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Remember the time you went for Hajj. Maybe not, cos you wouldn’t be searching for operators if you have been before. But believe me you going to hear lots and lots of stories about Hajj before you go.  I went the year when it flooded.  I remember we went for the last pelting and the rain was coming down hard and fast. I told someone it really felt like my sins were being washed away.. they told me it must have been very muddy :).

For more information about Hajj and how to perform it

To find out how to register for Hajj visit the South African Hajj Registry page to get accreditation

Find out more visit SAHUC – SOuth African Hajj and Umrah Council page

Have any queries and complaints visit  Hajj Watch

National Registered Accredited Hajj Operators for 1431

Ace International Ace International Travel & Tours CC O joosab 0312078641 0312078642
Al Amaan Hajj Tours Al Amaan Hajj Tours CC Y Dockrat 0123704163 0123703821
Al Anwar Hajj and Umrah Al Anwar Gadj CC G.Pandy CT 0216334142 JHB 0118380437/DBN 0312083716 /PE 0413603612 0216378849
Al Hussam Al Hussam Travel CC R.Gangat 0118392304 0118392310
Al-Mujaahiedeen Hajj and Umrah Al-Mujaahiedeen Hajj and Umrah Travel CC I Cassiem CPT 0216961374 JHB 0114744092 DBN 0312077861 PE 0414527616 0216960785
Boolay’s Hajj and Umrah Eldorado Park Gaj Jamaat Invest. CC M T Boolay 0114728176 0865048576
Capstone 1203cc Abbas Jones Capstone 1203 CC M A Jones 0217020791 0217020791
Dhuyufullah Umrah and Ghajj Jamaa Camber Trading no.39 CC A. Toefy 0217041842 0217035275
Fazila Malek T & T New Heights 1379 CC Mrs. F Malek 0118346571 0118346573
Go Well Travel Go Well Travel Agent CC Mr. Y. Zedan 0118340657 0118340656
Khidmatul Awaam Pilgrim Services Khidmatul Awaam Pilgrim Services S21 Ml.Yahya Bham 0118528551 0118528552
Maleks Travel and Tours Malek Travel (PTY) LTD N Malek KZN 0312078996 / JHB 0837863018 0312072409
Manjras Travel Services CC Manjras Travel Services CC I.Beemath 0315776041 0315776041
Mithas Travel Mithas Travel and Tours CC S Mitha 0312076987 0312072694
Nujoomul (Colorado Park Masjid) Nujoomul Gharamyn Gadj & Umrah Trust K Adams 0213748428 0213726231
Nur ul Ain Hajj and Umrah Nur ul Ain Hajj and Umrah N Areff 0118373449 0118376884
Rasools Travel Sharahman Trading CC Y Gasant 0216333594 0216335693
Shafiq’s Travel and Tours Distinctive Choice 438 CC M S Adams 0214656260 0214656260
Shaheed Hajj Jamaah EZ Trade 73 CC M S Samuels 0217066522 0217054427
Sorayas Hajj Jamaat Salesreach 15 CC O Davids 0217059365 0217059365
Subrathie Travels Subrathie Travels CC Y Shaikh 0313097425 0313095449
Sure Mirage Travel MIR Travel and Tours CC I Malek DBN 0312084222 JHB 011 8375307 0312084404
Travel and Tour World Innovation Trading CC H A Khan 0312099292 0312099287
Travel Unlimited Goolsun Travels (PTY) LTD F Sungay 0216991153 0216990026
Travel Xpress Travel Xpress CC S Steenkamp 0216969624 0216969671
Umra Tours and Nuri Travel Umra Tours and Nuri’s Travel CC Mrs. N Jhetam 0118380232 0118380234
XL Flywell Travel Flywell Travel Agencies (Cape) (Pty) LTD U Ahmed / A Ahmed CT 0217615044
PTA 0123472041
Yasmines Travel and Tours Yasmine’s Travel and Tours CC W Kazi 0217624240 0217625520
Yusra Tours CC Yusra Tours CC Mrs. Z. Mookadam 0123745390 0123746222

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  1. abdulaziz mohammed says:

    i’m refugee,ethiopian gentleman i’m expert in arabic laguage if you have job opportunity
    these is my tell no 0735295856

  2. Jameel Karim says:

    al waseel will also be operating for hajj during 2010, kindly update your information

  3. MARWAAN says:

    Is there anybody out there who have traveled with Yusra tours who are either satisfied or dissatisfied with what they were offered, would you please be so kind as to advice.


