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FOR THABO’S SAKE: By accident I heard about the Thabo drama last week Friday whileI was driving and waiting for the traffic report. The past weeks felt like I was living happiliy in a cave under a rock. I didn’t watch or hear the news. Although I am on the internet all the time I rarely visit the news sites. It just keeps me sane. Yesterday when I was listening to the traffic report of doom again, I was shocked to hear that half the cabinet resigned.

Xenophobic Crisis

Xenophobic Crisis

Everyone seems, so use to, Thabo’s Business Unusual strategy (power crisis, xenophobic crisis, Zimbabwe crisis, price hike crisis) this year that most people don’t even feel phased by all the recent developments. For the rest of South Africa it seems it is business as usual whether Thabo and his gang stays or goes as long as Trevor stays. Others wished Maak Jou Bang Msimang would follow the leaders. To that I say, it can’t be an easy job to be health minister. Nkosana was in the same boat previously and was also drowning. Although I am not Maak Jou Bang’s biggest fan, there was some truth in the benefit of beetroot and eating healthy. To all critics of the health and other ministries, I say, if you have so much to say about how the departments are being run, stop being a spectator and start playing the game. Get of your high horse, roll up your sleeves and if you have a problem with it, help fix it, shut up or hamba. For all of those that have lived in this country for years and reaped all the fruits and are fleeing the country and taking all our valuable resources overseas, I say, I hope Trevor comes back and puts a tax in place that taxes all you flee bags.

To Thabo Mbeki I say, start your own party, take all your chomies with you and then let’s have an election that can separate the man from the boys. Just remember to make your party colours similiar to your former party so it can confuse majority of the voters.

Worried Leader

Worried Leader

The other thing that concerns me is there is a lot of sing song, mashiniwaam, mashiniwaam, which for all those that don’t understand means machine gun, machine gun. With such slogans no wonder JZ has die hard fans that are willing to kill for him. The youth leaders are in desperate need of some guidance. They will never be 1976 heroes if they act the way they are acting. They really need to learn to think before they speak such outrageous things. Who are they going to kill? Their own brothers and sisters. After they kill, they will just end up in jail and how is that going to help anyone. It seems that youth were also involved in the Xenophobic crisis earlier this year. It makes you wonder if the youth are not being used in some sort of conspiracy to topple the current government. All the business unsual seems very sinister, like some dark forces are trying to destroy this beautiful democracy we have built.

Hector Peterson - Youth Hero

Hector Peterson - Youth Hero

To JZ, I say, you have presence because you relate to the man on the street at grass root level and it looks like you may have power soon as well. Please choose your cabinet wisely and build this country from strength to strength. If you make us feel safe in our own homes and do something about the crime in this country you will be everyone’s hero. If you bring back the death penalty and bring a law that cuts the hands of all the tstosi’s you will be a legend.(Even the countries that proclaim to be the most democratic still have the death penalty.) Will that be shooting yourself in the foot.

  • The Zulu Warrior
  • To Kgalema (Not Halima Khala) Motlanthe I say you look like a very nice guy. All the best, this is your hour to shine.

    Kgalema Motlanthe

    Kgalema Motlanthe

    The most amusing thing I heard about the Thabo trials was, a man called in and said, a few years ago on the Felicia Mabuza Suttle(wonder where she is hiding) show, before the first democratic elections a sangoma was interviewed. Apparently he predicted many things that have happened the past years regarding financial crisis. The interesting thing the bones told this sangoma was that a president will not finish his term. The even more interesting thing the sangoma told the audience was the South Africa will have a Muslim president in the future. Eish!!! Whose joining the new new NP, the Nanima Party.

