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The last time I left SA for so long, there was a Tsunami. Now I come back from India, really felt like I was living under a rock. No access to TV or the internet this past week at the village. I only realised how bad the atrocities in Gaza, Palestine were today when I went on facebook and went through all my emails. The Zimbabwe situation is getting even worse.

The reason I like Gift of the Givers, not only do they talk the talk but they walk the walk. They are always in the front line where ever there are crisis. They help everyone and anyone that needs help. Every race, colour and creed. Not only are they helping Gaza, they are also helping Zimbabwe, Sudan, South Africa etc.

How to make a difference?

So now we are all feeling helpless and don’t know what to about this. Here is your chance to make a difference. Islam is a beautiful religion and all the answers to these problems can be found there.

  1. Start becoming punctual in your salaah and pay your zakaah. The masjids are empty. Even when we go to the masjid some of us don’t come out spiritually uplifted. Outside of the masjid, after performing Jumah, we can’t show the virtue of patience and start slashing people’s tyres when they double park us or insult a car guard who was looking after your car. (The ironic part is that the person who double parked and the rest of the congregation were reading a Yasin for Palestine at the time the tyre was slashed.) Then we ask why is all this damaal happening to the muslims. We have forgotten how to communicate and connect with Allah. Get back to the basics. Start performing what is obligatory. Wake up for Fajr, take a break during the day and perform Zuhr, perform your asr, maghrib and Esha. If you are male try and to perform your salaah in congregation.  Repay any fasts your owe. Start visiting the house of Allah. Start communicating with Allah. Get close to Allah. (How to perform Salaah?) (How Zakaah can eradicate poverty?)
  2. Start reading the Quran. It is the guidance for all mankind. All the answers you are looking for is this book. The book of healing – Quran. Make an effort to understand what Allah wants from you and read the Quran with making an effort to understand what Allah wants from you as his Khalifah/ambassador on earth.  Learn Arabic if you don’t understand the Quran and if you think you won’t be able to learn Arabic, the next best thing is to read the Quran in a translation in your language. Not ideal but you rather get the essence of the of the message then nothing at all. Read the tafsir. Get a mentor to help you understand what the Quran is teaching you.  (Quran- Guidance for all mankind)
  3. Make dua to Allah to make it easy for all the people in the world that are being oppressed especially Gaza and Zimbabwe. Maybe even make an extra effort to wake up for Tahajjud the time when duas are accepted to make the dua. (How to perform Tahajjud prayer)
  4. Donate to organisations like Gift of the Givers who are helping Gaza and Zimbabwe. Donate to Al Aqsa Foundation South Africa for Gaza. This is an act of Sadaqah. (Virtues of Sadaqah)
  5. Join the hungerstrike against Zimbabwe’s oppression. Fasting in Islam teaches us self restraint. The prophet Muhammad (SAW) use to fast every Monday and Thursday. By fasting these days you will be killing two birds with one stone. Not only will you be following a sunnah, you can make any intention you want to fast for. Fasting starts before sunrise and ends at sunset. It is recommended you have Sehri(early breakfast) before you fast. During that time if you make Tahajud salaah(Pre dawn prayer) all duas(prayers) are also accepted. When you break your fast you can make dua(prayer) an it is one of the times when prayers are accepted. Make all your own duas and also remember the people of Gaza, make dua that Allah saves the people of Zimbabwe and also remember South Africa and ask Allah to give us prosperity in this country and eradicate crime and Aids. Ask Allah to help eradicate poverty, hunger, famine, global warming. (How to fast?) (Join the Zimbabwe Hunger strike)
  6. Join any marches an show your solidarity to these causes. (Palestine Marches)
  7. If you have the resources go to these places and help out. Join Gift of the Givers, Al Aqsa foundation of South Africa or any organisation that goes to these places to help out in the front line. Become a Human shield. (Join Gift of the Givers) (How to become a Human shield for Palestine)
  8. Make more zikr and rememberance of Allah. Learn the following duas Ayatal Kursi as it is the greatest dua for protection.  Other duas for distress: Sa’d ibn Waqas reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “The supplication made by the Companion of the Fish (Prophet Yunus) in the belly of the fish was, ‘La ilaha illa anta, subhanaka, inni kuntu minaz-zalimin (there is no god but You, You are far exalted and above all weaknesses, and I was indeed the wrongdoer)’. If any Muslim supplicates in these words, his supplication will be accepted.” In another report we read, “I know words that will cause Allah to remove one’s distress. These are the words (of supplication) of my brother Yunus, peace be upon him,” Source: Tirmidhi (Learn Ayatal Kursi)
  9. Remember how the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) reacted during his hardships in Taif. Reflect upon the Prophet’s supplication in Taif. This is the dua he recited with shoes full of blood, wounds all over his body and after having been insulted, ridiculed and abused by the people of Taif to whom he had taken recourse seeking a place of refuge. Moreover, this occurs after three years of suffering a boycott at the hands of the Quraysh as a result of which Muslims were reduced to eating grass and leaves off of trees.
    The Prophet (s) as he walks out of Taif:


“O Allah! I complain to You of my weakness, my scarcity of resources and the humiliation I have been subjected to by the people. O Most Merciful of those who are merciful. O Lord of the weak and my Lord too. To whom have you entrusted me? To a distant person who receives me with hostility? Or to an enemy to whom you have granted authority over my affair? So long as You are not angry with me, I do not care. Your favor is of a more expansive relief to me. I seek refuge in the light of Your Face by which all darkness is dispelled and every affair of this world and the next is set right, lest Your anger or Your displeasure descends upon me. I desire Your pleasure and satisfaction until You are pleased. There is no power and no might except by You.”
If those who claim to love the Prophet (s) so much that they are willing to infringe upon prophetic conduct with their blind rage and fury would reflect upon this prayer, it would be a guiding light for them and a clear instruction as to how a Muslim should respond to our current situation. It is also the only salve by which troubled hearts and souls will find peace. (Dua of Taif)

10. If you still feel hopeless- reflect and ponder on the story of Dawud(AS) and Jalut – David and Goliath (Watch the cartoon on Dawud(AS) video or read about Ibn Kathir’s Story of Dawood(AS))


A number of high profile personalities, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, will embark on a hunger strike until a solution to the Zimbabwean crisis is found, a solidarity group said on Tuesday.

“We have Mahatma Gandhi at the back of our minds as we embark on this hunger strike,” Save Zimbabwe Now said on Tuesday.

“Fasting has been chosen to symbolise the hunger and discomfort faced by millions of Zimbabweans every day in varying forms of severity.”

Only Allah/God can help us during these times of mayhem. To Him we belong and to Him we shall return and only to Him can we turn to. By first performing our obligations and then performing extra salaah during pre dawn, giving charity/sadaqah and fasting especially during the sunnah times we can get closer to Allah and ask only Him to help us during these trying times. Zimbabwe and Mahatama Ghandi used fasting as a weapon. Fasting works and that is why Islam has been teaching us to fast 1400 years ago.
Tonight at 7:30pm or later Gift of the givers cargo flight will be leaving for Gaza. I think this is the second flight. I am not sure. 84 tons of supplies will be departing from OR Tambo International. Function at 6pm. Departure was announced at 7%

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    Al Imdaad are also collecting funds for Zimbabwe and Palestine