South African Matric Results

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Ways to get your matric results


  • The NSC Examination candidate results will only be available on this webpage from 06h00 on  announced day.   You will need your exam number to access the results via this webpage.


Click on the underlined words to go to the page. Have your exam no with you available. try now but i think res Due to high volumes visiting the site please be patient delays and timeouts


Department of education websites


IEB – Independent Examinations Boar

Provincial departments

Matric queries

Please note I can’t answer any matric result related questions. If you are battling to get your results try this route:


Failed Matric

  • Not the end of the world, you can try again
  • Remark your papers
  • Write supplementary exam
  • If you feeling depressed please get help you can call – Childline at 0800 055 555 or e-mail for 24-hour assistance.
  • Contact South African Depression and Anxiety Help line – – SADAG  Line 8am-8pm
    011 262 6396

Matric exam preparation

Matric Preparation and Past Paper Links

Videos from Khan Academy can help to get basic mathematics, geometry and physics concepts. I am not sure if this will help get concepts. Do videos at your level.


Khan Academy

We understand and empathise with the stress which our matriculants and their parents are experiencing at this crucial stage of their school careers.

We urge them to remain focused and to study together with their classmates using the study guides we have printed for them. Study guides are available SABC public service radio stations are running programmes focusing on matric examinations.


How to apply
This procedure might slightly differ from province to province, so please check with yourprovincial department first.To apply for a copy of your matric certificate, you have to fill out an application form, accompanied by an affidavit, both of which you can download here or get from any of the folowing examination sections of provincial departments:
National office: (012) 357 3256
Western Cape : (021) 467 2000
KwaZulu Natal: (031) 327 0538/0331
Gauteng : (011) 355 0588
North West : (018) 384 3100/51
Eastern Cape : (043) 604 7709/73
Northern Cape : (053) 839 6585
Mpumalanga : (013) 766 0006/7
Limpopo : (015) 290 7747/7830
Supporting Documentation
A certified copy of your ID document / Birth Certificate must be attached to the application form.
How long does the process take?
The Statement of results is obtainable immediately after you have made a request and a copy of a matric certificate takes 8 to 10 weeks.
What are the costs involved?
A postal order of R63 made out to the Department of Basic Education has to accompany the application form.


Videos from Khan Academy can help to get basic mathematics, geometry and physics concepts. I am not sure if this will help get concepts. Do videos at your level.

Khan Academy

We understand and empathise with the stress which our matriculants and their parents are experiencing at this crucial stage of their school careers.

We urge them to remain focused and to study together with their classmates using the study guides we have printed for them. Study guides are available or SABC public service radio stations are running programmes focusing on matric examinations.

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  1. ingrid says:


  2. I would like to recieve my matric result on the email address that i have sent you. Thank you

  3. i want to know her results

  4. Zhea says:

    It is appauling the way that the KZN Education Department handled the release of the 2008 Matric results.
    If going forward this is going to be the new system of conucting this process then our Education department has a long way to go.

    My brother and his friends have been frantic for basically 2 days now awaiting these said results. It was said that pupils should fetch them from their respective schools however upon getting there to find padlocks at their schools gates.

    Expect them in tomorrows newspaper they said, then on the day the newspapers print different information.

    What is going on, this was said to be a better process to curb the high rates of suicides that occur around this period, however with so much uncertaintiy sureley the suicide rate will increase.

    You have made a mess of a time in many peoples lives of anxiety, excitement and triumphant.

    A concerned sister.

  5. Hi find it shocking that the education department’s server cannot cope with hits that it is getting for the matric results. I consistently get time out and server busy errors. I find this disgraceful.

  6. tebogo clerence says:

    Hi there

    Matric result

    I tried to phone 082 152 is responding the like, system is still uploading. So advise me how to get them online please. which site should i visit ? give me the instructions. before 10hoo please. why should you take long to update them on line?

  7. Nanima says:

    Please note – I am not around to answer any questions regarding matric results etc..
    I only put relevant links I found on the web regarding matric exams and tried to make it easy for you to find different ways of getting your results in one place..
    I can’t answer for all the other websites and can’t help you get your results.. You will have to contact the relevant department..

