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Eid ul Fitr will be South Africa:   Wednesday 31 August 2011, 1 Shawwal 1432

I am sure I don’t have to tell you but Remember to celebrate Eid: more info on how to celebrate Eid – also make lots of Ibadah on the night before Eid day as it is the night of prize giving.

On behalf of Ask Nanima and Ask Madala, Bachoo, Poiroo and gang we wish everyone celebrating Eid, a lekker Eid Mubarak. Have a great day.

Allah Taala has made obligatory upon you the Sadaqatul Fitr as a means of cleansing your fasts from idle and lewd talk and also in order that it provides food for the poor and destitute. (Sunan Abu» Dawud)

icon How to Calculate Fitrah


RAMADAAN 1432 – Fitrah & Fidyah 2011

Fitrah Fidyah
Hanafi Shafi Hanafi Shafi
Eastern Cape R 26.00 R 13.00
Gauteng R 16.00 R 21.00 R 16.00 R 21.00
KwaZulu-Natal R 17.00 R 20.00 R 17.00 R 20.00
Northern Cape R 17.00 R 22.00 R 17.00 R 22.00
Western Cape R 26.00 R 13.00

source: Sanzaf

OLD PRICE: Ramadan 1430 – 2009  prices


The Fitrah values differ by region as they are based on the retail value of the specified items used to calculate the Fitrah amounts. The values should be treated as minimum values and people are encouraged to pay more. Remember that Fitrah is payable for EVERY member of the household, young or old, fasting or not. On the other hand, Fidyah is a compensation to be paid by a person who, for good reason e.g. serious illness, permanent disability or old age, is unable to fast during the month of Ramadhán.

Fitrah Values: Hanafi              Shafi

Eastern Cape =     R19.00           R26.00

Gauteng Prov =     R17.50           R22.50

KwaZulu-Natal =     R15.00

Northern Cape =     R19.00           R25.00

Western Cape =                               R25.00

source: Sanzaf operation fitra


SANZAF will be packing and distributing  Fitra hampers on saturday the 12th of September 2009   Call 011- 834 6046 for further information

Ramadan sadaqatul fitr prices 1429 – 2008 Prices – Last years prices

This year, an amount of R17.50 per person has been determined for Hanafi followers and R22.50 for the followers of Shafi’.

Timely payment of Fitra will facilitate distribution before Eid in accordance with the Sunnah.



Assist with Packing & Distribution of EID Fitra Hampers

SANZAF will be packing and distributing EID Fitra hampers on saturday the 27th of September 2008at 9AM at Jublium Grounds, Mayfair (3rd Avenue, Opp Garden City). Call 011- 834 6046 for further information

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