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We do not RICA cellphones online please contact your service provider directly. 

Please note you can’t RICA online, they need to see you in person with all the documents required. Also best to contact your cellphone service provider if you have any RICA related queries or lost phone queries or private number stalking queries.


URGENT – remember to RICA your SIM card by the end of June, or you WILL get cut off. No further extensions will be granted. Check your RICA status:

Vodacom – SMS RICA to 31050 (free)
MTN – dial *131*4#
Cell C – dial *133*7422#
Virgin Mobile – Dial *124#
8.ta – already RICA’d

Register your cellphone number now!


What is RICA?
RICA is the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act.
RICA is the new law from the South African Government that requires everyone to register all new and existing cellphone numbers from 1 July 2009.

New SIM cards will only be activated on the cellular networks once registered.

Existing cellphone numbers that are already active on the cellular networks must be registered within 18 months from the effective date.
Why must you register?
• RICA is a legal requirement from Government and all customers with cellphone numbers on cellular networks in SA must comply with the law.
• You can help to make South Africa a safer place, as this law aims to help lawenforcement agencies to identify the users of cellphone numbers and track criminals using cellphones for illegal activities.

Which cellphone numbers must be registered?
All contract and prepaid cellphone numbers and data SIM cards must be registered:
• New cellphone numbers – in order to have your number activated
• Existing cellphone numbers – to ensure that your number does not get disconnected and your number lost

Where do you register?
You can register at most stores where you can buy a starter pack. For more information, contact your cellular network’s Customer Care Centre or visit their website.

RICA pages on their website





http://www.8ta.com/ – Heita cellphone network, which was launched earlier this year, was introduced when the Rica legislation was already effective.

What information and documentation do you need to take with you to register?
You are required to register the following information:
• Cellphone number
• Full names and surname
• ID number or passport number. You will need to show one of the following
documents as proof of identity:
– green barcoded ID document
– ID card
– temporary ID certificate, or
– passport
• One physical address. You will need to show any document that includes your name and residential address such as a bank statement, municipal rates, cellphone or retail account (not older than three (3) months), existing lease, rental or credit agreement, insurance policy, current TV or motor vehicle licence.
• If you live in an informal settlement you can provide a letter and/or affidavit from a school, church or retail store where you receive your post (this letter must be on an official letterhead or have the stamp of the school, church or retail store).
• Registration must be done in person to confirm your identity.

How much will it cost you to register?

RICA is absolutely free!

When must you register?

• You must register for RICA from 1 July 2009 DEADLINE:  end of June 2011. You will be cut off.
• From this date onwards, all new cellphone numbers will have to be registered to be activated on a cellular network in South Africa.
• Customers with existing cellphone numbers that are already active on a South African cellular network will have 18 months from the effective date.
• Existing cellphone numbers that are not registered at the end of this period will be disconnected from the cellular network until they are registered.
What is going to be done with your information?
All information will be kept confidential in a secure data base and cannot be used for any purpose other than the purposes allowed under the RICA Act.

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  1. Mamotheti moloko zondi says:


  2. Nanima says:

    I am not sure why they need to verify contract users as well but I think it must be the same reason the banks did the FICA thing and we had to take our proof of residence with..

  3. isaac says:

    why do we have to register our sim cards this is really a problem coz a lost my phone and i wanted to do sim swap ,i called mtn service landline and they told me to first register but knw am a student i am not using my original address ,so does mean that i dont hve to register where i live?

  4. Nanima says:

    i don’t know the best is to call them back and ask them..

  5. lindani Ngeleka says:

    I bought a virgin mobile simcard on monday, then I registered the simcard on thursday afternon, its friday now its stil not active, how long does this thing take?

  6. john says:

    I’m recenly living with my sister and my daughter also have a cellular phone. Next month I will move to another address where I will rent in the same area. Which address are required and do I need at all times verify my address if I move.

  7. Nanima says:

    please contact your cellphone provider directly with any queries..

  8. Nanima says:

    You will have to take that up with Virgin mobile..

  9. john masakale says:

    is there any how you can register online?

  10. Nanima says:

    I don’t think so, i think the whole point is for them to see face to face and to get your residential info.. etc..

  11. NTHABISENG says:


  12. Nanima says:

    contact your cellphone provider

  13. Makhosana says:

    Now I just wanna know if I am a student staying maybe at school far from my parents & I’m not yet have ID how do i register. Because it’s gonna be a problem when my phone get disconnected, I do need cellphone so that my parents can be able to contact me?