  8. hey people you have to work 4 ur selvez tsotsi nt pay you wil end in jail 4 many years pleas

  9. Joan Martin says:

    Where could I search for the number of distinctions obtained

  10. charmain says:

    still no results… will i ever get it???

  11. Kirsty M Connor says:

    Hello, again, I have to go to extreme measures to obtain even the smallest amount of info. I want to know what has happened with my results! You could tell me Ive failed, you could tell me I have irregularities, I would understand. But I am being ignored and left in the dark….. Unforgivable….. I have emailed newspapers, TV programmes, DJ’s, Headmasters, you name it. I will get to the bottom of this scandal. It has been 2months nearly…. and I still havent heard even a peep outta anyone.

    Please give me some sort of info…. I need my results to study further/work.


  12. Kirsty M Connor says:

    If I had to resit, its a bit too late for that seen as the supplementary exams started on the 17th….

    Please do something….

    I have sent emails to people in the Mpumalanga Dept…. and I have received no feedback….


    This is terrible, woza 2010, aha thats all SA worries about, why give a damn about the leaders of tomorrow, the children of today, its soccer all the way…

  13. Nanima says:

    It has been real chaos this year regarding the results.. what does your school say about all of this?
    Have you tried this link what is your exam number

    Here is the minister of educations details
    Pretoria Office
    Physical Address : Sol Plaatje House, 123 Schoeman Street, Pretoria, 0002
    Postal Address : Private Bag X603, Pretoria, 0001
    Telephone Number : +27 12 326-0126
    Fax Number : +27 12 3235989

    This is the Department of education media liaison
    Media Liaison Officer

    Lunga Ngqengelele: 082 566 0446

    This is the department of education helpdesk email address:

    This is the link to mpumalanga department

  14. Kirsty M Connor says:

    I tried to send people from the Mpumalanga Edu Dept emails, none of their email addresses are valid! You see what I mean? Service is appauling! South Africa has always been and will always be on the bottom of World standards. We can organise nothing and get nothing right. How difficult is it to mark papers? How hard is it to submit true info on a website? I mean c’mon SA.

  15. Kirsty M Connor says:

    I received an email with an affidavit attached. That is not what I need. I need my results, my certificate can follow. How can they send me an affidavit for a certificate not received if I havent even received my results and no one knows where my results are. Im not listed or my name isnt on the online database. This is an improvement from a month ago, Im getting some sort of info, but not what I want.

  16. admin says:

    Ok.. so all is right with the world now and the FIFA world cup can go back on track in peace.. Kristy has finally received her results and according to her passed very well.. No wonder she was so anxious to find out her results and who can blame her, matric is the most stressful time in the world and i can’t imagine the strain these young ones are taking with such delays in getting the results..

    What we did was we called the department of education and asked for Naledi Pandor’s office. Only once the top one’s got involved did Kristy get her results..

    If you are still struggling to get your results, don’t waste time with the small guyz go straight to the top. When you go to the department of education department and they tell you call your provincial department tell them you want to speak to the minister..

    Here is the department of education contacts

    Here is the minister of educations details
    Pretoria Office
    Physical Address : Sol Plaatje House, 123 Schoeman Street, Pretoria, 0002
    Postal Address : Private Bag X603, Pretoria, 0001
    Telephone Number : +27 12 326-0126
    Fax Number : +27 12 3235989

  17. Phumudzo says:

    please refer me to a site were I can view matric statistics over the past years
    thank you

  18. mnadikane says:

    cn i have the matric results of 2008 templeton high (eastern cape)

  19. SAJID ALI says:

    i take my matriculation exame in BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE & SECENDARY EDUCATION MULTAN under the roll number 036845 matric class.exame heled on MARCH 2009.I need my result.



  20. Nanima says:

    please contact your education department

  21. sithari vuledzani says:

    how do i get my matric statement if i havent got my certificate as my first statement that i got from school its lost

  22. Thembalenkosi says:

    what can I do as I lost my matric certificate and I do not know my examination number
    from Thembalenkosi Ngaleka

  23. mamotheti moloko zondi says:

    i wnt to know how many marks should student of old matric have in order to pass without endosment.


