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Nanima Makeover – wow I love it.. visit – oud maar nie koud nie.. Getting really ooshaar(clever) with web design.

January Book -Shantaram(1)

November 28, 2008

Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts.

(saw a pic of him now on the net.. looks like those wrestler Dolph Lundgren types.. never thought they could spell, let alone write.. anyway Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of California, some don’t only have brawn but brains as well L)
Venue: Zoo Lake / Emmarentia or some open picnic […]

Nanima’s  Soapbox(0)

December 1, 2008


This weekend the idea grew on me to start some sort of public speaking and research type of initiative. Almost like toastmasters but more focused on specific topics.( please madala’s, don’t feel left out, feel free to start your own circles for book reading and public speaking with your own friends. )
How it works?
1. […]

Nanima’s Watchdog(0)

December 1, 2008

Are you looking for answers?

Do you have questions to people of power and are bang to ask them yourself?
Did you go shopping somewhere and not happy with the service?
Do you have a problem with a halaal authoriy?
Do you want answers from your local Haj council?
Do have a problem at your local masjid but don’t know […]

Don’t sleep and Drive – Arrive Alive

Ja so we all going on the great trek to somewhere else.. Some to the beach and some over the beach and over the sea. Have a great holiday, festive season . Switch on your headlights. Speed and tiredness kills. Drive safely.

Some useful websites
Toll road and tariffs

Matric results 2008

Matric results will be released on 30 December 2008
Matric result website
Get Matric results 2008 via SMS
The Class of 2008 will be able to access their exam results on SABC’s News Break service. For the first time this year, IEB (Independent Examination Board) students will also be able to access their results on News […]

World AIDS Day – Save Sex rather then Safe sex

I was sitting with the Jamiat the other day and one of the issues we discussed was the Aids epidemic. The one issue I raised in the meeting was: Shouldn’t we make it compulsory for couples to get tested for AIDS before Nikah?
In an Indian […]

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How about me not blaming you for everything
How about me enjoying the moment for once
How about how good it feels to finally forgive you
How about grieving it all one at a time

Thank you India
Thank you terror
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you frailty
Thank you consequence
Thank you thank you silence

Alanis Morisette


AA travel tips

  • on’t keep your gaze focused at a single distance as this will increase eye fatigue
  • Glance about frequently and take in areas at the edge of the area lit by your headlights
  • Reduce your speed at night
  • Following distances should be increased at night
  • Headlights should be dipped well before an approaching vehicle is within range of the main beam
  • Headlights need to be adjusted periodically
  • In addition, increased road accidents over the years at Van Reenen’s pass on the N3 has highlighted the risks associated with negotiating mountain passes; with the increased traffic volumes this holiday season, the AA urges motorists to be aware of the risks when negotiating these mountain passes.

    The AA and BP have highlighted that being aware of the risks mountain passes pose can reduce the accident rate and have listed the following ways in which this can be done:

  • Be aware of reduced visibility
  • Be aware of loose debris caused by rock slides
  • Reduce speed because there are sharp corners and it takes longer to stop on loose surfaces or steep gradients
  • Apply brakes in a straight line before entering a bend
  • Mist and fog is often present so keep your headlights on at all times
  • Ensure your car is roadworthy and your tyres are in good conditio




Upcoming Events




Football 13 Dec Eng Prem Middlesbrough v Arsenal 14:45
Football 13 Dec Eng Prem Aston Villa v Bolton 17:00
Football 13 Dec Eng Prem Liverpool v Hull 17:00
Football 13 Dec Eng Prem Man City v Everton 17:00
Football 13 Dec Eng Prem Stoke v Fulham 17:00
Football 13 Dec Eng Prem Sunderland v West Brom 17:00
Football 13 Dec Eng Prem Wigan v Blackburn 17:00


Live Results Fixtures
Football 10 Dec Champions League FC Porto 2 – 0 Arsenal
Football 10 Dec Champions League Lyon 2 – 3 Bayern Munich
Football 10 Dec Champions League Steaua Bucuresti 0 – 1 Fiorentina
Football 10 Dec Champions League Man Utd 2 – 2 AaB
Football 10 Dec Champions League Dynamo Kiev 1 – 0 Fenerbahce
Football 10 Dec Champions League Juventus 0 – 0 BATE
Football 10 Dec Champions League Real Madrid 3 – 0 Zenit St Petersburg
Cricket 05 Dec War v Cob Cape Cobras won by 24 runs
Cricket 05 Dec Lio v Eag Eagles won by 9 runs (D/L Method)


How to grow DHANIA Coriander (Coriandrum)

If planning to grow Coriandrum outdoors from the off it is best to sow out the seed every two weeks at a depth of 1cm from the last frost of spring until the autumn. Coriander likes to grow in an area of that has plenty of sunlight, and prefers a rich soil of pH 6 to 7. If you plan to grow seedlings of coriander indoors then they should be grown in peat pots and prepared about 6 to 7 weeks before you plan to put them out, from early spring onwards. Alternatively you can grow them indoors all year around.

