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Playing with a toddler is hard work.  It can also be frustrating especially when you have other things to do and you know you have to make time to play with the bichoo. It’s a losing situation because you can’t do your work cos the little one is hanging on you and while you sitting there building the blocks you becoming impatient because you have to complete something else. The other issue I notice that children are either burnout or bored out of their minds. We need to learn balance.

There is so much lego blocks you can build, so much you can colour and so much puzzles you can build.  The trick I think is in planning. Plan your work and work your plan as bichoo’s Dada quotes.

  • Get your priorities straight. What is most important thing in your life.  Family, career, religion..
  • Make a flexible timetable so you can give enough time to all the priorities in your life.
  • Start a routine for your child. doesn’t have to be military style that exactly 19h00 they must be in bed. Ensure there is breakfast, bath, play, snack, more play, lunch, nap, daddy time, supper, wind down, sleep..
  • As hard as it may be, enjoy the playtime with the little one and become like a child. Be present and give your child your full attention during this time. It is hard but with practise, InshaAllah it will get better..

Now how do we make playtime fun? Any creative ideas will be appreciated.

I am looking for a new activity for each day.. Please put the activity and the benefit.

Here are some of my suggestions… I will start by numbering them. If you have an idea follow the numbering until we get to 365.

1. Puzzles

  • It improves hand-eye coordination since children will have to fit the jigsaw pieces into the board properly.
  • It develops shape/size recognition and matching ability.
  • It develops logical thinking.
  • It enhances spatial relation skills.
  • It develops pre-reading skills by enhancing the ability of children to recognize shapes.
  • It develops perseverance attitude since children will have to persevere to be able to complete the child jigsaw puzzle.
  • It enhances social skills. Who would not enjoy putting puzzle pieces together with friends and famiy by the way?

2. Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline doesn’t only benefit the bichoo but also it has added benefits for you as well.

Exercising on a trampoline has several benefits in terms of the body’s cardiovascular system:

  • Increases strength and fitness of the muscles, especially of the legs, helping to lighten the load on the heart when pumping blood around the body
  • Increases oxygen availability throughout the body
  • Maintains a healthy body weight and lessens the likelihood of obesity
  • Aids lymphatic circulation
  • improves the bone mineral content and therefore the density thus lessening the likelihood of fractures due to osteoporosis
  • develop motor skill because of the need to maintain both height and balance simultaneously while responding to gravitational forces.
  • Reduces level of cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Stimulates the metabolism and digestive processes.
  • In addition, toddler trampolines develop muscles, balance and standing skills while encouraging children to simply have fun! And with versions available for toddlers aged 12 months and up, this is an ideal way to keep the little ones active.

Please be careful when you playing on a trampoline and buy one that will be safe for the little on to use. Always be there when they are jumping on it.

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  1. my kids just love to jump around on trampolines and they are sort of addicted to it.-~~