    I need help to someone can assist me on checking my result for May – June 2009 My exam no. it B5094212697094

  25. thabethe vuyisile says:

    what to do as i lost my matric certificate and i don’t know my examination number? please help

  26. Nanima says:

    1. go to your school or call the principal and ask them if they don’t have the examination number.
    2. visit this site and apply for another matric certificate.. – at the bottom it tells you the different provinces click on it and call them to ask them what the procedure is if you don’t have the number..

  27. monique williams says:

    my examination number is B5091239120076 i wrote my exam may/june 2008 in kzn i would like too get my resuls but nobody can give it too me why?????????????????????????????

  28. Nanima says:

    contact the KZN department I am sure someone can help you there.. if you not winning go straight to the top – minister of education..

  29. kwazi Sanele Jali says:

    I need to find out what my examination number is. i have lost my certificate, therefore, i cannot find further help with finding my results.

  30. kwazi Sanele Jali says:

    I think finding my exam number is huge hassle, how can I find my results if i do not have my exam number, this is not effeicient at all.the departmant should do something about this issue.

  31. jeffrey madula says:

    hi there,actualy where ar our matric certificates…it has been a long waitin 4 them bt nothin is seem 2 cum…basicaly whts goin on abt de deptmnt of education in south no no we cnt tolorate wth such thngs happen 2 us…we4 cannt allow tht…

  32. alida booysen says:

    It doesn’t help you’re complaining on this website. Nanima is not a government official who can help you. Read her comments – you have to find out for yourselves at the relvant provincial department. This website is just an info website.

  33. Nanima says:

    It does help complaining here.. but i am sure you will have better luck on hellopeter..
    i did manage to help a few people..
    the best is to go to your school first, if you don’t win, the province education department, if that doesn’t work.. the main department of education.. if you still not winning. GO TO ZUMA!!

  34. browneyes says:


  35. edwin says:

    i would like to recieved my result as soon as they are out on the 7 of janaury 2010 on my email.

  36. Luandre says:

    I just want to know why we have to wait so long for our results this year.It is the 4th of January and there are many people like me who are wanting to apply to study but cant do that without our results.. what happens if we are to late to apply??we are being delayed in geting work and to study

  37. Boitomelo Futunate Masemola says:

    FOR HOW LONG ARE WE GOING TO WAIT FOR OUR RESULTS?ANYWAYS HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MATRICULANTS ‘20O9′ i would like to recieve those result as soon as they are out.

  38. Lennox says:

    Eish no comment now but i’m just too nervous waitin 4 ma results.

  39. kamogelo dsg says:

    it seems its still imposible to get results online…how is sa going to handle da world cup if they cant handle the matric results?

  40. Alexa says:

    Hey Guys

    Anyone from Limpopo struggling to get there Matric results??

  41. kamogelo dsg says:

    finally got them…

  42. Trevor says:

    I have read that 417 schools received a 100 % pass rate. How can I find out which schools these were ? I am particularly interested in KwaZulu Natal schools.

  43. Aneza says:

    Are we ever goin to receive them???

  44. Anonymous says:

    the silly cow who is going to tell you that you may not complain about recieving youre results. Can you spell ‘suicide’? My best friend Amy killed herself waiting. Oh and f zuma.

  45. Nanima says:

    please note i edited this comment.. it had a PG 40 rating

  46. Ray says:

    I want to know who approves or rejects applications to Med school, and on what basis? my nephew Ahmed, got six distinctions and a B(78% in Science) He did basic first aid courses in Gr10 and community service at a Johannesburg hospital in Gr11. yet he was rejected by all S.A universities for medicine. his dream to become a surgeon is being thwarted by affirmative action and red tape. Prof Wadee at Wits was approached by my sister. she wanted to know if there was anyone she could appeal to, he was rather terse and accused her of trying to bribe him(perhaps thats what he wanted) Students who had lower results have been accepted to study Med. I am asking that if a student with a B or C ave is accepted above an A student, on the basis of skin color. what calibre of doctors are we going to produce in S.A? Prof Wadee I hope one day when you are in need of a surgical procedure, the student you pushed through with a D average will be the one holding the scalpel.

