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Click here for Full Address Jacob Zuma, The President of the Republic of South Africa, during the official launch of The Presidency Public Liaison and Hotline Service

The toll-free hotline — 17737 — will be manned by 43 liaison staff in the presidency.

“They [the liaison staff] will have the responsibility of following up the public enquiries and complaints lodged, and ensure that all are attended to efficiently.


hotline: 17737

Fax: (012) 323 8246

EMAIL PRESIDENT ZUMA DIRECTLY on or click here to directly  Email President Zuma

E-Fax: 0866810987

The toll-free hotline — 17737 — will be manned by 43 liaison staff in the presidency.

“They [the liaison staff] will have the responsibility of following up the public enquiries and complaints lodged, and ensure that all are attended to efficiently.

“The provinces are expected to establish similar services, and to create a forum that includes liaison officers for each municipality so that the service is taken to local government level, including rural municipalities and districts.”

The statement said the aim of the hotline was to encourage an all-round improvement in citizen care and liaison, “and to introduce a culture of putting the citizen first in all government departments as well as municipalities”.

“This is part of the president’s directive to create an interactive, accessible and responsive government.” – Sapa



President  and No one listening #eToyiToyi, Report your service delivery issue here

Submit you good, bad or ugly Service delivery report to this is an independent service to highlight your plight




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  1. dapper dave says:

    Dear Mr. President.

    I love this country, I am not born in South Africa but have spent the last ten years in this country. South Africa as so much potential to grow into a wonderful place to live in. However you must deliver as president on several crucial issues.

    1 Curruption ( Mainly in the government)

    2 Crime

    3 Child & women abuse

    4 Basic human rights.

    5 Put an end to nepotism in your appointment of government & judicial appointments

    6 Control your ANCYL spokesperson

    7 Put your words into action (Something you have not done since you were elected).

    If you could deal with the above, we would have, seven steps to heaven.

    I dont expect a reply but at least I’ve tried.

    With kind regards.



    Bab Zuma-my kids are so crazy about you-the shouting of VIVA Msholozi! every time they see you on screen.When you were put on your
    position. I celebrated with them and show them our new President,the celebration has not stopped even today.
    I so wanted to ask you to wear Christmas Father clothes and have posters be sent around South Africa,even be sold
    for charity purposes.i know its too late to ask you now,but please do put it into consideration for next year.

    We love you-May God lead you now and forever


  3. Dineo says:

    Dear Mr President

    when will the labour broker go,its been months on end and labour brokers for South African Airways are pure torture. The new contract workers, work longer hours, for less money and no benefits. how is that humanly possible?

    Please Look into the matter
    Thanking you in advance

  4. E Erasmus says:

    Mr President
    I appreciate your efforts to interact with the general public. However please allow me an opportunity to request your urgent
    assistance in eMalahleni (Witbank). Our local government and service delivery is falling appart and it seems that the political will to
    do something about it does not exist.

    Our roads are in a terrrible state. I know that the areas in which previously disadvantage citizens are staying must now alson get attention and funds. Sadly not even they benefit from the current situation. Their areas does not receive attention at all. Only when the president visit Witbank roads are fixed and cleaned.

    The traffic is too much for the existing routes: There is not sufficient funds and experience to do something about it.
    Traffic lights: Not repaired and sincronized.

    The traffic department: I do not think we do have any traffic cops left in eMalahleni. Road safety is a joke. Every driver is doing what ever they want and no one takes them to task. Taxi drivers are our nightmare and cops are too scared of them. Policemen driving past traffic offences do not even stop to repremant people. I think
    our cops are too scared to do their job. Traffic cops (3 or 4) in a car do not even slow down when traffic offences took place right in front of their eyes. They sit in shady spots talking with their friends or vehecles are seen at local sjebeens.

    Water: Water is still not fit to drink – if you are so lucky to have a supply of water to your house. The maintenance to pipelines is a disgrace. New developments to provide water to poor house holds does not happen. The polution of rivers and dams just continue. Complaining and fotos of culprits does not help. No one pays attention.

    Electricity: What more can I say. One can just laugh about it.

    Competent staff in local government: Really – I am thinking that there is no competent staff left. It may sound only negative but in the past it was not this bad. At the municipality clerks who is suppose to render service sit in offices with buckets of food in front of them the whole day. Do not dare to ask for help or phone with a problem. Customer service stinks. Questions asked in news papers do not even get a reaction from the mayor and her crew. They are too busy fighting and undermining each other. The local hospital is litteraly falling apart. Remaining staff are trying their best with what they got. Security guards assult visitors to the provincial hospital.
    Nothing gets done about it. Our fire brigade does not have sufficient manpower or water. All work gets done over the weekend in order to get overpay. Nothing gets done in the week. 6 Employees are send to fix one street lamp – if you are lucky. If you complain about water meters – staff are willling to fix it but you must pay them. (Bribery and corruption)
    Council members from all parties: They just sit there and collect pay. They do not do any thing to fulfill their roles. Why? It does not help – no one is listening.

    Financial Management: I think funds allocated are not spend wisely. Lack of control. Misuse of funds.
    Appearance of our city: It is a stinking, rotting, filthy dump. Garbage is dumbed anywhere. Garbage trucks are broken and not available for service.

    Mr President I am just mentioning a few frustrations. I for one are willing contribute towards sollutions but the political will locally must be there to work together. If we complain we are ignored. A complaining person cares and have possible sollutions, experience and resources – but then some body must listen and take the lead. Currently we have a different group of fat cats looking only after themselves.

    In order to proof what I say: Please visit Witbank without the municipality knowing that you are coming and see for yourself. I am willing to take you around to show you what we are complaining about.

    Thank you for the opportunity to speak my mind.

  5. maimela ts says:

    mr president i would like to take this oppotunity to congratulate you forbeing elected as state ever there are issues that need serious attantion.poor result for matric ,is due to lack of motivation .the observation that i have made since from 2006.learner from rural area need more information about bursaries.the derpatment of education shoul develop programme.

    From maimela samuel

  6. Jenny says:

    Mr President
    I appreciate your efforts to interact with the general public. my personal opinion is that criminals always get away with murder, sad but true. These criminals should be executed in front of thousands of people in order to set an example that crime and murder of this nature will no longer be tolerated.
    Everybody is looking up to you, brown, black, white, pink we all suffer because the criminal have more human rights than the citizens that support you and south africa. Take the criminal’s rights away and you will see a new south africa. We as a nation will be proud of you.

  7. Jeannette Giliomee says:

    Dear mr. President.
    I am writing to you out of despair and hopelessness. PLEASE HELP ME. My husband works as a towtruck operator towing cars that have broken down and been in accidents. Contrary to most of the people in this profession, my husband has always been good and kind to people suffering mishaps on the road. We have over the years received numerous compliments and even letters of gratitude for his excellent service. We even receid best wishes for christmas and new year from some of our clients. I am sure you cannot believe that someone in this industry gets this kind of response from the public!

    However, the Monday before christmas my husband was once again victimised by one of our local (white) traffic officers by way of the officer pointing his pistol at my husband and trying to arrest him for not having the correct lisence. This is not the first time that this specific officer has dogged and victimized my husband. He has done so on numerous occassions. We have never in the past six years that my husband has been driving a tow truck ever been hassled by any other law or traffic officer regarding his lisence.

    We are now stuck without any income as my husband is the main breadwinner in our family. We have three children who must go to school and be fed every day. If you could possibly give us any assistance with regards to this traffic officer and his attitude, we would greatly appreciate it as we would once again be able to support ourselves! PLEASE HELP US! Thank youand best regards.
    Jeannette Giliomee

  8. L Bateman says:

    Mr President,

    I phoned the Jacob Zuma hotline and what did I get? “Our office hours are etc.etc.etc”!!!!!!!!!! so it’s not so much a hotline as a luke warm line!!

    I echo E Erasmus sentiments above, I too live in Witbank and have, since 3 o clock this afternoon, been without power! I phoned every emergency number I had and they all just rang or were engaged! Out of sheer frustration, I phone Mr Mofokeng, the municipal spokesperson who wasn’t even aware that there was a power outage in my area and after numerous calls to and fro he eventually said that someone was looking at the problem and I would have power restored by 7 pm. Well guess what? it’s 7:30pm and I’m still sitting in the dark!! am I surprised? am I hell!!!

    Someone seriously needs to investigate this municipality, there are potholes everywhere, sewerage running freely down the streets, water not fit to bath in let alone drink! and that’s when we have water! and my all time favourite, power outages! We are the city of coal! Our illustrious Mayor refers to our city as “The Power City” according to the very expensive bill board with her photo on it at the extrance to this city! If I was her I would be too embarrassed to make such a statement! We pay our rates and taxes, the least we expect is service !

    Please investigate Witbank municipality urgently!!

    I look forward to a speedy response


  9. Nanima says:

    I totally agree with the Witbank/Emahlahleni complaints.. My parents stay in Witbank and whenever we visit on weekends i get so frustrated. The poor sanitation in the area is really causing flies in the house like you can’t believe. It really makes me naar. if there isn’t lights then there is no water.. yesterday we didn’t have water the whole day. the water is like a brownish colour.. very unsafe to drink.. this is surprise to me as 14 sleuth gates were opened in the vaal and we have a big witbank dam here..
    we make electricity yet my parents have to switch on a generator. let’s not even talk about the potholes.. it cost my father R2000 to fix a tyre due to the potholes..
    I keep on asking them why they don’t ask Jacob to do something about this.. but i guess he is not answering either..

  10. Annette Ross says:

    Dear Mr. President,

    Please address the issue of service delivery. The lack of accountability and work ethic is destroying the system.
    Once there is accountability by the Councils, for service delivery and enforcement of the by-laws, then we will see rejuvenation and progress at all levels.

  11. Jullian Kyle Jafter says:

    Dear Mr Jacob Zuma

    My name is Jullian Kyle Jafter, a 20 year old boy who would love to get into government.
    I however don’t know how to go about heading in the direction to make this dream a reality.

    Can you help me? please can you let me know if it is possible for me to sit in on a meeting just to hear and have an idea
    of the size and magnitude of the presidents job.

    you can contact me on the following:
    079 2788 421

    I would really appreciate a response, even if it is to tell me that the meeting is impossible.

    Kind regards
    Jullian K Jafter

  12. Nhlanhla says:

    Hi! The honourable mr president of my country

    Mr president we are young people organised here in tshwane.

    We really need to meet u,to to discuss what we is the direct assistance from your office.
    Wish u the success in government
    thank u.

    nj khumalo

  13. L Bateman says:

    Mr President

    Well it seems my last message yielded nothing. Am I surprised? am I Hell!!! I have phoned the hotline number numerous times over the last few weeks and what do I get? “Due to the high volume of calls……………” Yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there are such high volumes of calls why don’t they extend the servce?

    PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT WITBANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesterday we had three – THREE – power outages! I mean, really! And it doesn’t help to phone their emergency numbers, that’s a waste of time and money. Even if you do manage to get through to someone, no-one can tell you what the problem is! cause they don’t know? very likely!!! The also switched the water off but at least had the courtesy to warn us about that. What they didn’t warn us about was the condition of the water once it was switched on again! filthy! certainly not fit for human consumption!

    To add insult to injury, the road I use to work (R542) is one big pot hole from start to finish! Last August a contractor came in to “patch” the road and the result is that road is now virtually unusable! great donga’s and trenches all along the way! Another short cut? some unkown, unqualified contractor looking to make a fast buck? This is shocking! disgusting! words fail me!!!

    Please do something urgently, I’m fed up!!!!!!!!

  14. Nanima says:

    witbank – emahlahleni is in a sorry state of affairs.. i feel your pain.. service delivery.. water and electricity problems are continous.. the water quality.. let’s not start that one..
    let’s think of ways to get the attention of the government to step in and sort this out..
    why not try the provincial MP of mpumalanga..
    report this
    step 1 go to the ward councillor in your area
    step 2 go to the mayor
    step 3 go to the main guy in the mpumalanga
    step 4 go to jacob

  15. Jabo says:

    Why is it that CellC is able to bring in hundreds of Expats into the country when we have local skills in the company and within Cell C. How does the govement allow this, every day more and more expats arrive in Cell C and take over from the local staff. How do they get work permits without the goverment checking this out.

  16. shabir says:

    Mr president
    we have a beautiful country South africa. So call RAINBOW NATION.

    plz plz my humble request to respectable mr Jacob zuma stop malema to sing freedom songs [kill the boer and farmers].

    plz plz stop gynocide to begin in south africa.

    People are not stupid. we know you backing malema , whatever he wants to do.

    Tomorow malema will say KILL ALL INDIANS.

    Stop our country to become like Rawanda, where hutus kill tutsis in millions in early 90s.

  17. Gert says:

    Dear Mr. Zuma,

    I am an afrikaaner that left the country because of the increasing level of violant attacks on hard working money earning men and women.
    May I please set one thing in history very clear. The word K@##!@ was coined by the English when they occupied the cape and the first written literature was published by the English in 1871. The colonial period was also dominated by English hatred for Afrikaanres and black people. The word Boer and K@##@# came from the english colonial governments that supressed white Afrikers and Black so-called servants called K@##@$, in cased your ANC historians missed the point the first form of seperate development or segrigation policies was declared by the crown in forming so-called protectorates in Northern Rhodisia as in Southern Rhodisia and the colany of South Africa later called The Union Of South Africa.

    Your p#% d%$ called Malema is barking up a very serious tree. Let him go on shouting hatred and afrikaaner misinformed stupidity and find yourself again having to face the anger of the world as the English are not sleeping. The Bulldog watches and will bite. Maleme must be removed by you and very quicly. As I said I am Afrikaans and we never meant for any nation to be subjected to the tirany and lies of the English.

    It is up to you to believe what you so elect.

    Best regards from a very good afrikaaner.

  18. Desré says:

    Dear Mr. President,

    I am a white afrikaans speaking african; I was born here as were my parents and grand parents as far back as we can remember, I am an african with our sun carved into my heart, I can not leave this country, but I need your help. There is so much negativity that is being circulated in the media as well as over the internet and e-mails; these rumours that are being sent is causing heartach and pain and fear. We are loosing our counrty because we have lost faith and a positive attitude. There are so many rumour about what will happen when Mr. Mandela passes away, that there is going to be bloodshed and mayhem, that there are plans for a genocide. Is it not possible to address these fears? I have been told that I am stupid to think that any attention will be given to my please and that if it is true it will not be made publice, but still I hop, please Sir, we need guidence, we need hope . . . our counrty is so special

  19. aljaamia bloomberg says:

    dear mr president. i’am a resident in the manenberg community and suppose to work for the org proudly manenberg. i know that the president have made money available for the jobs that is created in the community, we are greatful for that opportunity. you know mr zuma someone have to inform you of how that money is being abuse by the organization you put in change of that money. and that they want the people in manenberg to go and toy toy for the money you promise to them. i know my information is a little deur mekaar, but please try to understand what i’am trying to say to you. we need someone to come and sort out this story cause this people is dragging the anc’s name through the mud by saying that the president don’t deliver what they promise. there is a lot of issues that need to be looked at and we are appealing to you to come and clear you name. we were promise that we would get R1000 per month and only get R750 some was paid half of that amount and were told to come back at a later day for the rest of that R750. we are not dissatisfied with the R1000, have you tried to live of R750per month.i’am a widow with 3 children and have to buy food,pay my rent school fees, traveling fare to school. show me how will you servive. please come and give the money they say you did not give. instead of R1000 you promise we only get R750. i dont know what to do now that you did not give proudly manenberg the money. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and i hope to see that you will take action with this people who is stealing from our goverment. that is how i see it. where have you seen someone who is working a NGO get paid R30,000per month and here we should be greatful with a R750 what were suppose to be R1000. Thank you and God Bless you.

  20. Natasha McConkey says:

    Dear Mr. Jacob Zuma,
    I am a 24 year old, female, white South African citizen. These specifications should not be important however, I feel that in South Africa it is important. I haven’t attempted your phone line yet but hopefully I will be able to reach you via email. I am aware that as a president of the people you are interested in your country’s concerns. Currently, I have a few. I am a qualified teacher and went into the profession because I was under the understanding that South Africa was in dire need of teachers. I studied through UNISA and obtained 9 distinctions. I managed to obtain a teaching post for 1 term however; due to financial constraints was retrenched thereafter. I have applied for over 200 teaching jobs in the Western Cape however, I have heard nothing from any of the places that I have applied to. Technically I qualified as a high school teacher FET in Life Orientation, Social Sciences and Technology. I have been applying for jobs to teach preschool. I have found not being able to find work in my current city not only disheartening but very distressful. I live with my family and as a consequence of not finding employment I am forced to seek work internationally. This breaks my heart as I know if given the opportunity I would be a phenomenal teacher to South African children. The idea of leaving my country, life and home to work overseas is perhaps the saddest thing that I can think of. I love my country I don’t want to leave. My father had a similar problem to mine and currently works in Lesotho. Our family only gets together a few times a year as a consequence of low employment opportunities in South Africa. Should I go overseas it is possible I will only see my family once a year.
    I would like to highlight that I don’t think its fair to blame teachers for leaving South Africa as, very few can find work. I cannot express in words how unfair it is that “teachers” who are neither qualified nor have a SACE Registration manage to get employment whilst those that are qualified and registered struggle. Mr. President I am not seeking some fancy Model C employment package. I applied for at least 30 schools in Khayaletsia and surrounding township areas. I even volunteered my services at Lifeline a counselling crisis centre, where instead of being welcomed got sidelined after an interview and have never heard from them again. Academically I have excelled yet cannot even find an internship that will let me work for them for free. I think this is shocking, disheartening and upsetting.
    I just feel that my issue is not just my problem alone. There are hundreds of NQT (Newly Qualified Teachers) that feel the same way. Something should be done. Education should be the most important thing in this country but it often is not.
    Please consider this e-mail.
    Kind Regards,
    Natasha McConkey
    (Unemployed, disheartened Teacher)

  21. enhiesto says:

    Please do not invite the spurious and muder Mexico´s: Felipe Calderon Hinojosa to his country and mundial.Mejor recommend it to work for Mexicans and to comply with its obligations constitucionls.thanks.
    atte. Mexicans who want to Mexico without felipe calderon fecal alias.

  22. Samkele Ngema says:

    Dear Mr

    I am a student at the University of Zululand. I need more information on fundings.My mobile number 0729850984 & email address is

  23. Sipho says:

    Dear Mr President

    I’m young man trying to live like any South African fortunately I’m employed and rendering my services as development activist at development bank of s a. My honarable last time on budget speech you mention 1b rand subside for the middle incomers to assist them to buy house as they don’t qualify from buying low cost houses and also bond house. Could you please raise your voice about it once again about the procedures to follow? Keep up the good works I’, proud to have a leader like you we are a blesse nation indeed.

    Thanking you in advince.

    Kindly regards
    Sipho Bungane

  24. Tinky says:

    Good day Mr President.I dont know if what i want to comment about will be relevent but i have to say something.Im a goverment employee and currectly working in Joburg Metro health Department i am even ashamed to say that im a qualified professional who has a diploma in a course that requires field work.For the past 3 years of employment i havent had a car yet alone a decent office.I type work at home as i was given an empty office without any computer, printer or stationery. When i need to go out in the field to do feild work i dont have a goverment car to go do my work and yet im expected to be functional and do my work without the relevent resources.I spoke to managemnet but all my attampts have fail so far. Im fustrated and i dont even enjoy being in the department of health.I have complete my community service in 2008 earning level 6 and im still on level 6 until this day were as all other professional are on level 7.The salary is a nightmare to think i went to varsity to earn R7,300 what an embarrasement.Im fustrated in all ways salary wise and by the working conditions.I wpul like you to intervene and help me out in this regard because i just dont know were else to turn to im counting on you.

  25. VIRGINIA says:



  26. cyndiswa says:




  27. Nwabisa says:

    Dear Mr President

    we have a problem in our location we got no electricity but the surounding area do have electricity,and the other problem is water we’ve been having taps for years now,but the is no water in those taps we really suffering please help us.

    thanking you in advance

  28. Nazeer says:

    Dear Mr President

    Please consider my ideas :

    1. All unlicensed and un-roadworthy vehicles should be towed away and stored by the traffic department. Defaulters to pay fines, storage and towing.

    2. If a person is caught driving a vehicle without a South African drivers license, the vehicle should be towed away by the traffic department, fines, towing and storage to be levied.

    3. No unlicensed vehicles should be allowed to park on public roads (government property) , fines, towing and storage to be levied. Consider auctioning the vehicle after a certain period of time.

    4. Only South African drivers licenses should be allowed.

    NB: The above will create revenue and employment.

    I await your comment.