  4. Hamida says:

    I went with @#$#%@, wud not advice any1 to go wd dm, ds man and his wife take big groups dat dey cant manage wd,dey dnt speak any arabic so find it very difficult 2 speak to Muasasa,bus drivers,hotel staff etc,not evry1 in Saudi spks english,and many hajis had big prblms wd return flites bcos of agent

  5. Muslima_A says:

    We went on a 3 haram tour with @#$$ operated by &*&^& and *&*^, and were severely scammed. My family and I were robbed of many of the things that were promised as part of the package, such as trips to damascus and Taif, and the opreator and his wife also left us stranded in Saudi, whilst they returned to SA. When they were queried as to why we werent given everything as agreed(at the time, we were in Makkah, they were in SA), they had the audacity to scream at me on the phone, and tell me I am ungrateful and he is taking me on the tour at his expense(after I paid months in advance) and that he isnt going to do anything further for our trip.
    Be warned, I suggest you only travel with SAHUC accreditied agents.

  6. Muslima says:

    @ MARWAAN – Yusrah Tours is a reliable company alhamdulillah.

  7. Muslima says:

    I am a consultant for AL ANWAR HAJJ & UMRAH in Lenasia, Johannesburg area. Should anyone require any information regarding our packages you may email me at Consultations after hours and weekends can be arranged.

  8. zainul says:


    does anyone know of anyone, or who have been on hajj with kidhmatul awaam,

    i am interested in going with this group, but would like to know of personal experiences.

  9. Gakiemah says:

    Salaam,has anybody travelled with Khidmatul ‘Awaam?I might trallel with this group but want to find out more about them from previous gudjaaj.

  10. Mujahid says:

    Salaams, this will be my 1st time going 4 haj Insha Allah & I’ve been doing a lot of research esp around the budget pckges.Fazila Malek has da cheapst pckg moving the latest(1st Zul Hijjah)only sceptical bcoz this is there first year doing the cheaper pckg. Al mujaahidien has a cheap pkg as wel & its non moving but the hotel in Makkah is 1.7km 4rm harem which is quite a distance.Khimatul Awaam has da best track record on the budget side as I hav not heard a single complaint bout them thus far in the 2 years they’ve been in operation.Last year they stated in contract only breakfast in madina but provided all 3 meals.Note that some pckgs look cheaper but excl things like dumm & sahuc fees which is approx R1600 2gether.Some other agents too hav cheap pckgs but u go straight 4rm madinah to azizia

  11. shenaaz says:

    my grand daughter is wrining this email as i am over 68 and do not know to use the computer . allhamdullahiah i am accredited to go for ghaj.and will be traveling with umra tours and nuristravel- after i checked the market and was very happy with nuris who have a very value cheap package of r18 786 with breakfast – i find the food will help as an old person where will i go early too look for breakfast and we old people must have something to eat before we take our tablets and nuris have allah bless them the old people in heart for senior citizens they have extension to stay in makkah for the same price – mashallah i cant believe how allah has blessed us old people and the time and lots of patience and kind way in which this agent explain for us the ghaj mashallah i feel excited to go on ghaj and make dua for all old people like me to be able to live with the little money in posh clean hotels like this .make dua allah talaaha eccepts our ghaj inshallah

  12. Nanima says:

    please contact Hajj Watch or Sahuc
    Hajj watch –
    Sahuc –

  13. Nanima says:

    please contact Hajj Watch or Sahuc
    Hajj watch -” rel=”nofollow”>
    Sahuc –

  14. Sara says:

    Slms. We went with Al-Anwar.Were happy with them. I know people who went with Khidmatul Awaam and were happy with them to. Hajj Mabroor to all that are going and remember us in your duas.

  15. amina says:


    has anyone travelled with umra tours and nuris travel. Kindly advice on the service provided. looking for a good agent to travel with for haj


  16. muslimah says:

    Slmz, went with yusra tours last year and they were very efficient, not the cheapest but we had a good experience with them, and the plus is they speak arabic and are with you all the way. We had the moving package-best thing we did as azizia is so close to mina.
    I believe khidmatul awaam was also pretty good, they had good hotels and good service as well.