Harvesting Coriander

Both the leaves and seeds of coriander can be used in cooking. Coriander seeds should be harvested by covering the stalks in a paper bag, tape the bottom of it, and allow the coriander seed to set. When ready simply snip the stem and remove the bag, and rub the fruit to release the coriander seeds. If you are harvesting the leaves then simply snip them off when require and use fresh.


Special wedding announcement

Nanima would like to wish Ilhaam Ahomed from Rustenburg and Shiraz (not Siraj) Wariawa from Durban, a happy Nikah this weekend in Actonville.. You will see me there cos I am gonna be in your face the whole day.. 🙂 May Allah make the couple the coolness of each other’s eyes InshaAllah.


Send us your Wedding Announcements

Dr Shiraaz Wariava of Durban to Dr Ilhaam Ahomed of Rustenburg
14 Dec 2008
After Zohr
Noor Actonville Benoni
Yusuf Cassim of Northcliff to Farzana Mayet of Rynsoord
14 Dec 2008
Tawheed Rynsoord
Hfz Yusuf Patel of Lenasia to Amina Jogee of Marlboro Gardens
14 Dec 2008
Jamia Marlboro Gardens
Naseer Ally of Lenasia to sarah Ismail of Lenasia
14 Dec 2008
Nurul Islam
Irfaan Umar of Robertsham to Bibi Aysha Vaid of Dullstroom
14 Dec 2008
Muhammed Denath of Springs to Humayra Suleiman of Roshnee
14 Dec 2008
After Zohr
Noor Roshnee
Mohamed Ameen Moosa of Lenasia to safiya Choonara of Mckenzie Park Benoni
14 Dec 2008
After Zohr
Zingela Lodge Heidelburg
Naeem Sader of Ladysmith to Amina Vaid of Vrededorp
13 Dec 2008
After Ast
15 th Street Vrededorp
Muhammad Moolla of Ermelo to fatima Jajbhay of Johannesburg
13 Dec 2008
After Maghrib
Hfz Muhammad Patel of Rynsoord to fatima Suleiman of Lenasia
13 Dec 2008
After Maghrib
Umar Farouk Lenasia
faheem Laher to Zaahida Sima
13 Dec 2008
After Asr
Masjidun Noor
Mohamed Tayob of Lenasia South to Shamira Mia of Lenasia
13 Dec 2008
After Maghrib
Nurul Islam Lenasia
Muhammed Majid of Lenasia to Naazia Suliman of Durban
13 Dec 2008
After Maghrib
45th Cutting Sherwood
Naeem of Lenasia to Amina Seedat of Lenasia South
13 Dec 2008
Nurul Islam Lenasia
Abdul Shakoor of Roshnee to Shanaaz Cassim of Pageview
12 Dec 2008
After Asr
15 Street Masjid
Cassim Sarang of Rosetta Mooiriver to Zaeeda Salejee of Durban
12 Dec 2008
After Asr
Hilal Overport
Fayadh Loray of Roshnee to Hawa Bibi Tayob of Lenasia
07 Dec 2008
After Asr
Saabrie Lenasia
Hfz Mohamed Ameen Sujee of Lenasia to Sajeda Chonara of Lenasia
06 Dec 2008
After Asr
Saabrie Lenasia
Mohamed Katib of Petermarisburg to Nabila Hasan of Petermarisburg
06 Dec 2008
After Esha
Suliheen Petermarisburg
Faheem Banoo of Lenasia to Nazreen of Glenvista
06 Dec 2008
After Maghrib
Sultan-Bahu Mayfair
Ml Yusuf Moola of Isipingo Durban to Bilqeef of Petermarisburg
06 Dec 2008
Ml Akoonjee Madressa
Hfz Mohamed Adam Seedat of Kinross to Bibi Fatima Waja of Lenasia
04 Dec 2008
After Maghrib
Nurul Islam Lenasia

Radio Islam Nikah Page


Send us your Birth Announcements


Delhi Cuisine:

Gobi Manchurian


  • 1 pcs: Cauliflower (medium, clean and broken into big florettes)
  • 1/4 cup: Plain flour
  • 3 tsp: Cornflour
  • 1 small bunch: Spring onion (finely chopped)
  • 2 tsp: Ginger (finely chopped)
  • 1 tsp: Garlic (finely chopped)
  • 1/4 tsp: Red chilli powder
  • 2 no: Red chillies (dry)
  • 1 tsp: Milk
  • 3 tsp: Oil
  • 1-1/2 cup: Water

METHOD 1,2, 3

  1. Boil the florettes for 3-4 minutes in plenty of water, to which a tsp. of milk has been added. Drain and pat dry on a clean cloth.
  2. Make thin batter out of flour and 2 tsp cornflour, adding 1/4 tsp. each of ginger and garlic and red chilli powder and salt to taste.
  3. Dip the florettes in the batter one by one and deep fry in hot oil. Keep aside.
  4. In the remaining oil, add remaining ginger, garlic and crushed red chilli and fry for a minute. Add the salt and spring onions. Stir fry for a minute. Add 1-1/2 cups water and bring to a boil. Add 1 tsp. cornflour to 1/4 cup water and dissolve well. Gradually add to the gravy and stir continuously till it resumes boiling. Boil till the gravy becomes transparent.
  5. Add florettes and soya sauce. Boil for two more minutes and remove.
  6. Serve hot with noodles or rice.
  7. Variations:
    1. Dry Manchurian can be made by omitting the gravy.
    2. Make florettes as above and instead of adding water as above, add fried florettes, spring onions and soya sauce at this stage.
    3. Sprinkle 1 tsp. cornflour on the florettes and stir fry for 2 minutes.
    4. Serve piping hot with toothpicks or mini forks and chilli-garlic sauce or tomato sauce.
    5. Same procedure for veg. Manchurian (with gravy or dry), but instead of using only cauliflower, use finely chopped minced vegetables

      and bind with some cornflour or bread crumbs and make small lumps the size of a ping-pong ball. Fry as above and proceed as above.


NOTICE SELF SERVICE – Looking for a service. Place a notice for free. Title: Area and brief description (e.g. Lenasia: Wedding caterer required) If you don’t want to place your own details on the website email me with the information

Beauty Services

Beauty (0)
Health (1)
Fitness (0)

Nani’s Taxi

Boarding and Lodging

Holiday (2)



Birth (0)
Wedding (0)


Durban: Muslimahs & tots

Muslimahs & tots workshops on the tarbitya of children is an Islamically orientated workshop for mothers to attend with their toddlers in the 1-4 year age group once a weekWorkshop for the Tarbiya of ChildrenDo you want to improve your child’s brain potential?Do you want to lay the foundation of academic success?Do you want to have fun while stimulating the love of learning in your baby/Toddler in an Islamic way?Anasheed by Zain BhikhaRhymes and storiesActivities to develop hand eye coordinationBaby massageGross motor and fine motor skillsIntellectual, emotional and social developmentStimulation for all sensesThere are workshops held in Laudium and Middleburg
Johannesburg: GHD Salon Styler & StraightenersGood hair day (also known as ‘GHD’) The irons use ceramic technology on their heating plates, which is the reason for the golden, rather than silver, appearance of the plates. The technology involves using ceramic on the blades rather than traditional metal which reduces the frizzing and damaging impacts on the hair caused by the severe heat. Regardless, GHD does offer several hair care treatments as well as a variety of other such products to counteract the heating effects of their straighteners.
Johannesburg: Honey Fashion AccessoriesHoney Fashion Accessories’ product range includes brooches, earrings, neck ware, rings bracelets, glass-based pearls, handbags and watches. Our styles vary from the discerning, must-have classics to the cutting-edge contemporary styles for the more trend-conscious taste. Honey’s products are always in-step with international trends, are handmade by skilled craftsmen and carefully inspected at every step of the manufacturing process.
Mayfair: The Muslim Family ShopThe London Hijaab fashion has finally arrived to South Africa? I am so happy..Still need to get your abayah or kurta for Eid?Not much to choose from?Want to look good the halaal way?The Muslim Family Shop has launched with its unique and exciting range of abayahs and kurtas.Affordable prices on high quality garments for Muslim men and women.
0832919395 / 0833907862


Muslim Male Matchmaking

Muslim Female Matchmaking

Hindu Matchmaking

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