    Thanking you

    N Sheik

  29. Nkosinathi Kwela says:

    dear:my president

    im 23 years male who independent from the age of 13years old i want to ask as im person who have skil of computer repairs,upgrade even a experience. i want to ask and request how i can develop my skill or register company because i dont have money for cc registration because i made online cc registration is coasting R690 but i dont have as my president i need your help to assist me to pay this coast i will pay back when i got money i will make my best to pay back i try even vukuzenzele that why i try my president to assist me iam bagging please make my life come true.

    thanks for your time

  30. phumlani sledgehammer silevana says:

    My President

    I am a 28yr old male originally from the Eastern Cape but, am in Cape Town to seek green pastures, my President am happy to say the last time i visited my place of birth i was so impressed by the progress that our government has made in this short time that you lead although i was bothered by the ANC comrades that are pipping our pensioners (mothers and fathers) these guys are basically collecting R12 joining fee money every year so i want to know. Do u pay a fee every year, or only once to be the ANC member because i did and i don’t pay money no more if am wrong sorry to them but if they are wrong i got their names. Please advise!

    Yours truly
    P Silevana

  31. Nkosinathi says:

    dear sir i want to ask if someone called you a thief and tell yuor customers to stay away from you even this man telling you that,he is selling slolen cellphones to his shop if you make court odder for him and report his crimanls and you want to be clear evenn the day in court the cleck take this man inside for 2hours if you go to civit court the dont want even to let you talk they just told me to have lawyer and i had with his worker that he pay for someone in court as iam know him paying cops if they find him with stolen good this pakistan guy he took away my freedom and my right if the coruption is even court you have to take stapes but if you like this country this man abused me if i will re-act the smae i will be arested becouse iam black peolpe as court allowe him to abuse me if you can let peolpe from other country to let his country down i dont know i need to attend this case again this man doing lot of criminal what picture i must have i want stanger court to give me a chance

  32. Priscilla says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need help; I have an old friend who applied for the government housing subsidy (RDP), a pensioner. her subsidy was approved and she was given a house number that is two years ago, and she was told the construction company ate the money so they will contact her as soon as they finish building her home because at that time they laid a foundation in her stand number, but to her surprise this year she was told that the house is given to some business man who want to open a store in her house stand, she must re-apply and be on waiting list because they shared the same house, but all this long the system approved her as a house owner, please contact me for the full information.


  33. Elvis Tikane says:

    Dear Mr PRES:J ZUMA.Firstly i would like to thank you in all your effort to try to ensure that all South African recieve equal decent living.Mr Zuma on behalf of my community of poor rural areas of Heuningvlei in Northern Cape province,election come and go year after years promises made bt we recieve nothing,1.We do not have tarred roads,we travel 100Km to diffent towns using gravel roads.2health care is a problem,our clinic opens from 07h00 till 16h00 in the afternoon then,we have got no stanby health care worker to in terms of emergency,no ambulance for emergency reason to take patients to nearby hospital of which we have to travel km to reach.3.No proper water running.Those issues has been raised to our local municipality which is Moshaweng local municipality.they have responded in the issue of road saying it’s a national government is have to deal with it.others they’re silent.Cud you MR PRESIDENT HELP US.THANK YOU

  34. Merilyn Powys says:

    Dear Mr. President

    Please can you release a statement saying
    ” having sex/raping innocent babies/ virgins” will not cure you of AIDS

    Thank you so very much

    Merilyn Powys

    Subject: A 9 Month Baby Was Raped By 6 Men
    Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 08:52:14 +0200

    Subject: 3 year old girl & 9-month-old baby.

    Last week a 3 year old girl in South Africa was
    beaten and raped . She is still alive. The man responsible was released on bail yesterday.
    10:35 AM
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    Sent: 20 September 2010 10:35:24 AM

    Dear Mr. President

    Please can you release a statement saying
    ” having sex/raping innocent babies/ virgins” will not cure you of AIDS

    Thank you so very much

    Merilyn Powys

    Subject: A 9 Month Baby Was Raped By 6 Men
    Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 08:52:14 +0200

    Subject: 3 year old girl & 9-month-old baby.

    Last week a 3 year old girl in South Africa was
    beaten and raped . She is still alive. The man responsible was released on bail yesterday.

    He is walking the streets.

  35. Celia says:

    Ek voel dis my plig as, wit Suid-Afrikaanse vrou, om hierdie e-mail vandag uit te stuur en almal te waarsku. As ons almal maar net na iemand se storie luister, naar word, hoendervleis kry en dan net weer aangaan met ons lewens, gaan ons nerens kom nie. Wanneer wil ons wakker word en besef wat besig is om te gebeur. Ek dink ons moet hierdie kragtige ding, e-mail, gebruik, vir meer as net grappies rondstuur. As elke vrou of man, met wie daar iets gebeur, ‘n e-mail begin sirkuleer, kan ons dalk iemand anders en onsself, in die proses help of beskerm. ‘n Vroutjie wat ek baie goed ken, het gister haar traumatisie storie vir ons vertel. Sy het uit ‘n inkopiesentrum gery, laat in die aand (Bedfordview Mall). Net daarna, het blou ligte agter haar geflikker en haar forseer om af te trek. Die polisievoertuig het skuins voor haar ingery. Die swarte, geklee in volle uniform, het na haar venster toe gekom en vir haar gese: “Get the f@ck out of the car!” Hy het haar in die kattebak van die kar gegooi en toe met haar gery. Die ander 2 “offisiere” in die polisievoertuig het gevolg. Op ‘n stil pad, het hulle haar weer uit die kar geruk, ‘n vloeistof gegee om te drink. Toe sy dit uitspoeg, het hulle net kwater geword en haar meer mishandel Soos sy se, op een stadium het sy gewens hulle wil haar liewer skiet, as vir haar om deur hierdie trauma te gaan. Sy het bewussyn verloor. Die drie het haar toe verkrag en net daar gelos. Sy het 3 dae later in die hospitaal wakker geword. ‘n ADT man het haar, langs haar kar gekry die volgende oggend en die polisie en ambulans gebel. Al haar besittings, geld, diamante juwele ens, was nog net so in die kar. Dus was die intensie nie roof nie….. Die polisie het gese, dat dieselfde ding ook met ‘n ander vrou gebeur het dieselfde aand, in dieselfde omgewing. Vandag moet sy met die trauma saamleef. Sy moet vir ‘n maand lank Antiretroviral medikasie neem, en ons kan maar net bid dat sy nie by maand 3, HIV positief toets nie. Sy gaan ook vir “counselling”. Die Counsellor, het hope leers op haar tafel van vrouens wat almal verkrag is…..
    So al wat ek vandag kan doen, is pleit by alle vroue, MOENIE meer in die nag alleen ry nie. (Ek is ook skuldig, doen dit self) Ons vroue is sagte teikens en dit is hulle missie om ons te teiken. Wees parraat. Jy, as vrou, in die donker, het die reg om na ‘n Polisiestasie toe te ry, wanneer jy langs die pad afgetrek word, in die nag en jy onseker voel. Wanneer ‘n Polisievoertuig, ligte agter jou flikker, skakel jou noodligte aan (net om vir hom te wys dat jy hom wel gesien het) en ry dan na die naaste Polisiestasie. Kry ‘n klein botteltjie traangas in jou kar. Hou dit byderhand, wanneer jy wel afgetrek word. Wanneer die Polisievoertuig voor jou insny, stop, maar moet NOOIT die kar afsit nie en sit dadelik jou motor in tru-rat. As hy agter jou is, sit jou kar in 1ste, sodat wanneer daar wel iets fout gaan, jy onmiddelik kan probeer weg jaag.
    Dankie dat jy gelees het en stuur asb aan almal in jou adresboek.

  36. Nikita says:

    I phoned the president, I queried universities rejecting students before they write their finals and guess what? the person hung up on me!!!!

  37. Tanya says:

    Dear Mr President,

    Please could you revise your BEE policies as the children born in 1992 are today 18 years old, and should not be excluded in your BEE policies – and the apartheid days was before their time.
    BEE has paid it’s due, but there are still a majority of black people unemployed and not in high end jobs .

    Tender adjudication process also need to be looked at – instead of purchasing from a non-compliant BEE company , they are puchasing from BEE companies and public hospitals are buying goods for hospitals at 3-4 times the actual amount, as they are purchasing these from local “UNBEE” companies and adding their mark-up to the prices…

    I am sure I am not the only one complaining about this BEE policy – many South Africans have immigrated due this BEE, for a better future for their children – we are suppose to be one rainbow nation, instead I see this as reversed discrimination, and there will be in due time aggression towards this.

    look forward to your feedback

  38. Jenny says:

    Dear Mr President,

    I would like to bring to your attention the corruption at the Boksburg Police station. On 15 December 2009, my house was raided by hawks and the special force, they assualted my nephew who is a diabetic and has TB. For him to get them away from him, he told them that he will take them to all the drug lords in the area, which he did and arrests were made. (There is also gangsterism in the area). No charge, no cases we laid against these drug lords and my nephew now is going to court on drug charges. There is a register at the Boksburg Police main office of these people being detained and release on bail, but todate they have not appeared in any court. Could you kindly get your guys to investigate.

    Sincerely appreciated

  39. m0hamed sha says:

    dear mr president
    basically ihave no problems,what i would like to do for you is to win the next elections.i could help sort out your problems without any cost and would love the citizens to be happy of south africa.i did phone kenneth on the hotline number please do get back to me so we could discuss my idea.
    TEL NUMBER:033 3877693


  40. Debbie says:

    Dear Mr President

    We thank you for the job that you are doing and opportunity given to raise our problems.

    Jericho(village near Brits) is faced with difficulties. Water is scares, the road is very bad to drive in, the electricity is scares, RDP houses project is not completed and faced with poverty.

    Our Mayor Mr Jacob Gaarekwe left people wondering if the ANC is really helping them or not? Before Mrs Molewa can move to Social responsibilities, she came and visit the village and assured the people that they will receive the RDP houses until to date. The money for the Road of Mmakgabetlwane to Jericho was out but we have not seen any of the progress. We would then like the state to investigate these problems.

    Your response will be much appreciated.

  41. Mbeki says:

    Dear Beloved Citizens of South Africa

    I am honoured and humbled at the knowledge that The South African President is able to communicate to His people, well I have a lot of things I can bring to your attention however I trust that you are aware of such things. Mr. President I just hope God can be with you all through out your reigh inspite of all the tough times you endure. Well we have you to run this country and it is better because I believe if the challenge was placed upon either one of the citizens it would be more or less the same.

    Regards Mbeki.