  14. Nanima says:

    please contact your cell phone provider directly for any enquiries..

  15. Dr Osee Ngundu says:

    Hi,which area code and dialing code are we supposed to put when registering with passport.I couldn’t register with Rica because of error 550,what does it mean.When it comes to foreigners why things are always complicated even if you are legally established in south Africa

  16. Tonia says:

    pls i want to get RICA’s direct numbers cos i have some query to make, or if u can assist me i can refere the queries to u.

  17. BEN ZWANE says:

    THE MOBILE NUMBER IS 074 120 3596

  18. karabo mabulana says:

    are the old sim card need to be registered?

  19. Nanima says:

    all sim cards must be registered

  20. saliema says:

    i was wondering id you could please assist

    i have two phones, one of which is used for business, and the other for personal, so can i register both sim cards on my name? or are we only allowed one sim card per person?


  21. Ravensilverwing says:

    Hello………the government really thinks we citizens are dummies! They want to intercept cellphone communications because they want to spy on people. The excuse that they want to cut crime is a weak, lame duck excuse! The criminals will get false identities, false affadavits, false addresses. They already have the contacts at home affairs to do this. I know people that hold three different identity documents all with the same photograph.
    This is becoming a police state. With Mo Shaik at the head of intelligence, he will be looking for cell communication involving criticism of the government and its leaders so they can increase surveillance on suspects. Your sms’s will be read, your phone calls tapped, your privacy invaded. People are too dumb to realise this.
    I will be discarding my cell phone before the 18 months because I don’t want my details like ID number and home address on a system where it could be gathered by criminals wanting to create a false identity for their illegal activities. That information is not secure, with every pep stores and shed offering to register you for Rica. It’s all a big scam!

  22. DUSTIN says:

    Regulation of Interception of Communications – that says it all!!!! they (the government) can intercept your call at anytime. there is no more privacy, big brother will be watching. like the american system, coversations are scanned for keywords like bomb, terror, government, president and so on. once the call is flagged it is recorded and investigated. be very careful what you say.

  23. Mamoabi says:

    How is RICA going to work for short term visitors and tourist in South Africa – who need a cellphone number only for the duration of their visit. Especially in light of 2010, where visitors will likely stay for more than one week.

  24. i want to register my cellphone number now!

  25. CONNY says:


  26. Nanima says:

    u can’t the whole point is they want to see you and want you ID and residential info

  27. i want to register my mtn number now on line what can i do.

  28. Nanima says:

    go to an mtn branch

  29. Khantshe says:

    I wana knw if itz possible 2 register ma brada,z sim?he been in hospital since 4m lst yr june

  30. Nanima says:

    phone your brother’s cellphone provider and ask them..
    i personally don’t think so cos he has to be there with his ID and proof of residence..

  31. modjadji says:

    want to register

  32. Nanima says:

    go to your cellphone provider and register there.. quick and easy.. take your ID and proof of residence

  33. qaqamba says:

    i lost my phone, can rica help me track it down and c who is using it and where

  34. Carl says:

    On Sunday 20 Feb 2010 at approx 19:18 I asked my son to buy me airtime directly from Absa ATM – he by accident made a mistake with one digit and so somebody else got credit their phone – at approx 20:00 we called this person and asked very nicely just to transfer the money back – once she heard what happened she put the phone down – she called a few minutes later and said her phone’s battery is flat she will contact us later which did not happen – as from Monday we tried to contact her again but the phone is switched off – the amount was R200-00 – now I would just like to know if I can determine if this person registered with RICA – I do not want her details – I just want to know if she registered so that I can try and report this to the SAPS and RICA – as I acknowledge that it was partly our fault I do feel that she could rectify this – that is what I would have done.

  35. kingsley says:

    Hello i am in Ghana and i will like to register my mtn number on the internet

  36. Nanima says:

    u can’t do it online you have to go in person to your cellphone provider with proof of residence and identification..

  37. i need 2 register my sim card

  38. makhubo ignicious ntswaki says:

    i just want to know if i am registred

  39. mpume says:

    i need to be a rica agent in my area of all networks

  40. micaela says:

    how long does it take to get your number after you dialled 100 because i never got a message back and now my phone won’t work i need help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. micaela says:

    can someone please write my phone still does not work arent you supposed to help people heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppppppppp mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Car2 says:

    My sim card was registered before they stole my cell phone, is it possible to trace my phone?

