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I must have been in a cave all these months. Amazingly enough I only found out about this story the day the miners were going to be rescued. I never heard about it before that. Not one person I know spoke about it or maybe the did and I didn’t really realise there was so much hype going around about this story. The reason being, we moved before the fasting month when this ordeal started. I didn’t switch on my TV or listen to the radio really. I connected my TV only recently. I hardly went to the news websites either.  I also didn’t realise how bad things were in Pakistan.I was on facebook, i never saw anything really that caught my eye about this Chile miner story..  I was definetly in my own cave, living at peace. Now when I ask people about this, they tell me.. how, which world are you living in, under a rock somewhere


After almost over 2 months underground in a San Jose mine, Chilean miners are hours away of being rescued. They apparently requested for shampoo and shoe polish once they are out. Apparently South Africa had a part to play in the rescue effort. Miners were trapped 700m underground for 69 days. This is a real survivor story. 33 man, 69 days. It reminds me about the story in the Quran – Surah Kahf – people of the cave


Names of the Chile miners

Alex Vega Salazar, 31

Ariel Ticona Yanez, 29

Carlos Andres Bugueno Alfaro, 27

Carlos Mamani Solis, 23

Carlos Barrios Conteeras, 27

Claudio Acuna Cortes, 34

Carlos David Yanez Lagos, 34

Daniel Esteban Herrera Campos, 27

Darios Antonio Segovia Rojas, 48

Edison Fernando Bena Villaroel, 34

Esteban Alfonso Rojas Carrizo, 44

Florencio Antonio Avalos Silva, 31

Franklin Lobos Ramirez, 53

Jorge Hernan Galleguillos Orellana, 56

Jose Henriquez Gonzalez, 54

Jose Ojeda Vidal

Juan Carlos Aguilar Gaete, 49

Juan Illanes Palma, 52

Jimmy Sanchez Lagues, 19

Luis Alberto Urzua Iribarren, 54

Matio Nicolus Gomez Heredia, 63

Mario Sepulveda Espinace, 40

Omar Alejandro Reygadas Rojas, 56

Osman Isidro Araya Araya, 30

Pablo Amadeos Rojas Villacorta, 45

Pedro Cortez Contreras, 25

Raul Enriquez Bustos Ibanez, 40

Renan Anselmo Avalos Silva, 29

Richard Reinald Villarroel Godoy, 27

Samuel Dionisio Avalos Acuna, 43

Victor Antonio Segovia Rojas, 48

Victor Zamora Bugueno, 33

Yonni Barrios Rojas, 50


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  1. mr77800 says:

    I was fortunate enough to be in chile during the rescue. Murray and roberts played a role. Proudly south african.