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Excess baggage A few weeks ago, my mother and her sisters were lucky enough to get air tickets to Europe fully paid. Destination London: to make mulaakaat/visit with all the family in that part of the world. They were flying to Germany and from there with Al Cheapo Air were going to London. The message I was given was tell them to have only 20kg luggage in 1 bag each to London. The messenger always gets shot. I had to duck bullets from all angles matrix style.. getting shot and firing a few shots back.. no one listening to anyone.. only collecting more and more extra dead weight to carry from here to London. The weekend before was hectic: some trying to lose weight, others trying to get rid of baggage from the past, others carrying the burdens of others. Judgement day arrived when the weighing began. My mother’s clothes were only 10kg. Her total baggage weight was 47kg. She was 27kg overweight. Every kg costs about R100 plus. We found out to post a 10kg parcel from here to London can cost R6000. I rather buy a plane ticket and deliver it personally. Sometimes you really have to weigh your options. Is the parcel worth the price that has to be paid for it? If you are taking a R10: 1kg coarse salt from here to London, in essence you will be paying R110 for that salt. Is it worth it? Let’s say when money talks everyone listens. Only after the sponsors heard about this and realised that their money was going to be used for excess baggage and air hostesses were going to enjoy dried fruit by the kilo, did the trio start listening and letting go of the extra weight. Amazingly enough after all the commotion, they were still overweight by 1kg each and were allowed to go through, only discarding a camphor cream in their hand luggage(I would have rubbed the whole tub on my body and then through the tub in the bin). They were really praying for their lives. Let’s hope they don’t think the return trip will be as smooth sailing because our trip from London to Germany was were all the dammal (trouble) began..

Carrying baggage from the past Sadatullah Khan from Discover Yourself fame is back in Gauteng. A workshop that incorporates cutting edge tools, skills, techniques and knowledge from the Noble Quran and Hadith to transform the negative emotions in your life. The intention of the workshop is to coach you to look within and purify the heart “Tazkiya Nafs”, and to lay a strong foundation for a successful life in this world and in the Hereafter. Every human being is born pure in the natural state of “Fitra”. As you grow, you adopt certain beliefs and they become the source of all your actions and behaviour of which you are unaware. Certain emotions like anger and short temper dominate in majority of us and we find it impossible to overcome. This course guarantees transformation.
“Verily, never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves” (Holy Quran 13:11)
First day: Your anger disappears and you enter into a state of peace and tranquility. You feel free and light and your view of life and the world around you transforms.
Second day: You get rid off the burden of the past.You get access to live in the present and create a new future. You have the power, freedom and selfexpression to take any challenge that life throws at you. Your view of life alters. You purify your heart and truly get connected with Almighty Allah.
Third day: You experience, love, joy, peace, happiness and contentment, a gift Allah has given you to experience and share with others.
Harness the full potential of natural abilities and obtain self-fulfillment.
Why attend this course?? Cause you worth it!!!! Watch videos and discover yourself calendar


“The things you want are always possible; it is just that the way to get them is not always apparent. The only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life is you, and that can be a considerable obstacle because you carry the baggage of insecurities and past experience.” Les Brown


Slim down your suitcase
A good traveler’s goal is to carry the bare essentials and leave the excess at home. How to put your luggage on a diet? Follow these easy tips: 1. Do your homework. Call the hotel, motel, friend’s house where you’re staying and ask the following: do they have a hairdryer, iron, ironing board, beach towels, bathrobes, sand toys—basically anything that’s bulky and that you’d rather leave at home? If the answer is yes, do not under any circumstances bring your own.
2. Check temperatures and events at your destination. Only pack what corresponds -do not bring “just in case” clothes.
3. Choose a central color to pack around. A neutral such as brown, black, or tan is a good place to start, then bring accessories and accent pieces that go with this color palette.
4. The numbers game. A good rule of thumb for trips less than one week is one shirt per day, one layering jacket or sweater, one bottom per every two days (but never less than two pairs of pants), no more than two pairs of shoes (one you wear and one you pack), underwear for every day, and seasonal additions, like a bathing suit.
5. Wash it out. If you’re traveling for more than a week, follow the same numbers as above and plan on washing clothes instead of bringing more. If you’re in a country with a good exchange rate, or aren’t on a tight budget, take advantage of the hotel laundry service or dry cleaning. Otherwise, bring individual packets of Woolite and a travel stain-treatment stick (Tide to Go is the best one).
6. Write it down. Make detailed lists of everything you plan to bring. That way you can easily see if you’ve allotted six pairs of pants for a four-day trip. Be honest, note everything—including socks and underwear—and then stick to your list when packing.
7. Downsize toiletries. Pick up travel-size versions of your favorite products whenever you see them, not just when you’re getting ready to travel. If you can’t find miniatures, buy small plastic bottles and decant from larger products.
8. Wear your heaviest shoes, sweater, and jacket. That way, you don’t have to pack them.
9. Pack outside your bag. Before you actually pack your suitcase, pile everything you plan to bring on your bed or dresser. This is your opportunity to eye your clothes and cull a few more items. If you pack directly into your suitcase, you’ll be tempted to throw in a few extra items (trust us, you will). Once you’ve made the final edit, pack only what’s in front of you. If you’ve followed our advice, your suitcase should now be a lean, mean, traveling machine: happy travels!