  43. Neville says:

    I want to know…can any ordinary person find out who does the SIM belong to…and how private and confidential is this system?

  44. GLYNNIS says:

    Hi. Wonder if you could help. In December 2009 I purchased my son a nokia 5800 (cash) from markhams in. he recently lost the phone and i am having difficulty in having the handset blacklisted. He was using my sim card in the phone and not the sim which came with the phone. He has i think lost the sim which came with the phone. the ime no. of the phone is 356910036790111 – sim/cell no. 89338000000000168524.i need to claim for this handset from my insurance but i am not having any joy in trying to have the said handset blacklisted. Please can you assist. Thank you.

  45. Timothy mark myada says:

    Can someone who does not have perment house address work place and a bank detial yet be register?

  46. Nanima says:

    phone your service provider. i don’t think so

  47. miriam says:

    I am now out of the country and still using the roaming, some time ago I lost most of my contacts please can you help me retrieve th them
    and how do I chat with you directly.

  48. Nina says:

    People open your eyes.These people want to monitor your every move,why is everyone so blind.Please research about the illuminati before it’s too late.God bless you all.

  49. People….I am in agreement with all of you who regard this as a scam. It is just another way for our minds to be controlled, our movement to be documented, our freedom to be taken away. It’s time to wake up and fight for what is right…this begins by researching what is wrong….the illuminati…the music we listen to…our behaviour…we need to know our Bibles because the coming of evil is already here….we are being watched. IMANCIPATE YOURSELVES FROM MENTAL SLAVERY….NOW! Bless you all

  50. Audrey says:

    My phone was stolen on Thursday, 27 May. The phone was switched off immediately. This evening (31 May), a man answered and said that he found my sim in a taxi. He said he does not have my phone. I spoke to him at about 19h10. My phone was stolen in Wentworth, Durban. This man is from Umlazi (Durban) and said he found it in an Umlazi taxi. Is it possible to track exactly where my sim was today please?

    Thank you

  51. Stiffler says:

    Hi,i am a rica agent at the durban branch,the whole point of registering for rica is. . . You have to be at a mtn store to register,provide your green bar coded i.d document or temperory i.d ,provide any statement which has your name,like contract slips,lights or water details,etc

  52. Ohkaaay? says:


    RICA has basically been around for a full year almost right?

    You guys still expect us hard working folks out there to get in our vehicles, drive all the way to a cellphone store/agent/rica officer just to physically hand in a bunch of papers and so you may look at my pretty face on my ID Document?

    Are you guys actually living in 2010?

    You want everything bagged and tagged, but you fail to see the point. Most people don’t give a whirl. You guys are inconveniencing us, all of us. We have jobs which keep us busy, homes to keep in order and our safety to look after to each day. But 5 or 10 minutes out of the day shouldn’t be an issue right? Wrong, it is.

    What if we have a FICA Card: http://www.ficacard.co.za/

    Would you accept it? May I phone my Cellphone Network’s Store and quote them my FICA Card number?

    No. That’s your answer probably. Typical.

  53. THEMBA says:

    i bought my first phone in 1998,since then i have been using the same number.the problem started when i join a fossion group company,i wanted to register my sim card with RICA,but they failed to register my sim.i decided to terminate the contract to go back to prepate in other to register my sim,but still they can’t register my sim(RICA),They say i AM UNDER A CONTRACT.The bad thing now is that i can’t make calls or receive calls,what must i do,i don’t want to loose my number,



  54. Dama says:

    Is there anyway that RICA can help identify a number that is stocking you. There is a vodacom number that always gives me missed calls or send me call back in the late hours of the night EVERYDAY. Its been 3 weeks now. The problem is when i call back they dont pick up, or its off or my calls are blocked. Now its starting to irritate the hell out of me. I know the number because i have been saving all the messages i receive from it but I dont know how to identify the person responsible for this

  55. RENE says:

    I lost my cellphone & I received the sms with my lost cellphone imei number showing that somebody inserted another sim card on that phone. I got that sim card cell number I want to know how to trace that number, maybe i can get my cellphone back.
    Please e-mail.

  56. F***you says:

    Hi People of SA!

    If you are thinking of registering with RiCA, please think again…It says it right there in the name….They are allowed to track and monitor anyone who is a suspected criminal…SUSPECTED!!!
    We have a constitutional right to turn this act down…and no law should take power away from the consitution and put it in the hands of government!

