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A few ladies and I have joined started a book club and we decided to give it the Nanima name. YAY..

The first book we have decided to read is The Messenger by Tariq Ramadan aka In the footsteps of the Prophet.

The first book club meeting will be on the 1 Nov 08 at 10am at Nescafe in Fordsburg.


The Messenger- Tariq Ramadan Book review

I have not had so much fun in such a long time.. Bb was really inspired when she wanted to start this book club..

i really had visions of starting a book club sort of the one’s you see on Oprah but a more Islamic version and calling it Nanima’s book club.. i wanted to start it here in my area on wednesday evenings.. but when i heard that there was one in the process of being formed, I jumped on the bandwagon.

The other idea I had was starting a revert circle because i get requests from muslim revert women about Islam?

Today Alhamdulillah it seemed like my visions materialized.. we killed two birds with one stone.. a book club and a revert circle in one place at one time..

I loved every moment and wished I could stay longer.. i felt so happy after the meeting.. I felt that everyone there was on the same page..
we sat discussed the book, discussed relevant issues we facing today, we discussed issues that the revert muslims were facing..

what i found amazing, black, white, indian.. we were all muslim sisters sitting together and the problem we all had in common was we didn’t feel like we were part of a community and Ummah.. (that comes from the masjid not being easily accessible to the fairer sex) – the problem was universal.. we didn’t have a place where we felt we could meet each other, greet each other and learn from each other..

What was very amazing to me is we, born muslims think we teaching the reverts about islam.. but we learn so much more about real Imaan and deep faith, love for Islam and the beauty of Islam from revert muslims.

There were discussions about having a virtual book club as well.. via skype or something.. Bb always has such great ideas.. inshaAllah they will all materialise as well..

Like the meeting we were so excited we talked about lots of other things before we talked about the book.

I find watching Tariq Ramadan videos a little more inspirational then the book. I highly suggest he do an audiobook for the messenger.

What I enjoyed about the book was how he stresses on how woman participated throughout the prophet’s life.

Woman participated in battles. Woman went to masjid. Woman questioned the Prophet when they were uncertain. Woman power..Khadija(RA) proposed to the messenger.

He also talked about how the prophet worked with many non muslims during lots of expeditions.

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