Discover Yourself Sharing


Discover Yourself Course in Gauteng
JOHANNESBURG: 11th, 12th & 13th of July 2008 Suliman Nana Memorial Hall (Mayfair) Contact: Ayesha – 082 630 5880
PRETORIA: 18th, 19th & 20th of July 2008 Al Ghazali College (Erasmia) Contact: Ruweida – 079 267 6174
Watch videos and discover yourself calendar
Durban: Treasures of Revelation: The Principles of Tafsir When Sat Jul 12 – Sun Jul 13 UKZN – Westville – Senate Chamber Contact: 0825505508 Al Kauthar
Johannesburg: Mark of a Jurist – FANTASTIC! The amazing rules of Fiqh by Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury Johannesburg: Sat 2nd – Sun 3rd August 2008 Mesmerise yourselves with the knowledge of the rules of fiqh. Marvel at the magnificence of the Shariah and understand how it is amply equipped to answer every dilemma.Any questions? Call: 082 550 5508 (Durban mobile), 082 770 5785 (Joburg mobile) Al Kauthar
Click here for more events information


VIVA SPAIN What a great few weeks for Spain. First winning the Euro2008 with Alice band Liverpool striker Torres scoring the winning goal securing the cup against a very aggressive German team led by a very childish Ballack. This weekend added to Spain’s celebration by the rain interrupted Wimbledon Final. Nadal beat Federer after a nailing biting 5th set. The gap between Federer and Nadal is closing in the ATP rankings.Will add a little more excitement to tennis, not being dominated by one person and becoming boring like watching Tiger Woods winning another golf open. I am sure the match was as stressful as it was for the William’s family to watch Venus and Serena battle it out on centre court. Apparently the father couldn’t handle the pressure and flew back home.
SIR HAMILTON Will the Queen knight British, Louis Hamilton for winning the last grand prix that will be held in Silverstone in Britain? She hands the title out for the silliest things. I am sure she is anxiously waiting for Tim Henman to win Wimbledon so she can take out that sword again.


WI v Aus Australia won by 169 runs
Ind v Sri Sri Lanka won by 100 runs
Currie Cup Blue Bulls 35 – 14 Sharks
Currie Cup Div 1 Mighty Elephants 23 – 47 Leopards
Currie Cup WP 03-Sep Cheetahs
International Australia Oct-40 France
Tri-Nations New Zealand 19-Aug South Africa
Currie Cup Lions 35 – 23 Valke
Currie Cup Div 1 Bulldogs 14 – 30 Griffons

British Grand Prix – Results

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Lewis Hamilton McLaren 39:09.4
2 Nick Heidfeld BMW Sauber + 1:08.577
3 Rubens Barrichello Honda + 1:22.273
4 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +1 lap
5 Heikki Kovalainen McLaren +1 lap
6 Fernando Alonso Renault +1 lap


ATP Ranking Tennis – Men’s

1 Roger Federer, (SUI) 6600
2 Rafael Nadal, (ESP) 6055
3 Novak Djokovic, (SRB) 4945
4 David Ferrer, (ESP) 3045
5 Nikolay Davydenko, (RUS) 2970
6 Andy Roddick, (USA) 2065
7 David Nalbandian, (ARG) 2030
8 James Blake, (USA) 1975
9 Andy Murray, (GBR) 1805
10 Stanislas Wawrinka, (SUI) 1760

WTA Ranking – Women’s

WTA Rank Player WTA
1 Ana Ivanovic 3828
2 Jelena Jankovic 3685
3 Maria Sharapova 3626
4 Svetlana Kuznetsova 3455
5 Serena Williams 3126
6 Elena Dementieva 3105
7 Venus Williams 2606
8 Anna Chakvetadze 2486
9 Dinara Safina 2287
10 Agnieszka Radwanska 2171