  43. Nanima says:

    Purity please next time type in small letters

  44. Applegreen says:

    Dumela Ntate

    My mother is having a problem where she works at the Department of Education North West Province in mafikeng and i just don’t know where to get help, after reading this please maybe just give me a direction on where i should direct my problem. There is a younger lady who is a pastor at born again church who is really trying to make my mother’s life a living hell at work. I am personally born again my self and my mother realy loves God, but this young lady goes around spreading rumors about my mom and she even goes to her seniors and lie about her. My mother always went to her seniors to ask them to separate them but they never do anything about it.My mother is a very sick person she has allot of stress and pains in her body and heart but she has no problem with her work as she is a senior to this young lady. the stories my mother tells me about this poor pastor are really hurting me so much that i need to do something to help my mother is scared because she hears that this lady sent a letter to the MEC of education who is also a born again pastor too and my mom is afraid that maybe religion will be the cause of him taking the young lady’s side. I told my mother to maybe open a restraining order against her or something on that likes. please keep this letter in your records as it might be needed when this thing goes big as i think it might.if maybe you or whoever is reading this help as i am mother has been crying since she came back from work and i cannot just sit and do nothing about it.
    if you have time please reply to my email at
    i know we all have problems but le nna this is just one of my few ways of fixing them. my mother is not the only person having a problem with this lady Pastor Kgomotso Rangoako. And the guys on top i pray your problems also get dealt with.

    Ke a leboga Ntate

  45. Corrie Viljoen says:

    Mr President
    I developed an affordable solarpower system which is intended for the rural and low cost housing sector of SA, it will stop shack fires and cable theft and empower the communaty. I need assistance to introduce it to the communaty and would like to know if the Presidents office can assist me in anyway?
    Corrie Viljoen

  46. Sonja says:

    Dear Mr President,

    I do understand your very busy schedule and very serious matters that you have to address in your daily routine, but please give a moment and read my comment.

    I am a mother that love my children dearly and you are a father that love your children dearly and I think both of us want a future for our children.

    I have recently returned from the UK to the country I love so dearly, and I have to put my children in the school here. I have some concerns about the safety of children.

    1. When I turn on the radio I here about children being abused or abandoned. (It should be in the news we have to know this)

    2. I read and hear stories about teachers sexualy abusing children in schools.

    3. I see teachers standing around smoking having tea during play breaks not a single teacher in sight on the playground during playtime to look after them and protect them.

    4. I read about children doing the deed behind the school hall during playtime, where are the teachers during this time.

    5. I read alot lately about children bullying eachother and filming it on cell phones and the recent article about the game they play makabere when they put a rope around their necks because they think they can get a kick out if it and then taking pictures with cell phones a lot of kids have died as a result.

    6. These problems are in all of the schools even the best of schools.

    7. Another thing I am concerned about is drugs and I think children and parents should be more informed.
    (Get people who work with people with drug related problems to come and talk with parents at school)

    8. I think parents and children should be educated and informed more about sexual abuse, especially parents so that they know how they can prepare their child not to fall in the hands of evil minded adults or children in some cases. (Get people to come and talk at school with parents)

    I do think that our schools needs to be regulated more extensively, like in the UK they use OFSTED a very good system. I think you need more school psycologists and they should visit schools more regularly, more inspectors and they should regulate more regularly and then they should be more competent it must not be just a job it should be people who truly love children and have their interests at heart.

    Then I think cellphones in schools are a big problem, I know a lot of schools in the UK have banned them from school premises and where they are allowed it need to be handed in at the office and collection can be made after school.

    Mr President this is not our future this is the future of our children and you and I have that responsibility in our hands to give them the future they deserve, otherwise they will one day have lots of questions that we would be to afraid to answer.

    I belief this is where South Africa can change for the better by investing in every single child in this country not according to their race or culture but simply because they are kids they are the future. Lets give them just that.

    I thank you very much for your time.

  47. Thembeka Dlamini says:

    Good day

    To the President, I an issue that I need assistance or clarity with.

    Firstly. This is not the first time I write to you, first email I sent was on the 13/08/10 and I called your hotline on the 18/08/10 to confirm the receipt of my email and i Spoke to Anna reference no: 3364158 but still NO RESPONSE from your office, is it one of those goverment promised that take 3-6 months for us to get action or response from you.

    My name is Thembeka Dlamini, I have a very BIG concern.I have a friend who works, correction volunteers for the SAPS (Hill brow Police Station), she started working there in January 2008 as a Data Typist. She is a hard worker if I must say so myself. When she started she was promised that she will made permanent by June 2008 but that promise was not fulfilled. The year 2008 went by with nothing but promises, promises and more promises. Last year she was almost giving up, when around September she was given an offer and according to what she told me she was suppose to be permanent in October as they had to send her documents to the Head Office (normal processor I guess). She incurred around November/December but was told that they are still waiting for the head office to create a persal numbers but everything is in order. She is still not permanent (today 16/11/10) and she has started given up as she no longer goes to work every day only when she feels like.

    As I write to you now, she is now transferred to Roodepoort as she is promised the posts will soon be available and that Roodepoort Police Station has a shortage of Typist so if she agrees to be transferred she will be regarded as first preference.

    I have now befriended some of her friends at the station (Hillbrow) who are permanent and I heard rumours that there are people who were employed by the station and were taken as permanent from day1, on the other hand when I ask her about it she just saying she is still waiting for the persal number and according to them the government processes take longer or that there was a lady who was caught with the applicants documents and she was committing fraud and now the posts were frozen. And as I write now she is at home. When she started she was promised to be transported to and from work because she is a volunteer with no income but that promise is also not fulfilled most of the time as she is sometimes told to take a taxi cause there’s no one to fetch her but funny enough there is people from the station who live around our place. In March she stopped going to work as she wanted to punish them but she was called to the office as someone was on leave and they were short staffed.

    Mr President my concern here is, there is not enough jobs these days and today’s youth is very lazy but what about the people who are trying but are not appreciated and acknowledged. Please help my friend she is now starting to show signs of depression and doesn’t even see the point of leaving.

    Concerned Citizen
    Thembeka Dlamini
    084 736 1080
    011 342 4546

  48. Adri says:

    Dear sir
    Im a 24year old woman who needs your help.Im looking for a job and because im blacklisted its truelly really hard to get something.My husband just got retrenched from work and i have a 3year old boy who i love very much that i must take care off.God knows my heart i just want a decent job to take care of my family.I love my God,my family and my country just felt like your the one who can help me with this request.Its my sister’s email because i don’t have one.Our number is 0723789283 which my husband would answer.Thank you and may God bless.

  49. Marietjie says:

    We have a problem with the local Emahlahleni municipality where there is no regards for basis client services – we are dealing with people who are not only unproffesional but unwilling to change there way of thinking and be more understanding, helpfull and innovative up to the point where a telephone rings for 12 minutes before its answered, where electricity is cut of after hours for a mere couple of rands thats short on a debit order but there are no provision made to be able to rectify. We received the same account one month x12 and the next month no account. Our garbage bags are not collected for 2-3weeks at a time, the municipal managers are not available to answer,if you do get through you are cut of or put on hold or transfered 13times. Garbage are heaped up on street corners, potholes are not fixed, grass in public areas ar not cut -the local firehouse are overgrown and looks like a dump, robots are not fixed for weeks at a time and and… OUR MUNICIPALITYNHAVE TOTALLY LOST CONTROL!I have to pay my kids schoolfees, have medical aid for medical care, pay tollfees while roads are unsafe. Can you please tell me why am I paying 42% Income tax?

  50. Nanima says:

    i agree emahlalahleni really needs urgent help as it is going down the drain

  51. JUDITH says:


  52. Linda Rautenbach says:

    Dear Mr President, tonight, while I am writing this email to you, I am heartbroken. I have had my driver’s lisence for 22 years, have maybe been in 1 accident in my whole life, God bless, should I have traffic offences/fines, I ALWAYS pay, ALL of my vehicles over the past years, have always been in a good, roadworthy condition, I am a law abiding citizen. Today, I have gone to do my driver’s lisence test at the Somerset East traffic department, we were 4 people who went along with the driving school. I have been told that I drive very well, follow ALL the rules, and according to the driving instructor, I WAS the one whom he was certain would pass. Before even entering the vehicle, the traffic inspector started speaking to me in a terrible, non-respective way. He was giving running commentary with each and every step of the way, ranting and raving about everything, sometimes with his back turned to me, which obviously made it impossible for him to see that I was doing everything as taught. He was very belitteling towards me, showing NO respect whatsoever. I feel that it is their duty to mark you on what you are doing, but not rant and rave all the way. This in itself makes you nervous and you can do NOTHING, because they are the AUTHORITIVE figures and therefore you must just keep quiet. I feel that as a woman, that kind of treatment towards me was unfair and unjustified. We are in the midst of our country’s 28 days of activism AGAINST woman and child abuse, and he VERBALLY ABUSED me, making me feel worthless and useless, obviously enjoying every moment. That is unfair and I feel that it is time that someone higher than these small town trafficcops take action to show them that they are in fact NOT UNTOUCHABLE. I am also a tax payer and voter in this country and I deserve to be treated with respect, as I treated him. The other guy had it even worse than me, he was in the truck for 2 minutes when this trafficcop said he rolled, turned around and walked away, leaving the guy totally confused.

  53. Yandie says:

    Dear Mr President

    I wish and pray to God that you can help me . A friend of mine has got a Child who’s suffering from Autism , she’s a single employed mother of one kid . She’s has been looking for a school for her son and she finally got school in Fourways and the fees for the school is R60000 a year . She cannot afford the school and she wishes her son to go to school like other kids . Her son is 6 years Old , she once went to department of Education because there’s a special school in Menly that cheaper than the other special schools but they alyz tell her that she’ll be on waiting list , she’s been on that waiting list until she went to Department of Education and they gave her a Date and when she went the assessed the child and told her that he’s no Autistic they cannot take him although she had all the reports from Doctors . Her child doesnt not speak , and he has been on nappies till this year January .

    All I’m asking is not for money but any assistance that we can get so that her child can go to school next year . Its very sad and I feel her pain . You can contact me at 073 977 2934 / 072 7927 136

    Thank you

    Kind Regards


    072 7927 136 / 073 977 2934

  54. wikus says:

    Good day to whom this concern.
    I am a white guy that want to become a police man after i went to Soweto to do the test the lady said if i pass it i will be in SAPS college in jan2011. Just to hear 2weeks down the line sorry there is no posts for white guys in Gauteng.

  55. J Tsholo says:

    Dear Mr President
    As a young nd growing youth i just see poverty becoming wess here in SA,many youths complete their studies and after that we struggle 2 find jobs government has 2 try harder 2 create jobs 4 us poeple are really really strugeling.Thnx

  56. Linda says:

    Well it’s happened again, many of the Witbank suburbs have been without power since Saturday, 11th December ! and a lot of them have no water either cause you need pumps to pump water and pumps use electricity ! when is someone out there going to do something? or do we just let Witbank crumble into the dust never to be seen again? The emergency numbers are never answered and even if you phone during office hours and are lucky enough to get through, you’re just told a pack of lies!