    Wake up people,this gives them more power over you. So show them the middle finger and boycott it.The cellphone companies will suffer such massive losses in income after a single day of switching off say…100000 cellphones that they will quickly extend the date and if you never agree,do away with the whole crock that RICA is.

    I hope yu will read this,take the time to read the up about RICA and realise the power that the government will have over all of us,not just criminals. Peace

  57. jason says:

    im in this situation where a guy owes me R2100 and i only have hes cell phone number.
    he is avoiding my calls.
    how do i get hold of this guys details as, i want to report him to the police asap. please help!!!!!!

  58. Carmen says:

    What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen. I gave it to a friend who was meant to fix the camera for me but now he cannot find it we don’t know if its lost or stolen. Do I have to report that and to who? What if the phone is now used in a crime. How do I get cleared from that? I do still have the sim card?

  59. Nanima says:

    phone your service provider and they will be able to tell you what to do.

  60. R'rephstoch says:

    The comments on this blog are the tragically hilarious result of all the misleading advertising the phone companies and govt have been spewing: “Register now and win prizes”, “Registering is absolutely free to you!”. You are all being scammed into potentially full-time surveillance.

    …and what’s the point of a “secure database” if any Pep stores or Mr Delivery can act as the agent. Boycott this law.

  61. J.D.Venter says:

    We have a problem registering our virgin mobile sim card in Kuruman.None of the Rica register places can help us to register virgin mobile.Please help us to find a place where we can register.



  63. tumelo says:

    i want to find out if my recent Vodacom cell phone number is registered for rica 0764290927

  64. Link789 says:

    Everything about rica just do not sit well with my.i no they are gonna monitor your every word and maybe olso your every move.your most private details is gonna be open to anybody because if a pep worker can register you just amagin the security of the system.i feel that only bad things are gona happen to good people because of this rica nonsen.i wil rather use the old ways and the auther of this sit is just a stupid littel persoon that cant help you.ol they are gona say is call your provider bla bla bla and than mashin when you call tham.so to hell with it ol

  65. mapula huma says:

    I have lost my cellphone 0785940265 today, I tried all the numbers that I came across but they were all engaged. Since my cell was registered with rica, is there any hope of getting my phone back or trace who is now using my phone. Message can be sent to 0828557590

  66. Elfrieda says:

    I am using my MTN sim for calls and my Vodacom for computer only. On the 11th of June I had my vodacom sim in someones phone. The phone got stolen. I know this is going to sound orchid, but I dont have the vodacom cellnr. I contact vodacom and gave them the nr to report as stolen, but the customer service told me this is not my nr as it has been registered in August. That is the nr that I had on my MTN phone for the Vodacom. No one else has that nr, cause I only used it as a 3g. Is there a way that Ricca can be contacted to confirm the nr? Surely if I registered the nr on my name, someone can confirm this?

  67. Constance says:

    Hi,i lost my phone n t ws registrd wit rica,i wnt 2 knw f t cn b traced,i went 2 blck list t bt ppl r realy naughty thy cn unblock t,my life s in dat phone plz hlp

  68. BESTI says:


  69. dave says:

    I no longer require my current number but have already RICA’d. Can I have that number deregistered?.

  70. Pam says:

    HI there,

    What are the requirements to Rica company cell phones???


  71. Julian says:

    I lost my RICA MTN cellphone, could you assist me?

  72. How do i rica my sim card on line

  73. Nanima says:

    People, I can’t answer any RICA information. All the information I know is on here. I don’t think RICA can help you with your stolen cellphone.
    You have to go in person to your service provider to show your face, your ID book and your proof of residence.
    Depending if anyone is there and u don’t have to wait the process if very quick.

    You can’t RICA online as far as I know.

  74. Charlotte says:

    I wanna know wat will happend if someone else stole my cellphone and i have already register my sim card,do i have to register my sim card again even if i do sim swarp?

  75. cindy says:

    I lost my old unricaed sim is there anyway I can track the sim number to rica it so that I can do a sim swap. I need that number back but cant sim swap

  76. Ntobe manyathi says:

    Hy my mum bought a sim card and ricared it fr me wt her id bt it wrkn nyc bt alwys says ma card iz un registered is there a problem

  77. mustaha says:

    iwant to register my line

  78. busani says:

    Please open my sim already ricad, number 0762621628.