2008 FIA Formula One Drivers’ World Championship

Pos Driver Team Tot
1 Hamilton, L McLaren 48
2 Massa, F Ferrari 48
3 Räikkönen, K Ferrari 48
4 Kubica, R BMW Sauber 46
5 Heidfeld, N BMW Sauber 36
6 Kovalainen, H McLaren 24
7 Trulli, J Toyota 20
8 Webber, M Red Bull 18
9 Alonso, F Renault 13
10 Barrichello, R Honda 11
11 Rosberg, N Williams 8
12 Nakajima, K Williams 8
13 Coulthard, D Red Bull 6
14 Glock, T Toyota 5
15 Vettel, S Toro Rosso 5
16 Button, J Honda 3
17 Bourdais, S Toro Rosso 2
18 Piquet, N Renault 2

2008 FIA Formula 1 Constructors’ World Championship

Pos Team Tot
1 Ferrari 96
2 BMW Sauber 82
3 McLaren 72
4 Toyota 25
5 Red Bull 24
6 Williams 16
7 Renault 15
8 Honda 14
9 Toro Rosso 7


Fuel Saving Tips
With ever increasing crude oil shortages and escalating fuel prices in South Africa, the following tips will help you to reduce your fuel consumption – saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint: 1. Only drive your vehicle if absolutely necessary – alternative means of transport are walking, cycling, public transport, mini bus taxi or a lift club/car pool. Think twice before driving your vehicle to the local shop nearby for example.
2. Service your vehicle regularly to ensure best fuel economy. Check the Owner’s Manual for maintenance intervals.
3. Check tyre pressures regularly (e.g. every time you fill up). Under-inflated and worn tyres increase drag on the road.
4. Choose radial-ply patterns over cross-ply tyres as these patterns give less rolling resistance and last longer.
5. Keep windows closed or slightly open on highways (at speeds of 80-120 km/h). Open windows cause air drag, reducing mileage by up to 10%.
6. Only use the air conditioner if absolutely necessary. It reduces fuel economy by 10-20% and diminishes engine power by 6-12%.
7. Reduce excess weight of the vehicle by removing any unnecessary items from inside the vehicle or it’s boot.
8. Try to keep loads to a minimum, over-laden vehicles are heavy on fuel.
9. Be aware that roof racks, trailers and bike racks increase wind resistance and thus reduce fuel economy.
10. Don’t allow your fuel tank to be overfilled. Stop at the first automatic “click” of the nozzle. Overfilling results in fuel spillage.
11. Avoid aggressive driving and excessive braking. Tailgating is not only unsafe, but also reduces fuel economy.
12. Accelerate slowly and achieve the highest gear as soon as possible in a manual vehicle. Travelling at fast speed in low gears can use more than 45% of fuel than is needed. Don’t depress the accelerator more than 1/4 of the total foot travel.
13. Keep to the legal speed limit – the faster you drive, the more fuel is consumed. Travelling at 90 km/h gives you up to 21% better mileage compared to 110 km/h. Stick to around 100 – 110 km/h on the highway.
14. Keep your speed constant at 60-65 km/h and avoid “stop start” driving if possible. Slowing down or speeding up wastes fuel.
15. A sequence of traffic lights are usually programmed to be “green” when you pass through them, if travelling at the legal speed limit (e.g. 60 km/h), reducing your chances of having to stop.
16. When approaching a hill, make sure you accelerate well before reaching it, not only when ascending it.
17. Avoid excessive idling – if idling for more than one minute rather switch off the engine, if safe to do so. Idling for one minute consumes the same amount of fuel as starting the engine.
18. Avoid prolonged warming up of the engine, even on cold mornings – 30 or 40 seconds is sufficient. 19. Ensure there are no holes in the vehicle’s exhaust.



