:47 via Mobile ·

  21. Nanima says:


    Sabiha Dawood
    who here HATES their actifry or airfryer?n y? Don wna hear abt those who love theirs:)
    Like · · Share · 25 June at 17:55 ·
    3 people like this.

    Fahmida Kaloo Eish. I wanted to buy one so I tried my brothers. Was not impressed with the chips! I cant understand how it is any different from a normal oven?? Cant you just make oven chips and bake your samoosas?? Also its just way too big for me to store away! I dont like the way it looks.
    25 June at 18:04 via Mobile · Like

    Shakera Ameen My mother hates it things take longer to get done than deep frying
    25 June at 18:19 · Like

    Ayesha Jooma Parker Me!!!
    25 June at 18:26 via Mobile · Like

    Shamz Khota I have airfryer….good for my kidos to do their own little thing..without messing up the kitchen…otherwise…nothing to scream about…heard the actifry…is the best….
    25 June at 18:26 · Like

    Ayesha Jooma Parker Oh you want to know why, lol. I have the phillips air fryer and I really don’t like it 🙁 The stuff don’t come out nice, its too dry, and takes very long to get done. The chips are always raw and if I leave them longer they burn brown. But what to do I wanted it and hubby bought it #Sigh
    25 June at 18:29 via Mobile · Like

    Nazreen Rawoot Id like to hear from those who love it, maybe u not using correctly? 🙂
    25 June at 18:44 via Mobile · Like

    Ayesha Jooma Parker Incorrectly Nazreen?* Maybe 🙁 I heard sooo many people love theirs!
    25 June at 18:49 via Mobile · Like

    Salma Bhayat ‎@nazreen check a previous post whr someone asked for reviews on the actifry n airfryer
    25 June at 18:50 · Like

    Shaakira Chodree any1 wants to sell thers?lol
    25 June at 18:54 · Like · 1

    Shiehaam Sayed I Love mine it was a very good buy.The samoosa r a bit dry but u can brush thm with oil n if u wnt to be healthy there is no other way.As for those making things in the oven the oven takes too much of electricity.
    25 June at 18:58 · Like

    Haseena Rassool Mine is a mission to clean, that tray with the steel mash is not friendly esp with making fish
    25 June at 19:05 via Mobile · Like

    Ayesha Jooma Parker Sorry Nazreen I read your comment wrong. Eish where’s my head! I think maybe I’m not using it correctly. Shaakira I would love to sell mine but hubby won’t let me #bbmrollingeyes
    25 June at 19:23 via Mobile · Like

    Zeenat Ismail Srry ladies. I LOVE MINES. if u have any queries about how i use it , just ask. i’ve tried making tons of stuff in there. n almost 95% success.
    25 June at 19:42 via Mobile · Like

    Radeefa Fynn Swri ladies but I love mine. I doubt if u can fry fish in it. All the foods if done so far comes out nice . I cover my chips first wit a little oil the fry 160 or 180 then the last few min on 200
    25 June at 19:48 via Mobile · Like

    Radeefa Fynn Swri ladies but I love mine. I doubt if u can fry fish in it. All the foods if done so far comes out nice . I cover my chips first wit a little oil then fry@ 160 or 180 then the. last few min on 200
    25 June at 19:48 via Mobile · Like

    Ayesha Hoosain Kanjee Takes a while to get used to using it correctly, brush or spray defrosted samoosa’s with a little oil and don’t over fry as that’s when it dries out, boil chips until almost soft but not mushy, drain, spray with oil and fry, chips come out perfect and not oily, soak the tray in the base of the airfryer at night with warm water and bit of sunlight liquid, easy to clean in the morn and if u really lazy like me u can line with foil, just allow for enough air to flow
    25 June at 19:54 · Like · 2

    Rookshana Katkodia How do u make samoosas ? I tried an all were broken . I would like to sell mine but used it for chips for past 4 yrs
    25 June at 21:20 via Mobile · Like

    Shanaaz Suleman My tefal actifry has become a very expensive ornament,even tho I follow the instructions to the letter,the chips are always very dry and also did not enjoy any foods cooked in it.
    26 June at 00:03 · Like

    Zarina Goondiwala So those of you that hate it and want to sell it plz inbox me ur price and maybe I will buy it.
    26 June at 09:04 · Like

    Tasneem Amod Can’t understand y ppl fail to understand what is being said in posts..sabiha clearly stated she does NOT want to hear about those hu love their actifry or airfriers..
    26 June at 12:15 via Mobile · Like

    Zana Farzana Anyone wanting to sell there’s please mail me with your price and old it is. Thanks.
    26 June at 13:30 · Like

    Hanifa Vasta I also wanna buy,WHO WANNA SELL????

  22. Ameen Ally says:

    Game in West Street Durban is having a special: Phillips Airfryer for R1600! I just bought a black one about an hour ago.

    Other than this, A&S Wholesalers ( have it the cheapest: R1597 + R100 shipping or no shipping cost if picking up (Pretoria)

  23. Gayathri says:

    I have purchased a philips airfryer. but i want to make cake so what kind of baking tray i can use for the airfryer as the model which i have does not contain the baking tray. so please guide me where to buy the baking tray and what kind of baking tray can be used.

  24. Ameen Ally says:

    Philtec in pinetown durban is having a sale: air fryer + baking tray for 1650. Maybe they might be willing to sell u the baking tray seperately?

  25. Ameen Ally says:

    Makro R1599 while stocks last