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Two-year-old Aden Salaad looks up toward his mother as she bathes him in a tub at a Doctors Without Borders hospital, where Aden is receiving treatment for malnutrition, in Dagahaley Camp, outside Dadaab, Kenya
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1man 1can Initiative


1 Man 1 Can Page

20th July 2011
An initiative to culminate the efforts of the fortunate to help those in need.
Company Overview
People of Somalia are currently at the knee’s in hunger. Experiencing the worst famine in 60 years the countries people are in desperate need of our help. The 1man 1can initiative started with a simple aim of collecting 500 units of canned food but the spirit and generosity of South African people saw the initiative to total collection of over 37000 units of canned foods and over 20000 bottles of …See more
General information
Please note that this is a private initiative and we are in no way affiliated to any existing organisation. In searching for a credible means for of getting our donation to the people of Somalia, we chose the Gift of the Givers due to their long and outstanding track record and unquestionable reputation as a leading provider of humanitarian aid. With your help, we CAN make this work.
With the help of each one of you out there, we will strive to make what ever small difference we can

Gift of the Givers are collecting funds for the starvation, famine in Somalia. They have seen the worse disasters in the world and according to  what I saw on the news Dr. Imtiaaz Sooliman  told Gift of the givers that this is the worse drought they have seen. Funds, medical volunteers required


Greetings Friends and Family


As we head towards the Month of Mercy , urgent appeals are being made by aid agencies for contributions towards relief work in East Africa.

Yesterday,the UN declared famine in parts of Somalia. Famine is officially defined as when two adults or four children per group of 10,000 people

are dying of hunger every day and 30 percent of the population is acutely malnourished.


Behind these statistics and the dramatic declaration by the United Nations that this is the worst humanitarian crisis in decades lies a painful picture

of strained survival. The situation around the Horn of Africa is ‘The Perfect Storm’ : an other worldly combination of climate’s ability to oppress,

man’s ability to haunt other men and the collation of the mankind’s weakest of the weak in a concentrated area.

To outline immediate solutions would be to try and profess a cause and the situation seems so entangled, so complex , that for now urgent and

unflinching relief is the best way forward – let’s talk about development a little later. For now, just some relief – a bit of reprieve … some metaphorical

water for parched hearts.


Comprehensive information, as well as feature stories, can be found on Al Jazeera’s page dedicated to the situation in the Horn of Africa:


Below are details some local relief organisations that have made appeals for contributions (Zakaah included) as well as other international organisations.

Please circulate this information and forward any updates to the list of organisations to this email address.


Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

“As the hunger took its toll a husband and wife left their two children in the ‘forest’. They could not bear the thought of their children dying in front of their eyes nor did they want their children to sense that they (the parents) were dying”.

This is Somalia; a monumental African tragedy that requires an urgent, co-ordinated international response to alleviate a massive human tragedy. Conservatively three million Somalis are affected by drought, starvation, disease and death. In preparation for its imminent emergency airlift from Johannesburg to Mogadishu, Gift of the Givers Horn of Africa representative, Dr AM Hashi, arrived in Mogadishu on Monday evening, to meet the government, relevant role players, and arrange logistics including warehousing, transport and security.

South Africans from every strata of society from Soweto to Sandton have started responding to their fellow African brothers and sisters. This is a huge tragedy and requires an overwhelming generous response, the latest offer of assistance coming from the Massmart group.

Those wanting to participate in this life saving initiative can deposit into :
Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Pietermaritzburg, Account 052278611, Branch Code 057525.
Please fax or email deposit slip to [033]394-3780 /

Details or call tollfree 0800786911.

Imtiaz Sooliman (Nairobi).


 _ daily maverick


There’s soo much to make shukr for! I urge you to support any organisation that is reliable with a good track record in providing relief.


If you have not heard about the 1man 1can campaign, please see the event on Facebook by going to the follwoing link:


Any queries can be emailed to


Although the deadline for phase 2 of the ‘1man 1can’ collection for Somalia is on 18 August, donations can be made in cash directly to Gift of the Givers account:



Please uses appropriate references. For more info visit or reference on the 1man 1can initiative visit for contact details.



Please note that this is a private initiative and we are in no way affiliated to any existing organisation. In searching for a credible means for of getting our donation to the people of Somalia, we chose the Gift of the Givers due to their long and outstanding track record and unquestionable reputation as a leading provider of humanitarian aid.