    Mr President, if there is no government intervention soon there will be anarchy is this city, mark my words! people can only stand so much and no more.

  57. Henning du tiot says:

    mr president

    I have a huge problem and i am hoping you are willing to help me, I’ve been trying to get an appointment for my drivers licens but each time I just get shown away, I dont understand the law people get fined and cant drive anywere without one but no one can get one, so how do I go from now,? I cant work or visit my parents over christmas is that fair? please tell me what can I do?

  58. Thembeka Dlamini says:

    Dear however

    Do any of these queries get responsed to as i heave sent the below countless time & still no response. Was this a front for us to vote for u or what???????????????????????

    Thembeka Dlamini says:
    November 16, 2010 at 2:22 pm
    Good day

    To the President, I an issue that I need assistance or clarity with.

    Firstly. This is not the first time I write to you, first email I sent was on the 13/08/10 and I called your hotline on the 18/08/10 to confirm the receipt of my email and i Spoke to Anna reference no: 3364158 but still NO RESPONSE from your office, is it one of those goverment promised that take 3-6 months for us to get action or response from you.

    My name is Thembeka Dlamini, I have a very BIG concern.I have a friend who works, correction volunteers for the SAPS (Hill brow Police Station), she started working there in January 2008 as a Data Typist. She is a hard worker if I must say so myself. When she started she was promised that she will made permanent by June 2008 but that promise was not fulfilled. The year 2008 went by with nothing but promises, promises and more promises. Last year she was almost giving up, when around September she was given an offer and according to what she told me she was suppose to be permanent in October as they had to send her documents to the Head Office (normal processor I guess). She incurred around November/December but was told that they are still waiting for the head office to create a persal numbers but everything is in order. She is still not permanent (today 16/11/10) and she has started given up as she no longer goes to work every day only when she feels like.

    As I write to you now, she is now transferred to Roodepoort as she is promised the posts will soon be available and that Roodepoort Police Station has a shortage of Typist so if she agrees to be transferred she will be regarded as first preference.

    I have now befriended some of her friends at the station (Hillbrow) who are permanent and I heard rumours that there are people who were employed by the station and were taken as permanent from day1, on the other hand when I ask her about it she just saying she is still waiting for the persal number and according to them the government processes take longer or that there was a lady who was caught with the applicants documents and she was committing fraud and now the posts were frozen. And as I write now she is at home. When she started she was promised to be transported to and from work because she is a volunteer with no income but that promise is also not fulfilled most of the time as she is sometimes told to take a taxi cause there’s no one to fetch her but funny enough there is people from the station who live around our place. In March she stopped going to work as she wanted to punish them but she was called to the office as someone was on leave and they were short staffed.

    Mr President my concern here is, there is not enough jobs these days and today’s youth is very lazy but what about the people who are trying but are not appreciated and acknowledged. Please help my friend she is now starting to show signs of depression and doesn’t even see the point of leaving.

    Concerned Citizen
    Thembeka Dlamini
    084 736 1080
    011 342 4546

  59. Ram Makardood says:

    The President has mentioned some very impotant issues concerning education. I hope his Honourable Ministers and HOD follow up immediately and not wait for another year.

  60. nonconfidence in zuma says:

    I am disappointed with Zuma leadership and appointments of some DG and Ministers. I pray that NFP takes us to a new south africa free from corruption and nepotism

  61. Beauty says:

    We are the members of tsoga project we 12 yrs we never get income where we can get help and we are doing food garden sewing beading recycle u come and c more and get more info u can can call on 0746830356 beauty

  62. Joey says:

    Ek het probeer deur die klagte lyn om met u kontak te maak, brief gepos aan Mnr Mtlantle geen resultate. Wat ek te se het en te vra het, kan ek nie hier se of vra nie. President, dit sal hoog op prys gestel word om met u te kommunikeer tussen in u besonderse besige program. Baie dankie

  63. BRENDA says:


  64. Noluthando Njeza says:

    Mr President. Had tried to contact your office on several occassion and even sent you an email twice, had emailed other government departments as well on more that one ocassion but had recieved any feedback from all of you guys. I just want to know if this Presidential Hotline is just a political talk to persuade or influence poor voters? Forgive my tone but its realy unprofesional not to even get a confirmation that your correspondence was recieved.
    Thank you

  65. Bonolo Moleme says:

    Hopefully this hotline will come in handy for our nation.

  66. phumlani silevana says:

    hi desre my name is phumlani from cape town man this talk make my stomach turn but to tell you the truth you are as much African as am despite colour of you skin or language and i think a public debate will settle this once and for all we will always have differences but south africa is for all of us black and white

  67. phumlani silevana says:

    hin dave what you just mention is true being an active member of the ANCYL myself i would like to comment on controlling of the organisation we are the young lions of this country and if you read some of malema’s attack as am perfectly sure that you are talking about him he himself attack the president not once so we are voicing the needs and wants of the young future leaders that cannot speak for themselves we are still saying ONE MAN ONE WOMAN as for crime,fraud,corruption and nepotism it must just be dealt as a very sensitive matter

  68. Timothy Allan says:

    Dear Noluthando Njeza,

    Get back to me in my email.

  69. Mongezi Mathangana says:

    Your Honorable Mr. President

    I am a concerned citizen. My name is Mongezi Mathangana from Umzimkhulu Ward 10 (KwaNjunga odla amathambo).

    My concern is with regards to the protests by the communities who are not happy with either their local Municipalities or their Ward Councilors in terms of service delivery. I think there is a structure that is missing between the Ward Councilor and the community that can be used as a communication platform. Currently there is no mechanism or system in place that ensures that Councilors account to the community. Ward councilors are mobile without offices within their respective wards/communities. If you can’t get hold of the Councilor on his/her cellphone as a community member, that is the end of the means of trying to locate them.

    I think Ward Councilor’s need to have offices within their respective wards and a secretary who will always be in the Councilor’s office, someone who will have access to Cllr’s diary, someone who can locate the Councilor when he/she is needed most by the community. In councilor’s office there should be committees like, Youth Development Committee, Local economic Development Committee, safety and security committee etc, these committees will device development strategies per ward needs and challenges. Each community has different challenges, these committee structures will allow communities to address their issues thoroughly and in details at a ward level.

    For instance, the Youth Development Committee will address current youth issues at the ward level, issues like Alcohol abuse, Education and Training, HIV/Aids, sport etc. Local Economic Development Committee will device strategies on creating jobs using available natural resources and creating a vibrant economic developing community. Safety and Security Committee will be able to address crime issues, at the ward level it will be very easy to pin point culprits and catch them, by doing so we will be creating a crime free community at a ward level. I think Teachers and Community Development Workers (CDW) can play a very integral part contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness of this structure.

    It will be the duty of Councilor’s office and these committees to give feedback to the communities in all the areas that affect the community. The interpretation of the state of the Nation address, Budget speech and other important government updates with South African citizens should be part of this structure. It is in this office where all Government notices, vacancies and other relevant information will be published. People will have access to this kind of information in walking distances.

    Your consideration in this regard will be really appreciated or even just an acknowledgement.


    Mongezi Mathangana
    Umzimkhulu Ward 10 (kwaNjunga)
    Cell: 0767103299

  70. Mandilakhe Dlelaphantsi says:

    i have a national diploma in building and currently finishing up my Btech degree in quantity surveying. Currently i’m working in the private sector for a construction company as general worker(like a dog. can you help me regarding work that i am qualified for?

  71. Themba Simamane says:

    Dear President
    I am young lion of ANC youth here in Durban carrying Electrical Instrument Engineering, who was fired due to racism at Toyota SA, and its a long story. My main concern is , when I applied for my UIF at a department of labour, application was succesful, its even highlighted that it was my first time to apply for it, even indicated my previous company I worked for, which was Umgeni Water. The problem started when these guys from department of labour started to see that I will get more money since it was my first time to apply, they then said I will not get the amount from Umgeni water only Toyota SA payments that you will get, even that there are few chances to loose the whole amount because you applied for this at the last month of period given. I mentioned that I was still running an appeal, knowing that I might win a case, they said its not their problem, to process this they must get half of the amount I will get otherwise nothing I will get, imargine I was stressed even my wife is still at University, I accepted an offer but making sure that all the details I keep to open a case against then.

    Due to fight they forced me to pay them at list five thousand otherwise I will be in big shit. I made a linked account so that I will keep details for my case.

    I am not a happy man because what I know the money that I was always paying monthly from Umgeni Water and Toyota, was building a hope that when I loose job it will help me not to pay department of labour guys who are already working.

    Please I really need help

    I will appreciate your response in this regards.

    Themba Simamane

  72. Masesi says:

    Afternoon Mr president we have a problem in my fimaly my mom applied for an RDP
    HOUSE SINCE IN 1996 akakayitholi nanamuhla, besicela ucedo please Msholozi sihlala ekhaya nezingane zakithi ezingu 5 (five) in a very small room we pay rent at home a house that our great grandmother left us but my uncle athi sikhokhe. please Baba sicela ecedo kakhulu impilo inzima… 🙁 Masesi

  73. BRENDA says:

    Dear Mr. President

    I send an e-mail on March that i needed help to attend the conference, but i do not need that sort of help anymore. Mr. President i can bring a change by creating jobs and save energy. My company has a product and stratergies that can help this country to save energy but i need help. This company has a potential to make a better SA buy creating jobs and saving energy. I hope i can get reply from the President.

    Sunny Regards

  74. motlatsi says:

    Good day Mr President

    At Ratanda Heidelberg Lessedi Municipality in Sedibeng district there is a lot of corruption and nepotism.In order to get employed employed one have to be a relative with the mayor or the counseller we have tried to protest about this but it never gets corrected.ANC Officials are the most biggest croocks that one can find around the town and the situation is very increasing bad.I dont want to touch on the tenders.all what i am asking for is the full investigation about all this allegations for the past 17years till date .we will not tolerate croocks to spoil the such a wonderful parties reputation for their personal interest unless if you as apresident you are willing to condone such a behaviour.

  75. peter mokgolobotho says:

    Dear mr president
    Iam 21 year old I study at university of johannesburg. I have a lot of problems that I cannot resolve without your help.I live in the informal settlement at Duduza tswelopele Ekhuruleni for the period of 20 years with my both parents and my two parents are both sick and are unemployed.Two development has been take place but the commities neglected us and they keep telling us that we don’t qualify for RDP house and there is a lot of corruption, they sold our house and they dont want to help us to resolve this matter.this problem is affecting my studies, im worried because our shack burnd down on fire in 29 june 2011.i will be glad if you can take my problems into consideration. my mobile numbers is 0789323828.

