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You strike a woman you strike a rock August is women’s month. We pay tribute to all the mothers and sisters who were a force to be reckoned with. Picture what it must have been like – over 20 000 women of all ages and races from all across South Africa marching together towards the Union Buildings in Pretoria. Though each marcher must have thought about the risk of arrest, they bravely came together on 9 August 1956 as a formidable force to protest against the pass laws that proposed further restrictions on the movements of women. It is an ideal time to celebrate and reflect on the status of women today and the advances made since that historical day when South African women organised one of the largest and most successful protests in the country’s history. The phrase ‘Strike a woman, strike a rock’ has come to represent women’s courage and strength. The Congress Alliance decided to mark 9 August celebrated as Women’s Day, and it is now, in the new South Africa, commemorated each year as a national holiday.
Ramadaan Preparations Mothers, sisters are you ready? The clock is ticking and Ramadaan will soon be here. Be prepared now so you can spend more time making ibadaat. All the Nanima’s are waiting for your calls. Call now to place your orders to avoid disappointment.
Restaurant of the Month A subscriber highly recommends this place. The Chip Shop in Ormonde This has to be the best Indian Halaal take-away food I have tasted in a long time. Less than 5 minutes from Gold Reef City, it’s a great inexpensive halaal place to try that serves both quantity and quality, especially since Gold Reef City no longer has halaal chow. I make it a point to eat there as often as I can as the service is always great. The food looks good, smells great and tastes even better. They have something called a Russian Special, this is a pleasure to all the senses. It’s a roll with a Russian that’s been fried until it’s crisp, chips, cheese, a mix of delicious sauces, and then more chips on top. Finally the whole thing is toasted. It’s messy and delicious. They have a wide variety on their menu, including divine pizzas, schwarmas, T-bone steak etc If you haven’t tried The Chip Shop yet, you have no idea what you missing out on! It is located at the Tiffani’s Centre, Cnr Alwen & Dorado Streets, Ormonde. (011) 496-2888 (Luckily we are not fasting, reading this would have been pure torture)


Wathint’ Abafazi Wathint’ Imbokodo (You Strike A Woman, You Strike A Rock).


Self-sabotage behavior is when there is no logical or rational explanation for why you can’t do the things you want to do or why you can’t have the things you want to have. It’s not a lack of desire, skills, knowledge or effort that hold you back. Rather, there’s something inside you that’s stronger than your desire and it sabotages your efforts to do the things you want to do and have the things you want to have. Self-sabotage behavior is most recognizable by the experience of an internal “tug-of-war” between having a desire to do something and feeling like you can’t or shouldn’t do it. Any time you hear yourself say, “I want to do this, but I can’t or I shouldn’t!” this is the inner conflict of self-sabotage behavior. for example, you really want to stay on a diet and lose weight, but can’t seem to stop yourself from over eating. Self-sabotage behavior can leave you feeling frustrated, discouraged, and trapped in a situation you desperately want to change. Self-sabotage behaviors are irrational and illogical, and they destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence!
Facing fear
The answer is at once simple and complex. Fear. Fear of failure, fear of the truth, fear of the unknown, fear of the past, fear of what other people might say, even fear of love. It may manifest as indecision or procrastination, but it’s still fear. We need to face our fears and even more importantly, we need to deal with them, but first you need to know what you fear and where the fear is coming from. What are the motivating factors behind this type of behaviour? Self-saboteurs get scared when things go wrong and they tend to focus only on that. When last did you focus on something that was going well? Self-saboteurs fear the future, fretting about what might happen. Focus on the present. You cannot predict the future. Ask yourself what the worst thing is that could happen and then let it go. Accept that there is nothing you can do about it.
Exercise to bust sabotage
Exercise 1: Cross that bridge
What is the limiting belief that is holding you back? Take your time and think about it. Then write down a bridging belief -a small, positive thought that you believe. Start small and write down another bridge- building belief each week until you have a bridge to reach your goal.
Exercise 2: Keep a feel-good diary
If you keep putting yourself down for fear that you won’t be successful, keep a compliment or achievement diary. Write down compliments you receive during the day, as well as things that you admire about yourself. If you have done anything that you feel good about, write it down. Learn to appreciate yourself and that it’s okay to do so.


