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Newsletter 031


NANIMA’S POWER CRISIS SOLUTION This is a shot in the dark, no pun intended. Here goes.. ten marks for creativity. DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME IN CAPE TOWN. Why doesn’t the Western Cape put their clocks 2 hours back? For e.g. if it is 08h00 here in Johannesburg it is only 06h00 in Cape Town and if it is 20h00 in Johannesburg it is only 18h00 in Cape Town. How will this solve the problem? It will balance the load during the peak times in the mornings and the evenings. Why should Cape Town do this and not Jozi? The sun sets so late in Cape Town, they are layed back there, they deserve to be in another time zone. Come Kaapenaartjies, do it for your country. If the Europeans can adapt to Daylight savings time anyone can. We can call it POWER SAVING TIME. What is your opinion email: Agree – Cape Town save power, save SA. or No way Jozi’

IJTIMA LENASIA International Ijtima in Lenasia Johannesburg – The K43 near Volta road in Lenasia was closed off on Friday after about 20 000 people arrived for the Ijtima Muslim festival, Johannesburg metro police said. “Due to the huge amount of people in attendance and the amount of traffic, the road had to be closed off and will remain closed until Sunday afternoon,” said Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar. He said motorists were advised to use the Golden Highway and Nirvana drive as alternative routes. IJTIMA is held opposite Lenasia Muslim School. If you take the Lenasia offramp you pass fruit and veg, pass trade route mall, jiswa, lenmed, squatter camps. If you pass the caltex garage you have passed the Ijtima site and you were sleeping because you didn’t see the tents and the thousands of cars. IJTIMA 2008 page This years IJTIMA during the Easter weekend will be held at Lenasia Muslim School in Lenasia. Watch this space for more information.

LOCAL WOMEN’S FORUM- PLAYING HIDE & SEEK?Benoni has one, Houghton has one, Parktown has one in competition with it’s neighbours. I think Witbank has one. Lenasia and Laudium definetly have one.Every place has one, but I can’t find information about them anywhere. These ladies forums help the needy in the community and arrange fund raising functions etc. If you know what I am talking about and know someone in that forum please send me their contact details.Ladies forum information

SARS e-FILINGFeels worse then exams. The deadline is 31 January 2008. The rush hours begin. SARS E-filing page

NOMINATE A NANIMA Do you know someone in your area that is a Nanima in the making? He/she knows the whole world,the who’s who and everyday happenings in your community? If you looking for anything in your area, they know where to find it. If you know someone best suited for the job, please send me their details i.e. Name, home telephone number/email address or cell number. This person will be my ears and eyes of the community, Nanima’s little helper.Nanima needs to start networking and needs your help. Email us Nominate a Nanima


“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise” Oscar Wilde



help to lower serum cholesterol level, help to raise haemoglobin, form new blood cells, enable liver, heart, brain and nerves to perform their respective functions normally. It prolongs life, tones up and energises muscle function, energises brain power and strengthens health.
As a brain tonic – Almond is popular for its property as a nervine tonic. Rich in nourishment and essential fats, almonds serve to enhance memory and intelligence. Soak 4-6 almonds in water and eat after removing the kernel.
For Constipation, Asthma, Whooping Cough and other cures visit for Almonds cures



Barney and Friends are back in town in their exciting new Toy Factory Show from 14 to 24 February 2008 at Gold Reef City Theme Park’s Hippodrome. Come and sing along with the world’s most lovable purple dinosaur and his two adorable friends BJ and Baby Bop in this brand new 45 minute show. There are only 24 shows, so to avoid disappointment, book now! Remember, your ticket includes entry to the Theme Park so you can experience a whole day of family fun. Venue: Gold Reef City Theme Park – Hippodrome Contact details: Computicket on 083 915 8000, Gold Reef City on 011 248 6800


Country Horse riding A Country horse ride with a difference hosted by Nyati Polocrosse Club will take place on Saturday 2nd February at Gartmore Farm in Ladysmith at 10h00. For more details contact Ledlie Hume on 083 648 8898.

Single Parents Support Group Meeting takes place on Tuesday 5 February 2008 at 7 pm at the Berea Rovers Sports Club corner NMR Avenue and Jacko Jackson Drive next to The Stables Market. Topic for the day is The Influence of Childhood on our Adult Hopes with Dr. Gloria Gearing, Psychotherapist. Entrance is R20.00per person , cash bar, snacks available and free books. For further information please contact Lynda 031 3326701 / 0827420270.

Cape Town

Tree of Life Comedy is a one-man show performed by Fahruq Valley-Omar, a theatre stalwart for the past 40 years and directed by Zane Meas of 7de Laan. The play is based on the writings of Paulo Coelho and draws from various cultures, with the central theme being Faith. The motivating factor is to create a greater awareness in the diversity of religion as practiced by the peoples of South Africa, thereby working towards a much needed tolerance. It is presented in vignettes, each representing different cultures, themes and religions, which are insightful, sad, celebratory, often humorous and didactic in nature. Venue:Intimate Theatre, Hiddingh Hall Campus, Orange Street, Gardens Contact details: 084 426 1505 Entrance: 8.15pm – R60; Matinees – R30 Till 31 January 2008.

LP GAS PROGRAMME As part of the Demand Side Management Programme currently being implemented in the Western Cape to minimise electricity shortages, two special collaborative projects with the LP Gas supply industry have been initiated, aimed at switching customers away from electricity to LP Gas, especially for cooking to reduce peak electricity demand in the mornings and evenings. Enquiries for the Stove Replacement Programme – LP Gas – 0861 462 427 Sustainable Energy Western Cape Why waste all this time and money? Sacrifice the 2 hours.


