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Latest update of myMuslimah app November 2019

Finally, the myMuslimah app has been updated. The android version for now. Please test it for us.
click on update in the google play store to get the latest changes. Developed by Ask Madala.
We are now tracking istihadah, added explanation regarding abnormal bleeding and fixed up the status. the app can be on either shafi or hanafi setting.
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Update only available on both apple and android. Updates usually automatic


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Launch of my Muslimah app August 2018

We had an amazing Nanima Women’s day event at Ottoman Palace at Nizamiye on 9 August 2018.
Special thanks to our panelist Muallima Shamila Jappie and Umm Asiyah and my MC Masoo-dah Jappie and all who contributed in making the event a resounding success. We learnt a lot about female fiqh and hijab and were inspired by what some of the ladies services and products they have to offer. Special thanks to Ottoman Palace for hosting the event.

The highlight of the event was the launch the myMuslimah app.
An app for menstruation tracking for muslimah with settings for both hanafi and shafi.
Amazing life changing and revolutionary app to keep track of one of the most confusing aspects of muslimah’s life. Even husbands will be happy about this app.
Special thanks to Ask Madala for the sleepless nights to ensure this app was ready for the Nanima Women’s day event. May Allah reward him with the best of both worlds. Please make a special dua for him.


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myMuslimah is an app to track you menstruation according to either the hanafi or shafi madhabs. an App for the muslim women brought to you by Nanima Foundation and 1000 Good Deeds. It allows you to add your cycle. It has an amazing feature that can tell your status if you are in haidh(menstruation) or istehaza(abnormal bleeding). Be the first in the world to test out our app.

If you love the app like I do and would like see more features for muslimahs built into it send us gratuity or a tip so we can make other amazing features possible
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