  79. sizwe says:

    Dear Vodacom
    I am writing this E-mail because I am very disappointed and hurt when Rica first came it was on radio, TV telling us to go Rica our sim cards as soon as possible and we did not even ask why but as a good south African citizen that we are we did so, they was not even an reward I remember walking half a km to go Rica but now Vodacom is rewarding people for ricking late what about those good south African citizen who listen and do the right thing when are they noticed if Vodacom had not promised to reward lazy people i was not going to so much for doing the right this

  80. Alandt says:

    I can help each and every one of you to become a RICA agent. Just email me for more infomation at alandtmeyer@yahoo.com

  81. Virginia says:

    Hie i’ve been using my 0837572595 number since august 2007. I lost ths sim card before i recad it. I then bought another starter pack ricad it and did a sim swap. Is my number goin t b clsd bcz it wasnt ricad?

  82. Diablo says:

    Hello, i am a RICA representative.
    I can answer any questions concerning RICA.

  83. neevy says:


  84. Mthokozisi says:

    I have a stalker is it possible that i can check who the number belongs too since we all ricad?

  85. Zani says:

    How does producing a proof of address verify that you are living at the current address. I have 3 tenants. All requested my utility bill to RICA their fones. How would I know if they are handing the bill to someone else as well to Rica their phones. It just doesnt make sense. Who do we report this to – I had my fone Rica’d. Paid R10 per sim. Noticed that the same shop also rica’d sim cards for clients who didnt have proof of residence – charged them R20. This is fraud.

  86. Anton says:

    I want to know from Rica, are the people that is leaving there company sell there data base to insurance companys or where do this ass holes get all the people information?????????????????
    also all the crapy sms

  87. sello motokolo says:

    am rica agent so i have tried to register some simcard they told me that is not vsp2,were is the different between

  88. LESEDI says:

    i lesedi was RICAagent.so i lost my sim .can u please help me.i want to use nwe no,s 0767669534 sim no 89257000000000843854 thanx.

  89. andile says:

    i would like you to register my sim card on rica

  90. Makgitla says:

    I bought a contract phone from mtn 2 weeks ago, unfortunately they couldn’t rica it on the day of purchase because of system errors at their shop so I went the following week to rica it.They did rica it but it still says I must rica it, what should I do because I can’t even make a single call and I have a new phone?

  91. brenda says:

    Can anyone acces my personal detail via rica, if they have my cell nr.

  92. Mduduzi Mhlanga says:

    Good day,
    I bought a SIM card last year and put it on an old phone which I eventually gave to my then * year old son when he visited his grany in Eastern Cape. The phone was stollen while traveling. The number was RICA-ed but I dont have the details of the phone (IMEI numbers, etc..). The number is still in use by people I dont know. MTN told me there is nothing I can do about it cos they can not track/verify the details of the current user against the RICA-ed user – It’s not in their Database. What can I do to stop these fraudulent user from using this number?

  93. Richard says:

    I want to lay a complaint with rica, I need your contact details, I received threatening sms’s from a unknown number, help.

  94. evans mathebula says:

    i register my sim to voda shop for rica 2 month back.but within a week they send a massage tel me that i havent register.

  95. S Van Coller says:

    I Have been scammed on and i want to know if i can trace this person on rica. Must i go to the police and report it? How can rica help me with my probleme. I dont care about the money i have lost. Just want to prevent this to happen to other people.
    Tanks for your time

  96. Nanima says:

    best is to speak to your service provider and they could tell you what the best thing to do. before they do anything normally, they ask for police case numbers etc.

  97. Lizelle Neethling says:


  98. Nanima says:

    phone your vodacom helpline they should assist you

  99. Billy says:

    I had several old sims lying around, so when Vodacom offered R110 free airtime to RICA, I registered all 10 sim cards, transferred my airtime to cash and had a good night out. Thank you Vodacom. PS i destroyed the sims so no reason to stress!

  100. Mandi says:

    Hi, What is the 5 digit number, someone can sms to, to find out if your sim card has been Rica’ed


  101. Patience says:

    i have a problem someone is staking me and she is hiding her number.Everytime i’m picking up my phoune she is insulting me the date she called was on the 21st of June 2011 after five o’clock could you please help me i need that number ASAP thanks i will appreciate your help.

  102. njabulo says:

    I’m with vodacom/// how do i check whether I am rica’d or not?