“As the largest Muslim NGO in the world, Islamic Relief Worldwide is bringing the spirit of Ramadaan to orphans, widows and other vulnerable people through their various emergency appeals and projects.

We are currently working in the Horn of Africa, where the drought has affected over 10 million people from across Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. A deadly combination of successive failed rains and rising food prices has resulted in the worst drought the region has seen for 60 years.Islamic Relief is on the ground and has initiated an emergency drought response project in three districts in Puntland, Somalia. This has included successful delivery of water to 35,400 people and the provision of essential primary healthcare services to a further 1,300 women and children.”

Make a world of difference with Islamic Relief this Ramadaan. Donate your Fitrah, Fidyah, Lillah and/or Sadaqah to Standard Bank, Islamic Relief SA, Account 005318459, Fordsburg Branch, branch code 005205, Reference: Type of charity & contact number.All Zakaah contributions can be deposited into FNB, Islamic Relief SA, Account 62161066933, Smith Street branch, Branch Code 221426, Reference: Type of charity & contact number.

For more information on any project or campaign run by Islamic Relief SA, call us tollfree on 0800 111 898 or e-mail Alternatively visit us online at



“At  the invitation of the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Confernce, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), an assessment team will leave for Mogadishu on Monday 18 July 2011 to join an assessment team in identifying the current to long term needs of the drought affected victms.  Further updates to follow.”

Banking Details:



MSF – Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres)

Dr Hussein Sheikh Qassim : “As a Somali myself, I can say that if MSF was not here, we would be like a boat that has run out of fuel in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Without MSF’s help, thousands would have died. Somalia needs your help now more than at any other time. MSF saves countless lives and, with your help, will continue to save many more. Thank you.”


Orion Building – 3rd Floor

49 Jorissen Street

Braamfontein, 2017


Tel: +27 (11) 403 4440



“With its strong presence in 190 countries, UNICEF is the world’s leading advocate for children. We have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at the grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality.”


UNHCR – United Nations Refugee Agency

“Working with local partners, UNHCR has distributed aid packages to some 90,000 people in Mogadishu and Belet Hawa and Dobley in south-west Somalia. These packages consist of plastic sheets, blankets, kitchen sets and jerry cans, among other items.

Starting Tuesday, more relief items will be distributed to an estimated 126,000 people in other parts of the Gedo and Lower Juba regions. Assistance also on its way to Mogadishu and the Afgooye corridor, as well as further south-west in Lower Shabelle.”


source: Ayesha Jacub


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  1. Nanima says:

    1 Man 1 CAN

    All the Somalia collections and other charities
    2,959 Impressions · 0.81% feedback
    Sunday at 11:22 · Like ·
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    Ask Nanima? Zuleika Zoey Khan
    *1man 1can collection drive for relief in Somalia * please Help and Donate any food cans Priority items to collect: *TIN FISH, BEANS, , PEANUT BUTTER, OTHER CANNED FOODS & DATES * your help would be much appreciate d ,Plz contact me if u wish to Donate in the lenasia or johannesburg south area **May Allah reward you !!! ♥•
    Sunday at 11:22 · Like

    Sunday at 11:23 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Zulekha Hassim
    To anyone in the benonie area who wants to drop off stuff for the people sufferin in Somalia .. Whizzkid Montessori is a drop off point. In Mackenzie Park u can let me knw if anyone wants contact details etc. Jzk.
    Sunday at 11:24 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Botho Fatima Kavutse Subhanaallah!Alhamdulillah​!Mafikeng will have Iqra school as drop off point,transport and driver has been made available.Sms will reach the community for details.Jazakallah!
    Sunday at 11:25 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Ismail Dhorat
    check for details on where to get free distribution of haleem every sunday in Lenesia.
    Sunday at 11:28 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Aarifah Aari Suliman
    slmz the plight of our muslim brothers n sisters really makes me sad. 2night is sooo cold and the kids @ the bonela orphanage sleep in corrugated iron rooms with door that have gaps in between. We feel so cold n we have walls n curtains and heaters n warm blankets. They have nothing. We are trying 2 collect enough zakaat lillah or whatever u willing 2 spare in order 2 create 4 them*continues in comment
    about an hour ago · Like ·
    Zahira Cassim likes this.