  17. Mohamed says:

    Salaams All,

    We intend going for hajj this year insha’Allah. Has anyone travelled with Travel Unlimited? or stayed at Al Hateem Towers in Mecca?
    Your comments will be appreciated.

  18. shabnam says:

    Salaams All,

    We intend going for hajj this year insha’Allah. Has anyone travelled with umrah tours and nuris travel?
    Your comments will be appreciated.

  19. Nanima says:

    May Allah make it easy for you Shenaaz and accept your ghaj inshaAllah.

  20. ebrahim says:

    I went for Hajj last year and alhumduLILLAH all the logistics waw perfect. My agent delivered on his promises verbal and written. Most importantly you need to consider the reliability of you agent: ensure they have been in the market for awhile. Once you have identified an agent, read istikaarah for ALLAH to assist you in choosing the right one and then put your trust in ALLAH

    You will definitely be tested on your journey and no matted how great year the agent had last year, it doesn’t guarantee it will be the same. Things do go wrong. You plan, your agent plans, but ALLAH is the best of planners. Accept any hurdles that come about beyond your agents control. InshaALLAH your trip will be fine. Put your trust in ALLAH.

    Ps. If the bus breaks downs, have sabr, the agent didn’t cause it to breakdown.

    At Mina, please and I stress this point is ensure you do not intermingle with non mahrams especially at the ating zones. Do not spoil your Hajj. Keep to yourself. It is a once in a life time opportunity. do not waste it.


    Remember us all in your duas.

    May ALLAH grant you a Hajj Mabroor and Hajj Maqbool

  21. Rehana Mohamed says:

    To anyone that wants to go with Fazila Malek please do not hesitate. She delivers all that she promises and more. Her staff are very helpful and she really has contacts all over the Saudi Kongdom. She assist from the time you depart to the time you leave Jeddah for your final destination home. Her packages are well worth it, she has all her paperwork in order and you never have to worry about anything. I subsequently used her for Umra and had no problem at all. One of the best

  22. yusuf says:

    slmz does anyone know of any 3 haram tours taking place in december and who is the best travel agent to be doing this tour with?

  23. Shameema says:


    Has anyone travelled with Mthas Travel in Durban? I am interested in their 3 haram tour. Would like a reference check first. If you have travelled with them or done the 3 haram tour with them, please let me know what it was like asap.

    I am concerned by Muslima_A comment of April 2010 but it doesnt help because she didnt disclose the name of the agent.

  24. Nanima says:

    please repond to Shameema directly

  25. Murphy Clark says:

    I am looking for the services of a nanny for my Two kids in the united kingdom.willing to pay 700 British Pounds Sterling weekly,
    I will provide accomodation and shopping allowance etc.
    If interested please get back for more detail about the job and how you will come over on my email below.

    Murphy Clark

  26. joe says:

    !@#$@! is the worst ..Lies lies and more lies and they do back door business ,as well as leave u stranded

  27. Yusuf says:

    We went for Hajj in 2009 with Khitmatul Awwaam. Alhamdulillah, they really looked after us, and contributed to a very satisfying Hajj. Most importantly, they had Ulema who gave daily talks and advice which gave us the true ethos of Hajj.

  28. FATIMAH says:

    Salaams to one and all I am so happy to be a Hajiani i was allahamdullah to have performd last year with Umra tours and Nuris Travel- in short i had the most memorable and wonderful haj – Nuri you go to much a mile to make each and all of us not just your hajees but a part of you – truly you are a muallimah mashallah keep it up especially when we see you personally striving to make us not ever miss home and teach us that when we go home we will long for here more then we did for home – your twinkle in the eyses when u tired and your dear ways – and all you are asking for when we get home is baked beans and roti – you got it please visit us you made haj mo=emorable . remain as humble as sweet and the way you keep personal touch – being part of a medium sized group is the best we all bonded shukran nuri from all of us my hajee bhyes and bhens that went on haj with you your kind sprit will always linger when we watchmakkah or medina on tv

  29. bushra says:

    my family travels with basheer travel from durban.there prices are excellent as well as service.never had any problems.i got quotes from all the bigger companies and found that their prices were way off.basheer travel can make you a package to suite your budget.i would recommend to any1