  103. Lorna Christian says:

    My simcard has been registered wuthout my knoledge. Can some please assist in doing the correction. MTN is unable to assist.

  104. Noel says:

    my two cell number is 0729962159 and the other number is 0786102054 i have registred all my sim card with Rica but people are saying i must re register again please tell me is that true or false

  105. Bethesda says:

    Why do i have to RICA?

    What is the real use of this call interception law that gives you rights to listen in on our calls at your will?

    What are benefits of this and why is it not being made clear like that fact that we “have” to RICA beacuse other than knowing we have to do it there is no other info explaining why? There is this huge mass media borage and hysteria (possblie millions of tax payers money being spent)on something that an untrustworthy government wants to force apon us?

  106. Street Solldier says:

    God’s Soldier, You are talking rubbish!!!! Criminals use cell phones to do their criminal activities. It will be easy to catch you God’s Soldier if you use your phone to do crime. It is the same reason why fire-arms are registered. Grow up man!!!!!!!!!

  107. Louis says:

    Well cellc and rica must get there act together its totally bulshit i registerd my cellc sim twice and now i am cut off. They tell me to wait 24hrs and shit its been a week already wish they wud wake up

  108. jeff says:

    phone jeff 0822911182 he can help you

  109. Mervyn says:

    I have several no’s rica’d on my name but have sold these phone now with the sim cards. How do I deregister these no’s

  110. deedee says:

    my phone was stolen and the sim is still being used. is there any way i could track it? the sim has been rica’d.

  111. khomotso says:

    Will tracing companies be able to trace a person by cell number?

  112. Hlengiwe says:

    I lost my contract sim, i did not cancel it because i thought it’s some where in the house, I only noticed that someone is using it when my July payment was R800, i called Vodacom on the 03.08 and the card was suspended and now i just received my Aug Invoice and it’s R1309, will RICA be able to assist the location of the card

  113. veer says:

    I have a sim card that’s registered for rica when I didn’t even take it, pls help, vodacom cant

  114. Sonya says:

    Hi there

    I am getting sms from someone who i dont know they are also sms my husband. I am also getting Block calls they sometime speak and leave stalking type messages or just breath then put the phone down. How can RICA work to help me to stop this. I have spoken to vodacom and they say I need to report it to the police. The police tell me they can’t do anything that i have to go to the Magistrate so they can open a case to file for the info.What info can I expect from this if any?

  115. nkululeko says:

    i am running out of Sim card could you help me by free delivery because am a Rica urgent. am from mpumalanga at mbangwane. i need all networks.my postal address is PO box 814,mbangwane 1355. my cell number is 0796831050.oh! any way my name is mathabela nkululeko

  116. Ralph Wigzell says:

    RICA please reply : i have received a multitude of scams by sms lately. What are you doing about this ? Here is one example : Congratulations! Your Mobile no. was randomly selected in FIFA 2011 WORLDWIDE AWARD, you won R650,000. Your Ref. No F38SA. Call 0838877588 for your claims.

  117. mandy says:

    Hi, i need 2 report sum1 who charges ppl 2 rica deir numbaz..help*angry*

  118. Lyndal says:

    why do they want to see us and our ID when it isn’t even the service providers themselves doing the whole Rica thing, it is cashiers behind the tills, they don’t even work for the service providers, and half of them don’t even look at the ID book…

  119. Maretha says:

    I need to locate someone who has defrauded me. I have all these debt collecting agencies ring me after I’ve RICA’d eventhough I have not made any debt! How do I find a person if I have their phone number?

  120. captain says:

    phone rica helpline

  121. Mitchalene says:

    I also lost my phone. What did you do to get it back. How did you track it. The phone is stil ringing. Please help me.

  122. thlox says:

    I need to locate someone who raped my girlfriend and stole from my house. I have his number and his girlfriends’ number. Police have been giving me the run around since may 2011. Please email me at Thloks@yahoo.com if u can help track them. you will be rewarded.

  123. sharon says:

    I am in similar situation and I saw this posted by someone else and wondered if you have an answer. See below


  124. Ndyebo Makeleni says:

    I lost my SIM card and cannot do SIM swap with Vidacom. They asked me the last 5 dialled numbers from my cell, on what date and time was my last recharge? And a few impossible questions. Why could Vodacom not help me when I have registered with RICA and have mu ID?

