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Yes I have given birth to two and a half aunties.. OK.. since they are elder then me it is impossible to have given birth to them myself, let’s just say Nanima adopted two and half chachis.

Chachi means aunty, sometimes insinuates inquisitive aunty or the know it all aunty.

If you have a personal health or wellbeing problem and looking for answers you can email the Chachis or call the Chachis DURING OFFICE HOURS.

Once they receive questions they will give advise as they see fit. They will answer directly to you. Every alternate week a Chachi will give me an interesting article to publish from one of the queries she received.

The article will be totally anonymous, even I won’t know who sent the message Unless you mistakenly send the message to me first. I really don’t want to know your story, I rather leave it to the professionals to deal with.

Ask Chachi? is an agony aunt type column focusing on health, mind, body, spirit and fitness.

CHACHI #1- Dr. Summeiyya Omar

Title: Tibb Integrative Homeopathic General Practitioner

Dr Summeiya Omar- Female GP has a medical background as a qualified GP from Wits as well as post-grad qualification in Unani-Tibb (Hakim Medicine)

Dr. Omar uses homeopathic remedies in her practice. She does wet and dry cupping. Dr. Omar uses a graded approach–starting with the most gentle life style advice/ herbal medicine to the heavy stuff–anti-biotics etc. depending on the need.

I was impressed. I have visited her as I was interested to find out how she works. She asks you a few questions. Figures out your temperament. Are you hot or cold? moist or dry. then she figures out your temperament: Are you sanguinous, Bilious, Phlegmatic or melancholic. After that she decides you treatment that may include wet or dry cupping. There after she prescribes to you an eating plan to suit your temperament to get your balance back. Lastly she prescribes homeopathic remedies to you for your condition.

Office based at the Norwood sports medicine and exercise institute, 100 Algernon rd, Norwood

Email her and she can send you the questionnaire?

CHACHI #2 – Yasmin Lambat

Title: Well being coach

Yasmin Lambat has worked as a Pilates instructor, life coach and nutritionist for the past 16 years. Through her work/life experience she discovered how wellbeing which includes good health, great relationships and job satisfaction are all equally important to give us the energy and motivation to successfully manage our lives. She set up a company called Pure Zest where she now specialises as a Wellbeing Coach helping people to harmonise, enhance and integrate different aspects of their lives including work, home, community and self. She helps to spring clean your mind, body and soul.

Yasmin is driven by a passion for people, and a genuine delight in helping them get the best out of themselves.

Wellbeing at Pure Zest is about creating energy, an enthusiasm and a lust for life by helping to minimise the “energy stealers” and increasing the “energy givers” within key areas of your life. These areas include Health and Fitness, Time Management, Stress Management, Career, Relationships and Personal Development. She helps to spring clean your mind, body and soul.

8A Garden Road

South Africa
076 848 3778

FOSTER CHACHI: Dr. Zafreen Y Valli

Tite: Johanneburg: Travel Medicine General Practitioner

Dr Zafreen Y Valli Female GP with special interest in Travel Medicine. Has a travel clinic in Braamfontein as well as at home in Greenside. Going for Hajj, travelling to India or anywhere in the world.. Need to find out what vaccinations are recommended.Looking for a female GP. Want to know what is Hepatitis A, Polio, Typhoid, malaria. She knows what to give you before you travel. Prevention is better then cure.

Ground floor Himont House

80 Jorissen Street



Please note: the foster chachi will not post advise on the column. UNLESS she wants to.

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12 Reader Comments

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  1. Zeenat says:


    I am looking for someone to put bridal Mendhi. Also they need to come to my house.

    Please can someone assist me with this.


  2. Aneesa says:

    Would you trust your domestic worker to prepare your family meals during the week while you are at work? It’s been proposed to me that it will be my best solution if I am to return to a full time work position, and especially since I have very little support from other sources, but I find it hard to not be the main ingredient in my children’s nutrition. Is there a better solution? I live in Crosby.

  3. admin says:

    I am sure it is fine for the domestic to help with cooking as long as she is trained properly regarding this.
    If you want to still be part of the nutrition of your child, ask your helper to prepare all the raw ingredients and the things that are time consuming before hand for you so when you come home all you have to do is throw everything in a pot and put the spices and you will still be part of preparing meals for your family with out the hard part..

  4. Sara says:

    or you can cook for the week over the weekend and freeze the foods. Also, if you can get a muslim domestic worker that will be better

  5. naima says:


    birthday catering required in two weeks time in the gauteng area

    everything from cakes, deco, etc

  6. tshepiso says:

    anyone who can me with accounting n maths?

  7. Ayesha says:

    I am looking for the Benammi nasheeds without music, the ones currently playing on Cii. Please help me as no one seems to have it in Durban and I’d like to listen to them on my way to Jhb next week Insha Allah. I will of course buy the original from Cii in Lenasia when I get there. Please help!

  8. Kanitha says:

    My husband is deceased.

    I am looking for the correct duahs/duroods t oteach my children for the father

    I was given this Procedure
    my children should make intension to read one quraan for the E-Saleh Sawaab of their father.
    Read 3 Durood (which Durood?)
    Read 3 Kulhuwala (equiviment to one quraan) ( what is Kulhuwala?)
    Read 3 Durood ( which durood?)
    do you know which durood?
    what is Kulhuwala

  9. Nanima says:

    May Allah make it easy for all of you and your family in this time of sorrow inshaAllah.
    what should be done as esale thawaab
    kulhuwala is surah ikhlas – surah 112 in the 30th juz of the quran


    the shortest and simplest durood or salawat is
    The shortest and simplest form of Durood is
    صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم
    Transliteration: Sall-Allahu alayhi wasallam
    Translation: Peace and Blessings be upon him (Prophet Muhammad)

    Allahuma salli ala sayyinda muhammad ew wa ala aalihi sayyida muhammad dew wa baraka wa salam

    if you have sons encourage them to visit the graveyard
    they can read quran there, make dua for their father..

    you can give charity i.e sadaqah on the deceased behalf..

  10. name says:

    Very interesting sites.,

  11. Shadrack says:

    I would like to ask if the are any star schools for a matric re-write near Sasolburg…And if they are, what are the fees allocated if you only wish to write maths snd physical science ncs grade 12.

  12. mohamed says:

    Aslmwlkm, I am looking for a dentist to locum at my practice in chamdor(west rand)
    gauteng during the hajj period ( 23 oct-23 nov 2010) any interested dentist can contact me :