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NAMESAKE Some say Pietersburg, Some say Polokwane; Some say Makhado, Some say Louis Tri, Messina, Musina let’s call the hold thing off. Some say Witbank, other’s say Emahahleni, Some say Pretoria other’s Tshwane, Tzaneen, Tzaneen let’s call the hold thing of. This past holiday we decided to take a border to border road trip of the North Eastern part of the country. Let’s say Limpopo felt like a foreign country. Even if we had a South African map book, we would have still been lost. Every town’s name has changed. Louis Tri still has an identity crisis. Some boards say Makhado other’s say Louis tri. Someone actually went and pasted Louis Tri back on most of the boards. I think they forgot one or two boards near Musina. Whose bright idea was it to change Messina to Musina? We had a great trip. We stayed at Tshipise that had hot spring pools. We visited the SANPARK Magubane Game reserve. (The reserve where three borders meet: i.e. Zim, Bots and Mzanzi.) Let me say even the animals are finding the grasser greener in Bots. Only monkeys were seen on this side of the border. It’s amazing that the big 5 are always in the most exclusive game reserves that charge $350 per night. The last day of the trip we decided to drive through the Kruger National Park in 1 day. Beautiful. We started off at the Pafuri gate and ended at Crocodile Bridge, near the Komatipoort border post of Mozambique. We managed to see a lion and lionesses busy. Lot’s of elephants. Lot’s of babies as well. Baby elephant, giraffe, zebra, bucks. Cutie pies made my cutie pie’s day. Our roadtrip ended in Emahlahleni-Witbank where we rested from the long drives. Ja, we were borderline cases, from Pontdrift, to Beit Bridge to Komatipoort. Nanima would like to welcome Nirvana Polokwane and Pine Ridge Emahlahleni
to the Nanima website. It was nice to see Nanima posters placed all around Nirvana and even nicer to know that Pine Ridge also heard about Nanima.


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. (Act II, Scene II) Romeo and Juliet


Rose Water
Rose Water: A by-product of steam distillation provides a soothing remedy for conjunctivitis, infected wounds, fevers, and a brilliant refresher for the skin and makes lekker sirbit/milkshake. When used in combination with distilled water and witch hazel (Astringent) it makes a awesome toner.
For tired eyes: Take two medium size pieces of cotton wool (cotton wool eye pads) and soak them in rose water then place the pads over your closed eyelids, while lying down.If doing this during the day, close your drapes/curtains. If doing this at night, switch off your lights. Doing this in the dark really gives you a relaxing break. Relax for at least 20-30 minutes-or 10 minutes if you want to fit this into a tea break.


Tuesday, May 13

Springs: Sheikh Estes
WhenTue, May 13, 7:30pm � 8:30pm
WhereSprings Civic Centre (map)
DescriptionWhy an American preacher came to Islam? Contact M.A.I.D.S of Deen: 0826127211 or 0846097869 or 0725846900
Thursday, May 15

Lenasia: Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Friday, May 16

Wits: Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Saturday, May 17
All day

Durban: First Ever Book Fair
WhenMay 17, 2008
WhereDurban Botanic Gardens � NBS Education Centre, (map)
Descriptionome and buy South African books covering a wide range of subject matter at reasonable prices. Approximately 20 authors will be available on the day to sign their books. Authors will also be giving talks throughout the day. Support local authors and poets and then take your family for a picnic in the beautiful Botanic Gardens A nominal fee of R2 pp will be charged. Contact: John or Shirene or 083 3888 290 or visit the website
Sunday, May 18

Durban: Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Tuesday, May 20

Polokwane: Sheikh Estes
Wednesday, May 21

Reservoir Hills: Ratepayers Association AGM
WhenWed, May 21, 6:30pm � 7:30pm
DescriptionThe Reservoir Hills Ratepayers Association invites the community of Reservoir Hills to their Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 21st May at the Reservoir Hills Seva Samaj Hall at 18h30. For more details contact Pravin Gareeb on 031 262 7068.

