Who is Nanima?

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Nanima is the word for maternal grandmother, gogo, ouma.

How Ask Nanima? started?

The co.za love story

Nanima Logo

When I set down with my friend from Orb8arts, I explained to him my vision for the logo.

I was amazed at what was produced,  it was as if he read my mind.

Ask Nanima? was looking for a proudly South African logo. We were looking for an image of a South African grandmother with an african art back drop. Orb8arts did exactly that for us. We specifically wanted an image of a South African Indian gogo, carrying a baby surrounded by South African art. To give us that feeling of reliability, trust and familiarity.

Drum roll find out Who is Nanima right at the end of the post 🙂

Ask Nanima? explained

Ask Nanima? explained
by Ask Nanima? on Sunday, November 7, 2010 at 11:49am

Being a Nani Ma may look like fun but is not easy. It is a 24 hour job. You get requests from everyone and anyone with all types of requests from relationship, personal, parenting, food requests.

It is something we have worked hard to build up from nothing with the help and support of my family and with Allah’s blessing.
It is a great amanaat /trust to be given to some to help others. It is a serious job as you have to be very discreet with what people share with you.

We started the nanima and madala concept in 2007. For me, being a nanima is very serious business although very light hearted at times.. Our whole aim is empowerment, sharing, helping each other, boosting moral and instilling in each other the sense of community. We have websites for both pages.

Alhamdulillah with the Ask Nanima page in this last few weeks we have seen what an impact this website and profile can make a difference to people’s lives. we are a home industry portal as well. One of our core goals is to help home industry breadwinners and the stressed out working mothers find each other to help and support each other. We are a South African website and help all races, colors and creeds. Ask us for anything and we will try and find it or help you with it. Amusingly, people even come to Nanima website to give the president a message lol.

I have  a facebook Ask Nanima like page that is very busy all the time.  We have found that there is a need for anonymous questions and have started a forum for people to ask questions there as well. Also a place to share lovely recipes, hints, tips and ideas.

May Allah make it easy for me and my family to do what we  have to do without getting distracted and sidetracked ,  so that can  focus on our goals and InshaAllah.

Searching or selling home industry products. Searching for answers to life’s problems. There is google, so why Ask Nanima? To get personal experience on what you asking about.

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