  76. digateng says:

    Please mr president remove corruption in the saps why are members who grown within the ranks of saps with qualifications left out for promotion in the saps why are other department considering qualifications but saps considering National Diploma for all higher post there are members in the saps who are having degrees and masters but earning like somebody with std 06 pls mr President remove all of the old management and pls consider qualifications in order to end corruption let’s there be different one is having M+15 qualification but is working under somebody who has never passed a diploma or degree but because he/she is related to top management look at limpopo people without qualification are on top bof others having obtained fast track promotions when you look at their educational qualifications only Diploma but those withdegrees,honours,masters and PHDS in Policing are left out pls mr President end this corruption let’s QUalifitications dominates in the SAPS

  77. daisy says:

    Dear mr president remove corruption inthe saps let’s education dominates in the saps why are there no differences in the SAPS just like in department of Health and others is it because their leader is a professional why mr president? Why no differences one with. Phd/masters/Honours is earning less and without promotion but one with no qualifications always promoted why ask the SAPS Management how many members with Honours,masters are occupying senior post you will found that many on lower ranks with more than 10 years of policing experience are the one with more qualification but one who joined the. Saps being a cleaner is now commanding a certain unit occupying the higher rank pls mr president fight for us.

  78. Hid my President

    I am sending this mail to request at least 3 mobile classroom for my school Buzulwazi Primary School which is situated at Elandskop under Vulindlela Circuit.The school has only 3 classroom with 247 learners ,my Department is trying to address this situation but due to financial constrain,the process is taking too long.This school was established in 2007 and growing,I wonder how are we going to manage in 2012,while waiting for the DBE to proceess addition of classrooms.The school start from grade R to Grade 7.May you please request any assistance from business people. Thank in advance

  79. Geagte president.

    Ek is Theno Koert, ‘n leerder van Groot-Brakrivier Sekondêre Skool. Ek is 16 jaar oud.

    Ek wil graag hê u moet ons dorp besoek inverband met die ontwikkeling van ons dorp. Ons dorp is baie klein, maar die bevolkings groei is groot. Ek het ook gesien in die koerant dat u Dysselsdorp besoek het en was spogerig, ek wil hê u moet ons besoek inverband, met behuising, winkelsentrums, want ons as gemeenskap moet geld mors om in Mosselbaai of George in koppies te gaan doen. My hart blink om U as president te sien want dit id een van my doelwitte en doelstellings in die lewe.
    As u ons dorp besoek, wil ek hê u moet my e-pos by en vir my sê, sodat ek by u kan wees daardie dag. Ons is ‘n klein dorpie en niemand van die Nasionale Regering het al ons besoek nie.

    Ek glo en hoop u maak dit, voor die einde van die jaar of vroeg in volgende jaar.

    Groete en bly in kontak.
    Theno Lushon Koert

  80. Ek hoop u reageer vinnig en spoedig.
    Ek het al probeer bel, maar niks kom deur nie. Ons het ook ‘n nuwe behuisings projek, maar hier’s dinge wat nie korrek volgens die mense is nie. Ons het net u as SA se president nodig.
    Dis baie belangrik, benodig spoedige terugvoering en weens my drome raak waar.

  81. Mr ds de vos says:

    Dear mr president

    I would like to send my appreciation to the license department in Delmas. I went to renew my drivers license card about a month ago, the service was fast, excellent and friendly. They explain and helpful, especially the ladies (cashiers). I understand they deal with different challenges daily, like difficult customers and short of man power. In all honesty they do their best under the situations. Thank you ladies and gentlemen @ the licensing department for drivers license cards. Keep it up.

  82. Jaysen says:

    Mr. Zuma. Whether u read my mail r not i dnt care. I always notice that u not an intellectual person. U cn hardly ever give a speach that not prepared by yr cronies. If u passed standard 5 then u wud be a little bit intelligent, instead of lying u passed matric. Now u passing the secrecy bill. Wat happened to yr bum boy Schabir? Is he stil giving u yr share frm Nkobi Holdings? Catch a wake up Jacob. Maybe nxt time u nt so lucky. Instead of Schabir, it wud be u in jail.

  83. Cathrine Thomas says:

    Dear Mr President Jacob Zuma, This i hope in more positive way of a request or maybe we can help our country. Why dont we get our young children off the street, by building a comunity centre, give them food but also making sure they dont abuse the system by drugs, teach them farming make them resonsible, that is a very big issue in today life, our youngest have just been handed everything to them, People plead for jobs and once they get it go on strike, I was recently in Drakensburg and there were youngest begging, on give him money she said Madam do you not have anything for me to eat, that what i call poor, i went all the way into bergville to buy the youngest a loaf of bread, We as older genaration was tatch (give a man a fish rode and he can catch his own food) This could be true, but i dont think a hunry man wants a fishing rode. When we were young we had to walk to work, we didnt have cars, my Mother only parent supporting and yet she raised 6 of us up on her own, non of us turned a so Bad, and yet our children, well there is no respect,love or honour.
    My opions 1. We should get the Drugs off our street. 2. Band Strikes. 3. Teach our youngest responisbilies and give them guidians. They are the future.
    4. I feel the attitude, today with all people (lets blame the Government) We the opisite of America, not what you can do for your country but what your country can for you.
    My request is that i am an um-employed white woman, at the age of 50,
    i cannot seam to get a Job, and would really like to help in the community and to be honest i do need money to pay my debts.
    So Mr President if you can help me, i will go out to help you and our beautiful county.
    Thank you so kindly

  84. seshika says:

    I would like to appreciate a good work done by our president.

  85. Dear Msholozi

    Angazi noma sekungaba ukuphuma endleleni yini, kodwa Baba Maphumephethe, kubi Mphathi. Sengibasathe ngishona ngapha, hhayi cha akulungi. Yebo impela ngazifaka mina kodwa angisakwazi ukuohuma. IZIKWELETU Baba Mongameli, zingigabhile, angisakwazi nokukhokhela indawo yokuhlala le yodwa. sengithole amaNotice of Eviction a more than 3, ngenxa yokungakwazi ukukhokha. Ngibasathe debt consolidation loan, akuvumi, ngishayiwa i-affordability, ngibasathe ngqu lutho. SIZA!!! Inkosi ikubusise, usazobuka lombiko.

    Angigcine ngokukubongela ngobuHoli bakho, uyindoda emadodeni Mfo ka Nxamalala, Siyakuthanda.


  86. Dear Mr President, my name is sakina and I am 18 years old.
    I am a south african citizen,born and raised in this country.
    My home is Impendle. I am writing to you because I would like to request
    your help,please can you help my mother and I we desperately need a house. My mother is a domestic worker and I am a first year student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in howard college. Sir I respect you so much and I look up to you for making it and suceeding in life,I will also suceed in my life and build a better life for my family and I in the future. Please help,I have been noticing how you have helped so many poor people,we would greatly appreciate it if you could do that for us as well.

    Thank you

  87. Concerned Citizen says:

    You see, the problem with all of these complaints is the fact that we all assume that the president and his ministers actually work. But do they? How do you mess up a country so bad in a couple of years? So many of you say you respect the president. I think we should all open our eyes. What is there to respect?

    Not one of the above comments have actually been responded to? WOW! Are we surprised. I think not! As soon as people start seeing how useless the ANC really are, maybe then the country will change for the better. But for now… We are stuck in a hole with no way out due to useless people keeping us all in, with Jacob in the lead! My challenge which I give to Mr Zuma (I refuse to call you a president Jacob) is try and actually work and do something good for this country!

    Now let’s see if you actually have a back bone. Imagine what our country would be like without BEE.. Guess what, it would actually work… Put people where they belong.. Black, purple, white or pink… GEE WIZZ, get over apartheid now.. How long are you still going to punish us for it… When last have you actually done something epic for our country Jacob? We never see you on the news making positive influences… We never see you trying to give people hope.. So what do you do? Do you drive around in your blue light brigade all day attending meetings where you discuss very little and add no value to our country… I guess it must be a great job to be president of SA, no matter how little you do, people still love you.. It’s actually very sad.

    Jacob, you are just lucky that our education levels are not like they are in the UK or the USA. If they were, you would never have come close to being president and you sure as hell wouldn’t stay there!

    The point I am trying to make is that you should GROW A PAIR and start showing us why we should respect you as our so called president. Get your ministers to do what they need to do and start putting people where they belong and scrap this BEE rubbish!! You are single handedly destroying us because you are too scared to run this country how it should be… You will rather make your ‘comrades’ in the ANC happy! Guess what… It is not working Jacob, you are losing votes faster than you can get from your office to your home in your blue light brigade (do you still remember where your office is?)

    I am in no way trying to attack you personally, but I am trying to remind you of your role as a president. It seems like you have forgotten. I know you aren’t going to respond to this, you never do!

  88. sandra says:

    Hi mr president I’m female age 22 I have a problem my problem is that I want to be a nurse I finish my matric in 08 and since than iv never had a serious job.I’m from dundee in forestdale,I’ve tried applying for other jobs like jailwarder,and nursing but I’ve never had any luck I do not have kidz but I have sisters that are not working,and both my parents that are also not working..I reali wish you could help me so that I can study and help my family I do not have any email but I hope u get this massege and respond by text on 0735975840 I’ll be looking forward to your replication thank you

  89. RICHARD says:

    i dnt have ID, i tried to apply since from 2009. i have matric and cannot proceed with my education because of that.

  90. brandley says:

    hi am looking for a bursary /scholarship i want to take a course of pilot . i have searched for bursaries i did not found even one i matriculated on 2011 i want you mr president to help me with financial aid

  91. Moremadi says:

    Good Morning Mr President,

    I am from Ga-Mathabatha Maseleseleng Lepelle NKUMPI Municipality,I wanted to know when are we getting a tar road because we are travelling more tha 4km’s to get the trasport and we don’t have cellphone signal,can you please ask our local councilliors.

    Thank you.

  92. My name is Ntuthuzelo Mlungu. I am a proudly South African who live in Johannesburgat Orange Farm and Originally from Idutywa-Eastern Cape.The way I grew had has taught me to respect other people as general and be kind to those in need of my help.I am saying that regarding to people I met in my dailly life.

    Recently/present I have been touched by a young lady which I assume she is at the age of 34 years old,we church together and since I also post them jobs that I came I cross in sites as some of the young stars are looking for job , today I was so hurt when she told me that she does not have an Identity document as a south african citizen due to the obstacles she had in her life at early age up to present time , they way she grew,her passion and her dreams of becoming of what she wanted to be faded away.

    After we charted on the Social network I thought I can may be help her to find her way, since I have a great access in communication via computer ,first her Identity document.
    Hounarable fellow South Africans in great respect my greatest wish for her to get her identity to fullfill what she wanted to be.