Vereniging: Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Saturday, May 24

Benoni: Sheikh Yusuf Estes
WhenSat, May 24, 2:00pm � 3:30pm
WhereWilmore Park Cricket Stadium (map)
DescriptionWatville Youth Centre – 10-12pm Why an American preacher came to Islam? Contact M.A.I.D.S of Deen: 0826127211 or 0846097869 or 0725846900

more details� Add to Calendar


IPL Cricket Cricket Bollywood style. Packed stadiums. A cricket sponsors heaven. They had to make up for all the losses during last years early exit from the World cup. With the Golden and Black Shah Rukh Khan Nokia Knight Riders to Preity Zinta’s team. All the stars are out at night Pro 20 style cricket. Shane Warne, Glen Mgrath, Polly. Even Keppler Wessels name was heard. Shoaib Akhtar is playing. Where is Jonty Rhodes? Graeme Smith is there. Even Jacque Kallis was allowed to play Pro 20s this time. The games are so tense even poor Harbijan lost his temper and klapped someone. Eish.



Barclays Premier League | Log
Pos Team Pts
1 Man Utd 87
2 Chelsea 85
3 Arsenal 83
4 Liverpool 76
5 Everton 65
6 Aston Villa 60
7 Blackburn 58
8 Portsmouth 57
9 Man City 55
10 West Ham 49
11 Tottenham 46
12 Newcastle 43
13 Middlesbrough 42
14 Wigan 40
15 Sunderland 39
16 Bolton 37
17 Fulham 36
18 Reading 36
19 Birmingham 35
20 Derby 11

Grand Prix Champion Points


1 Raikkonen, K 35
2 Massa, F 28
3 Hamilton, L 28
4 Kubica, R 24
5 Heidfeld, N 20
6 Kovalainen, H 14
7 Webber, M 10
8 Trulli, J 9
9 Alonso, F 9
10 Rosberg, N 8
11 Nakajima, K 5
12 Button, J 3
13 Bourdais, S 2


1 Ferrari 63
2 BMW Sauber 44
3 McLaren 42
4 Williams 13
5 Red Bull 10
6 Toyota 9
7 Renault 9
8 Honda 3
9 Toro Rosso 2


Rajasthan Royals 14
Kings XI Punjab 12
Chennai Super Kings 12
Kolkata Knight Riders 8
Delhi Daredevils 8
Mumbai Indians 6
Deccan Chargers 4
Bangalore Royal Challengers 4


Eng Prem
West Ham 2 2 Aston Villa
Tottenham 0 2 Liverpool
Middlesbrough 8 1 Man City
Wigan 0 2 Man Utd
Birmingham 4 1 Blackburn
Everton 3 1 Newcastle
Chelsea 1 1 Bolton
Rugby Super 14
Stormers 13 13 Waratahs
Lions 33 27 Chiefs


Rose Gardening tips

Water your roses

THIS is the #1 tip for roses, as they need lots of water. You can use a sprinkler system for watering roses, but sometimes you just need to stand with them and use a hose-pipe to ensure that they get a good soaking. He did mention talking to them while you’re watering them, but I think I’ll leave that to you to decide.

Feed your roses

Use Wonder Rose Fertilizer, which says it is an 8:1:5 (25) fertiliser for all roses. You need to give the roses fertiliser once every 3-4 weeks, and only a very light sprinkle, ensuring that it doesn’t touch the roses, and water them THOROUGHLY. If you put too much and your roses start to look “burned”, you will probably have to remix your soil and re-plant your roses.

Spray your roses

Use something called RoseCare 3 from Efekto. It protects roses (and other ornamental plants) from powdery mildew, Blackspot, Rust, Aphids, Thrips and Redspidermite. When you first get your roses, you will need to spray them with a more concentrated amount (15 or 20 ml per 1 litre, instead of the usual 10ml). You should use the more concentrated mixture for the first 3 sprays. You need to spray your roses every 1-2 weeks, at least at the beginning, and then possibly make it 2-3 week intervals.

Prune your roses

This is just the pruning of the flowers once they have bloomed. The more you prune, the more flowers you will get. I was told to prune my roses once they had bloomed, and the lower down I cut them, the bushier my rose-bush would get. The added bonus is, the lower you cut the flower, the longer the stem, and the more likely you can put the rose in a vase of some sort.