  47. Nanima says:

    go straight to the highest person you can speak to regarding this matter as this is unacceptable..
    go to the highest person in Wits, heard that some of the medical school one’s when it comes to entrance can be very difficult.. Go straight to the top dog and ask him to explain to you why he can’t be accepted.
    here are the management contacts speak to the chancellor or the registrar
    don’t take this lying down.. he worked hard to get what he got and deserves to be a surgeon inshaAllah..
    if they still don’t want to co operate go even higher to the Minister of high education Dr. Blade Nzimande
    when you get through to the switchboard ask for Dr. Nzimande office – they will put you through to secretary.. maybe try and make an appointment with him to discuss this..
    other advice.. ask Ahmed to read tahajud and ask Allah to help him achieve his goal inshaAllah

  48. Jansen says:

    When can we expect the release of supplementary results NSC (Feb/March 2010 examinations)

  49. Nanima says:

    call the education hotline and ask them hotline: 0800 20 29 33
    i think supplementary exams for feb/mar will be out on 30 April 2010

    for the may june exam timetable and when results will be out

  50. Njabulo Lekhuleni says:

    Hi. According to Umalusi press release all 2009 matric results were released but my sister’s Agriculture results are still pending and no one wants to give us answers why it’s not out yet. We tried to contact the Mpumalanga MEC office but it is just messed up they don’t want to talk to us anymore, as soon as they hear us asking about results they just hang-up. She was accepted at UCT to do B.Com Accounting but due to incomplete results they had to withdraw her acceptence. May you please advice us on what to do. It’s been three months now and she might lose another year(2011).

  51. geogy says:

    How can I know the overall matric results in 1994 onwards?


    Where do you find the remark of the exam papers points of 2009??

    let me know @


  53. I kindly request that information be relayed to me relating to how and where i should search when comparing the matric results of the nine provinces of South Africam, this would be very helpful as im compiling a report on the progress that has been made in maths ans science areas. please respond to the stated e-mail

  54. Nanima says:

    please contact your province education department regarding remark of exam papers

  55. STHEMBISO says:


  56. Anonymous says:

    Prof W@9## at WITS “sells medical degrees” – R250k upfront will buy you entrance and a pass each year until you qualify. Or R50k to be accepted and R50k to be passed for each year that you fail. I had to pay to gain acceptance because I WILL achieve my dream – I am not proud of it – but reality bites!!

  57. tshepiso says:

    I didn’t do good on my matric year,and now I am struggling please help me upgrade.I have know one to help me and I need to do something with my future.

  58. SIBONGILE says:



  59. Sizwe Zibane ca(sa) says:

    I am writing this email to you with much humbleness n hounering you and your staff for having this communicating service.In writing to your’ll I want to ask if i have lost my Matric Certificate what do I do to get another one whom shall I inform what are the requirement time wil take.Plz inform me as soon as you get this mail.

  60. tshidi precious ngwato says:

    Guys pls help me i really wanna re write my matrick pls help i need this.
    Hi there my name is tshidi precious ngwato.frm soweto id really love to re write my matric i failed matrick 2005.and i wanna know if ican include computer on my matrick o wanna do 2subjects.pls email me at i relly need to know a

  61. sonic says:

    i wrote my matric in 2009 i got a diploma pass i missed the degree pass by 1% in 1 subject. is there any way for me to rewrite that subject or any way for me to get a degree pass so i can study my degree???

  62. Zee says:

    What does an M aggregate mean?how do the aggregate brackets work?

  63. easycare says:

    Where is 2010-11 results?

  64. RUQSAAR says:


  65. Nanima says:

    it would be nice to get it via email but there is no such facility as far as I know. best is to get it via the Department of Education website.

