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Last night I attended the glitterdust women in business event. Alhamdulillah what a success. Glitterdust – Glitterdust is a South African online retailer of scarves, hijaabs  and accessories. Find them at

It was truly a ladies night out. Have fun, chit chat and not forgetting the good food.

The starters salad, chicken strips just hit the right note when we arrived cos I was starving.Must recommend the Jimmy’s Fordsburg Kashimiri prawns. It was very lekker. Saw they had some Jhinga specials.

Event was mc Mahreen Chenia, journalist.  The event started with started of with a hijaab tying exhibition by Khadija Sedick. Thereafter we had our meals. Al Quds foundation presented about their initiatives. Oasis told us about how to make our investments more Shariah Compliant.

The panelist that were interviewed were  Saaleha Bamjee from Colour Noun , Nabeel Akbar from Nabeela Couture, Mohsina Chenia a lawyer and myself, Ask Nanima

We answered a few questions regarding our fields and expertise. Some interesting take home messages was

  • be like a flower, patient and getting there slowly even though u start of as a seed have to go through the mud but u will become a beautiful flower one day if u just make the right choice.
  • Use your working life or career as an opportunity to educate others about islam
  • Although some professions are male dominated and catish stay focused
  • Have good support structure especially family and husband
  • Love what you do and you will be happy
  • Do everything with the intention for Allah’s sake and everything will become easy
  • Read, Read, Read

Nanima’s women in Business

I felt a little out of my depth and was wondering why would I be chosen as woman in Business  and started asking myself who would I choose to be women in business..
The two women in business I know personally and alhamdulillah are thriving in their careers are my two sisters. both self made.
  • Younger sister, a project manager , achieving top awards in her field.
  • My elder sister, lawyer by profession always dedicated to her work, travelling over the world to ensure there is compliance. .( (My husband and brother not doing to bad either but we are talking about women in business..)

Kudos to the sisters, cos I really struggled in the corporate world.. it can be harsh cut throat place ..

Last night I met a few as well. A very young widow and her friend, truly inspirational, very strong, getting on with their lives even though life has thrown a few knocks at them. A lady started own advertising magazine for her region.
Aunty Amina
But one lady really stuck out to me  and I really feel is truly a Muslim women in business and that was Aunty Amina Karolia from Al Waseel Travel. I met her last night again. We went with her for Umrah this year and we had an awesome time. The hotels were right in front of the harams in Makkah when we came out we were right in front of gate 1 and by ladies section gates in Medina. This was very convenient for us as we had my nanima with us and the two little ones. They were the most reasonable priced for the closest accommodation. We stayed at Movenpick both in Madina and Makkah. The Movenpick in Makka was the same place where the clock tower is, it was very new. we were 11 of us and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Aunty Amina is truly inspirational. In Saudi where a man won’t even speak to a woman even if u asking for directions, you must be brave and courageous to get into this field of Haj and Umrah. Like any business especially if you are woman in a male dominated arena there will be hurdles but Aunty Amina keeps on going and facing every challenge head on.Strong willed and very passionate about what she does.  Aunty Amina said she had some very reasonably priced haj packages. – Al Waseel Travel and Tours


Thank you to hosts Glitter dust for hosting this very relaxing and refreshing event at Jimmy’s Fordsburg. Met a few facebook friends Fatima still asking for hekela murcha recipe lol, Billy and many others..The last time I had so much fun with the ladies was when I attended my first book club meeting. That reminds me I  finally met Afrocentric Muslimah , the other Saaleha Bhamjee who helped with some of my book reviews. The night ended too quickly..


More about the event itself

Your MC for the evening: Mahreen Chenia (Journalist & TV Sports Presenter)

Event Summary: The event focuses on women who have, in their own way, made a contribution to any field of relevance to society.The event is centered around a supper for Muslim women with the main theme being Women in Business. The speakers have been chosen because, in some way or the other, they stand out in their respective fields and they also represent a new generation of driven,motivated and inspired Muslim women.

We would like you to leave the event feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference in the world around you in whatever way you can and in whatever field you like or choose for yourself, irrespective of the challenges you may be facing or will face in the future.

The event also launches the Glitterdust Eid Abaya and Hijab Range.

Hijab Tying Demonstration:

Roshnee’s very own Khadija Sedick who is a scarf-styling enthusiast will be demonstrating to the audience some practical and useful tips and styles on Hijab styling. Using Glitterdust’s range of Hijabs and Accessories, Khadija will show you how to create looks that are practical, stylish and affordable. All Glitterdust products will be available for purchase at the event.


1. Mohsina Chenia – Mohsina has been practising as an attorney in the High Court of South Africa since 1993. Mohsina specialises in employment law and her expertise covers all aspects of this legal discipline. She is a member of the South African Society of Labour Law. She has advised many local authorities, district councils, tertiary-education institutions and she counts a number of large private-sector companies amongst her clients. She has lectured in labour law at the practical legal school for candidate attorneys at Johannesburg and Wits Universities. She is now a partner at one of the leading law firms in South Africa-Glyn Marais Attorneys in Sandton.

2. Saaleha Bamjee – A freelance writer and printer designer. Saaleha blogs at

Saaleha will be speaking on the world of social media, design and using blogging as a key to creative channeling and new-age marketing.

3. Nabeela Akbar – A young South African designer who debuted at the Sanlam Fashion Week 2008, now owns her first store in Johannesburg, Nabeela Couture. Nabeela showcased her very first summer range at the Dubai fashion fiesta in 2009

4. Ask Nanima – A home-industry and all-around community enthusiast.

“Ask Nanima was started in 2007. Our main aim is to give home industry a platform to market their goods to the public and promote their services. We found that in society there was great imbalance. Housewives bored out of their minds, while working mothers were stressed out of their minds. We started this service Ask Nanima? as a community building support system that bridges the gap between families in need of help and Nanima’s offering their reliable services. Ask Nanima? is a proudly South African initiative and caters for anyone, in any place and any country.”

Video Presentation:

A video presentation by world-reknowned fashion designer and Hijab trendsetter, Rabia Z. offering insight into her motivation, work ethic and entrepreneurial drive. Draw inspiration from a woman who has created a legacy of style, fashion and elegance on a global platform.



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