Nanima’s facebook fast

Written by on September 17, 2010 in Parenting

Salaams, my name is Nanima and I am a facebook addict 🙂

Ok so yesterday I decided enough is enough. I can’t spend my whole life here on facebook especially copying and pasting repeated and repeated messages. felt like i was sucked into a endless loop in the matrix.
firstly i decided i was going to be very selective in what i publish to the wider audience in the ask nanima page especially when it relates to medical advise and islamic stuff.

then i decided to see what my facebook usage for the day was.. i was disgusted at how many urges to use facebook I had even after i declared i was on a fast. I came on about 10 times, just to check this and that.. i felt like a smoker that wanted to go on a smoke break. eish

Today is much better. I managed to only come on at 9:16 0 it is now 10:40 so better be wrapping up.. almost more then a hour..

i have decided that from now on I control facebook and facebook does not control me.. I am the boss of me 🙂
I will first do what I have to do before I come on facebook. I have a list of things that need to be done before i login.
i will try and not come on fb and even my computer when my bichoo and madala come’s home INSHAALLAH..
I will also try and limit the usage in the morning..
before i come on the computer I will make a to do list what needs to be done on my websites and facebook..
tick of the list..
All i need now is to get a timer maybe an hour glass like the days of our lives one and put it next to my computer.. so i can switch off once that hour is over.
oh yes and i will use fb as an incentive after my chores are done.. reward myself i certain key things are done..

I will still be on facebook but I am trying to manage my time which is a barakah from Allah and not waste it and trying to prioritise what is important etc..

wish me luck and i dare you to join me on this facebook fast.. – have your sehri and iftaar but don’t over indulge..

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