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Author Topic: Chicken recipe ideas
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Post Chicken recipe ideas
on: November 29, 2011, 09:34

Ask Nanima?
Tasnim Solomon
A.Salaam 🙂 any ideas on what I can make with Chicken fillet?? Tired of boring masala.
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Attiya Khan Butter Chicken (**,)
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Ask Nanima? i was looking at a recipe book today.. you could make mexican chicken, peri peri chicken, thai chicken..
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Raissa Mia Chicken strips and chips 🙂
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Tasneem Parker Does any1 have a nice recipe using portuguese chicken spice from robertsons?
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Zaida Adonis Domingo Chicken pasta
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Laila Docrat Seedat Lasagna or Pasta dish with cubed chicken!
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Shaheeda Laatoe Crombie cut in strips or thinner fillets..dip in egg, den in southern fry mixed with chilli bite.fry in oil..use it for burgers or d strips in pita/wraps with salads.
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Fathima Messi Rassool Peri chicken. 1 chicken cut and washed. Marinate in: 1\2 tsp arad. 2 tsps chilli powder. 1 tsp peri-peri powder or crushed chillies. 1\2 tsp salt. 1 tsp aromat. Lemon juice. 1 heaped tsp garlic. Steam on high for +- 10 minutes with butter n 1-1 1\2 cup water. remove chicken from water n place in a casserole. dot with butter n bake for 1\2 an hour on 180 turning chicken after 20mins. In da same pot that you steamed the chicken: burn out water then add: 2 Tbsp steers prego sauce. 2 Tbsp steers chicken tikka sauce. 2 Tbsp steers peri-peri sauce. 3 Tbsp mayonaise. 100g butter. 1 tsp peri-peri spice or red masala. 1\2 cup lemon juice(measure out 1\ 2 cup then add little at a time till sauce is to taste coz I find half cup too lemony.1\4 cup or less is better but that's me)
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Kamillah Adams Chicken and veg skewers; chicken stirfry; chicken pie; butter chicken.
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Tahira Erasmus chicken stir fry...
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Nasheeta Ismail Chow maine
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Yasmin Jazsyfied Britow Hows abt flattening the chicken, salt and pepper it then roll it up wit a stuffing example cheese or salami etc. Then wen its rolled up saute d chicken rolls and fry or bake till cooked and golden brown basting wit a sauce of ur choice
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Sadia Khan I add robertson's portuguese spice, lemon pepper, crushed garlic, salt and a bit of red chilli powder, and mayonnaise. Dip in egg and bread crumbs and fry.
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Maleeka Noordien ‎@Tasneem I cut up the fillet into strips - heat oil in a saucepan- rub Portuguese spice on chicken,drizzle with lemon juice and sprinkle bread crumbs over- fry in hot oil +- 5- 8 minutes maybe even less depends on ur heat. Serve with Salad/mash/ or the kids love it on Tagliatelle pasta- Ur choice
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Nooreen Omar This is what I made today ... Chicken fillet ... Salt ... Lemon pepper ... Lemon juice ... Black pepper ... Garlic flakes ... Olive oil ... Lots of mayyonaise ... Marinade chicken in above , place in a pot with butter and cook till done .. U can add potatoes & frozen peas n carrots .. And serve with roti 🙂
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Chanaaz Cader Grilled Chicken Fillet: 1kg fillet(tenderise), 1t salt, 2t chili powder, 1t garlic, 1/4cup oil, 1/2T vinegar, 2T sour milk, 1/4t aradh, 1T lemon juice, crushed black pepper,1t crushed red chilies. Marinate chicken,set in oven tray,dot wit v little ghee,cover wit foil n bake @ 180'.Wen almost done remove foil n bake open for 15mins.:) *Same recipe can b used 4 braai*
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Salma Ebrahim Ismail Any1 wit a lekker chick skewer recipe?
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Sadiya Ramjan Crumb chiken , or nandos style strips wid spicy rice
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Aneesa M Ebrahim Loving all these ideas
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Fathima Shaik Y not try the easy shan chikn tikka spice marinate ur chiken fillets and the bake can have yummy chiken tikka burgers n chips:)
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Sadia Abdulaziz cut chicken into strips. Braise onions, green pepper, galic&ginger add chicken strips with salt to taste, add tin of hot chakalaka and chakalaka spice, simmer for a while and stuff it in pitta breads its really good
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Sadiya Jeewa Chicken ala king..I use da knorr packet..delicious
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Ferhana Ismail Choonara Butter chicken
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Nazeer Naz Kar Karolia Marinate it portuguese style.. And Braai it.
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Haseena Essa Omar Thai green chicken curry,yum!
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Aneesa Khan cut into strips.add chkn spice n crushd chilies dip in bread crumbs n serve wid chps n coleslaw.
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Razia Pilodia Marinate chicken with 1tsp salt , dhana jeeru , chillie powder , garlic , pinch of arad , lemon juice , 1 tbls steers chicken marinade , tomatoe sauce , mustard sauce , worster sauce , chillie sauce and mayonaise. Cook in a pot with butter when almost cooked add half a cup fresh cream . Serve with pasta rice .... Its devine
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Farhana Ayob Chicken pitas. 🙂
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Shaakira Kathrada Mayet Marinate in nandos x-hot, mayo, blk pepper, lem juice, mustard sauce n garlic sauce. Cook n serve as burgers.
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Safiya Seedat Amod use mocachos spice and make chicken strips or grilled fillets to eat with chips or in burgers.
Rice casserole with fillet or stir fry with veg and rice or pasta.
Dont forget chicken salad.
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MuniR Karodia make a chicken salad...
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Raeesa Abdulla Essa Nando's chicken strips n rice - a favourite in my house!