Dr. Rasha on Hijaab


Wednesday, August 13
Durban: Al-Asi’s Tafsir Book Launch

Friday, August 15
Fordsburg: Dr Rasha: Muslim Women – A positive Force for Change” Dr. Rasha al-Disuqi is an author, researcher and lecturer. She has lectured extensively in the U.S. and Canada , and has attended the United Nations Conference on Women and the Family in Beijing , China . Her pursuit for knowledge took her to Cairo University to Cincinnati to the United Kingdom where she earned a PhD in Islamic Studies from the University of Wales . Dr. al-Disuqi has taught English and Islam at the university level for more than 15 years. She has lectured on “Islam in America ” at California Polytechnic State University and has published many articles in international and local journals. She is the author of the best-selling book “The Resurgent Voice of Muslim Women
(A SISTERS ONLY PROGRAM in JHB) With prominent international female Islamic scholar, Dr Rasha Al-Disuqi
Date: Friday August 15 2008
Time: 18.15 to 21.30
Venue: Karachi Restaurant Conference Hall, 47 Bree Street , Fordsburg (opposite Oriental Plaza ; secure parking will be available at the Plaza)
Cost: R150 incl. 3 course meal & drinks
Topics: 1) The Resurgent Voice of Muslim Women
2) Striking a Balance – Being a Holistic Muslimah

7:00pm Cape Town: Al-Asi’s Tafsir Book Launch Saturday Aug 16 10:30am Cape Town: MALIBONGWE: LET US PRAISE THE WOMEN – Iziko Slave Lodge
Sunday Aug 17 6:30pm Durban: Krantzkloof Hike
Click here for more events information


Olympics 2008 The opening ceremony was amazing. The discipline, the order the costumes, the burning of the flame and the fireworks.. There are no words..
Visit the Official Beijing 2008 Olympics website and follow the link on right column as shown in the image above, my advice is – find the full video because it is worth watching, the opening ceremony was amazing, something different for a change. Official Opening Ceremony Page


Rugby Currie Cup Div 1 Mighty Elephants 21 26 Eagles
Rugby Currie Cup Div 1 Leopards 53 23 Bulldogs
Rugby International South Africa 63 9 Argentina
Rugby Currie Cup Blue Bulls 27 30 Lions
Rugby Currie Cup WP 10 32 Sharks


Olympic top 10

1 China 15 3 5 23
2 United States 10 8 9 27
3 South Korea 5 6 1 12
4 Italy 4 4 2 10
5 Australia 4 2 6 12
6 Germany 4 1 2 7
7 Japan 3 1 3 7
8 Russia 2 5 3 10
9 Great Britain 2 2 3 7
10 Czech Republic 2 0 0 2

World Record Breakers

Swimming – Women’s 400m Individual Medley 04:29.5 RICE Stephanie Australia
Swimming – Men’s 400m Individual Medley 04:03.8 PHELPS Michael United States
Archery – Women 24 Arrows Match 231 PARK Sung-Hyun Korea
Swimming – Women’s 100m Backstroke 00:58.8 COVENTRY Kirsty Zimbabwe
Swimming – Men’s 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay 03:08.2 LEZAK Jason United States
Swimming – Men’s 100m Breaststroke 00:58.9 KITAJIMA Kosuke Japan
Swimming – Men’s 200m Freestyle 01:43.0 PHELPS Michael United States
Swimming – Men’s 100m Backstroke 00:52.5 PEIRSOL Aaron United States
Swimming – Men’s 100m Freestyle 00:47.0 SULLIVAN Eamon Australia
Swimming – Women’s 200m Individual Medley 02:08.4 RICE Stephanie Australia
Swimming – Women’s 200m Freestyle 01:54.8 PELLEGRINI Federica Italy
Swimming – Men’s 200m Butterfly 01:52.0 PHELPS Michael United States
Swimming – Men’s 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay 06:58.6 LOCHTE Ryan PHELPS Michael VANDERKAAY Peter BERENS Ricky United States