  66. Lindelwa says:

    Damn how long do i hav 2 wait bcoz now im gng crazi nt knwng my results

  67. fuad says:

    My daughter has misplaced her matric exam no. How to go about it to acquire it since there is no staff at schools

  68. Nanima says:

    call the hotline
    Hotline: 0800 20 29 33

    Department of Basic Education
    Sol Plaatje House, 222 Struben Street, Pretoria
    Tel (012) 357 3000, Fax: (012) 323 0601
    Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001
    Click here for Map

  69. debora says:

    will some newspapers in gauteng publish the matric results tomorrow

  70. heather says:

    if u have a D next to your name for matric results ,..what does that mean

  71. Glenn says:

    I agree – its pathetic that the importance of the exam no. ito of getting results was not explained in advance

  72. Komane Moris Makola says:

    Can you please help me. I cannot seem to find my matric results. My exam number is 2161885 and my centre number is 7656132. I don’t have an ID number, so I cannot sms it to the number supplied. Can you please help me. Please send my results to the email address above (
    Komane Moris Makola
    Modipadi Secondary School

  73. Nanima says:

    your exam numbers seems to be invalid

  74. Nikki says:

    My maids daughter failed her matric. We want to find out how she can rewrite it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards

  75. Nanima says:

    Pretoria – Try again – this was the message Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga Minister of conveyed to failed matriculants on Thursday.

    “Try again…There is always a second chance. Make use of those chances. We do not always succeed the first time around,” said Motshekga at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, after announcing the 2009 matric results.

    Supplementary examinations would take place in March and the minister urged those pupils who had failed matric, but qualified for these exams, to register.

    “All provinces must ensure that interventions are put in place to ensure that these learners were adequately supported to pass the one or two subjects they require to be awarded the National Senior Certificate.”

  76. terry says:

    how did you go about it.inbox me

  77. Estelle says:

    Hi Namina
    Where do we find the information to arrange for re-marking of subjects, matric results 2010?

  78. Nanima says:

    i think u contact your provincial education department to ask for remarking

  79. Mampiko says:

    Can anyone suggest good institutions where a student wanting to upgrade their maths results can enrol for tuition and other bridging courses? I need this urgently for my niece.
    Thank you.

  80. I hava wrote 2009 grade 12 matric exam.and i passed with bachelr.but my certificate i hv never got it.i dnt know wher it is.

  81. lolo says:

    how do you know if the high school is registered with govt. can you check oxford international school in Harding knn if it is registered.

  82. Nanima says:

    contact the department of education

  83. Nanima says:

    contact your school through where you wrote it they must have it or call the department of education

  84. Thato says:

    The is a friend of mine his nme is mpho nd he was in matric last year he failed 4 subjects he is depressed and doesn’t know what to.which school or college can he attend so he can get his matric.plz help he’s telling me that he is going to kill himself.

  85. Cooper says:

    I would like to ask for the maths and science matric results database please.

  86. kabelo says:

    i would like 2 get my results,matric certificate on my email

  87. joel says:

    When will supplementary nsc results 2011 be released?

  88. Suhail says:

    hi there

    im living on the North Coast…i wanted to purchase 1 set of those exam papers (R75)…How does it reach me n how long does it take to reach me
    tanx lots

  89. ANDISWA says:

    I am doing a research on overpopulated schools in the townships of Johannesburg. I would like to know where i can i find records of the total number of learners admitted to public schools of townships since 1994?

  90. kiki says:

    Piece in God’s world please. Lets work together as one and all will be well. unity, respect and love are the keys to become better poeple.

  91. unathi says:

    Hi how can I get my matric exam number , because I lost my matric certificate .

  92. stresser says:

    What is happening when are our results coming
    Out and will it be published or not??
    They are so unclear with there decisions
    And don’t tell us who really need 2 know

  93. Maphangwa Hangwani Leonard says:

    lot of people think depression only happens with matriculants and their parents only, a big NO from my side. Let me ellaborate further.

    In 2009 I had 120 leaners. I got 100 percent. In 2010 I had 140 learners and got 97,4 percent and 2011 I am having 60 learners and my great worry is whether I’ll ever make to achieve a hundred percent.