    The Nanima Party


    “Build for your team a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another and of strength to be derived by unity.”
    Vince Lombardi

    “Where there is unity there is always victory.” Publilius Syrus

    NANIMA TV -Teamwork and Unity Video

    or click on Picture

    Teamwork is Dreamwork

    Teamwork is Dreamwork


    Golden rules for good teamwork

    Each member of the team should…

    • Try to be punctual, so the other members of the group do not have to repeat what was already said.
    • Always keep the objective of the meeting in mind. Avoid talking about unrelated subjects.
    • Think about yourself as part of the team and not as an individual. Talk to the group, not only to your neighbor. Be clear and short. Keep in mind that you are using the time of all the members.
    • Don’t interrupt while another person talks. Listen and try to understand her/him. Do not think about your answer while the other one is still talking, pay attention to what she says. If, what the other person says is not clear, let her finish what she is saying and then ask for clarification.
    • Contribute to reaching the objective, look for solutions and accept work related to the objective. Keep in mind that nobody has complete knowledge about a subject, that each contributes a greater or lesser share. Try to convince by reasons and examples, instead of emotions. The goal is to reach a conclusion agreed to by all, not to “win”.
    • Do not attack solutions that are impractical, the way they were presented, but try to make them usable by improving them. Do not attack other members, or talk about them. Talk only about the ideas that were presented. The meeting should be relaxed and friendly, in order to get better results.
    • Keep in mind, that the conclusions of the group should be condensed. Every member should have expressed her or his opinions, and once convinced, should accept the conclusions. Realize that reaching consensus can not be done in a hurry; accept that it will take the necessary time.

    Try to respect the other members and try to reach the objectives of the group.


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    Football 24 Sep PSL Santos v Moroka Swallows 19:30
    Football 24 Sep PSL Bidvest Wits v Free State Stars 20:00
    Rugby 26 Sep Currie Cup Griquas v Blue Bulls 15:30
    Rugby 26 Sep Currie Cup Valke v Cheetahs 19:10
    Football 27 Sep Eng Prem Everton v Liverpool 13:45
    Rugby 27 Sep Currie Cup Kavaliers v WP 15:00
    Rugby 27 Sep Currie Cup Div 1 Eagles v Griffons 15:00
    Football 27 Sep PSL Golden Arrows v Platinum Stars 15:30
    Football 27 Sep Eng Prem Aston Villa v Sunderland 16:00


    ABSA Currie Cup Premier Div | Log
    Pos Team P W D L PF PA PD TF TA BPts Pts
    1 The Sharks 12 10 0 2 350 211 139 43 24 7 47
    2 Vodacom Blue Bulls 12 9 0 3 402 193 209 50 22 8 44
    3 Xerox Lions 12 8 0 4 404 253 151 52 30 9 41
    4 Vodacom WP 12 6 0 6 348 263 85 40 29 8 32
    5 Vodacom FS Cheetahs 12 7 0 5 261 218 43 30 19 4 32
    6 Wildeklawer Griquas 12 3 1 8 281 340 -59 34 42 5 19
    7 Boland Kavaliers 12 2 1 9 206 455 -249 26 62 3 13
    8 Valke 12 2 0 10 266 585 -319 35 82 5 13


    How to remove grass stains from your uniform?

    A grass stain is considered a “dye stain,” one of the hardest kinds to remove. Carefully follow each step – first testing the cleaning product on a hidden area of the garment – until the stain comes out. Then wash the garment according to the instructions on the label.

    Washable Fabrics

    Step1:Sponge washable fabric with water. Then sponge the stain with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Do not use alcohol on silk or wool. Dilute the alcohol a lot (three parts water to one part alcohol) for acetate.
    Step2:Sponge with cool water, then work liquid detergent into the stained area. Rinse with water. Let dry.
    Step3:If the stain remains, soak the fabric in a mixture of 1 qt. warm water and 1 tbsp. stain-removing enzyme product for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and re-launder in hot water, with a bleach that’s safe for the fabric.
    Step4:Bleach with hydrogen peroxide as a last resort.
    Braai Vleis(chops for SA braai day)

    1 kg chops
    1 ½ tsp garlic
    1 tsp chillie garlic paste
    4 Tbsp vinegar
    1 tsp salt
    ½ tsp ard
    1 tsp red chillies
    1 tsp steak & chops spice
    2 Tbsp chillie sauce
    1 Tbsp H.P sauce
    1 Tbsp mustard sauce


    1) Wash & drain the chops.
    2) Mix all the ingredients together
    3) Marinate chops in this mixture overnight
    4) Braai over coals


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