    Aarifah Aari Suliman a proper house b4 next winter inshaAllah ameen. Fathima: 073 282 7865… Jzk 4 ur help
    about an hour ago · Like

    Zahida Mahomed Where is this orphanage????
    about an hour ago · Like

    Fatimah Gi Where?
    about an hour ago · Like

    Aarifah Aari Suliman I’m not so sure… If u phone the number the lady will be able to give u more info
    Sunday at 11:29 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Luthfiya Khamissa
    Alhumdulillah – 1man 1can campaign has reached many parts of SA with 100’s of ppl opening their ♥ ‘s to this noble cause. If you would like to be part of this project or start a collection in your town, join the event ‘1man 1can’ collection for Somalia or email 1man1can.initiative@gmail.​com We CAN make a difference 🙂
    Sunday at 11:34 · Like

    Ayesha Raja Collection point now in Westville, Durban. Inbox for details.
    Sunday at 11:34 · Like

    Bibiayesha Sayed Slmz! We’re busy wıth an ınıtıatıve to gıve hampers to 10 underprıvleged famılıes ın Marlboro (as confırmed by Apa Wadee – she does dıstrıbutıon coz we dont knw who they r). She has apparently gıven them hampers to last untıl thıs week so the hampers we gıve wıll be dropped of at Apa Wadee by Saturday Insha Allah…(In a week). Am just waıtıng4 costıng on the hampers, whıch wıll ınclude everythng 4rm dhal and rıce to chıcken (excludng detergents)…….please let me knw ıf u wıll be wıllıng to contrıbute towards th hampers….we hav nt confırmd tht these famılıes r zakaatable, so ıt ıs purely a sadaqah effort…..May Allah reward you a mıllıonfold for ur effort ın thıs month and every other Insha Allah..jazakallah! Wslm
    Sunday at 11:34 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Zuleika Zoey Khan
    *1man 1can collection drive for relief in Somalia * please Help and Donate any food cans Priority items to collect: *TIN FISH, BEANS, , PEANUT BUTTER, OTHER CANNED FOODS & DATES * your help would be much appreciate d ,Plz contact me if u wish to Donate. In the lenasia or johannesburg south area **May Allah reward you !!! ♥•
    13 hours ago · Like ·

    Fathima Lockhat The situation is so heart wrenching. I’m not sure how true it is but I’ve seen on news and heard from ppl that no aid is being allowed in to the ppl. Wat are the chances of our aid getting to the ppl?
    13 hours ago · Like

    Zuleika Zoey Khan Slms yes it really is 🙁 its even more heartsore to see ppl sit back and do nothing, well I’m doing my personal collection with friends and fam I shall then hand it over to gift of the givers*
    12 hours ago · Like

    Fatimah Gi Thus far gift of the givers have managed to get the aid in so إن شاء الله phase 2 gets in as well, make duah
    11 hours ago · Like

    Raeesa Murray Slms..can you please give me contact details of the gift of the givers..wana start a collection at my school…and we all the way in laudium..
    9 hours ago · Like

    Zuleika Zoey Khan Head Office

    Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

    290 Prince Alfred Street, Pietermaritzburg

    Tel: +27 (0) 33 345 0163/ +27 (0)33 345 0175

    Mobile: +27 (0) 82 872 3811/ +27 (0) 83 600 1426

    Fax: +27 (0) 33 394 3780 or +27 (0) 33 342 7489
    Sunday at 11:35 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Sadiyya Bismilla Manack
    The Africa 1 convoy to Gaza will be in Lenasia on Sunday 7 August @ the Progress grounds @ 2pm.
    Moulana will address the public and show some of the items purchased for the convoy.
    Please join us and show yr support
    Please bring ur own blanket or chair to sit on.
    Sunday at 11:35 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Tasneem Karolia
    An Al Widaa (farewell) has been organised for the Africa 1 convoy to Gaza in Lenasia.
    Moulana will address the public and show some of the items purchased for the convoy.
    Please join us and show ur support:
    7th August 2011
    @ Progress Grounds, ext 3, Lenasia @ 14:00. Please bring ur own blankets or chairs to sit on(06)
    Sunday at 11:39 · Like

