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Guidance for all mankind The past month, I have heard mixed viewpoints regarding reading the Quran in english. Many scholars have agreed that the Quran is in Arabic and no translation in any language will come close to it. The best prize would be to learn Arabic. Most of us are past our learning sell by date, so although the reward reading it in English or the language of your mother tongue may not be the same, the benefit one can get from reading it in English is better then not understanding it at all. Read it preferably in the language you understand, so you can try and understand what Allah wants from you as his ambassador on earth. As one sister rightly pointed out, when we are going to be questioned on the day of Qiyamah, what will our answer be? “We didn’t understand Arabic, so that is why we couldn’t be your Khalifah(Ambassador).” My advice is that before you embark on this journey to understand the Quran, seek advise from a learned scholar in your area on how to approach understanding it. There are many tafseers you can read that will make you understand the Quran better. If you have any questions, have a dialogue with your local scholar so that you are clear what Allah wants from you. We must understand that the Quran is the Word of Allah. I think the fear that some scholars rightly have is that many misinterpret the Quran and this can be dangerous for the faith.

Some facts about the Quran
Revelation: It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) over a period of 23 years.
No. of Chapters (Surah) 114
Revealed in Makkah 86
Revealed in Madinah 28
Total number of verses 6239
Longest chapter (Surah) Chapter 2 (Suratul Baqarah): 286 verses
Shortest chapter Chapter 108 (Suratul Kauthar) 3 verses
Number of Juz – 30

Tools to memorise the names of Surahs of the Quran
Sister Najma sent me some wonderful tools in assisting us to memorise the names of the Surahs of the Quran. To create the love of the Quran, and instil it our children at a young age, it would help give them some tools that they can relate directly to the Quran. The tools are:
Surah name Memorising tool
Surah Index charts
Juz Recogniser for when you are listening to the Quran and want to recognise in which para the surah is in

Other Quran links

  • Learn english meaning of 80% of words in Quran
  • Listen to Mufti Menk’s Tafseer
  • Read the Quran in English
  • Read Tafsir ibn Kathir for commentary on the Quran with Hadith
  • Read summarised Reflections of the Quran by Amr Khaled
  • Learn Arabic Online
  • Other recommended Tafsir Maariful Quraan by Mufti Shafi Usmani
  • The Messenger (PBUH) will complain to Allah on the Day of Judgment that his people neglected the Qur’an (Surah al-Furqan 25:30). Neglect of the Qur’an is of different levels, as Ibn al-Qayyim writes: not reciting or listening to it;
    not studying and understanding it;
    not conveying its message;
    not judging by it in personal and communal matters, at all levels of society;
    not believing in it.


    Surah Rahman – Abdur Rahman Sudais



    “The month of Ramadan is the one in which the Quran was sent down, a guidance for mankind, clear proofs for the guidance, the Criterion; so whoever amongst you witnesses this month, let him fast it.” (Surah al-Baqarah 2:185)


    Quranic Cure – Sayid Qutb
    There is certainly a cure and a blessing for those whose hearts are full of faith. Such hearts brighten up and become ready to receive what the Qur’an imparts of grace, reassurance, and security. There is in the Qur’an a healing power that cures obsession, anxiety, and hesitation. It establishes a bond between believers’ hearts and God. This bond imparts inner peace to believers as they experience a feeling of security in God’s protection. They are happy and satisfied with what they receive from God and contented with their lot in life. Anxiety, hesitation, and obsession are all terrible to experience. As the Qur’an dispels all these, it is indeed a blessing for true believers. In the Quran we have a cure from greed, envy, and evil thoughts. All these cause sickness of the heart and mind, leading to debility and utter ruin. As the Quran cures these, it is a tool of grace bestowed by God on those who truly believe in Him.

    The Quran also provides a cure from deviant thoughts and feelings. It protects the mind from going far astray, while allowing it complete freedom within its fruitful pursuits. It stops the mind from wasting its energy over what is devoid of use. It lays down for it a sound approach that ensures good and useful results. The same principle applies to the human body, ensuring that its resources are utilized for what is useful and fruitful, steering human beings away from the suppression of natural desires or indulgence without restraint. Thus it ensures a healthy body. In this again we see that the Quran is a means of God’s grace that is bestowed on believers.

    There is also in the Quran a cure for social ailments that weaken the structure of society and destroy its peace and security. Under the social system established by the Quran, society enjoys perfect justice in peace and security. This is again a further aspect of grace bestowed through the Quran. When man is left to his own devices, without the cure and blessing of the Quran, and without consistent restraint of his whims and desires, he moves between two extremes: when he enjoys good fortune, he is arrogant and ungrateful, and when he experiences hardship he is given to despair. (Yet when We bestow Our blessings on man, he turns his back and draws arrogantly aside, and when he is afflicted by evil he gives himself up to despair) (Al-Israa’ 17:83).