  30. fatima says:

    I went last year wit nazer malek group,they really we’re good,they make sure everything is done properly,helped a lot n they give home made food! I recommend all hajis to try them 🙂 may Alaah accept ur haj n take evry1 again n again.ameen.rememb us in ur dua

  31. PHAADIEL says:

    SALAAM to one and all.My name is PHAADIEL and i am a consultant for AL ANWAR EXPRESS (CAPE TOWN),should you requier anny info about our hajj packages,please contact me on 0833085219 or for after hours and weekend consultation.SHUKRAN

  32. Shireen Mia says:


  33. moegamad says:

    various packages upto 1st Zul Hijjah

  34. Jameel Karim says:

    Truly hajj is a test for us all, it is the only time where we really see the Shaytaan coming out of us, Especially South Africans because we are very stubborn,fussy,arogant and dont give a damn for others, please dont mock the agents, do your research and at the end of the day if things dont work out to your expectations, blame yourself because your expectations werent supposed to be so high, you are going for Hajj to the House of Allah, NOT FOR A GRAND HOLIDAY, Make Shukr that Allah Ta’allah invited you to his house and never complain to your host.

  35. nuri says:

    yes u so right i have the cheapest in the market watch my website

  36. Sadieqah says:


    Has anyone travelled with Asaabireen Travel for Hajj? It would be appreciated if I can be advised if they are a trustworthy agency to travel with for hajj


  37. z van der schyff says:

    salaam Iwould like to know about your umrah packages for dec and jan 2012 wa salaam

  38. Mohamed says:


    I would realy like to know which operator this is. I had an operator take my money for Umrah and used it and then said to me he dont have my visas and i cant go. Whe i asked him for my money he refused to give it back to me. I got hold of Sahuc Brother Shaheen Essop who helped. He was in Uganda at the time I contacted him but made sure when he came back that he would get my money back from this guy. Alhumdullilah I got my money back. Please only use Agents that are accredited.

  39. hoosein says:

    salaam,if possible give us the name of the group or persons that scammed family and i are planning a 3 haram tour and dont want to have a bad experience.shukran

  40. Nanima says:

    please do not name anyone here..

  41. Mohamed says:

    ## 3# $#$%#$% [ I have moderated this please do not name anyone here thanx]

  42. abeda khan says:

    Dear Nanima

    We really enjoyed the haj sponsored by Nuristravel on islam channel tv , it was beautiful jazakallah to them we make duah that this year it will be again for us . I have a question and request in the Group and on tv we saw the reverts and they were with Nuristravel how mashallah can we all start a fund together for the Revert and underprivleged woman to make their ehram and female packs for them and send to them before haj – after seeing this program and now that haj fever is in the air i want to ask we can post it on all websites and assists – if nuristravel could do and i believe she is a female it isnpired me to ask

  43. Famz says:

    The agent to watch out for is @##@@ @@@@@.
    Thye might come out the cheapest, but they give the worst service.
    We paid them in full before we left, only to get to Madinah and find that she did not book our accomodation.
    She also has a really bad attitude and is very arrogant.

    My advise to all Hajees and Mutarrims, confirm your bookings with the hotels directly in Madinah and Makkah before you pay the agent here.

  44. Mohamed Rafic Ismail says:

    Assalamu alaykum warahmatullah.

    I have travelled Alhumdullilah many times for Umrah and Haj. I have used different agents. I was even caught with one agents. I really found that the best trip I did with an agent was Al Anwaar. They are so visible for Haj and they are so available. I also like how they deal with matters in a calm way. No matter how stress you are they have that Sukoon way for giving you assurance. InshaALLAH i am planning for another trip and I think I after 2 wonderful trips with them I would do another with them.

  45. naziemah lesch X sahuc says:

    Slm hope Travel Agents have no moving package not think of profit. My opinion when it was time for Azizia visuals of Hajj period was not as full on tv . @@@ @@@@ truthfull gives Hujjaaj money back. when flight tickets on special prices. @@@ – keeps to her word ans promises she keeps. @@@@@@ frens trvl will go again etc please do not give money off. do not be put under presser shop around. take the name of agent and his ID no. for reference do not give money off. Do not blame me at the end of the day it Hujjaaj decision I keep all in my Duah do the for me to return Insha ALLAH