    Bibiayesha Sayed Slmz…for those of u concernd abouth th canned food gettng2 the Somalıans (and there ıs a concern, as reports receıvd were that th Somalıans are sceptıcal to eat as they thınk the enemy ıs sendng th food to poıson them)…u can also deposıt your monıes, wıth clear references for Somalıa Zakaat or Sadaqah, ınto the accounts of Al Imdaad or Afrıca Muslım Agency as we have verıfıed that they wıll NOT be usıng the monıes stıpulated as such, for logıstıcs the way that other NPO’s do…however, Insha Allah we hope that Gıft of the Gıvers are able to get the non perıshables through to those ın dıre need! Aameen
    Sunday at 11:41 · Like

    Botho Fatima Kavutse Iqra Schoo of Mafikeng appeal to u to contribute, Zakaat,Lillah,Sadaqa etc. in support of educating children from impoverished backgrounds and building more structures to accomodate more learners and extend grades.For donation kindly contact the school @018 381 8583 Mon-Friday or Sheikh Mahmood Abdullah @078 322 9018.Educating a muslim child is like saving a nation.May Allah bless you for caring.
    Sunday at 11:44 · Like

    Aadila Muhammad Madrasa Darul Furqan “Ramadan Clothing Campaign” for Muslims@various Islamic Centres in KZN. Kindly forward any unwanted boys,girls and adult clothing by Saturday 13 Aug 2011. Contact Haafiza Zaheera 072 2250 717 or Sister Shaheda 072 3786 204. Wipe away the tears of the poor with charity and earn the Pleasure of Allah!!plz BC on our behalf ♥
    Sunday at 12:23 · Like

    Soraya Mayet SSMWF is collecting zakaat n lillah for ramadaan hampers to be distributed in Vlakfontein kindly dep into our acc Southern Suburbs Muslim Womens Forum Al Baraka Bank acc no: 78600078208 branch code:800000 pls sms 0722786527 n state amount n if zakaat or lillah.
    SSMWF is assisting the Gift of the Givers in collecting canned food n bottled water for SOMALIA .Kindly drop of these items @ 14 lisbon ave cnr Caro rd Robertsham by the 15th aug for more info call Fatima 0722786527 or Soraya 0116809103
    Sunday at 12:42 · Like
    Ask Nanima? Fathima Osman
    لسلام عليكم ورحمةالله و بركاته.
    I knw of many poor n needy muslims that r zakaatable. Kindly assist. Cntct Fathima bbm-2377DB47 or inbox me shukran
    Sunday at 13:05 · Like

    Luthfiya Khamissa Relief Items in Kind Required
    South African public opens its heart. Free planes, tons of food, medicines & cash in millions given. Gift of the Givers prepares delivery of 1000 tons of aid to Somalia with immediate effect.
    Please note below the list of items required for our Somalia Relief Mission:

    Canned Items
    Pot Sets


    Somalia – Gift of the Givers
    The Gift of the Givers Foundation is the largest disaster relief organisation of…
    See more
    Sunday at 13:17 · Like ·
    Ask Nanima? Faiaz Magid
    GIFT OF THE NEEDY: feed a needy family for R550 in Ramadan or sponsor a box of dates for R150-in Somalia, Mozambique, Malawi. Zakaat applicable.
    Fax deposit slips to 0866176996 for an official receipt or Donate online on
    Contact Gift of the Needy on 0312017975\0731251255 for more info. We issue Section 18 A Tax Certificates.

    Gift of the Needy – Assisting the Needy
    Donate money to charity, Gift of the Needy(NGO) – social and welfare services, v…
    See more
    Sunday at 14:26 · Like ·
    Ask Nanima? Atiya Akoo Osman
    Has evry1 dun this?

    Join me in calling on world leaders to save millions of lives – today and tomorrow:​rn_of_africa/?referring_ak​id=.5512273.X_dond&source=​taf

    Despite the urgency of the situation, most world leaders are responding too slowly. Immediate aid is essential. Yet at the same time we must not let them drop the ball on long term solutions as has too often happened in the past.

    Take action right now at:​rn_of_africa/?referring_ak​id=.5512273.X_dond&source=​taf

    Thank you,

    Horn of Africa crisis | ONE
    Parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are facing one of the worst droughts for 60…
    See more
    Sunday at 14:29 · Like ·

    Mumtaz Kazee ‎* Collections for Somalia* Drop-off point for Roshnee: 5 Asir crescent