    Blessings and good fortune lead to arrogance unless one remembers where they come from and give thanks to God who bestowed them. On the other hand, when people are afflicted by difficulty and hardship, they are easily lost in despair unless they trust in God and hope to receive His grace. It is when one truly relies on God that one feels that hardship will give way to what is better. This makes it clear that faith ensures God’s grace in situations of ease and difficulty alike.
    Beautiful Recitation by small boy



    Ennerdale: Islamic Relief: Painting of Osizweni Day Care Centre
    Volunteer your time this Ramadhaan
    Date: Sunday, September 7, 2008
    Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
    Location: Islamic Relief’s Osizweni Centre
    Street: Wulferite Street, Ennerdale (South of Lenasia)
    City/Town: Johannesburg, South Africa
    Phone: 0118361054
    Join Islamic Relief to paint the Day Care of the Osizweni Centre in Ennerdale, south of Lenasia.

    ILM-SA Final Destination: Paradise or Hell?
    A four-lesson course, taking place each Sunday during Ramadaan
    Start Time: Sunday, September 7, 2008 at 10:00am
    End Time: Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 12:00pm
    Street: Essendene Road, Overport, Durban
    Phone: 083 785 5183

    Johannesburg: Wedding Expo When Sat Sep 6 – Sun Sep 7
    Where: Northgate: Coca Cola Sundome
    Entrance Fee: R70-00 p/p
    Fashion Shows: 11.00am & 3.00pm on Saturday & Sunday
    For more information contact 0861 113 997
    Click here for more events information


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    Eng Prem Aston Villa 0 0 Liverpool
    Eng Prem Sunderland 0 3 Man City
    PSL Bloem Celtic 0 1 Mamelodi Sundowns
    PSL AmaZulu 0 1 Platinum Stars
    Eng Prem Chelsea 1 1 Tottenham



    Pos Team Pts
    1 Chelsea 7
    2 Liverpool 7
    3 Man City 6
    4 Arsenal 6
    5 West Ham 6
    6 Middlesbrough 6
    7 Aston Villa 4
    8 Bolton 4
    9 Man Utd 4
    10 Blackburn 4
    11 Newcastle 4
    12 Hull 4
    13 Wigan 3
    14 Fulham 3
    15 Stoke 3
    16 Portsmouth 3
    17 Everton 3
    18 Sunderland 3
    19 Tottenham 1
    20 West Brom 1


    Rank Player Events Avg Points
    1 Tiger Woods 40 17.33
    2 Phil Mickelson 45 9.53
    3 Vijay Singh 60 7.73
    4 Padraig Harrington 54 7.7
    5 Sergio Garcia 52 6.86
    6 Henrik Stenson 49 5.48
    7 Ernie Els 57 5.35
    8 Steve Stricker 46 5.06
    9 Stewart Cink 50 5
    10 Geoff Ogilvy 47 4.87
    11 Adam Scott 49 4.78
    12 Lee Westwood 53 4.77
    13 Jim Furyk 54 4.77
    14 Justin Rose 49 4.73
    15 Anthony Kim 50 4.57
    16 K.J. Choi 56 4.5
    17 Kenny Perry 50 4.37
    18 Miguel A Jimenez 51 4.06
    19 Trevor Immelman 54 3.91



    One of the most important DIY painting tips is that of using quality paints from the start. When you use a good quality interior coat, it will be easier to clean surfaces with a cloth or sponge. You need to select a coating that can be scrubbed without causing damage to the sheen.
    Steamy places Bathrooms and laundries can become humid, and with the added problems of water against the walls and excessive heat followed by cool air flowing in when the door is opened, you need a paint that can withstand these elements. If the wrong paint is used, blisters and flakes may occur. Select a coat that is moisture resistant and has superior adhesive qualities. When at a Kings Paint outlet make your way to the bathroom paint section or contact a consultant to recommend appropriate paints.

    Heavy duty rooms Another one of the important DIY painting tips is that of selecting a washable and durable paint for rooms where little hands and crayons often leave marks on the walls. You need a stain resistant coat that can withstand scrubbing and frequent washing. The best choice for play areas is a gloss latex paint that can be washed without causing peels or flakes.