Send us your Wedding Announcements

Talhah Patel of Roshnee to Azima Mohamed of Benoni
Ziyaad Pahad of Roshnee to Nadia Kathoria of Overport
Mohammed Salejee of Azadville to Aysha Choonara of Roodepoort
Abdul Gani of Carolina to Yasmeen Choonara of Roshnee
Riaz Kola of Manchester to Rashida Kaloo
Imtiaz Fajandar to Zakiyya Hanif
Ml Zakariyya Adam of Robertsham to Rehana Manjra
Hafez Mohammed Ismail of Ormonde to Asma Mphammed of Rustenburg
Aadil Aswat of Bakerton Springs to Laila Essop of Rynsoord
Abdus Salaam Ameer to Zinat Bibi Mustapha
Ziyaad Deedat of Mayfair West to Sameera Bhamjee of Lenasia
Ahmed Bellim of Nelspruit to Noorjahan Begum of Walkerville
Abdullah Yakoob to Masooda Camroodien
Mohamed Naeem Hanif of Benoni to Yumna Essopjee of Benoni
Mohammed Ilyaas Jogiat of Lenasia to Saeeda Moosa of Ridgeway
Cassim Bham of Polokwane to Sanaa Mukadam of Polokwane
Mohammed Laher of Kempton Park to Shakera Vally of Lydenburg
Sho’ayb Dawood of Stanger to Faheema Hoosen of Durban
Maulana Tayib to Mureeha of Newcastle
Muhammad Moosa Rajah of Crosby to Fatima Saloojee of Roshnee
Adam Patel of Witbank to Sidiqa Ravat of Middleburg
Radio Islam Nikah Page


Congratulations to Muhammed and Farhana Vaid on the birth of their son Sa’ad. May Allah make him the coolness of your eyes. InshaAllah.

Send us your Birth Announcements


fresh fruit with rose water syrup

1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
1 cinnamon stick, broken in half
1 teaspoon rose water
4 oranges
2 cups red grapes, halved
1 1-pint basket strawberries, halved
1 pear, cored, sliced
METHOD 1,2, 3
Stir 1 1/2 cups water and sugar in heavy medium saucepan over medium-low heat until sugar dissolves. Increase heat to medium-high. Add cinnamon; boil until syrup is reduced to scant 1 cup, about 10 minutes. Mix in rose water; cool. Using small sharp knife, cut off peel and white pith from oranges. Working over large bowl, cut between membranes to release segments into bowl. Add grapes, berries and pear; toss to combine. Mix in syrup. (Can be prepared 2 hours ahead. Cover and refrigerate.) Spoon fruit and syrup into 6 bowls.



JOHANNESBURG: DOEK SOEK Battling to fight the winter chills. Looking for something to keep you warm on these cold and frosty evenings.It will find your DOEK(pain) and give you SOEK(happiness). Affordable DOEK SOEK will make you happy when you are sad. It will take away all your aches and pains. Great for period pain, back aches, sore joints, and keeping you warm during these cold winter nights. Put DOEK SOEK in the microwave for a few minutes and tuck in with DOEK SOEK. No mess no fuss. Just relief and smiles. Prices are very cheap compared to other retail hot water bottles and microwave bags on the market. Contact 0119151850 for more information about how a DOEK SOEK can be delivered in your area. Place your order now while stocks last.


SOUTH AFRICA: HOMEMADE CHORIA HEAVEN So lekker.. my mouth is watering now thinking about it.
Syrup Products: Syrup Mangos, Syrup Lemons, Syrup Bor
Dry Products: China Fruit(White, Red, Powder), Red Mango, Peach,Papaya, Black Prune, Salted Prune, Tamarind Balls, Dry lemons Price range R15-00 for 10s.. Based in Johannesburg can try and make arrangements anywhere needed. Prices range from R15 for a packet of 10s. The cheapest choria in town.Please contact Salma: 072 230 5761
LENASIA: FRESH DHANA JEERO/CUMIN Ground and whole dhana jeero. Contact 0118523267. Supplies anywhere in South Africa especially Johannesburg and Durban.
JohannesburgFor Samoosa”s and Koeksisters and savoury platters please contact Mrs Rashida Majothi on (011 839 1291 or 082 318 6245)
Johannesburg 2 requests.Please advise who sells bor ready made in capsule form? i am expecting, will be giving birth in november 2008 and i would like to know how to make bor that you put into capsules and what sort of food should i make will in confinement,a part from the soups.and how do your gov about making huwa water
Laudium would like to enquire about anyone who is able to make samoosas, dhall ghost and savouries etc. in large quantities (+-200 people) in the Laudium area. I would also like information on pricing etc. both inclusive and exclusive of delivery. Johannesburg For ready made well balanced meals made to order for single people daily and groups of people please contact Mrs Shanaaz Rafie (082 562 0230) or email
Johannesburg For Delicious Homemade Pies please contact Mrs Jessie Malik (011474 4311)
I may be contacted on 0844141004

