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Author Topic: Tips to soften qurbani meat
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Post Tips to soften qurbani meat
on: November 26, 2011, 23:59

Ask Nanima?
Zaahida Haffejee Saley
salaam. Any tips on cooking qurbani beef to get it soft. Made some steak and it took forever to cook!!!
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Safiya Seedat Amod pressure cooker
22 November at 17:30 · Like · 2

Aadila Motala Use bicarb to soften meat
22 November at 17:30 · Like

NaEema Asmal Adam I soaked in vinegar from the morning- it also helps with the smell n cleans the meat-
22 November at 17:33 · Like · 2

Waahida Khan-sulaiman Soakin it in vinegar and water 4 a little while helps quite abit....2 soften + it takes away da smell
22 November at 17:33 · Like · 1

Sakina Nagdee Rangila Add about 1 to 2 tsp (or depending on ur amount)Mustard powder or Baking powder.
22 November at 17:33 · Like

Naseba Felton Tsp..bicarb
22 November at 17:34 · Like

Khodabocus Yusuf Ali Pressure cooker is the best.
22 November at 17:36 · Like

Sakina Nagdee Rangila And in the ROBERTSONS U get meat tenderizer its a white colour powder. Works wel
22 November at 17:36 · Like · 2

Aysha Haniff Vinegar
22 November at 17:37 · Like

Shameera Tajmood August Def tenderizer from robertsons! Boiling or pressure cooking can cause beef to lose some flavour in the water. Also marinate a day before with buttermilk n lemon for xtra softness n flavor.
22 November at 17:40 · Like

Mohamed Irshaad Vally Dnt use meat tenderiser it not good. Use lemon juice. En if u over cook it
22 November at 17:44 · Like

Amina Raja Slm soak in water with a little vinegar n also add vinegar wen marinatin
22 November at 17:46 · Like

Abdurrahman Ravat Add some coke
22 November at 17:47 · Like · 1

Mohammed Faried Soak in coke or add baking powder
22 November at 17:51 · Like

Humeira Khatri Put a whole onion in it!! Works wonders!!
22 November at 17:51 · Like

Ismail Da G'Man Goondie Meat tenderiser wrks miracles on qurbani beef & also mutton. Add a tspn or 2 & boil ur meat 4 +-45minuts.
Wrks 4 me all d tym
22 November at 17:54 · Like

Khatija Aboobaker Dash of coke
22 November at 17:56 · Like

Anisa Khan Use lemon juice, or meat tnderiser
22 November at 17:59 · Like

Fathima Mahomed Use brown vinegar!
22 November at 18:01 · Like

Sawlihah Khan Put a teaspoon n d pot wen cookn it.. Found it sooo strange wen sum 1 told me that.. But it works... O u cn add a bit of bicarb .. Both work well 4 me..
22 November at 18:03 · Like

Tasnim Ismail Quality of the meat depends on the age of the bull that u cut. If it was young, u wouldn't need any of the below options. Choose more wisely next time 🙂
22 November at 18:04 · Like

Sawlihah Khan Tasnim... U must cum wd us nxt yr ok.. Dono hw to choose a yung 1 :-(((
22 November at 18:04 · Like · 2

Yumna Rooknodien And try to hang the meat after slaughtering, like they do at the butchers. The last time we did that and there was no funny taste or smell.
22 November at 18:06 · Like

Najmah Lavangee Soak in water n viniger cook wit meat tenderiser
22 November at 18:08 · Like

Sumaiya Patel Add sour milk to ur marinade and allow to sink in for at least 2 hours before cooking
22 November at 18:11 · Like

Raheema Essop Dawood Add coke to your meat wen marinade or wen cooking!! It works like a bomb:)
22 November at 18:14 · Like

Saman Rahman Use Raw Papaya's juice. It does wonders 🙂
22 November at 18:19 · Like

Amina Haffejie-patel Soak in vinegar 4 a while,thn use green paw paw as a tenderiser
22 November at 18:45 · Like

Salma Padia Balsamic vinegar,papaya,mustard powder
22 November at 18:46 · Like

Zaahida Haffejee Saley Wow!! I only tried the vinegar method. So many tricks, thanks to all.
22 November at 19:12 · Like

Rehana Ebrahim Use meat tenderiser or cook in pressure cooker
22 November at 19:17 · Like

Jamila Rehman Amc Pressure pot works wonders
22 November at 19:34 · Like

Hafizah Latif Anwary I live in nairobi now, and ALL the meat takes forever to cook!! Like 5 hours sometimes! Best is to get a pressure cooker, not just for qurbani meat but also everyday use.. 🙂
22 November at 19:47 · Like

Najmah Lavangee Yup presure cooker works wonders
22 November at 20:21 · Like

Aziza Hathurani ‎@ those dat have a pressure cooker which make is it?n which 1 is gud 1?da AMC is so lovely bt too costly
22 November at 20:36 · Like

Najmah Lavangee I've got 1 from makka it so easy n safe to use nly cost 60 riyals
22 November at 20:53 · Like

Muhammad Bham SpyCmo Add steak tenderiser from SHANS SPICE, available [email protected]
22 November at 21:21 · Like

Muhammad Bham SpyCmo Add steak tenderiser from SHANS SPICE, available [email protected]
22 November at 21:21 · Like

Amina Sayed just put in a pot and add salt and pepper and curshd musturd lemon juice few chillie and abit of lemon peper add lots of water and a sliced onions cover and let it on low
22 November at 21:29 · Like

Jamila Rehman ‎@ Aziza I hav da Amc 1 n I cant do wit out it nt jus4 qurbani meat but soo many tings go in it..U can laybye it n no intrest is charged...inbox me 4 amc specials
22 November at 21:37 · Like

Aziza Omar I bought the AEG electric pressure cooker. Absolutely love it! Very easy to use and not too pricey either. You set the timer, and it does the rest.
22 November at 22:09 · Like

Khadija Hoosen Moola Pressure cooker works d best! Soft n tender
22 November at 22:22 · Like

Fatima Dadoo Cajee ‎...Soak meat with rough salt n lotsa white vinegar! N rinse out thoroughly..takes out all the bloodiness..
22 November at 22:31 · Like

Fathima Jhazbhay Hey why invest in a pressure cooker.....added expense !!!! Juz get meat tenderiser from ur nearest supermarket and add together with aminas ginger/garlic paste!!!! Marinate for gud few hrs though!!!
22 November at 23:12 · Like

Sumaya Goolam Hoosen Soak in vinegar 1st and ad meat tenderizer to ur masala
Wednesday at 00:57 · Like

Asma Moola Meat Tenderizer and Green Papaya Works the best if you want like a roast..otherwise pressure cook it and it is sure to come out tender
Wednesday at 06:34 · Like

Sajeda Hoosen-samodien Soak in vinegar for a while and cook. Meat comes out soft
Wednesday at 07:11 · Like

Razeenah Patel Add abt a tbsp of vingar 2 the pot wen ccookin it. OR, boil the meat 1st, e soften it B4 cookin it.
Wednesday at 08:43 · Like

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