    Tools for Painting

    Depending on the condition of the surfaces you’re painting, the amount of prep work will vary. Here’s a list of the supplies you may need:

    * Screwdrivers: Both Phillips and standard for removing wall plates and door hardware. Masking or painting over such things can be done, but never gives the best-looking result. Your standard screwdriver also comes in handy for opening paint cans.
    * Sandpaper: Make sure to have in coarse, medium and fine grades.
    * Patching Compound: Either premixed or powder form, for repairing cracks and holes.
    * Scraper/Putty Knife: Neccessary for applying compound, paint scraping, etc. on the walls.
    * Masking Tape: For protecting non-painted areas and holding down drop cloths. (You might also consider painting tape with its microbarrier edge to help prevent bleed-through; it works especially well on edges or corners where two different colors or finishes meet.)
    * Drop Cloths: Protect floors and furniture with plenty of these cloths. Choices range from inexpensive plastic “throwaways” to more durable plastic-coated paper to canvas.
    * Caulk: For filling open crevices around doors and windows.
    * Paint Tray: As well as disposable paint-tray liners to pour the neccessary paint to do the job without the hassle of a can.
    * 5-Gallon Mixing Bucket: Perfect for stirring paint from multiple cans.
    * Clean Rags: These are neccessary for quick cleanups during the paint job or after the project is over.
    * Wall Cleaner and Sponge/Sponge Mop: Clean up surfaces of dust, cooking grease, soot or cigarette smoke prior to painting; thorough cleaning ensures the best result.



    Send us your Wedding Announcements

    Annes Motara to Sumaya Dhabelia
    Aadil Kajee to Ameera Kara
    Mohammed Sujee to Atiya Khota
    Sahail Bhoola to Nasima Assan
    Radio Islam Nikah Page


    Send us your Birth Announcements



    1 Cup Cooked Chicken Filling
    1 Cup Mashed Potatoes
    1 Cup Boiled Spaghetti
    1 Cup Cheese
    METHOD 1,2, 3
    1. Combine all 4 ingredients
    2. Form into cutlets
    3. Dip in egg and bread crumbs and fry in shallow oil over low heat
    4. Drain on rack and serve with chutney



    Buccleuch Do you know of anyone that would prepare Halaal home-made meals in Buccleuch, Johannesburg for brother. Kindly forward me contact details, should you know of anyone.
    Sunninghill Halaal Mochachos in Sunninghill are running Ramadaan Specials including sale of Haleem on Friday and Saturdays. They are situated at 97 Edison Crescent (Opposite Eskom Megawatt Park)Sunninghill Village Shopping Centre Tel: (011) 803-0419 There has also been requests for Salaah facilities for working females at Iftaar times and that will be considered if the demand is there.
    Lenasia Divine caterers Looking for halaal savouries, home cooked meals, baking. Eid or ramadaan meals. Contact 0730183282 or 0118543085
    DurbanI’m looking for someone in Durban who makes samoosas, pies, mini pizzas, puri pathas etc (halaal).084 777 3027

    Child Care

    Durban Salaams I’d like a list and contact numbers of all safe Islamic Day care facilities in the Newlands West/Parlock/Overport and surrounds. We are looking to send our 2 year old to a good Day Care/Pre School – once a week initially. Jazakallah 031 374 1328
    Lenasia Professional Childcare Offered for kids of all ages Weekends and after hours. Entrust your child to a loving environment. Please contact Yasmin (qualified pre-school teacher)-083 486 4039




    Wendywood/Kelvin/Buccleuch I have relocated from Cape Town and now residing in the Fourways (CraigAvon) area. I am looking for a madressa in this area or close to Wendywood primary school. I would also consider employing a muslim school tutor twice a week to teach my 2 boys (aged 4 and 9 yrs) at home.
    Mayfairi would like to come for cooking lessons in mayfair as well, how much does it cost? JazakAllah
    LaudiumFemale School teacher at home in Laudium. Looking for opportunities to fill up free time. She was teaching History, Deenyath, Quran, Fiqh, Arabic and many more. Willing to teach muslim reverts as well. 0123861321


    Lenasia I am looking for someone that does souvenirs/kunchas after baby is born?


    MayfairWhere is there a beauty clinic in Mayfair?

    Nani’s Taxi

    Wendywood Primary to Fourways I am also looking for a taxi or shuttle service that can drop my son at home after school, he is at Wendywood primary school. Would you be able to assist?


    Johannesburg FM ESTATES buying or selling residential or commercial property in Lenasia contact mohammed 072 292 0223
    Lenasia FM CONSTRUCTION AN BUILDING for all your building an renovations residential or commercial in contact mohammed 072 292 0223


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