Child Care

Johannesburg“Cute, lovable, ginger in color kittens looking for a responsible, warm family to take them into their homes. Any pet lovers are welcomed to give me, Taahira, a call on : 076 321 0665” Jazakallah !
JohannesburgCan you please assist me in informing me if there are any Islamic daycare in the central Johannesburg are who will take care of a 4 month old baby. Your help will be greatly appreciated
Cape Town-Athlone am looking for some advise please, I am still pregnant and worrying now about having to return to work when my baby is 6 months old inshallah. Do you know of any day care centres, day mothers in cape town i stay in athlone, anywhere close. Any suggestions?
Midrand My baby is due in August and I am looking for an Indian Day Mother to care for my child when I go back to work. However I would like her to start coming around in August/September so I can see how she works with the baby. Please assist, I live in the Midrand area, in Noordwyk and would prefer someone who lives close by.
Pietermaritzburg NANNY required in Pietermaritzburg to look after a 16 month old baby girl. A Muslim lady who has had previous experience with children would be preferred. To start immediately or 01/06/2008. Please contact me for more details:Sajida Ph : 0845868766
Johannesburg Baby sitting offered. Professional childcare offered for kids of all ages-weekends and after hours. Entrust your child to a loving environment. Please contact Yasmin (qualified pre-school teacher)-083 4864039


Lenasia Where can I get cooking lessons in Lenasia?
Edenvale I would like to enquire about if there are any Islamic guidance centres or madressah’s for revert females in Edenvale or any other surrounding areas. I had just started attending Islamic classes in Overport Durban last year at the Islamic guidance centre there, however due to work I have been relocated to Johannesburg and would like to continue with classes.
Benoni I am a muslim revert lady who resides in Boksburg central and I am desperately seeking a madressah for my child where he can attend on a Saturday, reason being that we have looked all over for transport to the nearest madressah in Reiger Park but to no avail.I saw you’re an ad on your site that offers private madressah classes and if they can be done on a Saturday it would be most appreciated. The child has been out of madressah for almost 9 months now and I am very concerned.
Cape Town- Blauwberg I may be relocating to Cape Town and would most probably be living in the Blauwberg area, have you got ant leads with regard to a madressa that operates in that area or closeby 011 495-6912

Boarding and Lodging

Benoni I am looking for a muslim owned B&B or guesthouse in the Benoni area 072 223 1272
Lenasia Looking for Boarding accommodation for single Muslim male. Prepared to pay between 1200-1500 per month. Please contact Zakir on 076 786 2476.

Nani’s Taxi

Durban I am looking for transport for my daughter form Sparks Road (Overport) to Randles Road (Sydenham) on Wednesday from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm and Saturday from 10.30 am to 12.00 pm every week. I would appreciate it if you could refer me to any other reliable and trustworthy transport if you may not be able to help me. The transport which I require is very urgent. 078 359 1786

Bridal and Beauty

Gauteng I am looking to hire out a eastern/western summer wedding gown. Size 34. Preferably in Johanneburg, Pretoria and East rand areas?
Actonville I am looking for a cook that make lekker chicken acknee and sev for a wedding in middle December. Must do all cooking arrangements and requirements.
Robertsham Hi, I’m looking for good and experienced dressmakers in or around the Robertsham area.
JohannesburgLadies please contact Mrs Mia Stevens for all your Beauty Therapy needs e.g, facials,massages etc.(083 325 1708) or email (women only) Highly recommended. Please be advised make-up for brides also done.


JohannesburgContact Taahier Manilal for all your home improvement needs this would include remodeling, built in cupboards, state of the art bathrooms and kitchens from design to the finished room (083859 6776 or on 083 501 1606) or email


Muslim Female
Muslim Male

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