    I feel so intouch with most women of our country to plug their selves in males love relationship – which most times their love ones turn and provoke,abuse them since those males knew that particular woman does not have a place to help her,or a shoulder to cry. Our woman in our days are victims of abuse in different scenarios which in turn them to practice and provide sexual services to another person in return for payment ,hang themselves,street adults lying under the pipes and bridges, all the cold of winters and the rains end on them in which other times they abodoned their kids,living their adorable kids with famielies such as uncles and grandmothers whom also those famielies would take advantage to abuse and rape /abuse those left behind kids ,knowing that their mother are not around

    Please help me to help her to be what she wanted to be as her mother also abodoned her and was left with step mother who never care so much about her and she was raped by a famiely member at the age of 14 years and fell pregnant. if justice can
    Prevail in this matter I will be happy ,as far as I know ityala aliboli alingo mafutha(Case does not get rottern its not fat).

    Yours Faithfully
    Ntuthuzelo Mene Mlungu

  93. Buddy says:

    I just want to know how can municipal officials be paid such unrealistic high salaries ? Who decides that…treasury or they themselves, if it is they themselves it means our government are failing us big time…This is not right whilst people are suffering out there. The people must be paid market related salaries in line with the market. That is why there are so many service delivery protests the money goes to salaries and there are never funds to deliver services. Think…

  94. naziemah lesch X sahuc says:

    Believe that one can make a difference to discuss away forward.Yet no one was prepared or interested to publish a request about Hajj issues. MJC,SAHUC,Muslim Views were approached it seems they do not see it fit for GUESS OF ALLAH SWT.Who is prepared to listen to my out cry of the injustice been done, or accreditation system of Hujjaaj.How is it when one preach” be always aware of ones actions be accountable for ones deeds” No one wants to hear the Truth to resolve problems of Hajj by speak out within SAHUC WHO was in agreement.Keep me in your Duahs I’ll do the same. because truly tried to reach out to makepublic aware on radio. Recently tried again to make contact with MJC member who were part of accreditation at a time.No response I REST MY CASE.

    POSITIVE COMMENTS PRESIDENT HOTline.THANK YOU!THANK YOU! Arrived at AIRPORT GAUTENG on SAA from Hajj in 2006 within 2 hours luggage was missing. After corresponding,faxing no reply from make the story sort.Remember World Cup! then made an awareness call PRESIDENT HOTLINE: Explaining my experience on arrival at CT Airport.Requested if renovations,to also consider and install cameras.President hotline staff were prompt and on the ball.Thanks to staff too.Due to President SAA compensated not in full but was happywas swiftly reolved whichtold me president listen to the PEOPLE.HOTLINE did work for m. A clear message is what ever one do BE honest,truthfull,contious.To fill an application do not inflateprices or expenses be greatful because

  95. ivy says:


  96. Witek says:

    Dear Presidend,
    I am admiring you very much. I regard you as Chaves of Afrikan continent.
    Pleas, keep as as much involved in BRICS as possible. BRICS is the future of the World.
    Down with World Bank and other Zionist institutions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Witek says:

    Mr. President,
    Please, pay attention to ESCOM management.
    I have been working in this corporation for 25 years.
    The management (Masons) is sabotaging ESCOM from 199. Hoping for privatization as is, presently, the case with Telkom.

  98. Witek says:

    Mr. President,
    Please, pay attention to ESCOM management.
    I have been working in this corporation for 25 years.
    The management (Masons) is sabotaging ESCOM from 1994. Hoping for privatization as is, presently, the case with Telkom.

  99. petros brown says:

    Ngazalwa ubaba esashona okubuhlungu ubaba akafihlwanga wasiswa ngosombangazwe endaweni yase nanda ethekwini angikwazi nokuya khona ngoba sisafunwa ukuze ngibulawe.ngo2006 sevinjelwa ngabantu ethekwin edolobhen esifanisa nabantu ababaleka saphika sibesazi kuyithi.ubaba wayelwela umkhonto wesizwe.ngicela ukuba ungiluleke ngoba umama uyasaba ngidinga ukusizwa ukuzengifihle ubaba noma ngiye endawen yesahlakalo. 0731704815 petros brown at portshepstone

  100. Victor says:

    Mr President
    I am turning to you because all the people you appointed in department of education are refusing to pay my money.

    They say I must wait and are not telling for how long,they say there is nothing I can do besides waiting.
    My problem is that I am tired now of waiting for Jesus return,I believe that will not happen anytime soon.

    People that are not willing if I may quote, is Dr Sishi and Dr Mbokazi,these leaders either say govenrment does not have money or tell us to wait for ever for OSD which was to be paid in 2008 till now.
    To make things worse they did not give us Therapists and Psychologists in KZN Special Schools the salary increase that that was given in April 2013 and they saw no reason to communicate this,when I ask them they say I must ask DPSA and DPSA say I must ask them.

    My life is on hold and I can’t take this anymore enough is enough.

    Please help you are the employer of everyone including these education learders.

    Thank you
    Cell:083 5259646.

  101. AMVO says:

    Dear Hon Zuma,
    I tried locating your e-mail address or your PA’s e-mail address, to my dismay I found this forum page, I hope this does go straight to you.

    We are hereby making a formal request to your institution to help us with any form of Support in our intentions of restructuring a fractured men social image in our country. We are still a starting organisation with the intention of restoring a man’s dignity and integrity in our society. We have made it our goal and mission to start community gatherings in different areas of Bloemfontein,talking to men about the current social illnesses contributed to by men in our country and making them part of building South Africa. We have also held some school gatherings in Bloemfontein and Thaba-Nchu were we talk to young boys about the importance of being men who take care of their loved ones. We have faced some difficulties as we are not sponsored,with all due respect we are asking for support from your institution to help us in building better men for tomorrow. We really need any kind of support from donation, old furniture, food parcels, t-shirts, cool drinks in support of our man gatherings, whatever your institution can offer us can be good and appreciative to us as a starting organisation.We are looking for support as we are in a verge of launching our organisation as we were registered under the social-development as a non-profit organisation on 09/04/2013. We are integrating with the department of social development and in our intentions of changing men’s lives in our society as whole, it is within our intention that one day a man can be a mirror in which the society can view its self. This organisation will help our social environment to be a social haven by making men constructive.
    The Programs that we offer

    Men role/Mentorship

    I hope and trust that this proposal will be met favourably by your organization

  102. Lucas Botha says:

    Good day President Zuma.
    After all the emails i did send to you and the job funding department i stil didnt get an anser or a reply on my plan to create jobs for the, youth in South Africa. What i whants to know now if our goverment realy whants to create jobs. The way you and our goverment is going now it looks to me job creating is not the first priorrity in our country. President Zuma do you have a plan to make 2500 black youths busines owners and create up to about 750.000 jobs for the youth by 2030. I say u dont but i have and can do it but me need funding from goverment to do it. If you are interested and care about job creating contact me please President Zuma. This can make a big diffrence in our country and to us that stand for The ANC
    Lucas Botha

  103. Patrick says:

    Mr president,can you come in Saldanha,Vredenburg(WestCoast) here are the lot of crisis before the end of this year on your schedule time in.
    1.Corruption in our Municipality cause is was won by HELLEN ZILLE(DA)
    2.All schools are teach by afrikaans as a first langaue cause Derpartment of Education, in our are all whites from higher hierachy to the lower that is cleaners or general workers
    3. If you not DA member you never a job form any Company
    4. Our Town is Rural Area,but is a lot of cpmany they employ whites and coloured. the is lot of crisis !!!

    Kind Regards

    Patrick Cakaca

  104. Themba Kenneth says:

    I am Themba Mtsweni, i am working for Health Department i have an intern from 2010 start working at Baragwanath Nursing College has Librarian Assistent till 2011, the told about a budget and know i am working at Helen Joseph has an HR Clerk but not permant. I am asking MR Pres i am a bread winner at home i can afford the life i am living. Advocate Beki Mlangeni the ANC LAWYER it my Ancle, i would like to the to motive youth to talk to youth for better tomorrow job creation. I am an effective strategic person and very strong, i am asking for the permanent post i want us youth to believe in ANC again I am here for that, Thuma mina Baba,

  105. Themba Kenneth says:

    I belong to the Moraka branch i want something challenging, i want to the for our election to win youth back we need them we have to open up job creation to speak to the MP,CEO and creat about 50 000 job before election internship and permant post for people who resignation, termination and death to fill those post the are so many post that are needed to be refill we are fightin crame, drags and povart we are here for our people. Special for youth i am talking for expirents we want our youth to get a better live and better services together fighting povert job creation better tomorrow. We are here for our nation for country for people that we have promise we never change, we want better life for all

    From: Themba Mtsweni

    Cell: 076 5196071 / 083 959 4470

  106. Alpheus says:

    Dear Mr Msholozi my company has a potential to improve SA prisons but its had to find the exact people who are responsible can you please provide with the addresses and names of those people coz I went to dcs head office in Pretoria no one said he or she responsible of proposals.ill be greatful to hear from your feedback.from Alpheus Magobatlou my no:011 931 6459/0849781014

  107. rehma says:

    M married to south african guy.
    M from saudi.. its seven years nw.
    He says he gave me divorce but he didnt and i dnow the reason of his behaviour as well. We werr legally married in south.
    He spouz to provide me hous and food.
    As i dnw abut south so much so i askd my frnd fto keep me in her hous for few days. As saudi govermnt dsnt giv nationality to any1 my visa was finishd whn i got married so i cant just ko live there . i applied for permnt residncy in 2011
    Its been 18months nw my file didnt even reached to pretoria..
    My father inlaw bribes people in.home affair and does illegal work. I want to stop that. M suspecting he stoped my pr.
    Plz any1 can help me how to.go about it .. who to contact to conmplain about crime happning in gov dep..
    I really need help.advice som1 plz.. …
    My email is

  108. masesi says:

    dear president i realy need your help cause it looks like no one is wiiling to help me the hotline and the housing could not help me i aplied for rdp house since 1996 ,it was aproved in 2004,build in 2006,and allocated to somoene else in2006 iam still waiting in a shark since 1996 please help me

  109. Dear Mr president Jacob Zuma halo everyone my name it derick all i need is experience. how can i get experience form school. please help me 2 get experience. I m young man and I love my carry. now I seek a job i can appreciate your offer to me,i was study at tshwane south college FET in 2 year ago my course is motor body repair,boiler maker,diesel mechanical. I hope you conceded my messages,i can be happy my email address he can be a purser to me