Yayah Sadek to Sameera Choonara
Muneer Mohammed to Mariam Sadek
Mohammed Boola of Benoni to Qulsoom Bibi Mookadam
Imraan Vahed of Verlum to Fatima Moola of Mondeor
Hfz Rashaad Carolia of Benoni to Shameem Bhayat of Potgietersris
Ml. Ebrahim Mangera of Crosby to Ayesha Ebrahim of Mias Farm
Muneer Mohammed of Lenasia to Mariam Bibi Sahib
Hfz Zubair Amanjee of Lenasia to Faheema Butler of Lenasia
Ml. Rashid Motala of Crosby to Safia Daya of Mayfair
Mohammed Akalwaya of Lenasia to Farzana Badat
Dawood Jogee of Palmridge to Zeenat Toffie of Cape Town
Mohammed Peer of JHB to Mahnaaz Peer of Dundee
Jameel Ahmed Voragee of PMB to Farhana Badat of Pomeroy
Ml Ahmed Waja of Lenz ext 5 to Shakira Motara of Japee
Zain Mohammed Ganchi of Lenz to Zakiya Sha of Lenz South
Imraan Hafeji to Bibi Ayesha of Algat Surat of Lenz
Imtiaz Varachia of Ext 9 Lenasia to Tasneem Patel of Dadaville Gardens
Irfaan Carolia of Carltonville to Sameera Dhorat of Mayfair
Mohammed Bodania of Azaadville to Zakiyyah Kajee of Azaadville
Ebrahim Adam of Morning Side Durban to Shaakiera Ismail of Roshnee
Hfz Mohammed Bayat of Trichart to Aziza Hathurani
Zahir Mayet of Lenz to Azrah Khota of Lenasia
Mohmmed Ismail of Benoni to Saudah Khatib of Ext 5 Lenasia
Ridwaan Loonat of Heldkrien to Nurain Hoosein Crown North Mayfair
Hfz Riaad Varachia to Aadila Chotia of Azaadville
Siraaj Norsarka of London to Amina Seedat
Abdul Rauf Khan of Crosby to Sadia Seedat of Kempton Park
Hfz Mohammed Yaseen Motalla of Mayfair to Lutfiyah Mayet
Mohammed Ismail of Roshnee to Azraa Omar
Zainul Abedien Cassim of Brits to Tasneem Abed of Lotus gardens

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Nanima would like to congratulate Umesh and Geeta Bhaga on the birth of their bouncing baby boy, Dilan Bhaga, coming in at 3kg’s on the 29th May. By now he must have grown a little more and had a few more injections..

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Quick travel meal – Couscous with Mushrooms and Tomatoes

1/2 Cup couscous
4 sundried tomatoes minced
3 dried mushrooms sliced
1 chicken buillon cube
1/2 T. onion flakes
1 t. parsley flakes
1/4 t. black pepper

METHOD 1,2, 3
Pack all ingredients together in a zip-lock bag. To cook it just bring 1-1/2 cups of water to a boil, add ingredients, cover and let sit 4 minutes


Child Care

Lenasia Im looking for a nanny urgently to look after my three year old baby and after care for two children ages of 9 and 7 in Lenasia 5 days a week from 6.00 am to 6.30 pm
Lenasia I am looking for someone who is reliable loving and caring to take care of my 6 month old baba during the day. There are two other children aged 6 to 10 who are school going and madressah going, so they will be home basically for lunch everyday only. Light household chores to be done when the baby is sleeping, eg. dishes, put washing into machine and hang out, make beds etc. Please contact me on 0823612285. Preferable someone with an Islamic background.


Gauteng Muslim Female Reverts If you are looking to join a group of ladies and willing to travel to central place in the Johannesburg area between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Let us know.
Mayfair Tutor available for Fordsburg/Mayfair/Crosby Area @ R100 per hour done in the comfort of students’ own home. Mathematics,Physical Science,Chemistry,Biology,English Grades 8-12 Well Acqainted with new syllabus For clients in area’s outside of the Mayfair region, Price is R120 an hour Passed Matric with seven A’s. Am curently syudying 2nd year engineering and am employed by tutoring company. Cell No. 074 439 0614
Randburg and surrounds Im urgently looking for madressa classes for my 4 year old daughter, preferably in the Randburg/Hydepark/craighall park areas??? Saturday classes would also be ideal for me. Please let me know. Shukran Cel +2784 705 1995
Mayfair I am interested in Cooking and baking classes in Mayfair area.
Robertsham Please give me details on baking classes, when where and how much?


Sandton I need to have some platters made for my sons birthday party on 12 July 2008.Would you be able to assist me? I want samoosa’s and pies and all the usual. Please could you send me costs?

Nani’s Taxi

Midrand Are you looking for someone to pick up and drop of you kids from school to home in the Midrand area? Are you elderly and looking for some transport to take you to shopping or doctors appointments. This person is also available for elderly care and cooking.
Fordsburg to Braamfontein slmz please can you tell me do you know of a lift club I can join ,from fordsburg to braamfontein ? working times 7-30 to 4pm ?
Midrand to Sandton I hope you are well. I need transport from Midrand to Sandton and from Sandton to Midrand. Is there any transport available? How much will it costs me monthly?

Boarding and Lodging

Durban 4 sleeper available at Durban Spa immediately from 27th-4th R3500 0826502488 or 0767120860
Mayfair I would also like to know about any granny flats/ garden cottages to let in Mayfair area.



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