Always make sure:
* The spare is inflated. Check it regularly
* The jack in the right place
* You read the car manual
Instructions on changing a car tyre
Right, here’s how to change your car tyre:
* Apply handbrake
* Place the jack on a firm ground, as flat as possible
* Loosen the nuts while the car’s weight is on the ground. This can be difficult, especially if the nut wrench is short
* The longer the wrench handle, the better the leverage and the easier it is to remove the nuts
* If the wrench handle is long enough, it can be angled in a way that allows you to stand on it to loosen stubbornly tight nuts
* If your wrench is too short, buy a knuckle bar and socket to fit Or get a piece of pipe to slot onto the wrench handle
* Remember to wind anti-clockwise to undo nuts, clock-wise to do them up
* If you have a biscuit tyre, do not travel faster than 80 km/h and get the tyre fixed as soon as possible
* Jack the wheel high enough to fit the spare tyre on
* Remove the nuts and remove the wheel
* When you’ve finished kneeling on your plastic sheet, use it to protect your boot from the dirty tyre
* Lift the new wheel on and screw the nuts back on, starting with the bottom one
* When the nuts are finger-tight, lower the car, then tighten them properly – standing on the wrench handle to give a light bounce, if you had to stand on it to loosen them
* If you over-tighten the nuts you can warp the brake components, but not to tighten them enough is dangerous



Muhammed Ebrahim Makda of Mayfair to Humairah Khan of Ladysmith
Ridwaan Nair to Rehana Kayat of Benoni
Adeel Doodha of Lenz to Zarina Essop of Emmerantia
Ziyad Desai of Lenasia to Rookaya Jajabhay of Crown Gardens
Ahmed Loonat of Lenz to Farhana Ayoob of Laudium
Ismail Rawat Ebrahim of Lenz to Zeenat Mohammed of Lenz
Moosa Bahadur of Palmridge to Saleha Jassat of Azaadville
Ahmed Kara of Marlboro to Shakira Minty of Klarkdorp
Sulaiman Khan of Shellcross to Hajira of PMB
Hamza to Tasmia Latiff of Ermelo
Mohseen Mia to Nazira Dendar of Ermerlo
Abdullah Abass of Actonville to Tayiba Varachia of Lenz
Ahmed Laher of Azaadville to Fatima Ballim of PMB
Naeem Loonat of Marlboro to Aneesa Dajee of Benoni
Mohammed Akoojee Bhamjee of Nelspruit to Mahdiyya Akhalwaya of Middleburg
Naseer Chandlay of Jappes Town to Salma Joowalay of Kenzington
Bilal Mohammed of Benoni to Maleeha Patel of Durban
Hfz Ahmed Vawda of Merebank Durban to Jamila Tootla of Stanger
Maqsood Mahamed of Rustenburg to Zainub Omarjee of Rustenburg
Ebrahim Chotia of Azaadville to Asma Jeewa of Overport Durban
Mohammed Husain to Zaynab Majothie
Masood Ahmed Munshi to Aziza Jogiat of Lenz South
Ziyaad Cassim of Rustenburg to Faaizah Abdullah of Pietermaritzburg
Zaine Makda of Florida to Naeema Hoosen of Lenasia Ext 11 A
Mohammed Ismail of Parlock to Sumaya Yakoob of Harwick
Ridwaan Tarajia of Isipingo Beach to Mu minah Makra of Marlboro Gardens
Azhar Casoo of Lenz South to Frahana Ameer of Greenside
Zaheer Bhayat of Roshnee to Shaakira Cassim of Roshnee
Anwaar Sirkoth to Sameera Jalaser