  110. LAZARUS says:



  111. Mzoli says:

    Dear Baba. My name is Mzoli Gqasana I’m livin in Western Cape,Cape Town,Guguletu.I’m a 26yr old man I’m livin wth my family 9people inside th old four room problem is that since my mother died nothing good have happned in my life, she passed away when I was writing Matric but foutunatly I passed since from then I never had a chance or money to further my studies iv bn strugling for all these years,I evn lost hope and I clean arwnd peoples house and do their laundry because thers no one willing to help at home no one is workin you can even proove that by lookin at th state the house is in terreble,and I’m living in an area that not much services are renderd intems of career exhibitions,houses build for back yard all in all I personally ask you Baba to help me rise up my dream so that I can be a better person one day and serve my family.. Thank you. Mzoli Gqasana. Contact no 0769067691

  112. Mr Hlatshwayo says:

    Mr President I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.Our problem is water in Zakheni (Mpumalanga) KwaMhlanga since 2010.Pipes and taps were installed but no water at all. I tried to interact with Thembisile, Mpumalanga premier but it seems you must just see Toyi toying against our party of wich we don’t want it to go to that corner, Mr President with due respect may you please please help us

  113. Mr President its go to be in RSA because we have freedom of religion which other countries don’t have in Africa



  115. Blanche says:

    Good Mr. President

    My name is Blanche, a 35 year old teacher at a government Secondary school. I need realy need your help and compassion in the following matter:
    I married Elton Romeo Steele, on the 25 May 2014, who is currently incarserated at the Johannesburg Correctional facility. My husband (the above mentioned) is already serving 10yrs of his sentence and is realy experiencing various problems at the correctional facility. Some of these problems are life threatening.
    I kindly request the president to please grand mercy, grace and amnisty towards my husband by releasing him or granting him early parole as he is left with only two more years of his sentenced.
    My husband has engaged in various programs, studies and courses that the correctional facility has offered and he has graduated and completed every one of these.
    As a very worried wife I plead me and my husband’s case and begg the president’s pardon on my husband because we would love to have children and I am not getting younger to bear his children.
    I thank the president in advance for any kind of assistance in the above mentioned matter.
    Mrs. BNA Steele

  116. Precious says:

    Hi Mr
    Ngingu NonhlNhla mmbokazi ngine minyaka engu 26 years im working as a receptionist ind in Forways in JhB the problem is i have three kinds im staying with them course i lost both parent wher im staying i pay one thousand rant for my rent so im begging you please help me to find a a home for my kinds i would rent to pay i can be very vary happy if you can do that to me

    thanks God bless you

  117. beuty says:

    Hi mr president Zuma .I am one of the eldest of my mother children. My mother is a single parent and me and my family all live in a shack in someone s yard. I am a grade 12 learner and need a R20,000 for my matric ball and for further studies…I would really appreciated if you could help me in this the way my mother Is unemployed for about 4 years…because of her condition that she has…and now I must look after all my brothers and sisters while still studying….Can you please help us mister president I would really be happy if you could help us…you can contact me by this number: 061 4755 439……..THNX A LOT…

  118. Leonard George says:

    Good Day ANC
    We as the youth of Mossel Bay, Western Cape we require assistance on the event on June 16. We are facing difficulties’ of racism, It is not easy in this town to be employed based on the race issues, we want to host an event were will be able to reach out to the ruling government to come and here us out.
    It pains me that at this day and age we are still living in the apartheid era. We have managed to complete our studies but yet we are not given a chance to show our capabilities. We requested some help from the ANC office as well but we are not getting any response as they are delaying.
    The plan we have for the event on June 16 Youth Day is as follows:
    As the Youth of Mossel Bay we will be hosting an event for the youth day this event will be held at Kwa – Nonqaba
    We will be educating the youth about:
    • The consumption of drugs and alcohol
    • History of our country
    • Skills development
    • Motivational speakers
    There will be performances as well:
    • Traditional dance
    • Musicians
    • Poetry
    • Comedy
    • Sports games
    This will be done to motivate and showcase the talent of young people. We want to motivate them by appreciating their talent by handing over prizes and gifts vouchers.
    We need assistance in the following:
    • Catering
    • Sound systems
    • Branded t-shirts for the youth day
    • Prizes or gift vouchers
    We will appreciate any form or sort of contributions towards making this day success
    Contact Details
    Leonard George

  119. Priscilla molemahang says:

    My president my name is priscilla molemahang i am a disable person who did not have ahome my child stay in the childwelfa as me i rent mokhukhu at bekkersdal westonaria i really need your help to get a rdp for me my son my parent died and live us with out a home i dry to get it by my self seens 2012 but dont get it so please help me and my son cause even now the social worker need me to have aplace so they can give back to live with me so please help my number is 0834854616

  120. Asnath says:

    Good day Mr. President,

    My name is Asnath Lala and I am writing this email to you on behalf of a community called Ba Kwena Ba mogopa a rural village 30km from Ventersdorp.
    Mogopa was one of the lands that was taken away by the whites in the apartheid, and the people of the village was chased away. In 1994 when Tata Nelson Mandela became the president that’s when we got our land back and some of us moved back home to Mogopa, but ever sins we moved back, not even one of the minister’s or ANC leaders ever came out to see what was happing in our village, but we keep voting for ANC. All we ask from you Mr. Jacob Zuma South Africa’s President is for us to see you face to face in person not on the TV as we used to see you. Mogopa possess of a diamond mine and when it comes to this mine it’s been operated from people outside south Africa and the community do not benefit anything out of it. We do not want money or any sort of handouts from you Mr. President, Mogopa itself is a Rich village and can provide employments to its community. We just need you to come and see Mogopa village and its people and the rest will follow. On the 13th / 06 / 2015 Ba kwena ba Mogopa are holding a meeting (PITSO) and would of loved the President to be with us on that day but as we do know you are very busy, and we would very much appreciate if you can give us a date on when can you come and see us. We are ANC and ANC we will die, we do not want other political parties to take over here, as Mr. Lekotha, Mr. Maimane, Mr. Holomisa and Julius Malema was here asking for votes and making BIG promises to our people.
    Please find my contact details below:
    Asnath Lala -060 627 2397

    Looking forward for your response

  121. foster says:

    I’m alse looking a job,i have certificate for soler energy can u help me as well?, please contact me 072 665 3838

  122. Nomathemba says:

    Dear Mr President
    I agree from the fact that the government is trying by all means to offer the South African youth with unlimited opportunities when it comes to education,but I need you to acknowledge that most of the opportunities and recognitions are given to science learners and learners who achieve very high marks and I find that very unfair. The reason why I say that is becausd an estimation of 90% of bursaries are given to science learners. I am 19yrs of age and did the following subjects,English,History,Geograpy,Life Science,Sesotho and Maths lit…i managed to pass with a bachelors degree, I come from a very poor background at least if I could be given an opportunity to study as a teacher,that could please me.

  123. Mr I have written a email to you about 3 months ago. I got a notice saying they will come back But till today I did not hear from nobody and it is urgent please mr. President.

  124. Bomakazi says:

    Please my president i want to meet you the reason is. Is not enough. Side of domestic violence as we are women of SA we are still afraid to come out because of unemployment we depend of our mens husband boyfriend money. Its not enough even you go to make court order we are not save its take long time before you go to court that time our life is not safe. Worse this domestic violence push our children use alcohol and drugs. Can invite as to discuss this problem maybe as a women staying in the abusive relationship and marriage we can come with other solution since is us we feel this pain thank you for this opportunity

  125. khalisile hadebe says:

    Sawubonna mhloniswa,phila minna agiphilile,ngenziwa hubuhlungu bentliziyo ezibuza imibuzo ethi kiminna kwakhalanyonnini?ngicela ungizwe kahle baba kuloludaba engizolubeka kuwennna angikuxekibaban,angikuthwalusi cala,ngiyakubuka kube kufishane nje,ngingumama oneminyaka engu 55 ngiganile ,nginezingane ezu 7 kanye nezizukulu ezu 7,ngihlala endaweni okuthiwa kuse lehae,ungizwe baba akusiyonna umuziwami loyo,nomma i khaya labantabami lelo ,minna baba sengaphenduka undinga sithebeni,umhambuma waselihae ngihamba ngigqasha emzini yabantu ,konkelokhubaba kwaqala ngomhlaka 2003 ngangisahlala ethembelihle esikwatakhemp kusukela ngo 1992 ngase ngibhalisa indawo ,ngempela nga apruvwa evlakfontein lapho sengithutwa ngimukiswakhonna ,we found out that the is some one else staying there,by that time i was not allowed to go back to my old place as i was relocated,manje msholozi manje angikakayitholi indawo yokuhlala nginamaphepha,nginoziveze,ngithembise ngifunna uncedo angilutholi,ngizengafaka isikhalazo sami ehovisilakho baba,abaphenyi bakho baba babuya nempendulo ethi umyango wezezindlu Uthi yiminna engakhasela subsidy yami,ngingazange ngakwenza lokhu,ngitshele baba kuyozekubenini,ngihlupheka ngendawoyokuhlala yiminna ozithobileyo khalisile hadebe

  126. Mr President, Jacob Zuma. Our community in Delmas, Mpumalanga started a festival in 2015 for our whole community which was supported boldly. We want to go bigger in 2016 and use this festival as an opportunity to worship and praise to our God in heaven because we believe that He will give wisdom and outcome amidst all the struggles and misfortunes that are part of our daily existence. Could your office please contact me so you can send a representative to join us on that day which will be on 3 September 2016. We are all together in this battle and believe that the more we stand together, the more God will honour our faith in Him to give outcome for our country. Thank you.

  127. Maxwell Somdle says:

    Good Day
    My name is Maxwell Somdle. I am a 26yr old unemployed South African, and i have been trying to get hold of the Presidency for the past year but to no avail.

    I have Intellectual Property that will help SA. This hasnt been tried any where else in the world. Once we get it started in SA we can offer it to other countries via the UN at a cost.

    Our economy needs this, we are close to a recession due to the low rand and drought and this could get us out of it and see our economy reach further than ever before.

    Now is the time to come up with solutions instead of problems only. This IP will aslo help with the problems that the Government is facing regarding E-toll and unpaid traffic fines.

    All the solutions Government has come up with for both E-toll and unpaid traffic fines havent yielded the results you were expecting. Now is the time to try and do things differently.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Max Somdle

    Matthew 7:7

  128. Mzwandile William Katu says:

    President I am crying like baby cellc claimed that i owe them R2000,they said R400 is unlimite,I even asked them where is it,they said they invested it into mycellphone and I won’t be able to see it.How can you pay an empty pocket.Mr President there is a huge problem with ABSA and CELL C with myaccount.I am not surprise when you say mye.mail is not working because mydaughter’s one is in myphone and we don’t even know who added it.President I recall theso words of our former President when he used to say its not easy to get freedom I feel like an animal in this country.