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A few weekends ago we needed to buy a gift urgently. As procrastinators go, at the 11th hour we decided to go and buy it. They told us they didn’t have the product in the shop but only at their warehouse. We asked if the warehouse would be open. The salesman, hungry for a sale, told us that it closes at 13h30. It was 12h30 when we decided to buy the appliance. We paid for the product and rushed to the warehouse in record time. We reached there at 13h05.The security guard pointed at the sign saying closes at 13h00. The warehouse manager was there as well, adamantly not allowing anyone in. We begged and pleaded as we needed the gift urgently and since it was Saturday we wouldn’t get that specific thing anywhere else. The man totally ignored us and was actually rude. We told him that we were sent by the store and they said it only closes at 13h30. He didn’t care. I was so upset, I lost my patience and cool and in the heat of the moment I actually swore the guy and as we were driving off we could only hear this very angry man screaming at the top of his voice. I am so ashamed at the way I behaved, in retrospect, was my dignity, the price I had to pay for not getting my way. We went back to the store that was playing games with us, lethargically they tried to get the product at another warehouse, we were not liss to find this place, so we asked for a refund. Thereafter, we went to a few other furnisher stores, playing the beat the price game. Our predicament they didn’t have the product in the store but at the warehouse which was opening on Monday and even if they could beat the price we had to prove if the other places had stock at the store. What is the point of that? We are the generation of fast food and instant gratification, when we want something we want it NOW!!! We went back home, surfed the net, called another furnisher shop in Eastgate. They told us they had the product at the store and they will beat the price. It was 16h25 and they were closing at 17h00. We rushed like the amazing race game. On the way we realized no petrol so that delayed us for a few seconds. We reached the shop at 16h55. I had to crawl under the gate as they were closing. When we get there, where is the appliance at the WAREHOUSE!!!!!!! Lucky for the salesman, he managed to arrange the product for Sunday at 12h00 and he agreed to beat the price.

The amazing race to beat the price

The amazing race to beat the price

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