MPH ’08 Show – It’s back! The best event in the motoring calendar. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & Sasha Martinengo host this spectacular live motoring theatre. High-octane car chases, outrageous stunts, explosive events and hilarious commentary from the team will make the MPH show totally unique amoung motor shows. Performance car enthusiasts will get closer to the action than ever before. With completely new stunts and live-action sequences for 2008, it features 1 hour and 30 minutes of awe-inspiring and gravity defying acts that push both cars and drivers to their limits. Start Date: 31 January 2008 End Date: 3 February 2008 Coca Cola Sundome Johannesburg

Baai Baai Polly I am sure this is still echoing in Windy City. Polly, freckles and red hair and all, is retiring from international cricket and that is the last the Windies and the Windy city will see of him in an international arena. Pollock, while you being a stay at home dad and looking for something to do while you find your new passion, Nanima has lots of chores to be done in Durbs. “Maths tutoring????”


Eng Prem
Sunderland 2 – 0 Birmingham
Bolton 0 – 0 Fulham
Middlesbrough 1- 0 Wigan
Arsenal3 – 0Newcastle
Nigeria2 – 0Benin
Ivory Coast3 – 0Mali
Ghana2 – 0Morocco
Guinea1 – 1Namibia
Aus v IndMatch Drawn


Lawn Care Watering your lawn every day does more harm than good — both to the lawn and the environment. Daily watering produces shallow roots; by watering less, you can make your grass grow roots that are deeper and healthier.



Send us your Wedding Announcements

Mohammed Altaaf Khan of P M Burg to Talia Khan P M Burg* Ridwan Wadiwala of Marlboro to Sadia Bodiad of Rustenburg* Riza Jamal of Pieterzberg to Sadia Cassim of Evens park* Hfz Abdur Rahman Memee of Lenz Ext 9 to Sameera Rawat of Overport Durban * Hfz Mohammed Tahir Khan of Ladysmith to Mumtaaz Seedat of Lenasia* Zaid Peer of Portsheptone to Zainab Yaseen of Mayfair * Adil Bhamjee of Gabarone Botswana to Nabeela Patel of Mayfair * Naseem Hassen of Crosby to Tasnim Karolia of Ridgeway* Hfz Shuaib Boomgaard of Mayfair to Nooraan Hartley of Kiblerpark* Hassan Bemath of Durban to Faatimah Moolla of King Williams Town* Shaeed Jogee of Warm Baths to Aamina Karolia of Mckenzie Park *
Radio Islam Nikah Page


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Badami(Almond) Chicken


1 whole chicken,cut into small pieces
1 cup yoghurt
6 onions, chopped
1 ginger
10 cloves of garlic
6 cloves
2 cinnamon
10 cashewnuts
10 almonds
1 cup coconut milk
half cup oil
Salt to taste
half tsp turmeric
chilli powder to taste

METHOD 1,2, 3

Make a paste of the ginger, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, cashews and almonds.
Heat oil in a big vessel, add the chopped onions. Fry them till they turn golden. Then put the ground masala and fry very well.
While frying this paste, add 3-4 tbsp of water you will notice that oil floats on top.
Now add the yoghurt and the chicken.
Season it well with salt, haldi and chilli powder.
Cook for 10 mins, then add the coconut milk.
Cook till done, garnish with coriander leaves.



Ladysmith Picklemaker for wedding. Can arrange to deliver in Durban or Johannesburg.Offers home cooked meals in Ladysmith
Laudium Looking for cooking lessons in Erasmia, Pretoria area.

Child Care

Crosby Looking for someone that urgently cuts baby hair for Thursday before Aqeeqah.
Killarneylooking for someone to look after 1 year old KelvinI am currently looking for child minding services in the sandton/-kelvin area beginning 1 May 2008 as I will be returning to work. LenasiaLookinf for islamic day care centres/creche in lenasia?


Phoenix Female Grade 10 Tutor for Afrikaans and Geography.
GreensidePlease will you advise if there are any adult madressah classes for ladies in the Greenside/Northcliff area?


Mayfair 2 female boarders R2500. Includes washing, meals on weekends as well. Ladysmith Female boarders required. If elderly person looking for place to stay as well.

Nani’s Taxi

UJ Transport required from Dawnview, Primrose. Plattekloof Transport required to transport 8 year old girl to extra mural activities in afternoon.
Lenasia Muslim School(LMS) I am looking for transport to Lenasia Muslim School for my daughter who is in grade 1.


Durban My Mom is very lonely and lives alone for the pass 17 years in Durban I need to know if there is some kind of elderly group in Durban that go to Mazaars and stuff my mum is 67 years old and she likes to visit the holy shrines she’s been to Cape town & India. Are there people in her age group that is experiencing the loneliness of life. Is it possible for her to find a companion or friends. I live in Jhb but my mum refuse to leave Durban.
Parkview My elderly mother lives alone in Parkview and we have been investigating options that could “break” her routine a few afternoons a week and would like to enquire what services/ideas your organization has in this regard.



MF32 59 Divorced 3 children (out of house) Slim, tall, thin, fair, black hair. Enjoys Gym, walking and cooking. Listens CII and reads Islamic literature. Favourite holiday was Mecca and Medina.


MM16 30 Divorced male 1 child 1.78m Tall, Medium complexion, slim, beard. enjoys bowling. Listens to CII. Enjoys reading Newspaper and Islamic papers. Enjoys Q&A on CII. Would enjoy a holiday in Umrah or on an Island. Seeking homely, tall, medium complexion, simple girl. Purdah will be a plus. Wants to have a big family.

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