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Nizamiye Mosque   – Largest Masjid in Southern Hemisphere

This is a video from the first time I saw the masjid in November 201o  till I read my first Jumah at the masjid 23 March 2012.

Address: Old Pretoria Main Road and Le Roux Road, Midrand

Tel: 0110245857

website :

Ladies facilities available upstairs

October 2012

Final opening ceremony of the Nizamiye Complex.  General public had lekker biryani for breakfast. Jacob Zuma and the Premier of Gauteng attended.


Uncle Ali giving President Jacob Zuma and Nomvula  Mokonyane a tour of the Nizamiye Complex

March 2012

We went for Jumah yesterday as a family to Nizamiye Masjid. The Muadhin read the adhaan beautifully. The Qiraat and Khutbah inspiring. The echo in the masjid and the surrounding beauty just keeps you in awe. Alhamdulilah.

July 2011


The latest 26 April 2011 – read from latest to oldest..

The masjid is really coming along nicely. The marble is being layed. Seems like most of the tiling is done.  We managed to climb up one of the minarets today. Nanima is very unfit and little scared of heights, so only went first level, Madala and bachoo went right to the top.

The school looks like it is coming along. They will have from grade 0-3 next year and grade 8.  School is run by SAMA. Mixed primary school till grade 7. The new premises will have grade 8 to matric high school and boarding facilities for boys. Girls school will be in Mayfair.  I just hope when Bachoo is in grade 8, the girls school will be closer then Mayfair. It is an amazing piece of architecture and looks similar to pictures I saw of the blue mosque in Turkey. For poiroo it seems like his school will be sorted inshaAllah


March 2011

We visited the Masjid recently. Alhamdulillah it looks stunning.
They already started teaching there and have boarding students for Grade8. We saw one boy from Cape Town and he was lissing for a good home cooked meal. He said Turkish food is an acquired taste. They school is in operation for them and they have classes till 3pm.

Next year they start with all the grade 0-3 and grade 8. School is run by SAMA school. Seems from grade r – grade 7 will be a girls and boy primary school. Only boys school including boarding from grade 8. Wonder where the girls will go after grade 7?

I hope the girls school will be in the same area because I am sure many families will move to be close to this masjid and school.

December 2010

Soon after I discovered this place, my family and I decided to go and see this place for ourselves. We met Uncle Ali, who sits in a caravan with his wife and are watching how they build this masjid. What a humble man. Alhamdulillah. Both he and his wife did not speak any English but were very warm especially towards my children giving them lots of chocolates.

The principal of SAMA then gave us the grand tour of the masjid. Here are pictures of what the masjid being built.


29 November 2010

I was driving to take the little one to the doctor. I was so shocked and excited and happy to see minarets in a distance. I drove that way  in September and I didn’t notice anything. Within two months it seems this building came up from nothing. truly amazing. the skyline of johannesburg is changing with minarets in all directions.

I read an article recently about this biggest masjid in the southern hemisphere. I didn’t give it much of a thought because I noticed on the M1 the masjid is taking forever to get done. I thought it was still in the plans and it will be done after a few years and I also thought it will be more in central Midrand.  I was surprised to see how accesible it was.

I came back and asked around again. I knew it was a place sponsored by a very generous man Uncle Ali from Turkey. All uncle Ali’s I know are very generous. Apparently Uncle Ali is on site.

This is what i found from the media regarding the biggest masjid in Southern Hemisphere.

The mosque, at the corner of Le Roux Avenue and the K101, is set on 10ha and will cost an estimated R210-million.

It is modelled on the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Turkey, acclaimed for its lavish Ottoman architecture.

Scheduled for completion in January 2012, it will incorporate the Sama (meaning heaven in Arabic) High School, student boarding facilities, a bazaar, clinic, conference facility and a community hall for 1500 people.

The venture is the brainchild of Ali Katircioglu, 72, better known as “Uncle Ali”, a Turkish businessman who is funding and managing the project.

Katircioglu, who is inspired by the teachings of his long-time friend Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish preacher, author and educator, was advised by his friend to develop the project in “Madiba’s home”.

Once completed, it will be handed over to the Fountain Education Trust, an Islamic non-profit organisation, which will manage the administration of the institution.

The structure, which is 80% complete, includes four minarets, each 55m high, a 32m-high and 24m-wide dome at the apex of the mosque, with 24 smaller domes adorning the boarding rooms and courtyard.

The interior will be ornamented in Ottoman style with all natural marble ceramics and Islamic artwork.

“Uncle Ali realised that there was not a single model of Ottoman architecture in the southern hemisphere and vowed to ensure the project was completed. He has turned away all donors, telling them to contribute to the running of the facilities, such as bursaries for the students, instead,” said Mehmet Naci, deputy principal of Sama Boys’ School.

Naci said once the project was completed, they would apply to the Gauteng Department of Tourism to have it listed as a landmark and tourist attraction.

The school will accommodate 800 pupils.

source: timeslive




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  1. Zeenat says:

    I like this

  2. Zainab says:

    I visited the building site of the masjid in Midrand. We were given a tour of the building and the entire building process was explained to us. We also met Uncle Ali. What a humble man.A real inspiration to see a 75 year old man overseeing the entire project down to the hand painted calligraphy on the domes. May he be blessed for his efforts and may this masjid be used for the upliftment of the Ummah. Aameen.