1/2 kg chicken fillet strips
1 T peri peri sauce
Nandos sauce
2T lemon juice
1/4 t lemon pepper
1/2 t arad
1/4 t garlic
1/4 t dania pwder
1 T chicken spice
1.5 t barbeque spice
1/2 t chilli pwder
4 T mayo

Marinate chicken with all d above
Cook on low with 1 T ghee or butter
Do not dry out

Boil - 1.5 cups rice
1/2 t arad
1/4 t lemon pepper
1t salt

Then -
1 diced onion
3 colour peppers chopped
1 T spice for rice
1/4 t paprika

Braise in ghee until soft
Add rice n other spices

*to serve - chicken on a bed of rice
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Saajida Ismail Can I please have the recipe for thai green chicken curry @ Haseena
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Raeesa Abdulla Essa ‎@Salma Ebrahim Ismail, I hav a yummy chicken skewer recipe:

4 chicken fillets
1 tsp garlic(level)
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp crushed red chillies
1/4 tsp lemon pepper or black pepper
2 Tblsps of Tomato sauce
2 Tblsps of Mayonaise
2 Tblsps Of Steers peri peri sauce
Nandos Sauces (1-2 Tblsps)
1 Tblsp of lemon Juice
Cook the chicken in butter...let the sauce get thick ..put the chicken,onion,peppers n potatoes(fry it in oil) on the skewers..put extra butter in the sauce...let it melt on the stove n throw the sauce over skewers before serving...

*serve with crispy parathas/ puri/ rolls
*can also add mushroom, pineapple or anything else 2d skewer:)
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Tasneem Parker Tks for the portuguese spice recipes.
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Rezwana Mayet Laher Chickn Sosaties. 4 chikn fillet cubed. 2 potatoes cubed. 1 green pepper cubed. Haf pineapple cubed. 1 tsp garlic. Salt. 1 tbl aminas tandoori paste. 2 tbl greek salad dressing. 1 tbl honey. 1 tsp crushd chillies. 3 tbl sourmilk. Haf cup oil. Marinade chikn fillet in all above for 2hrs......den push tru skewer alternating wid pepers n pineaples n potatoes....place on tray, dot wid butter n grill.... Wen done....in a saucepan place 4 tbl butter, 2 tbl nandos medetrnean, 2 tbl tomato sauce, 1tspn golden syrup...let sauce sizzle....den spoon over sosaties n serve wid salad n lemons....
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Mazeeda Sonpra Hassim Thai chik is lekker!!
1 cup coconut milk
a third cup thai paste which u can find at most sprmkts
Add in cubed chikn fillet and cook on high about 4 mins.
Add 2tsp lemon juice
1 tsp salt
Dash pepper
1 tsp green masala.
Cook till done n garnish wit dhania
Serve with rice.
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