Send us your Wedding Announcements

Radio Islam Nikah Page


Send us your Birth Announcements



500ml (2 cups) cake flour
20ml (4 teaspoons) baking powder
3ml (half teaspoon) salt
25ml (5 teaspoons) butter
125ml (half cup) sour milk or buttermilk, or water and lemon juice Oil for frying
1kg Huletts White Sugar
500ml (2 cups) water
2 pieces of ginger, bruised
2ml cream of tartar
Pinch of salt
Grated rind and juice of half lemon
METHOD 1,2, 3
1. Sift together the dry ingredients and rub in the butter with the fingertips, or cut it in with a pastry blender.
2. Mix with the liquid to a soft dough which can easily be kneaded. Use more liquid if necessary.
3. Knead thoroughly until small bubbles form under the surface of the dough, cover with a damp cloth and allow to stand for 15 minutes.
4. Roll to a thickness of 5mm and cut into 5mm strips 7cm long. Place ends of three strips on top of the other, press together and plait. When plaited, press the ends together again.
5. Fry in hot, deep fat (170 degrees C) until done and golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper for a moment and then immerse in ice cold syrup.
6. Remove, allow excess syrup to drip off, and leave to dry on a wire rack.
1. Put all the ingredients into a saucepan. Heat, while stirring, until the sugar has completely dissolved. Cover and boil for one minute.
2. Remove the lid and boil for a further 5 minutes. Do not stir.
3. Remove from the heat and allow to cool thoroughly in a refrigerator if possible.
Recipe for Koeksisters



Kibler Park I am looking for someone who makes Savouries for Ramadaan in the Gauteng region.
Johannesburg I would like to obtain some prices for the following: 5 dozen of moon pies (chicken, meat and veg) Pies (steak and chicken) samoosas (5 dozen) and other savouries 083 296 1081
Lenasia Divine caterers Looking for halaal savouries, home cooked meals, baking. Eid or ramadaan meals. Contact 0730183282 or 0118543085

Johannesburg North I offer a full catering/chef service, prepared at your place or mine, cooking lessons, team buildings, bridal showers, corporate functions, catering for parties, dinners etc etc. I offer a chef for hire service where I can prepare a gourmet meal at your home and plate up, then serve to each guest if your are in a restaurant. I have won several food competitions. All ingredients are from Woolworths and Pick n Pay, so as not to compromise on the quality. Let me know if you require any references. Food on offer is Bunny chows – lamb, chicken or veg, served with sambals R35 pp Breyani’s – lamb R40 pp, chicken R35pp or veg R30pp, served with salad, raita, sooji /vermicelli and papad, Curries, Kalyas, Lasagne, Pizza
Savouries Spring Rolls (Spicy lentils in homemade pastry, served with dip) Petties (Spicy crushed pea & coconut filling, in a potato crust, served with dip) Mini Pies (Chicken & Mushroom, Spinach &Feta, curried potato) Open Sandwiches (Baguette slices with various toppings) Mini Sandwiches (brown/white bread with various fillings) Crackers ( top with sardine salad or tuna mayonnaise, served separately) Croissants with roasted veg and/or shaved chargrilled chicken filling Chips/Cheese straws with homemade sour cream dip Mini chicken skewers Cold meat Mini pizza’s (various toppings) Trammezzini slices (various fillings) Mini pitas (various fillings) Dhokra Samoosa’s Mini sausage rolls
Home made cakes/desserts Eg: lamingtons dipped in bar one sauce or jam, almond/orange cake, chocolate cake, scones, muffins, cup cakes, baklava, vermicelli with papad, custard & fruit tartlets, sooji
Kindly contact: Raksha Bridgemohun-Bhoola 0829977444

Sandton I am looking to purchase sweemeats before Friday I work in the Sandton area

Elderly Support

JohanneburgI am willing to offer my services to help the elderly out. 072 594 6545