  3. Nanima says:

    I also went for the tour. that uncle Ali was so humble alhamdulillah. May Allah reward him for this kind gesture. place looks amazing and i can’t wait to see it in full swing

  4. MK says:

    alhamdullilah inshallah I will be going to the school im already accepted with a bursery. Uncle Ali is a very humble man and my wish is for this musjid to have a relationship with masjidul quds in cape town as they are as far as I know on the same level on aqidah and sunniat

  5. atilla ozkan says:

    mr.ali is unbelievable powerful clever and so good person and he is allways following the works for the mosque.we are the marble masters of this big mosque .
    nearly for two years we had been working for the marble works of this work.INSHALLAH it will be a great wonderful mosque

  6. Fazil Cassim says:

    Alhamdulillah this is fascinating and reminds one of the majestic mosques built during the days of the Ottoman Empire. There is an entire Turkish village that will be adjacent and a bazaar which will be a site to visit often. Further, we need to be aware of the changes happening within Turkish society and must pray and support their efforts in this time of oppression against Muslims. We need to support the current Turkish administration in trying to allow Turks to express their spirituality… Traditional South African Muslims need to come out of their shell and make a positive contribution to Islam for posterity sake! We now live in a changed world and we must be aware of all dynamics affecting us as a community.

  7. Muhammed-Khalid says:

    السلامعليكم و رحمةالله و بركات

    I went to visit this Musjid building site today. Shukr to Allah for such a Masha Allah Musjid.

    May Allah Ta’ala create a place in Jannat for the men and women who are involved in building this Musjid. Ameen.

  8. Mucahit Batur says:

    it is great to see and watch such a big project done by Uncle Ali. Being one of the student studied at another dormitory and mosque built by Uncle Ali i can see how great work that Nizamiye Mosque will do in near future, as i experienced 25 years ago when he was 50s by that time. I pray Allah to give him more power and faith for what he has been doing.

  9. All praises are due to Allah t.a the most high the greatest.
    Shukr Alhamdulillah

    For such a project..may Allah t.a bless uncle Ali his family an all involved. South African muslims should be proud that such a huge project is at our doorsteps,
    We should support this international project which would inshaAllah open up many doors for our youth. The humbleness that surrounds the people involved should open
    Our eyes…Allah t.a has truely blessed our ummah in many ways..
    Hard work an perseverance opens up many doors.

    May Almighty Allah use us muslims as a flag bearers fr our deen.
    This masjid an school is a start to many great leaders..insha Allah. Ameen

  10. nanima says:

    very good wish i wish the same livivng in the cape masjidul quds does lot of work. im glad to find another ahle sunnah mosque

  11. Shabnam A Haq says:

    Asalam u alaikum.

    Does anyone know if there is a womens salaah place?

  12. Nanima says:

    there should be in the future, think they still building the masjid, i know their masjid in SAMA school had a beautiful one

  13. Mohamed Patel says:

    Alhamdulillah i am very happy with this great effort, may Allah spread the Deen by this sincere people at least there don’t discriminate the black Muslims treat them well n look after them May Allah grant them more n more success Ameen

  14. Malik says:

    Alhamdulillah, may Allah’s bounties be bestowed upon Brother Ali, and his family,,,i personally dont wish that the musjid must be listed as a tourist attraction, I’m sure Mr Ali built it with intention to please the almighty so must it stand on those grounds solely for the worshipping of the Almighty and not as human attraction,,,Inshallah

  15. Ameer says:

    Asalamualaium iam from cape town and heard so much about the masjid and was wondering if the masjid is open for jummah sallah tomorow on the 30/12/11

  16. Ameer says:

    What are the contact details for the Masjied

  17. TTHEMBELIHLE says:

    I would like to find out all about girls boarding school I have two girls (twins)so i am looking for a reasonable boarding school for them

  18. fethullah says:

    hi everyone, i am stay in nizamiye compex , we havent open completely but there are few students stay and even imam reading ezan all time,90% finished the mosque they are planing open after 2 months we expect to wait visit us at weekend if come to weekend We were given a tour of the building of complex.

  19. Zurayda says:

    السلامعليكم و رحمةالله و بركات

    I am relocating to Johannesburg and my son aged 7 currently schools at Islamia college in Cape Town. I am very interested in enrolling him at Nizamiye as i would like his education to continue in the line of Islam insha-Allah. I will be up in Johannesburg next week and i would like to visit the school and set up a meeting with the principal. Could some one kindly forward me contact details.


  20. Omar says:

    Assalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah,
    Mashallah what a beautiful project. May Allah SWT reward the sponsor in abundance inshallah. We are based in Cape Town and would be relocating to Johannesburg soon inshallah. I would like to know how my wife can apply for a position as an Arabic teacher. Also, can anyone recommend accomodation in the Midrand area close to the mosque. We looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom flat to rent.

    Jazakallah Khair,

  21. Mohammad says:

    Asalaams Walaikum…

    can someone please provide contact details or an address for this musjid and advise how far it is from Bryanston?