    My details are; 0837260719 school Tshivhase Secondary e-mail

  94. Nanima says:

    you stats are impressive. as a teacher you can only try your best and I am sure you give you 110%. They say you can take the horse to the water but you can’t make it drink.. you can do your best for your learners but at the end it up to them to shine..

  95. nnono says:

    hi me i will like to ask tht for ths year hw many percnt did the depatmnt give the matric

  96. nnono says:

    i will like to knw wich date will the resul be confmed?

  97. prefect says:

    The department should take into consideration da issue of pending results as it affect us in da sense that thy delay us frm being accepted in varsities and that some ends up commiting suicide coz of stress..pls

  98. prefect says:

    I wud like to extend my gratitude to namina fr da assistance rendered..ur doing a great job.. Thumb up!!

  99. nnono says:

    i willn like to get my matric resul on my email adress, thank u

  100. Faye says:

    trying to get matric results…..when you log onto the education departmen t website, it askes for username & password…. didn’t give an option to register!!!
    What do I do now???


  102. Nanima says:

    it is working now

  103. Carina says:

    I have tried for 3 days non-stop to call the office Umlazi District to have two papers of my son to be re-marked. It is just the one is just
    ringing and the other one out of order. How is can we be helped. I am
    not living in Durban and to go all the way there. Is there a way to
    apply for re-marking on-line.

  104. Lwa says:

    My son got a set of results with “results incomplete.”he registered for erconomics and did not learn and eventually no exams… Life orientation portfolio was also not taken for moderation. Whats the next step?

    Who qualifie to right supplementary examinations?

  105. Tshiamo says:

    The goverment should start concetrating its energies to the rural education because less results are always from most of the rurals areas,and that makes the national pass rate to be low or stagnant.

  106. Elca says:

    Hi! When and where can we expect the results of the remarking of exam papers in Gauteng? It is crucial to get the results BEFORE the supplementary exams!

  107. derbs says:

    what happen if you registered to upgrade your studie and cancel do they also cancel your certificate?

  108. KAY says:

    good day

    when does the supplementary results come out for 2012.

    i know that they are starting soon.

    Need to enquire so we can apply for the Unisa

  109. NASIHA says:


  110. Edwena says:


    Where do you get the exam timetable for may – june 2012 for matric

    Thank you

  111. Elizabeth says:

    I am going to do my matric in May 2012 and I am doing the senior certificate please where can I find past examination papers for the old sulabus, I need the English and Afrikans papers and the memo’s ( May/June) 2009, please

    yours faithfully

  112. nnono says:

    my name is lena nthite,i hv a problem like i faild my matric last year,then i did sup ths year n get my result in march n i,v passed but now whn i go to my school to collect my setificate they told me that is not there,so wht sould i do,pls help

  113. Sindi mncube says:

    Need of help..i went to the department of education in pretoria stating that i need a replacement of my lost certificate of 2010 strangely they said they dnt issues 2010 certificate and because i did my matric in another provine which is in KZN they cant help me…so what i want to know is do departments of basic educations go by province inorder to get your certificate couse they sent me away becouse i did my matric from a different province??

  114. tasneem says:

    where do we find past exam papers

  115. Emelina says:

    I have got 2011 and 2012 matric result can i use it both. Please i want to Know.

  116. Blaise Draper says:

    How do I access my exam number? I’m in Malawi until the 10th and I have no idea what my number is.

  117. Victor says:

    Hello I’m a foreigner so on my timetable it is blank on I’d number because I use a passport, so I would like to know that can I get my results on my cell phone if I only send my exam number

  118. Human says:

    its the number you wrote on every exam… you were supposed to keep it, it’s no ones fault that you lost yours bro

  119. is there no past exams for 2013 june examination matrick

  120. Bronwyn says:

    My son wrote supplementry exams for physical science and mathematics he did on pass at the bottom of the results on the statements of results it says results incomplete what does this mean

  121. mpho says:

    Hi id like to know what happens if one fails their supplimentary exams? Do thier marks get reversed to the original ones they received on the final results or do they get the mark they got on the supplimentary exam