  125. righobert pouloulou says:

    help me please to register my new virgin sim on line

  126. Benny says:

    If u want 2 rica ur sim crd just snd me sim card number On 0731901807 i wil do 4u

  127. JABULANE says:





  128. Hannes says:


    You rica your sim so you can be traced for fraud and crime and stuff right? Now can someone please find out where this number is from? 073-5066809 ????

    Please find out for me as I want this F****R F***ed up real bad as he is a fraud adn has stolen a hell of a lot of my money. He is said to be from swellendam and goes under the name johan. Drives a white 1996 vw caddy and his bank account number is 62350619270 and he says its his wifes account and her info is E M Malega. Please help and if the people from RICA cant help then what the hell did we RICA our sims for? This is fraud and theft so RICA must do something about it. Please help me screw up this guy before he ripps off other people as well.


    Hannes Viljoen

  129. Edward says:

    Why do we have pre-rica’d vodacom simcards distributed countrywide, is this not act of vandalising the rica regulations and a provision of falsified vodacom subscriber figures, please reply!

  130. What i don’t realize is if truth be told how you are no longer actually a lot more well-appreciated than you might be right now. You are so intelligent. You recognize thus considerably when it comes to this matter, made me in my view consider it from numerous numerous angles. Its like men and women are not interested except it’s one thing to do with Woman gaga! Your own stuffs nice. Always deal with it up!

  131. sandra says:

    I had the same thing happen to me, I begged, pleaded, threatened, nothing helped, they plain simply refused to give me back my number I had had ever since I had a cell phone, at least 10 years! Darn crooks, robbers, what can one really do, someone should come up with a plan to boycott the rotters,… anyone?

  132. Joyce says:

    I recieved sms saying my rica sim have me money from rica promotion. Is this true or lies. The sms was send on my vodacom sim card

  133. nthabiseng says:

    hi i would like to know how do i trace a number i want to know who is the person smsing me i got the number pls help me

  134. Jacqui says:

    If Rica is so above-board then why don’t they have a direct contact nu. They have blocked my phone without warning and claim I haven’t Rica’d my phone, which is un-true. I am now trying to get hold of someone to help me sort this mess out to no avail. Typical for SA!!!!

  135. I war robbed of my foun recently which had an active mobile tracker and this week i got a message from it informing me about the current user’s number. When i called her n appealed to gv me th foun she switched it off until nw cn u identify her frm her number pls hlp me

  136. G. J. HEYMAN says:

    I bought 2x internet sticks from Cell C. They did the RICA registrations, but I dont know my Cell numbers. There was no Cell numbers on the box or card. How and where can i cet my Cell numbers.

  137. Lowrance says:

    I live in Phalaborwa at Majeje village cell no 0833582796

  138. please RICA my number…cell c simcard 89270742008094200036

  139. Lowrance says:

    Helloy i want are order smartcall simcard but i dont have Order To what? E-mail or Sms number i dont have this

  140. Sue says:

    Hi maybe someone can help i also got a sms stating that i won 250.000 for the fun i called the cell no i was asked how would i like to receive this prize in my bank or by cheque i said by checque now i received this sms saying i must pay in 1860.00 for courier costs ans insurance i phoned this person to inform why can the cheque not be posted by registered post the no is 021 836 5216 sent from cell no 0823972663 the sms received was sent from 0817529248with a ref no and rica agent 0734459922for cash prize what beats me this person can’t even spell properly

  141. Makatla says:

    What is the point of rica the simcard while the retailers are selling the pre-ricards sims even the big shops like shoprite, pep sell, every corner you get this simcard so rica is just useless

  142. Levy says:

    i have recieve massage from 0761263724 stating that l have won R450000.00 with the ref Ric17sa and the contact person is Mr Nelson on 0735952382 for claim. when i call nelson he told me that there is only two way to get price (accound number or by cheqhue)

  143. vuyo says:

    Can i have the new number of this name please that he rica Nappo Samuel Motua. please is urgent we try to phone him in his old number but i think he change them. your help is so important to us thank you

  144. nontombi says:

    Hi I’m getting these weird tetxs from some girl n since we rica’d our sim catds isn’t it possible to get who owns the number n where does she life?

  145. bonga says:

    there are still many simcard that are not registered but they are working, I am a victim of receiving smses from unknown people and they are destroying me, why service providers are allowing those numbers to be online. I can give you all the numbers that are giving me troubles

  146. catity says:

    I very much agree with u,they already have our info with home affairs so else do they want…this is 1 illuminati strategy to hold and control everything we do.