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Small fat indian Wedding – Sadi Vadi Poiri: So it has been ages since my last newsletter. December 2008. Seems like donkey’s years ago when we last met. We went for  a wedding in Actionville. Then we went to India. The whole journey is in the travel section of the website. We attended a small Indian wedding. Was good fun but a little disappointing because the groom was no where to be seen. He didn’t attend the wedding at all. I really can’t understand any Islamic reason why he didn’t attend because it was one of the most Islamic weddings I ever attended. The other reason for the delay in newsletters is my baby sister got married mid Feb.

The most amazing thing is she bought these centrepieces from Udaipur and carried these fragile pink reeds throughout the trip. If anyone dared to mistreat those dead pink plants, they were really give the 3rd degree. So not only did we go and see India we also went trousseau shopping. I bought an Anarkhali from Sonica in Surat with matching sandals from Bharuch and the bride bought a beautiful wedding gown. Let’s say Sonica was very happy when we left that day as we spent the whole day in their shop and spent a small fortune.  The two weddings were miles apart. The biggest differences were: 1. In our weddings the groom is present. 2. Each guest has a plate in a hall, in India about 5 guests eat in a big silver taari in a farmstall. What was the same in both weddings, the brides still cry snot and trane when they greet the father.. Babul ki dua.. can you hear Mohammad Rafi.. httpv://

Velantine’s day – The love story

Okay so Madala and I don’t believe in the valentine’s day fad.. as he says everyday is valentine’s day, mother’s day.. when father’s day comes eish!!! Thought since love is in the air let me share with this story.. The Love story and how Velantine’s day came about Gujrathi style. 2040: Once upon a time there […]  Velantine’s day – The love story

PS. Madala surprised me this year by sending flowers to my parents home on the 13 Feb (not valentines day), when we were there for the wedding. Really made my day, couldn’t stop smiling. I thought the flowers were for the bride but was very excited to see my name on them.. 🙂


I first learned the concepts of non-violence in my marriage. Gandhi


dua for the married couple/supplication for the newly wed Dua for newly wed

‘May Allaah bless for you (your spouse) and bless you, and may He unite both of you in goodness.’

A Marriage Survival Guide: The first five to seven years are the most challenging of any marriage. They are a time a couple spends getting to know each other better and adjusting to each other’s habits and personalities. Still Single? Nanima’s 13 reasons why?: The truth may hurt. We have to dig deep, get real and get to the bottom of it. If you think what I have to say is harsh, lucky for you, you haven’t met Patti Novak, she is even more straightforward. This advise is relevant to both genders. Links from

Choosing a Muslim Spouse

  • Courtship in Islam by Huda Dodge
  • Pointers on Choosing Marriage Partners by Rabi’ah Hakeem
  • Choosing the Desired Wife by Ibrahim Abu khalid
  • Questions to Ask a Prospective Marriage Partner by Huda al-Khattab
  • Istikhara: The Guidance PrayerQuestion Answered by Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, reprinted from SunniPath
  • Conditions of the Walee (Guardian) by Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid
  • Weddings in Islam


    Ahmed Bukhatir – Zawjati – My  Wife

    httpv:// Zawjati translation


    FIFA 2010 tickets sales – 20 February 2009

    2010 ticketapplication  sales open We just managed to apply for all our tickets. In the beginning it was taking long to process seems to be going through much faster now. Little disappointing fact is that this ticket application seems to be a lucky packet draw  for oversubscribed matches and the next sales phase is the first […]


    When Liverpool doesnt score there is real snot and trane in my family :(

    When Liverpool doesn't score there is real snot and trane in my family 🙁

    Saturday 07 March
    Sunderland v Tottenham Stadium of Light 17:00
    Wednesday 11 March
    Fulham v Blackburn Craven Cottage 22:00
    Saturday 14 March
    Man Utd v Liverpool Old Trafford 14:45
    Bolton v Fulham Reebok Stadium 17:00
    Everton v Stoke Goodison Park 17:00
    Middlesbrough v Portsmouth The Riverside Stadium 17:00
    Sunderland v Wigan Stadium of Light 17:00
    Hull v Newcastle Kingston Communications Stadium 17:00
    Arsenal v Blackburn Emirates Stadium 17:00
    Sunday 15 March
    Chelsea v Man City Stamford Bridge 15:30
    Aston Villa v Tottenham Villa Park 18:00


    Barclays Premier League | Log
    Pos Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts
    1 Man Utd 26 19 5 2 46 11 35 62
    2 Chelsea 28 17 7 4 48 16 32 58
    3 Liverpool 28 16 10 2 45 20 25 58
    4 Aston Villa 27 15 7 5 42 27 15 52
    5 Arsenal 28 13 10 5 41 26 15 49
    6 Everton 27 12 8 7 36 28 8 44
    7 West Ham 27 10 6 11 33 34 -1 36
    8 Wigan 27 9 8 10 27 26 1 35
    9 Fulham 26 8 10 8 24 22 2 34
    10 Bolton 27 10 3 14 30 38 -8 33


    Petrol saving tips

    In one rickshaw ride we were 10 passengers

    In one rickshaw ride we were 10 passengers

    So the petrol price went up again. I am sure Madala is contemplating to buy a scooter again. That is one thing I am totally against.. motorbikes..He can buy a ricksha and drive it to work, i won’t have a problem.. but a motorbike now way Jose’ He will just have to live with these fuel saving tips for now. There are many things you can do to save petrol; all of which can make a significant combined difference to the overall amount you spend on getting around.Try these tips:

  • Have regular maintenance checks. Studies have shown that a car with a poorly tuned engine will increase petrol consumption.
  • Change the oil in your car on a regular basis. When you keep it clean you reduce the wear that is caused by the friction in the moving parts of your car’s engine.
  • Try to avoid warming up your cars engine when it is cold – half a minute after switching the engine on is sufficient time.
  • Stopping and starting your car needlessly wastes petrol. Idling your car for a minute uses the same amount of fuel as starting your car.
  • Buy petrol from a busy petrol station. The petrol in quieter stations has been sitting in underground tanks for longer periods of time which leads to contamination.
  • Choose the type and brand of petrol carefully. Higher quality brands will always be more economical.
  • Don’t purchase small amounts of petrol. The pump does not have enough time to really activate and the little bursts can short-change you in the amount of petrol you get for your money.
  • The best time to fill up is when you have half a tank, or less, left. But never run your vehicle on empty.
  • Fill up in the early morning or late evening. Service station storage tanks are buried below ground and the cooler the ground the more dense the petrol. The warmer it gets the more chance that the petrol will expand and you will get less for every litre purchased.
  • Avoid filling your tank to the top. Overfilling results in overflowing. Watch the attendant and make sure he/she fills up to the first ‘click’ of the fuel nozzle and no further.
  • Driving at the speed limit or less will dramatically lessen your petrol consumption. If at all possible avoid rush hour traffic – you waste petrol and cause more wear and tear to your car.
  • Accelerate before you reach a hill and you will use less petrol while you are climbing.
  • Over-revving or under-revving in the wrong gear can increase your petrol consumption dramatically.
  • Drive with the windows closed when travelling at highway speeds. Open windows cause air friction which will reduce your mileage.
  • Don’t keep your foot on the brake and clutch, even lightly, while driving.
  • Air conditioners reduce your fuel economy substantially. Heater fans, electric windows and seats increase the engine load which also decreases the mileage.
  • Roof rack luggage increases your petrol cost so try to put as much luggage as possible in your boot.The more aware you are of the amount of petrol you use the more you can do to try to reduce your petrol costs.

    Send us your Wedding Announcements

    Nanima would like to welcome Fayyaz Dindar to the family. He married Zaakirah Mohomed on 15 February 2009 in Witbank. Nikah was held at the Pine Ridge mosque. Dua for married couple: Barak Allah hu laka wa baa rak Allah hu alaika wa jama’aa bainakuma fi khair” “May Allah bless you and shower HIS blessings on you and place goodness between both of you” InshaAllah

    Radio Islam Nikah Page

    Send us your Birth Announcements

    Nanima would like to congratulate Ahmed and Nasreen Vadi on the birth of their baby daughter Asma. May Allah make her the coolness of your eyes inshaAllah.


    Chicken Biryani httpv://


    Ingredients: 4 cups basmati rice 1 stick cassia and 2 cardamom pods salt to taste 1 cup brown lentils 2 onions, thinly sliced 4 potatoes, peeled and halved 1 kg chicken pieces, bone in 125g butter 250ml water a generous pinch of saffron FOR THE MARINADE: 500ml natural yoghurt 1 can shopped tomatoes 2 sticks cinnamon, 4 allspice, 6 cloves 15ml ground cumin 10ml ground coriander 5ml turmeric 5ml crushed ginger 10ml crushed garlic 30ml masala powder & salt to taste Method: Boil the rice, cassia, cardamom and salt in sufficient water to cover.  Drain and set aside  when cooked.  Boil lentils in sufficient water to cover until almost soft.  Drain and set aside. Fry onions in oil till golden, remove witha slotted spoon and set aside.  Fry potatoes in the same oil until golden brown, remove witha slotted spoon and set aside. Wash chicken, pat dry and place in a large bowl with half the fried onions.  Make the marinade and cover chicken pieces with the marinade.  Leave for at least one hour. Pour the oil used for frying into a large saucepan.  Sprinkle 500ml of rice over the oil, then arrange the chicken in its marinade over the rice.  Layer the lentils, potatoes and the rest of the rice over the meat. Arrange the remaining onions over the rice and sprinkle saffron over it.  Dot with butter, pour water over and close the saucepan tightly. Cook for 10 minutes over high heat, then reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour or until chicken is tender.


    Durban: Madressa Tut Taufeeq Attention: Pre Schools and Home schools…Grade 000/00/0 (R) syllabus now available, includes numeracy,literacy,readiness books and much more. Non murath and easy to use. Islamic subjects are also available. Why make worksheets when you can purchase these unique tried and tested workbooks. Also available are Qasasul Islaah – 100 stories for muslim children which are great eid gifts. Books can be posted at an additional cost. 0312078175 / 0721008600 Johannesburg: Sensia Range of 8 variant body scrubs(salt, sugar,coarser grain of salt) that enhances circulation and rejuvenates skin. Woolworths overrun stock – soaps, fizz balls, bodywashes. We supply Roma waxes, facial sponges, cellulite sponges and other beauty products to salons and beauticians. We also stock oils, hot wax machines. Please contact us to findout who the distributors of the product closest to your area are. We supply our products countrywide. 0738736467


  • Indian domestic required Mrs R Maharaj , (Care Services – Child Care)
  • Nanny required Shamila Jimmy , (Care Services – Child Care)
  • SCHOOL LIFT REQUIRED FROM CONSTANTIA KLOOF Nooron Mohamed , (Nani s Taxi – School Transport)
  • CHILDMINDER REQUIRED DURBAN fathima saley , (Care Services – Child Care)
  • Backroom to let Qaanita , (Boarding and Lodging – Rent a home)

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