Child Care

Florida I know of Apa Aziza who takes care of children – Contact no: 011-4727971
Midrand I spoke to you earlier regarding a nanny. I currently reside in Kyalami Hills in Midrand and I am looking for a nanny to look after a 6month old baby. It must be a muslim, stable women with good values and islamic knowledge. She will have to stay in with weekends off. I am currently extending my house to accommodate someone – so she will have an en-suite room to live in that will have a separate entrance from the house. She will also be required to assist with mild houselhold chores and cooking.
Edenvale I am trying to find a creche in the Edenvale / Modderfontein area for my son and nephew. Obviously a crech that caters for Muslim Kids. Pls see if you can help , I would appreciate the help
Florida I am looking for a muslim day mother that takes few children, in the Bosmont, Florida area
Lenasia I am looking for a reliable day care in the Lenasia area to look after my 5 month old baby from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday, please contact me on 0834536605 or 011 6478953 during office hours or on 0118522356 after hours.
Lenasia My mum use to take care of 4 children during the day, three were siblings and their family has moved from lenasia to the North, and to keep her occupied and for financial reasons she is looking for babies to take care of. Do you know of anyone looking for daycare- her preference is babies from 1 month to 2 years? PS. My mum lives in Lenz in ext. 1 0836436844
Florida I am looking for an Islamic Day care facility in the Florida area?


Durban I need to learn how to cook home cooked meals and other meals including traditional African food.
LaudiumI’m an Islamic teacher and great cook I am lookin for a job in laudium
Lenasia I am looking for private computer lessons 082 640 2557

Nani’s Taxi

Newclare to Jeppestown Newclare to Jeppestown (Jules street) working from 8am to 4-30 pm
Lenasia to Parktown I am looking for transport from Lenasia Ext 1 to KPMG Empire road, Parktown from Monday to Friday, times 8 or 8.30 to 4.30 or 5 Please contact me urgently on 0834536605 or 0116478953 during office hours or 0118522356 after hours.
Robertsham I stay in Robertsham area and would like to know if there is a lift club for my daughter from Robertsham to Nazlees Islamic school?


Benoni I am looking for a good photographer for a wedding in Boksburg. The wedding is on the 14th December 08.
Polokwane I am planning a semi traditional African wedding in Polokwane, I need catering services, decorations etc. The wedding would be in Solomondale ( 30 km from Polokwane). I need a tent that would accommodate 100 people, ten tables, they will be ten in each table, chairs and would prefer to buy food, discuss the menus with the caterers and then they will prepare the food. I would say is semi traditional. There should be desserts e.g Malva, baked pudding with custard , fruit salad and ice cream, cake etc.

Boarding and Lodging

Benoni Can you please send me a list of boarding and lodging accommodation in the Benoni to Springs area – from 1 Sep until the end of the year. Regards RAJESH 0829066276
Cape Town Looking for Muslim male to share a two bedroom house with a male. House in Kenwyn available till 15 Dec Rate R 1850 per month inc laundry and cleaning 078 198 38 48
Rylands Two rooms available for young professional in shared house with other your professionals in Rylands Estate. Accommodation available till 15 dec. suitable UWC students as other student in house Rate R1850 incl cleaning & laundry
South Africa Holiday Club Membership for sale A holiday club membership is up for sale. The seller has relocated from South Africa to Malaysia and is therefore unable to utilise the points: The details are as follows: Selling price: R30 000 Annual points accrual: 15 points Accumulated points: 30 Membership period: Indefinite Annual levy: R2 700 Timing of annual holiday: Any time during the year, points permitting Linked to RCI: Yes If you would like to purchase this membership you may contact Rosnaini Khairuddin at or Adam Seedat at or on 078 140 7866.


Lenasia I am urgently looking for tiler to break existing tiles and re-tile my en-suite bathroom urgently at a reasonable price. Please contact me on 083 453 6605
Lenasia I am looking for a handyman? 082 759 5457


Muslim Female
Muslim Male

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